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Remember When

Jonathan felt uncomfortable standing on the Harrington’s front porch, his hands stuffed awkwardly into the pockets of his faded jeans. He vaguely wondered how long he should wait before retreating to the safety of his car and forgetting all about this so-called study date Nancy had planned. It had been a full twenty-five seconds since he had rung the doorbell and he half-expected a butler in a tuxedo to answer the door. However, when the heavy oak door swung open with a low groan, it was just Steve’s smiling face, his hair still damp from the shower—no tuxedo either, just a pair of jeans and a plaid button up. 

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AU where Rin lives and the three of them are hanging out as a team again and Obito’s not quite the same of course – he hasn’t been for a while and it hurts but they’re so fucking glad to have him back 

but Rin covers his eyes and he laughs loud and open-hearted and his face is lit up with this enormous grin like Kakashi hasn’t seen since before their last mission together and it contorts the scarred side of his face but god he’s so beautiful and full of light in spite of everything

and Obito’s hands are curled around Rin’s wrists like he’s trying to pull her away but he’s not trying at all and Rin catches Kakashi’s eye and smiles, gentle and warm and accepting and knowing, and Kakashi’s entire chest is aching the way your fingers and toes ache at that first rush of heat after being numb with cold

and so he pulls his mask down and leans in and kisses Obito, whose laughter cuts off with a gasp and he goes still and Kakashi’s just starting to pull back when Obito’s shaking hands reach up and cup his jaw and his fingers tangle in Kakashi’s hair and he kisses like the sun – burning and fierce and life-giving

and when Kakashi pulls back, Rin’s hands are settled on Obito’s shoulders and Obito’s mismatched eyes are wide and shocked and Kakashi’s flushed pink with emotion and he’s scared of just how much he’s feeling in that moment and scared of how vulnerable he feels but it’s Obito and Rin and Obito has given his life for Kakashi and Rin would do the same – he knows that – so he figures that his heart is safe in their gentle, warm hands


we were built to fall apart, then fall back together

terrible headcanon time that whenever scott and stiles die, they’d end up in the white room and allison would be there waiting for them, aH H A  H   A;;; i’ll just see myself out 

i don’t know what i’ve been doing art-wise these past couple things but w/e!!! it’s simple and i’m mostly just fucking around to try and get out of this block i’ve been in;;;

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How are you writing their dynamic out of curiosity? Mostly I'm curious about how Percy and Zahra get along in this OT3.

listen i have thought abt a Lot of things about these three because they’re so wonderful to me and this ot3 has a special place in my heart but a tldr; is:

my version of percy/vex/zahra is that percy/vex and zahra/vex are obv romantic while perc and zee have the most Delightful friendship with little interest in each other romantically or intimately

i doodled a picture abt the way i personally view it a while back

like in stuff where i have the three of them together they’re both basically living at vex’s house with zahra taking full advantage of the de rolo’s expansive family library and probably becoming an incredibly sought after and important enchanter and researcher in whitestone.

(cass thinks the whole dynamic between them is hilarious and teases perc about it because, “wow, you’re really trying to get yourself eaten alive, aren’t you?”)

also marriage is just super funny to me with these three bc you know it would be Hell trying to work that out when two of the three aren’t actually interested in marrying each other, two of them are nobility of whitestone, and one is the actual remaining lord of the ruling family but like. they all insist on it anyways and the paperwork is Hell but they’re all way too pleased w themselves

also vex??? ends up with a name long enough to rival percy’s by the time the marriage stuff is done and percy obviously gives a title to his wife’s wife since zahra marries into whitestone nobility and?? kind of the de rolo family except not exactly????

[vex voice] this is my husband percival and my wife zahra and they’re not married but technically they kind of are through me but not really


Worick x Alex Shitty Wallpapers | Was going to make more but frankly I was too lazy to clean/edit. If these are liked then I’ll make some more :) | Hope you guys enjoy them!

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Local married couple and their five year old child pull an all nighter to study for their college exams.


This otp meme is a bit of a trick question with sleeping warrior because neither of them are particularly prone to getting lost. Phillip on the other hand…

I keep forgetting that this isn’t actually canon Phillip, my own headcanons have supplanted actual canon at this point (but who even is canon Phillip lbr)

Neverland is… not like Henry expected it to be.

He’s read every edition of Peter Pan there is in Storybrooke library, watched every film, and not a single one was like this. In his stories, Neverland was a place of play and laughter and magic, mermaids and pirates and fairies, and all of that's here, but it was nothing like this.

Neverland feels like a heartbeat racing, under his feet as he sits on a log around the fire, feels like a knife in his hand, feels dark and dangerous and


Henry loves it.

