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I had a really tough day in school today but it got better when I saw your headcanons! May I please get Otayuri headcanons too?

Ahhh, I’m sorry you had a bad day, friend! I hope it gets a lot better! :))) In the meantime, have some headcanons from a fic I was playing around with but probably won’t end up writing because I’m a lazy piece of shit

  • Yuri gets a lot of presents in the mail from this one person who never leaves his name. They’re mostly tiny things, cute little gifts that Yuri falls in love with at first sight, and can never bear to throw away, even though he keeps saying that he’s going to. 
  • He wears his collection of grumpy cat pins (there are nine of them; he received them from his anonymous donor who isn’t a fucking secret admirer shut up Victor over a span of five months) on his favourite sweater all the time.
  • On one occasion he gets a receipt for a donation to a cat shelter under his name, and he gets so !!! about it that he has to Skype Otabek to tell him about it. Otabek just listens quietly, with that little smile he always wears when he’s listening to Yuri talk, and promises to also make a similar donation to the cat shelter after they’re done talking.
  • Yuri low-key (Okay, high-key. Sue him.) likes Otabek so much. But Otabek is so hard to read, and Yuri isn’t going to do anything about his feelings until he’s sure that Otabek likes him too?
  • Here’s also another thing: Otabek never gives him presents. Like Yuri sends Otabek birthday/Christmas presents in the mail, but Otabek returns the gesture. Like, okay, Yuri specifically asked him not to, and yes, he did tell Otabek that he doesn’t like receiving gifts, but still.
  • Let’s fast-forward to some time in the future where Yuri goes to visit Otabek in Almaty, discovers the stash of tiny trinkets that Otabek has stored up in a room, and-
  • There are awkward confessions. And then probably a lot of kisses. 
something about that airport scene...

So. I guess none of us has forgotten this scene from Episode 7:

Yes, I know this scene was mostly about Yuuri worried that if he failed, Victor would want to stop being his coach. Yuuri was so anxious that Victor would leave because his failure would have a negative impact on Victor’s reputation. Victor was quite quick to reassure Yuuri that wasn’t the case, to which Yuuri replied he knew that.

Somehow, I was reminded of this scene because of Episode 9. It ties in with the ending at the airport scene for me, and further reinforces Victor saying that he wouldn’t leave Yuuri.

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Just a Note... ❤️

I’ve been getting a lot of worried messages after the last chapter of YCPfE about the way both Victor and Yuuri are acting. Mostly because Victor doesn’t seem to want Yuuri (??) and Yuuri seems oblivious. 

I just wanted to to say that: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and their deep relationship won’t be either. 

I could give you a whole spiel about Yuuri as an unreliable narrator, or how he’s got crippling anxiety to the point he’s probably misinterpreting facts to make some of those anxious feelings go away, but I’m sure it would end up being twenty pages of meta on Yuuri’s mental health. 

I think it’s hard for people without the social anxiety like Yuuri has to recognize that it really does go that deeply. To the point it’s almost ridiculous. It most certainly isn’t healthy, but it’s something I believe is an integral part of Yuuri’s personality. 

However, some of these issues will be resolved next chapter. Not all, but some. I just want to make sure everyone is happy and not getting too worried over these things. 

All I’m asking for is patience. 

Yuuri, Victor, and their Chain of Surprises

Victuuri Week 2017 – Day 1 – Victor Prompt – Surprises

As a kick off to Victuuri Week 2017, let’s take a look at one of the biggest themes in Yuri on Ice: Surprises! Specifically, all the times that Yuuri and Victor surprise each other within the course of the show.

