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Summary: Bruce gets caught talking to himself by a curious Dick Grayson



Bruce Wayne had learned to ignore many things in the few years since he’d become Batman. Initial irrigations had even turned to comforting reminders. The chill of the cave was a welcome shock that helped his brain transition from Bruce to vigilante. The long drive from the manor to Gotham proper had turned into a time to plan instead of wasted minutes. And the bats. Chattering. Flapping. Swooping when he was least expecting them. They’d become a welcome presence alongside him. Their noise the background to his work. Their rare visible presence a constant reminder of vigilance.

He had never considered them as companions to speak to. They were only bats, after all.

They had never answered his muttered musings to himself or offered up answers to questions not sent their way. His hushed tone had grown over time to conversational, as he worked out plans, walked mentally through crime scenes, and picked apart toxins. They were much like walls in the way that they soaked up his words and kept them tightly as their own.

He was sure that things would have gone along that way for years longer if a small, ever-curious boy had not entered his life. Dick was always asking questions. Most of which Bruce had ready answers for. Their subjects those that (most of the time) were enriching to his young ward’s mind.

It had been years since Bruce had to curtail his habits to anyone other than Alfred. He’d developed a public persona with strict rules and guidelines for when he was at Wayne Enterprises or public events, and the hours he put in as Batman were done as a man far removed from the man he was in the sun. His home self, the man who was neither smile nor mask was free of those restrictions. Free to frown, and rub his forehead, to be frustrated or pleasantly amused by the misplacing of his favorite book, and yes he was free to talk to himself.

“If I clip that wire, and solder it here the whole thing will run a lot faster.” He said, his hands already angling the wire clipper towards the blue line. “Then if I just–”

“Hey B. Who’re ya talking to?”

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What are these tales games?? I would love to start a new series of games.

The Tales games are JRPGs that are INSANELY fun and pretty relevant to real-world issues. Like most of them have complex characters, an underlying message, amazing music, and an engaging battle system (similar to Final Fantasy where it’s more ‘free-style’ rather than turn-based). I’m not very good at explaining things, but I’ll list a few of my favorite things about the games.

There’s these random little scenes called ‘skits’ and they honestly add a whole new level of involvement to the story / game because you get to better understand the characters’ points of view, plus they’re usually pretty funny. At the end of battles the characters have little bits of dialogue that are pretty cute (especially Tales of Graces OMG), and you also can dress the characters in cute outfits with accessories.

I HIGHLY recommend Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360) for first-timers because it’s a great introduction to the series since it has ALL the qualities listed above and the protag is a sassy crimeboy like Akira. LMAO But the character development is incredible and the graphics are nice to look at. The battle mechanics are easy to grasp and there isn’t too much grinding. Here’s a few screenshots from Vesperia:

Anyway, I hope this was somewhat helpful??? LMAO I’m not good at explaining things, and it also depends on the consoles you have; most of the popular Tales games are on PS3. ;A; But I could talk about my love for these games all day, and I hope you give the series a chance!! ^^

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Any headcanons about how Aunt May and Uncle Ben would've been with Peter when he was young, before his parents left?

may and ben never planned to have kids because they genuinely didn’t want any, they’re fine to just babysit for a few hours to get their fill of cute children being wholesome. and sometimes they think they may want some, but then richard and mary have peter. and they’re so overjoyed for them, but they see how peter cries and how he keeps richard and mary up all night. how often his diaper needs changing, how completely needy children are. and they both agree they definitely don’t want kids.

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Tristan und Isolde, but every time there’s a Tristan chord it gets faster.


Richard Dean Anderson at OzComicCon 2015

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I want to know dick sizes. Mostly Nicks, Vincents, Richards, Xaviers, and William.

I’ve already imagined me walking to Richard or William with ruler, and asking them to take off their pants.

Look around and you’ll see that there’s very little out there with our feel for the music. Nobody cooks. Today, everything is computerized. The kids think it’s O.K. to sit in a little room by themselves and push buttons to get Boom-PAH, Boom-boom-PAH/ Boom PAH, Boom-boom PAH. But their music’s not going to go anywhere except for that. There are absolutely no dynamics involved, no feeling, no passion. You can’t get those things out of a machine.
—  Keith Richards (x)
Imagine you are about to play your death scene with Richard and your nerves are getting the best of you. It's your first time acting with him after all. Richard comes to the rescue with his acting experience to calm you down.

