but mostly rudy

Spoilers for the DVD set

There’s quite a few deleted scenes, mostly with Rudy and Dorian. John’s there too. No deleted scenes for Sandra, Valerie, or Paul.

For Skins Rudy pulls Dorian aside (or well, actually he tells John to go find him something) and talks to him about the deactivated DRNs and explains that Dorian has nothing to worry about cause he passed the luger test “end of story.” Dorian had previously accessed a file about the DRNs he was told not to.

There’s a scene where Dorian stares at a light for a while and then he’s gasping.

There’s a scene with Rudy doing something on the computer and Dorian talking.

For “You Are Here” John tells Dorian that Pelham’s son was gonna have a birthday party the weekend after the ambush ;-; John bought him one of those little walking giraffes. Dorian sees the box the giraffe was in and asks John about it over and over again. John gets mad, Dorian notes his low blood sugar and elevated heart rate. The usual.

Dorian tries to access a file about the DRNs and Rudy denied him access. Dorian asks Rudy about it and Rudy tells him to focus on his case and partner. “Some doors are better left unopened.”

For the last episode there was a scene where I think John’s going through his dad’s stuff. Not much happens and Dorian calls him in at the end of it.

The gag reel has no Rudy or Paul, two with Sandra, a few with Dorian, a few more with Valerie, and the rest are John. They have the two characters Karl and Michael made up with the wigs and sunglasses goofing around. Lot’s of laughing and slurred lines.

THE LAST TWO THOUGH! For Jorian shippers, the second to last one John says “You’re the robot, you tell me,” and then he turns to walk away, but then turns back around and puts his hand around Dorian’s neck with a straight face and he looks like he’s either gonna kiss him really stoically or whisper in his ear or something and Dorian just turns away and John just has this surprised look on his face.

And then they’re in the car and John says to Dorian, “Okay say, ‘John you’re so hot, I want you.’ Go on, say it, just once.”