More below the cut because this ended up much longer than I had initially planned. :’D

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YOI Hogwarts AU (part one)

Because I am such trash 

  • Yuuri is a muggle born, who was sent a letter even in Japan due to the sheer amount of magical potential he had
  • When he, without a drop of magical blood in his body, is sorted into Slytherin of all places, there’s a chorus of shocked gasps 
  • Yuuri, also with his anxiety, struggles a lot to make friends within his own house
  • He ends up hanging out mostly with Phichit (a pure blood muggle enthusiast whom he met on the train) and the other Hufflepuffs, who make him weclome enough 

Fast forward until Yuuri is fifteen, and in his fourth year 

  • His favourite lesson by far is the care of magical creatures, and he’s not quite so good at anything else 
  • He may also have developed a huge a small crush on a certain silver haired Ravenclaw, two years above him, whose eyes he totally doesn’t notice match his robes
  • Yuuri tries to pretend he only admires him for his incredible quidditch skills (that boy is the most graceful seeker Yuuri’s ever seen) but who is he kidding
  • All is okay until the Ravenclaws start offering tutoring sessions, and Yuuri ends up being paired with Viktor Nikiforov, of all possible people 
  • Viktor’s main task is to try and help him with casting a patronus, without much luck 
  • Enter the Yule ball, where Yuuri’s drink get hexed, and we can all guess what happened (though all Yuuri remembers is waking up in the medical wing) 
  • After that, Viktor is obsessed with teaching Yuuri the spell 
  • Eventually, after what can only be considered courting, and sharing their first kiss, Yuuri finds he’s able to do it, only for his patronus to be a pig, of all things 
  • Yurio, a first year Slytherin, finds this hilarious
  • Until he, also tutored by Viktor, wants to see ‘grown up’ spells, so Viktor casts a patronus, only for it to be a piglet rather than his usual dog 
  • Yurio wants to throw up

Anyway just a few ideas I had, I have so many for this AU though oh my goodness 

I had a dream last night where I was in the universe of YOI and it was at the time of yuuri’s free skate (Yuri on ICE) at the Grand Prix Final. Everything’s all good until the music deadass stops in the middle of it.
You’d think he’d stop and restart, right?? but no.. he was too in the moment and just kept going. and Victor’s standing off to the side having flashbacks to when he told yuuri his body makes music– bc that’s what’s happening. So Yuuri skates without his music with no problem and the audience, but mostly Victor, was so entranced. In the end he won gold even without half of his music.
It made me emotional and I woke up teary eyed …that was the best dream I’ve ever had tbh

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Will you be translating bahamut event stuff?

I see that people have already translated the most amusing parts, so I’m not sure if anyone is interested in the rest.. There are funny lines here and there, but the main plot of the story is them trying to defeat some random demons, and the parts where you most laugh your ass off are already all over the net so you wouldn’t find anything more hilarious than that.

This is my personal character summary after going through almost all the story (I think I’m close to the end but I only started the game last week for this collaboration so I suck and have no resources lol):

-Yuuri: He spends like the first 10 chapters thinking it’s just a dream. He’s completely oblivious to the girls but is clearly annoyed when Victor gets intimate with the other boy (Yurimaru). He is mostly calm when thinking about girls’ boobs but panics when Victor tells him to touch him.

-Victor: His stance is “who cares whether it’s a dream or not, let’s just have fun!”. He learns to use magic right away and of course is good at it. He basically seduces everyone regardless of the gender and gets intimate with Yurimaru more than once.

-Yurio: He’s angry the whole time. Seriously, the whole time. He gets just a little less angry in the second half. He is annoyed at everything and wants to get back to the normal world as soon as possible. He is the one who starts most of the quarrels, especially with Yuuri and Yurimaru, and is also mostly oblivious to the girls.

-Yuri (Yurimaru): An angel who was also summoned there by mistake. He is named “Yurimaru” by Victor since his name is also “Yuri”. He is kind of confused when Victor hugs him but most of the time he’s just trying not to get on people’s nerves (especially Yurio since he got a taste of his wrath in the beginning of the story).

-Piashy (no idea of the spell): She summoned all the others by mistake to help her chase away the demons rampaging through her land. She likes “beautiful things”, especially beautiful boys and girls. She is always nervous whenever she sees something that excites her and in this story she is basically the token fujoshi.

-Lily: She’s a fairy who was also summoned there. She can use magic but talks like a young girl and everyone treats her like that, especially Victor who refuses to talk about sexual things with her. She creates skating shoes out of ice for Yuuri and Yurio to use to fight demons.

Oh and minus points for both the girls having high-pitched voices that hurt my ears. Yurimaru is voiced by Hiro Shimono. Again, not sure how many people would be interested in reading about this, it’s mostly just very random fantasy stuff..

