but mostly pink and blue

Evie headcanons

- her full name is Evelyn Rose Greene
- she was born on May 6th, 1948 at 11:11 am in Tulsa, Oklahoma
- making her a Taurus sun, Aries moon and a Cancer rising

- lives in her black Converse high tops
- always wearing band tees, flannels and jeans

- loves rock music

- total feminist and human rights activist
- puts Steve in his place whenever he says something rude (sexist, racist, etc.)
- (this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, she gives him hell)
- rants and rants about injustices
- she’s so passionate about everything she believes in

- Evie Greene in one word? passionate.
- just full of passion
- passionate about human rights, swimming, soccer, getting her voice heard, singing
- everything she does is backed up with a hell of a lotta passion

- in the summer, she wears jorts
- and she will call them that
- don’t think she won’t

- from a big, close-knit family
- has two older brothers who she plays football with, wrestles with and fights regularly
- but a big sister who she talks to and trusts with all her secrets
- and a little brother and a baby sister who she tries to be the best role model for

- her family is lower middle class
- but since they have so many pets and kids, they tend to seem like greasers
- especially the hair

- she’s very similar to Soda
- and very close to
- they’re best friends
- practically fraternal twins

- she loves colors
- mostly red, black, navy blue and pink

- she has the same middle name as Steve’s mother
- he’s always loved this tidbit

- she loves Arnold Palmers just as much as Two-Bit does
- she has a special recipe to her own
- but it changes every time

- she hates zip up sweatshirts but her favorite sweatshirt is a zip up
- “it’s so comfy!”
- and she feels like she’s defiling herself but it’s so amazing so it’s okay

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Do you have gem school in homeworld?

“What a wonderful question! Excuse the crudely drawn map, but I think this is a good time to explain what our home city is like.”

“Homeworld is a vast planet that we’ve built up over many, many thousands of years. The world itself has been derived of whatever rural features it may have had. What little wilderness there may be is probably dying. We have sapped this planet of the majority of it’s resources, and progress ourselves with advanced technology. Since we have no need for the planet’s natural resources, it is not imperative that we preserve it. Now, throughout the planet, there are many other smaller cities scattered around. They still fall under Diamond Rule, but simply do not live in the main city. They are still advanced enough to keep in good touch with us, however. Now, as far as the main city goes, this is where the majority of the advances happen, and the majority of, well, life. The city is so massive, it takes up roughly 1/6th of the surface of the planet. If you would like to read more about the individual factions themselves, please feel free to proceed and see how things work around here.”

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You left and I will never love
A girl the way I loved your scent
But it isn’t my curse
That dooms us
I loved you like I
Loved the sun
And one day I will love
Like floating on ocean
I will fall for the salt in her tears
Like I adore
The salt of ocean
That stays on my skin
Even after I stop
Swimming carelessly
I loved you like I
Adored violets and one day
I will love a girl
Like I get lost
In the mist
I will fall for the mystery
Of her heart, that hides
The true pain in her eyes
I will walk without any
Sense of direction
And I will find peace
In her arms
I loved you like I
Cared for crows and
I will love a girl
Like I fly across
The blue sky
I will die for the
Freedom she gives to
My heart, chained by
The hatred of life
And I will kiss
Her lips as I
Could taste wine
Of love
It is why you and I
Will never love like
We loved each other
Because our love was pink
(Because you could hear colours)
But mostly blue
And our new loves will be
The shades of new colours
Waiting to be discovered
By us
We will love as if we
Never loved each other
And the beauty of life
Lies in this
Tragic truth
—  Yakamoz
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A long post of 2P!England Headcanons


~He is pure and innocent
~The Queen always has him watch her corgis
~But he also has one of his own!! And she is precious!!
~He likes Emilie Autumn but people are also correct in assuming he likes Melanie Martinez too
~He is bisexual, even though he dates more men
~He will throw up if he breathes in smoke
~Yet he still keeps dating smokers, wyd Ollie
~Never give him alcohol he is 500% more emotional when drunk
~Likes to curl up in blankets
~He loves hot chocolate
~He hates coffee, tho, it’s just too bitter for him
~He has a bit more chub than he thinks girls really like but it just makes him soft and cuddly idk why they’d complain tbh
~His eyes are mostly blue but they’re pink around the middle
~His skin is very fair so being in the sun for a few minutes can result in more freckles
~He loves Victorian-era fashion
~He is afraid of spiders and the dark
~He cannot sleep without hugging something. Normally, that something is Francois, but it’s sometimes a pillow or a stuffed animal.