He turns his now-empty plastic cup around in his hands, stilling as one of the smaller fairies settles on the lip and watches the festivities with him, the party for him.

That’s another thing he didn’t expect.

In the tales of The Enchanted Forest, the ones in his storybook, everything was corsets and swords, pirate ships and parchment. Not Neverland. Neverland is a complete mesh of, well, everything, it seems to Henry. The fairies dance with neon rave paint smeared across their faces, the Lost Ones barter with cigarettes, and there’s clothing from every century wrapped around every one of them.

“We’re the link,” A voice comes from behind him, and he turns to see Peter standing there, lit up by the bright light of the fire and the glowing ring he has in his hair, skewed like he’s been dancing as much as the rest of them, even if Henry hasn’t seen it.

“Sorry?” He asks, confused, as Peter sits himself beside him, legs spread like he’s sitting on a throne rather than just a fallen tree in a jungle. Then again, Henry supposes he sort of is.

“It’s why we’re different,” Peter explains, gesturing his hand as if to encompass everything Neverland is or could ever be. “There are hundreds of worlds, Henry, and Neverland is the only one with a link to all. It’s why we have a bandersnatch running about the eastern caves, why Pockets can’t see colour, why Felix is in those denim atrocities no matter how nice his arse looks in them.” He laughs, and Henry blinks. He’s never heard Peter Pan sound fond before. He’d have to be blind not to see the connection between Peter and his second, but never has he seen this particular soft smirk on Peter’s face before.

He sneaks a look to where the aforementioned lieutenant is sitting, sprawled on the floor, cigarette clutched in one hand and his knife in the other. Henry almost misses the matching smirk that crosses Felix’s face.

“We’re connected to every world and we’ve been here for centuries. Neverland is a collector, and we’re her collection,” Peter continues, as if he hadn’t allowed Henry that small glimpse into himself, and Henry knows it was allowed, wasn’t an accident. “We have Lost Ones from every time and place and their cultures mesh into this. We’re not like anywhere else.”

He’s got that right.

Henry says that, and is surprised to hear Peter laugh, quiet and pleased. Like Henry said something that meant a lot more to Peter than to Henry.

But then Peter stands up, and Henry’s not sure whether he imagined it. “But that’s enough with the history lesson, believer, time to stop thinking so hard and have a little fun, yeah? Gods knows you need it.”

Henry stands with him and takes him in. Despite the adornments of glitter on his face, the neon in his hair, the ink swirling across his skin, Peter Pan is still clad entirely in nets and leaves and leather, like he’s wearing Neverland herself. The Lost Ones wear cloaks and carry hand-made weapons, but none of them embody, Neverland like Peter does.

Peter waves a hand, and the cup in Henry’s glass fills once again. When he looks back at Peter, Peter’s lit up, starlight and ecstasy. No, there’s no one like Peter Pan, no place like Neverland.

“Drink up,” Peter orders and, hand flitting across Henry’s shoulder as he passes, leaves, heading for the other side of the fire. To where Felix is sat.

Peter bends and whispers something in Felix’s ear. Whatever it is causes Felix’s eyes to flick up, find Henry, and Henry flushes to be caught watching them. Watching the way Peter’s hand dips to catch Felix’s cigarette, take a drag before flicking it into the fire, watching the way Felix tips his head back in annoyance to bite at the paint on Peter’s neck, eyes still on Henry.

As they rise, heading into the surrounding trees and darkness together Henry gulps at his drink, thankful for the burn it creates because now he can no longer tell the difference between that and the heat Felix’s eyes seared into him, Peter’s hands.

He joins the dancing, and does his best not to think.

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TBH nearly every AU you've ever come up with on this blog would have made a better play than the TCC, according to the spoilers. Now I'm curious...if you COULD pick an AU idea you've posted to actually see as a play, which one would it be?

technically we didn’t call it an “AU” but the alternate ending implied by this is the best AU we could possibly ask for.

also, i wouldn’t be so disappointed about The Cursed Child quite yet - i’m the second most cynical person i know (shout out to Grace) and i think there is definitely room for this to be way better than it sounds - bear in mind that we’ve only had snippets of story from leaks/people who’ve seen it, and a play is, inherently, meant to be watched live for the best experience :)

Boffinshield ship manifesto/fic ideas

I dunno what it is with me and poly ships where I have to pin down their dynamics and convince the world to ot3 with me, but here we are.

In case you are not in the know, Boffinshield refers to Bofur/Bilbo/Thorin, and basically combines Boffins with Bagginshield. It’s a really great ot3 you guys, I have explanations and everything.

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