EDIT: I forgot to write something important (?): apparently the story is set around the very beginning of YOI, because in this setting Yuuri and Yurio still haven’t found their eros/agape. (I guess this is also why Yurio is so angry and Yuuri panics when he has to touch Victor)

I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed at first. Not unhappy, but unsatisfied. The show ended like a pause, not a finish, and such open ended things tend to bother me. I didn’t, and still don’t really, agree with Yurio winning gold. Yuuri’s staying competitive was fine. It reflected what I said after episode 9. During episodes 10 and 11 I became comfortable with the idea of Yuuri retiring. Mostly due to Victor.

Victor’s choice to return to skating took me for a loop. It still is. I understand the implications shown and the reasoning behind his return, but I also felt like a back peddle from his contentment on find Life&Love outside of skating. But if he and Yuuri are still together, he is still exploring that portion of his life.

With the impending likelihood of a second season I think this is the only way to have moved on in a way that would satisfy me. Other ideas, like a season focused on Yurio, just didn’t appeal to me. It was retirement and feeling complete or for Kubo to pull something that would convince me them continuing on makes sense. And this makes sense, even though it’s taken time for that to process for me.

I still feel unsatisfied, in a way, with this end… but I have to remind myself it’s not an ending.

It’s a beginning.

Here’s to the NEXT LEVEL.

carry on, darling, we were built to last

“Let’s end this,” Yuuri said.

His heart should be hammering in his chest, but he couldn’t really tell. His body was mostly numb, a little cold from stress, but he could feel the rapid pulsing somewhere under his jaw, which clearly told him the edge was near.

He swallowed and licked his lips, but it was still there, choking the words he wanted to speak.

“After tomorrow, let’s stop,” he said.

“Stop?” Victor sat before him, his eyes a little wide, uncomprehending. “Stop what, Yuuri?”

Yuuri’s lips quirked all of their own, a small bitter smile. “You coaching me.”

He watched the shock paint across Victor’s face, watched his blue eyes dull, watched his mouth set in a thin line, before…


Because you don’t look at me like you used to.

“Today made me realize something,” Yuuri said instead, a pang of hurt cursing through his body. “I’m just… I’m tired, Victor.” He looked into blue eyes, feeling as if he was about to cry. “I’m going to retire after tomorrow. It’s enough.”

“Are you sure?” Victor asked, concern lacing his voice. “You still have the stamina and your joints are fairly flexible, you could still­–”

Yuuri shook his head. “I don’t want to. I don't­–”

His voice broke and the rest of the sentence was choked from his throat by a dry sob. Victor’s arms were around him in seconds, warm hands rubbing into Yuuri’s back comfortingly and unclogging some of the feelings locked in his chest.

“I know you want to go back to skating,” he whispered, clutching onto Victor’s bathrobe as if he wanted to stop him from going. Victor didn’t move, though, and Yuuri’s fears subsided just a little. “I saw your face when you were watching Chris and Yurio, and even Otabek.”

He felt Victor shake his head, the still wet ends of his silver hair slapping against Yuuri’s face like drops of rain.

“I was just admiring their skating,” Victor denied. “It has nothing to do with–”

“I saw your face, Victor.” Yuuri pulled away from the embrace to look Victor in the eye. “I saw how you looked. You want to go back.”

And I’m the only thing stopping you.

“That doesn’t mean you have to retire, Yuuri,” Victor tried again. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could compete against each other?”

Yuuri’s smile turned bitter again. “We already did. Remember how it ended?”

“But you’re different now! I’m different too,” Victor insisted, something desperate in his eyes that tugged on Yuuri’s heartstrings.

He shook his head anyway. It was no use trying to convince him. He’d already made his decision.

“It’s because I’m different that I’m saying this,” he said. “I want to retire after this season.”

And when Victor wanted to argue further, Yuuri pressed a finger to his lips, smiling gently at him.

“It’s enough, Victor.” He moved his hand, letting his thumb caress the corner of Victor’s mouth in a tender gesture. “Thank you for being with me through all of this, but it’s enough. You can go back now.”

Victor’s jaw clicked under Yuuri’s fingers.