{Very Angsty}

~He’s been insulted so many times that he no longer even cares
~At least, not in front of whoever’s insulting him, he’ll still cry later
~He’s so desperate for affection that he’ll confuse any physical contact that doesn’t physically hurt him for being loving (someone help him)
~But then he questions if someone really loves them or just likes him around for sex
~And then he thinks everyone thinks he’s a whore and he cries bc?? He doesn’t want that reputation
~He hates everything about his body tbh
~His freckles? He wants them gone. His eyes? He hates how they’re two colors, and that one of those colors is pink, no less. His chub? He honestly keeps telling himself that he looks like shit because of it
~He’s dealt with so much bullshit how is he not colder than Francois
~But he still loves everyone bc he thinks they should all be happy
~He’s been so afraid of losing family members since Allen gained his independence
~The only person in his family who really knows all this is Liam, (2P!Northern Ireland), because Ollie is convinced that none of his lovers care about his rambling and his family has enough to worry about
~His father literally never talked to him
~ N E V E R use the term “bastard” around him bc his mom and dad were not married so he thinks if you use that as an insult that you’d hate him
~If you raise his voice around him he’ll cry tbh
~He deeply regrets burning Jeanne
~Why does any of this happen to him he’s too pure for this

Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions for that Recovery Girl’s favorite colors ask I did here! Mostly everybody seems to agree on (pastel) light blue, pink, light yellow, and something akin to ivory white, and I absolutely love those colors since I really think they match her well!

So, thank you guys, I think we all have found our color palette here! =D

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I know you said you like to wear dresses, what kind? Is there a style and color you like?

I mostly like to wear light airy dresses with A line skirts with a wide variety of necklines and colors, I’m a bit addicted to Modcloth. I have a few maxi dresses, but I don’t wear them often. I wear all kinds of different colors, but mostly pink, yellow, and blue. I have some great jewel tones too I wear on fancier date nights <3 I have this sleevess deep purple dress with a peplum top and a tulip skirt that Leo blushes at every time se hees me in it :3 

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Relationship Status: Single

Favourite Colour: Purple. I tend to stick to shades of blue, purple, and pink, and even then mostly earthy or pastel variants.

Lipstick or Chapstick?: Neither. I hate the feeling of oily skin/lips. (Bad habit I know.)

Last song you listened to: One of the Shelter orchestrals that popped up on my recommended list on YT

Last movie you watched: ….excellent question. When was the last time I watched a movie? Hmmmmm….I could be wrong but I think that it was The Lego Batman Movie a month and a half ago?

Top 3 Characters:

Ugh I have too many to count, so I’ll just put the ones I’ve been doting on recently:

Mob (MP100)

Death (Discworld)

Jack (Samurai Jack)

Top 3 Ships:
I very, very rarely ship things…

Terumob (MP100)

Soriel (Undertale)

Jack x Nimus (OCs)

Books and manga you are currently reading:


…That’s assuming I read anything these days.

I’ve been working through Discworld, as always. On the webcomics front I keep up with Mob Psycho 100, Ava’s Demon, Paranatural, Unsounded, The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn, and The Mysterious Case Files of Margo Maloo.

BNHA is up near the top of my to-read list.

Top 5 Musicals:

Les Miserables (will ALWAYS reign supreme)

Hello Dolly (a close second)


The Music Man

literally any of the disney musicals deserve a place in the last slot

(I’m really, REALLY old school with my musicals I’m afraid. I enjoyed Hamilton to an extent, but rap and hiphop will never be My Thing).











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tagging:  @dartagnan-the-champion, @swelldame, @damexdesxchevaux and anyone else!