Request for @deepestfirefun Hope it’s what you wished for. 

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It was to be your final scene the following day, your death scene. For the last week and you had worked alongside Richard Armitage on a couple of scenes, a fellow actor who was extremely talented. You only wished you had half the talent that he possessed. 

Your time on Spooks had been fun, intense, hard work but rewarding. It had allowed you to take advice from other actors which you could take into your next project, that was if you had one. Spooks had been your first project out of acting school, coming to you as a fluke just as you graduated. 

Because your time on the set was only limited and you were only required for three episodes, you had been staying in a hotel in London, paid for by the BBC. 

That evening you read over your lines again and again in your room, terrified and apprehensive about how to approach the following day. Your scene would be alongside Richard mostly as your character was to be shot and then die in the arms of Spook, Lucas North. 

You tossed and turned that night, haunted by your worries of the day which was to follow. Finally, around three am and you descended into a deep sleep, which was ended abruptly by the sound of your alarm. Groaning, you got out of bed and waddled to the bathroom. 

The day began in a local coffee shop which was just around the corner from the set. You were required in make up in just over an hour, so your first stop was breakfast and a strong coffee. 

“Good morning,” a familiar voice came. 

You looked up from your paper to see Richard; his face was beaming with a bright smile. “Sleep well?” he asked. 

You chuckled dryly. “Not really. Been up half the night worrying about our scene. I just…Ugh…” you trailed off as you felt your frustration rise. 

“Why are you worried about it?” Richard asked in concern, sitting himself opposite you. “You take your time, focus on me as we go through…”

“But you’re more talented than me, Richard,” you replied. “Admit it, you are.” 

Richard sighed. “I think you’re very talented, but you’ve got to believe in yourself more. I know nerves get the better of you. I always feel it whenever I step foot onto set or on stage, especially on stage. You never get over that as an actor. It shows you want to up your game and learn. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just shows your heart is in it and you care about what you do.” 

You took a huge gulp of coffee and watched Richard offer you another smile. “You’ll be alright. Trust me,” he replied. “The first time I ever went on stage and I threw up twice before going out. All I did was worry about everyone else and how better they were than me. You need to stop comparing yourself to others; develop your own method, and remember to stay true to you.” 

Later that day, you lay in Richard’s arms, looking up at him and focused on him as you poured yourself into the character. You gasped, knowing if you really had been shot, you would be finding breath hard to come by. Your last line drifted off your lips.


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I think for the first half of the season the tone was bleaker and over time we've seen the "good" characters and settings win out, and we also have not seen evil and villainy glamorized, as we often do. People thought there was a lot of elaborate setup to take down Chad, when he was really just a moron they'd known about for ages. Richard was mostly just dumb and easily led to his death. Mr. C is mostly brute force. The atmosphere may be harsher than the original show, but the dynamics are warm.

It’s something I say about Lynch a lot, really–his storytelling isn’t cruel. His work steadfastly believes in the value and importance of love. Even when it shows that by exploring the savagery of its absence. It’s tonally different from something like Tarantino in that way–though on a surface level, you could miss the differences if you didn’t look carefully.


In exactly 12 hours as I write this (9pm), it will be 4 years since Richard Ramirez has died. I remember being obsessed with serial killers when I was 15, but mostly to Richard because of his satanic theme. I watch the same documentaries of him at least 2 times a week. Remembering the majority of his quotes and nearly knew every little thing about him. I met a great woman on the Internet from Denmark, Sofia, who shared letters with me that she had received from Richard. I also got to know a man by the name of Eric Holler who was the reason I learned about Richard. He had a website that I constantly visited and saw his interviews he had with certain serial killers. Anyways, I remember the day he died. I woke up around 11am. I go on Facebook and my friend Sofia posted that Richard had passed away. For some strange reason, I was very upset. Mostly because I was planning to go to San Quinton prison to try to visit him the follwing year. Unfortunately, he passed away. Still feels like he just died yesterday. What was strange is Sofia told me (cannot confirm if she was lying but I have my doubts) that in the last letter from Richard, he said goodbye as he said his time was actually coming to an end soon. This was two weeks before his death. Thank you for the crazy memories back when I made everyone in high school knew who you were because of me.