“I’m not going anywhere without you,” he said, and Yuuri’s eyes widened.

Victor took his hand and lifted it to his lips, kissing the gold ring that gleamed around Yuuri’s finger. Yuuri watched Victor cover his hand in both of his and lay them in his lap.

“Yuuri,” Victor called his name and Yuuri’s head snapped up.

Victor smiled at him, a precious smile: soft and loving,  a smile of comfort and warmth that made Yuuri’s heart ache even more.

“You taught me so many things, you changed the man I was,” Victor said. “There’s no words that could express the gratitude and love I have for you. So if you’re doing this just for me, please, don’t.” The hands locked around his own tightened, a gesture of pleading desperation. “If it is something you truly wish for yourself, for your own wellbeing, then I won’t say anything. But if you’re concerned about me, I’ve never been happier than here by your side, so, please, don’t make me leave.”

Yuuri’s throat was so tight it physically hurt when he swallowed. And when he opened his mouth to reply, it took him a while to find his voice. But finally, he managed to whisper a few hoarse words.

“I’ll think about it…”

Victor squeezed his hand, but he could’ve just as well squeezed Yuuri’s heart, because ­for a while now, willingly given, he held it in his hands like a trophy of their love and… Yuuri didn’t want it back.

Not yet, not ever.

It belonged to Victor and that’s where he wanted it to stay.

The Story of Us, a Viclock fanfiction for Valentine’s Day

My and Victor’s story ended as a tragedy.

Which is a shame since I really thought he was ‘the one’.

But then again, we were young and about to go our separate ways: uni was going to end six months into our relationship, and we had been officially labelled as an ‘item’ only two months prior.

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aaaaaa your truth or dare fic!! I like to imagine that yuuri had a reluctantly wild undergrad experience. mostly because of phichit but other times there's no one to blame but himself

omg sO TRUE

i mean if he gets so wild at a grand prix final party when he’s in his early twenties imagine what happened when he got wasted in his late teenage years

  • yuuri waking up and wondering why all of his money is gone… oh whoops he spent all of it on exclusive victor nikiforov merch on ebay
  • why is the last played song on his phone “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira?
  • how did he end up in this bathtub, in somebody’s large house, several miles away from the university? why is the bathtub filled with grass?
  • yuuri wakes up with tear-stained cheeks, five photos of victor nikiforov in his hands, all from victor’s newest photoshoot…phichit has a fuzzy memory of yuuri crying over how beautiful he is
  • why are there poprocks in yuuri’s mouth? they’re still sizzling
  • phichit is cleaning up after a wild night and is that a concoction of monster energy, coca cola, and vodka in the glass on yuuri’s nightstand?
  • yuuri’s last text to phichit, at 5:21am, was “tell me the truth about the white jacket” but neither of them remember anything about a white jacket, neither of them own a white jacket
Victuuri week, day 1, Yuuri: Confessions

Word count: 923
Rating: M
Link to AO3
Summary: How will Yuuri cope with moving to Russia with his boyfriend?
A/N: Happy Victuuri week everyone!! I hope that you’ll enjoy this!!