NAME: Courtney
GENDER: Female.
HAIR COLOR: Blond (mostly with currently some pink, purple and blue thrown in my undertone but that’s going away very soon).
FAVORITE COLOR: shades of pink
FAVORITE SEASON: spring/summer since it’s basically the same thing in North Carolina
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Ehhhh - Halloween or Christmas
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: Pokemon Go since it’s all I play. That counts right?
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: Milady is equal parts badass female, victim of an unjust world (i.e. writers who ruin shows) and sassy shit. I could give you a 100 page write up if I felt like it explain why she got screwed and every flaw in her character and every advantage and why she was the dare I say it - the best female in the gdmf show but I won’t bore you. Milady is Queen is all you need to know.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE KINDS OF THREADS?: Threads that allow for character development and headcanons to be crafted. I love good angst and heartbreak.
ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER?:  I wouldn’t say I am. I’d roleplay with just about anyone so long as I have time to figure out how the two characters could relate.
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?:  A friend who had started watching the Musketeers went “hey, there’s this character in this show I think you’d be great at roleplaying” and shit has never been the same since.


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Is there any way to predict what tail colour/colours a betta fish bought from a regular pet store will have with some proper care?

I mean you can never say for sure what color your betta will wind up as but generally you can just expect it to get more intense. Your white betta got a bit of blue in it? It’ll probably be a mostly blue betta. Your betta pink? Could wind up red. But your betta may stay the exact coloration as when you got it or something very close. So you can’t really know for sure if they will change color, but you can make an educated guess that its current coloration will just intensity.

Looking for a daddy/ caregiver.

Name: aryaa♡
Little Names: little one, princess, babygirl, sweetheart.
Role: a little.
Age: 21.
Little Range: 2 to 4 years old.
Location: private.
About Yourself: optimistic little bean, I like fun and learning interesting things, shy, quiet and giggly.
I like positive energy and I hope for everyone to be ♡happy.
Ddlg wise, I’ve only one bad experience, but I’d like to give it another chance.
I’m 157 cm tall, black dark hair and Hazel eyes.
Big Hobbies/Interest: writing
, working out.
Little Hobbies /Interest : ballet dance , drawing
♡fav color: baby blue, pink, purple, yellow.. but mostly purple.
♡activities: cuddles ( or just lazing around) exploring new places, cooking .
♡fav tv shows/movies: princess Sofia, power puff girls, snow white, game of thrones.
♡ stuffie names: mr. Bun bun, mimi, fluff.
♡snacks/candy: chocolatess!!!!
♡little gear: purple pacifier/ hello kitty sippy cup.
Partner Preference: male.
Partner Preference Age: 25+
Partner Preference Role: caregiver/ daddy.
What do you look for in a Partner: someone sweet, who likes to hold a conversation and is okay to be silly sometimes, someone who won’t ignore me, and will be there when I need them.
Someone who respects my privacy when I need it. I could be quite insecure.
Someone mature. And playful too.
I’am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship: nonsexual.
What Names do you Like to Call Your Caregiver: big bear,daddy, sir, anything they would like.
I Like When My Caregiver Does: makes rules, asks about my day, talks about his& would be interested in my life genuinely.
I Don’t Like: only try to keep me in my little space, seem bored when I talk about my day, yell/shout or ignore me.
Best way to get in touch with you is: tumblr : namjoonprincesskitty.
( I’m the one who just pmd you, have a nice day!)

Prompt #17 - Heels

ANON: Owen has a thing for Claire leaving her heels on when they have sex. 

For some reason this doesn’t quite match the prompt. But, it’s also quarter to five in the AM. So, I’m just gonna drop this and run away. Sleep forever and then colour something in like the little girl I am not, but kinda wish I still was. 

He was obsessed with her shoes. From the first day he met her, the clack of her heels resinating against linoleum, echoing across cold, hard metal. Black and blue, beige and pink, the colours varied, mostly solid, none of that leopard print shit. The brands changed, or at least he thought so anyway, the shape would variate, thick pumps and thin stilettos. Owen, although highly uneducated in the shoe world, always managed to recognise the blood red sole of her Louboutin’s.  

He never moved beyond simple obsession, watching her approach in sleek black stilettos or matte white pumps. His eyes mostly fixated to her shoes, when his attention wasn’t glued to the fire of her hair or the intensity in her eyes.

