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Imagine embarassing Jared in front of everybody.

“Thank you.” you said to the girl next to you “Uhm so hey, first of all.” you smiled as you looked at them “I just uhm had a simple question.” you said as Tomo was already snickering. You loved going on tour with the guys. It didn’t happen often so you made every time count and every time in a different away. This was the first time you were amongst the fans asking questions. Hence why Tomo could already picture what was about to come.

Or maybe not.

“I wanted to ask Jared-” you looked at your best friend – and love of your life but that was a whole other topic – as he too had a small smirk on “We all know that you are having some problems with your back lately, I really hope you get better soon-”

“Thank you, sweetheart.” he said with a soft smile. Oh you were so about to whipe it off and at the mere thought you grinned.

“But uh I noticed that about five days ago you uploaded a video saying you were sick. And uh that you had temperature and weren’t feeling well. Your voice was hoarse and you were coughing.” and his smile had already started to fade “So I wanted to ask-” yours only got bigger “How come you got sick right in the middle of June with such a warm weather?” you finished with a grin as everybody looked seriously at Jared, waiting for an answer. Even Shannon and Tomo expected an answer.

Jared laughed nervously and shyly at the same time, shaking his head as he looked down “Gosh” he breathed out running a hand down his face “I hate you so fucking much right now!” he said through the microphone and you laughed.

“Love you too buddy!” you said without even thinking and maybe you really should have considering the whispers those words caused.

“What? What is it?” Tomo asked excited as Jared buried his face in his hands, still laughing nervously.

“Alright, just so you know guys- a friendly advice-” he spoke through the microphone “Don’t you ever let your best friend bring about things in public, they will only remember the most embarrassing moments!”

“I only asked a question!” you said but had a big grin on “Which you have still not answered by the way!”

He laughed, biting his lip as he looked down and you giggled; knowing what was about to come “Gosh” he groaned, clearing his throat as he fidgeted with his hands.

“Well, at the time I caught that cold it was pretty cold, since it was late at night so-”

“But what happened?” Shannon asked, he too not having an idea and Jared almost glared at his brother. One thing amongst the many you had in common with the older Leto: you knew exactly what to do to embarrass Jared any moment.

“Yeah Jared, what happened really?” you smirked and he huffed.

“But you know!”

“The fans don’t, though!” you defended and he let a small whine as he dragged his beanie down to cover his eyes and half of his nose as he slumped back in his chair.

He huffed as he paused for a minute “There was a lake nearby and I… I went skinny deaping.” no sooner had he finished his sentence than the crowed erupted into cheers, the girls mostly screamed and Shannon, Tomo and you laughing at the look on his face. Not that there was an expression really, as most of his face was covered by his pink beanie. But the embarrassed cheeky smile on his face was enough.

“I’m so going to get you back for this, (Y/l/n).” he mumbled into the mic, lifting one side of the beanie to peek at you with one eye.

You giggled and winked at him. This tickle fight was going to be the worst one ever but you didn’t care. You couldn’t wait for the following day to get on instagram and see all the posts.

“Oh gosh!” Shannon had tears in his eyes from all the laughing as he got up and walked towards you. He grabbed your face and kissed both your cheeks, hugging you “Everybody, we owe this to (Y/n)!” he exclaimed, wiping away some tears as you giggled.


First prize for my OC contest.  

Chie belongs to filia-cerui and you can read her biography if you click here

Now, before I get bombarded with asks, this is Chie’s universe. You can headcanon it to be the usual Shinachiku or another. It’s up to you. 

I loved all OCs sent in to me but Chie won the contest because of all the details her creator added to her. She is her own person, has a beautiful design and there is an rp-blog dedicated to her, which made it easy for me to get to know her character. Chie is just great and I love her relationship with Shinachiku. I recommend checking out the rp-blog. It’s a lot of fun to read about her adventures. o(^▽^)o
Congratulations, Chie!
The idea for the comic belongs to both me and filia-cerui

shsl-mothy  asked:

☆ they have never even spoken and yet, here i am

Ah yes my tradition of never rping with anyone… evil cackle….

First impression was a big (I typod that as bug at first) nnnOOOPPEEE. But after the genta trial when things chilled out a bit from Tora’s side she was kinda less weirded out. A little. I think her relationship page descrip is literally “spicy weirdo”.

Tomo didn’t get to live in the same plane as Yuka for too long, but from watching trial beyond the grave, she got kinda miffed that she didn’t put in the same passion for the Parel kids’ dilemmas as for her own class. 

Mostly, Tomo saw Yuka as this like, high figure of lore from the other side of the game. The nighwatch girl. May have made a few jokes at Yuk’s expense in dead blog once or twice. OOps. Mad that she gets tall. 

Rating: 🍹 🍹
Trust: 👑 👑 👑
Affection: 🃏

“Now that’s a gal for the ages! Maybe a stick in the mud at times, but a real character.”