It had only been two weeks since the Grand Prix Final ended and Yuuri had come second. This was certainly a pleasure for both his family and his friends, but mostly for Victor, who was expecting Yuuri to move in and train with him in Russia. He had decided that he couldn’t live without his little katsudon, so the best thing for both of them would be to move their base in St Petersburg and have Yakov on their side. It would be the most beneficial way to practice for both of them, which was why he had no trouble convincing Yuuri to do this. He had a very strong point though, that they would be together.
The only problem was that Yuuri, as always, was acting weird since the day he settled in. Obviously, Victor didn’t expect him to get used to this right from the start, even though they were living together for almost a year, but they were in Russia, so his nerves were much worse than usual. Victor could see him walking around the apartment with no sense of restraint, or get too distracted with housework. When there was nothing left for him to clean, he would go outside and run alone. He always made excuses like “I want to be at the same level as you”, or “I should make a good impression to Yakov”, so that Victor wouldn’t have anything to complain for.
As a matter of fact, Yuuri was definitely not fine. The pressure of being with Victor in his hometown was terrible. He had this idea in mind that he had to be perfect, so that other people would actually believe that he was worthy of Victor, even though this was far from the truth. He had won the silver medal at the Grand Prix, what more could he do to prove himself? But he was too blind to see it. Since all this was in his mind, he always worked harder than the others at the skate rink, he wanted to practice more and he never stopped to take a breath. This was slowly leading him to exhaustion, which didn’t make things better. The time came that he started making mistakes during practice and breaking things. This kind of behavior was making Victor worried, because he had seen it before during the Finals, and it was Yuuri’s anxiety coming back. But, no matter how hard he tried to approach him, the reply that he got was “You don’t have to worry, everything’s fine! I just need some time to adapt, that’s all!” which was always accompanied with an obviously fake smile.
One day, things got out of hand. Yuuri insisted on washing the dishes after dinner, but Victor offered to relieve him from his duties for once. He tried to take the plates off his hands, but Yuuri’s sleep deprivation combined with his nerves made him drop everything on the floor. He rushed to clean up this mess, yet Victor could not stand this anymore, seeing his katsudon shaking.
“Yuuri, come here, tell me what’s wrong. You’ve been acting weird ever since you moved here. Can we talk about it for a second?” Victor asked.
“I already told you, nothing’s wrong. Besides, I have to fix this so I don’t have time for that now,” he replied.
“Well, if you’re not coming here then I guess I’ll have to come there. Now tell me, talk to me about it!” Victor’s voice was a little louder than he intended.
“I said I don’t want to talk about it!” Yuuri shouted, then looked at his boyfriend and teardrops started to form in his eyes. He immediately left the scene and, right before he reached for his backpack, Victor grabbed his hand and actually cornered him on the wall. He was speechless, breathless, so close to him.
“You’re not leaving unless you talk to me. We can stay like this forever, if you’d like. I can keep my hands beside you for as long as it takes,” he suggested.
“Don’t you get it? When you came to Hasetsu, it was like I was living with a legend! Everyone kept asking me and my family about you, this was the whole town’s concern. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t want to know more about you because they thought you were perfect! But, the thing is that how can I live up to this image you have created for yourself? Next to you I seem like nothing more than an ordinary skater and I don’t want that! I want people to think of us as equals and I can’t relax until I succeed!” Yuuri’s speech left his boyfriend staring. This was something he didn’t expect to hear.
“What the hell are you talking about? First of all, what gave you the impression that you’re somehow underneath me? You don’t get this at all, do you? You actually got a silver medal! You are here, in Russia, training with me and Yakov! And, do I really have to spell out the most important one? You are the person I love and no one can convince me otherwise!” Victor had made this pretty clear to his boyfriend that all this was nonsense. So, what was left for him to prove this was a deep kiss. He could feel Yuuri’s heartbeat slowing down, his body relaxing and his muscles releasing the tension. This was all he needed to calm down. The reassurance that everything was going to be alright…

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I wonder why they chose to do the bahamut colab to promote the anime instead of a special or ova which would reach a wider audience. Not many fans have access to the game event and of those not many are as fluent in Japanese. .

That’s because in the end this collaboration is mostly to promote the game, not really YOI. Of course if someone gets an interest in YOI playing the event and decides to watch it that’s cool, but the main goal is to get YOI fans to play the game, so that 1) hopefully some of them will spend real money on it to get Victor’s card and power up the cards up to the last stage, 2) hopefully some of them will like the game and become regular players (and maybe spend real money on it in the future too). As a matter of fact, a girl I know only started the game for YOI and already spent over 10,000 yen only to get & power up Victor’s card… I gave up on Victor’s card because in the end I only want to hear the event dialogues and will probably quit the game 2 days after the collaboration ends. Also, it’s not uncommon for these games to be only for the Japanese market, and in many cases to avoid that people create multiple accounts they force you to register with your phone provider’s email address.

By the way, this is really just my guess, but I think one of the reasons they had this collaboration might be that  MAPPA created the anime “Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis”, based on the game, and is now creating the sequel “Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul”, so they have connections with Cygames.