Something shifted after the incident. Ever since he told her she wouldn’t last three seconds waltzing through the jungle in her ridiculous shoes. She proved him wrong. Claire Dearing made it from start to finish, she ran, she jumped, and she fell in those beige Manolo Blahnik’s. She lived though, made it to the very end, covered in mud, soaked in sweat, clothes torn to rags. Her shoes remained in one piece, heels attached, still wrapped around her feet. As if to drive it a little further, she never complained, not a single  squeak about twisted ankles.

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Tagged by: Not really tagged but @wife-of-queens-watchdog said that if anyone wanted to do it, they can so here I am! (I know you don’t know me but I hope you don’t mind :D)


FAVORITE COLOUR(S): Anything pastel! But mostly pink, purple, and blue.

LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: My lips are always dry so ChapStick it is. (But I rarely buy some anyway.)

LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Ahhhh…. I don’t remember the specific song but I know it’s either one of the Hamilton songs or one of Dodie’s songs.


TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Sieglinde Sullivan (Kuroshitsuji), Penelope Bunce (Carry On), Soma (Kuroshitsuji)

TOP 3 SHIPS: Baz/Simon, Ciel/Lizzie….. I really don’t ship much so only two.

BOOK IM CURRENTLY READING: Recently, nothing. But the last book I read was “This Is Where The World Ends" by Amy Zhang and I love how the story jumps from past to present and between the POVs of the main characters and AHHH the mystery vibe of it was great.

I tag: No one (cuz I have no friends HAHAHAHA *cries in a corner*). No but seriously, to anyone who sees this and wants to do it, go ahead. (You could tag me if you want.)

Okay, off to bed for me.

I know, everybody and their cousin has done a Pearl/blue/yellow fusion design, but I had to do one too. I imagine super-mega-ultra Pearl is even taller and lankier than ever, but still just as graceful. There are little bits of all the Pearl outfits in there, Crystal Gem Pearl’s sash, blue Pearl’s skirt, and yellow Pearl’s above-knee socks (or leggings or stockings or whatever they are). The tri-Pearl fusion is a little inspired by Sailor Moon, and also a little bit of Satsuki’s uniform (before she gets her kamui) in Kill la Kill. There is also a subtle touch of pilot-Pearl in there as well. Even though I just used a peachy sort of pink to shade her (see-through fabric has no shading), I imagine she actually has rainbow colors, but mostly pink, blue, and yellow.

I just really love Pearl~

(oh, and fun back-story; back when it was still cold, I was cleaning out my room and using old paper to help get the kindling going in the stove. I put some papers in there, lit them, shut the stove then went back in my room. as I continued to tidy up the papers I wanted to keep, I noticed I couldn’t find me Pearl fusion… I quickly ran back to the stove and sure enough, the picture was under some other papers. I managed to save it, but the corner got singed… as you can see)

sansaquill  asked:

Milk + ginger?

Milk: Do you have any allergies?

No, I don’t and it really used to irritate me as a child. I wanted to be allergic to something…I was an odd child.

Ginger: Favourite colour(s)?

And mustard yellow. (But mostly pink. I own a lot of pink.)

Thank you x

i was tagged by @sun-jings and i’m not tagging anyone cause i’ll feel annoying but if you wanna do it go for it!!!

Rules: Hand out 11 facts about yourself and tag someone to do it.

1. i like drawing but i like never draw anymore lol

2. i’m a little too into llsif tbh, i’m trying to tier every event this year, and i’ve recently gone top 100 in two events almost back to back

3. when i was like 13 i started feeling really bad and i didn’t know what was going on and it was scary and i got an mri scan of my brain & blood tests bc of it. turns out it was just anxiety

4. i’ve already told ppl this so some of u will probably know this but i’m Really Short (4′8/142 cm)

5. this is probably obvious but cats are my favorite animal i love them

6. my favorite color is pastel blue even tho my blog is mostly pink (but i rly like pink too!!)

7. i’ve been homeschooled since i was 9

8. i rly don’t like fragrances with woody scents

9. i’m really scared of spiders, i’ve always been scared of them but im horrified of them since i got bit by one a few years ago

10. i may be a bit too dependent on caffeine (the other day i went without caffeine after a full night’s rest and at like 4 pm i started to fall asleep in the middle of the living room floor)

11. idk what else to say??? 11 facts is a weird number. uh i dont like wearing jewelry really but i really like holding it is that odd idk