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Can you share victuri headcanons with us? also what is a praise kink? I googled it but i got nothing

YES I MOST CERTAINLY CAN and also praise kink is exactly what it sounds like lol, getting off on being praised/told nice things basically

these are gonna be established-relationship so here we go

  • Victor is really horrible at video games and Yuuri is fairly decent so mostly he ends up beating Vic at things like Smash Bros. and Monkey Ball. Whenever Yuuri wins (which is literally every time unless there’s a fluke), he feels really guilty and Victor uses that to his advantage to get Yuuri to kiss him to make up for his losses. he’s a thirsty one
  • Victor teaches Yuuri to dance!! Yuuri has never really danced out of awkwardness even though he’s so graceful on the ice. the first time Vic teaches him, Yuuri learns right away. so he kicks it up a notch and plays a really sultry song and has his way with Yuuri, dipping him really low and spinning him around really fast and being…. really handsy in general and it devolves into Victor hitching Yuuri up against his own waist and pushing him against a wall and hey, looks like he forgot what he was supposed to be teaching him, and they’re both really out of breath and Yuuri is 2 seconds away from passing out. someone save him
  • Victor and Yuuri always Skype whenever they’re away from each other, and usually it involves Vic telling Yuuri how much he misses him and how he wishes he could see his cute face in person and Yuuri is pretty much dying the whole time. also sometimes Victor wants to do…. naughty things and sometimes Yuuri gets so embarrassed he ends the call immediately LMAO
  • Yuuri actually really likes whenever Victor lifts him up, which is often, because Victor doesn’t care about having to manhandle people to get his way, but also he can be really gentle and he lifts Yuuri to bed whenever he falls asleep on the couch watching TV!!

i hope these were okay /sweats. as the season goes on all of us will have more of their personalities to work with!!

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cool! fav chapter to write and why? fav character to write and why? fav scene to write and why?

is this deleted scene dump anon bc i’m going to assume these are all ltmmly #personal onion questions.

ch 7 was my favourite to write, probably — mostly because it was the chapter that really wrote itself, and by the end of it, i couldn’t really cut anything out? i was worried that 17k was, you know, a little too much for what are essentially two to three days of their vacation, but rereading it just. it felt like i couldn’t touch it? and i remember finishing it and feeling relieved of something? ch 7 was the chapter that needed to happen both for me and for victor as i’m writing him, and writing it was like this dam filling up and then the end was just. snap. i did it. i got myself and victor there. somehow. i literally raised my hands up in the air when i finished that, it was like victor’s yes! clears throat yeah it felt sorta nice

anyway fave character to write, in all honesty, was phichit. i thought, going in, that georgi would be my go-to side character, but it was phichit that gave me the most agency in terms of writing interactions with victor. also i just think im incapable of writing a yuuri through victor’s eyes where his friendship with phichit isn’t highlighted in some way? since phichit’s rs with yuuri, past and present and all that entails, i always think, is a necessary part of understanding… yuuri. and it was really nice, to have phichit in this au, because i do think his rs with yuuri is solid enough that the trust is there in ways that are unspoken and completely supportive at its core? i know i got a lot of ???’s when i didn’t go down the shovel talk lane, but i just think that. like he trusted victor, phichit would have trusted yuuri, too, with the month-long choice and everything that came with that, without having to shake his fist at victor. if there’s anything i regret about choosing victor’s pov, it’s that i never did get to write yuuri’s conversations with phichit about this arrangement. tl;dr: phichit is a fun lil observant guy to write. 

fave scene is… uh…. um. wow. this is a hard question. uh. um. the first phone call? the good morning phone call. it gave me so much satisfaction. like—i was just casually rereading seven days at the time, and when seryou called yuzuru and yuzuru was straight-up just “call me this early again and you’re dead.” and my train of thought was just: yup. yuuri. i’m doing this au, i guess. but also it was important that yuuri paralleled it back and made up for it in ch 8 so. thumbs up. 

Have you been abandoned as well? - metalkiralylany - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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“I don’t want you to change. Just stay who you are!“ Yuuri tells him.

But who even is Viktor?

Since he has little to no backstory in canon, I just had to create my own.

yo, i wrote a thing and now i’m gonna post it everywhere