but mostly pink and blue

The Quiet Game/A Pretty Picture (Connor M. x Reader)

AN; this is so fluffy and cute I’m getting flustered!!! enjoy babes!!!

WC; 981

TW; fluff overload, groping

You rolled your sweatpants up, smearing paint on your legs by accident. Your hair was up in a messy bun, and you were wearing a paint covered shirt. You took the clean paintbrush from behind your ear with a smile, bending over to pick up your paints from the sheet covered floor. Your music was blaring throughout the whole house.

You dipped your paintbrush in yellow paint and stepped forward, humming along to the song playing in the background. The brush ran across the canvas, blending yellow streaks with orange and red strokes. You were painting a sunset, the one you had seen at the Orchard with Connor. You would forever have the sunset image locked into your memories, you had seen it when Connor proposed to you in a tall apple tree.

You hoped Connor remembered the sunset too, since this was a gift for him. It wasn’t really a surprise, since he had seen it before. He just figured it was getting sold to one of your very many costumers, even though it looked familiar.

You couldn’t hear the bear feet padding gently down the hall, but you saw Connor stopped in the doorway out of the corner of your eye. You didn’t turn to look at him because you didn’t want to break your focus. Connor thought you hadn’t seen him, so he leaned up against the door with a loving smile on his face. He stood there for a few minutes, wondering why you hadn’t seen him. The confusion turned to a bit of frustration, so he walked into the room, stepping to the beat of your song.

“Hey, babe.” Connor called loud enough for you to hear him over the music. He furrowed his eyebrows when you didn’t answer, but fully understood what you were doing when you started to giggle.

“Oh? So you’re just going to ignore me, yeah?” Connor mumbled, turning your music down a bit. You had done this to Connor before, and it had become a slight game between the two of you. Connor had to try to get you to say something to him, anything at all counted. You lost if you talked, but won if Connor gave up.

Connor suddenly cleared his throat and started belting out the lyrics to the song you were playing, flinging himself across the room as a dance. You turned and watched him, a huge grin on your face. You wheezed when he ran into the wall and fell to the ground, panting. Connor’s pout turned into a smile as he watched you laugh. You looked up and wiped a tear, raising your eyebrows at the way Connor was looking at you. You shrugged and turned back to your painting, your face turning pink.

Connor managed to make you feel like you were his everything, despite being together since high school. People say high school relationships don’t last, but you and Connor were living proof against that opinion.

“Okay, wow. I think I deserve to win for those epic dance moves.” Connor mumbled, walking up behind you. You shook your head no and heard Connor dramatically gasp from behind you. You felt Connor really nearby, a weird warmth radiating from him.

“You’re so sexy.” Connor grinded on you, groping your boobs. You turned bright red and snorted, not letting him win that easy. You were a bit shocked, since he had never taken the game this far before.

“No?” Connor pouted, backing up. “Give me attention, woman!”

You turned around and smiled at Connor innocently. Connor smirked evilly and hugged you, reaching behind you to grab your cheap paints. You felt confused when Connor smeared his hand on your forehead and then stepped back quickly. You realized Connor had just smeared paint on your forehead and you smirked as well, grabbing pink paint and sauntering towards him.

“Oh, oh god.” Connor mumbled, walking around a blank canvas to hide. You jumped over the canvas and knocked Connor over, exploding pink paint all over the both of you. You smeared the paint onto Connors forehead with a large grin on your face. You heard Connor growl playfully as he grabbed a nearby pallet of different paints, throwing them at you. You laughed and reached over for a bucket of hot pink paint, dumping the whole thing on him. His eyes were wide, and he was laughing.

“Payback time!” Connor cried, flipping you over so he was on top of you. He tickled you like crazy, making you squeal and squirm. Pink paint was everywhere, with a mix of some other colors.

“O-o-okay!! Stop!” You laughed so hard it hurt your sides. Connor stopped tickling you and leaned back over you, hovering above your lips. Connor placed his forehead on yours and kissed you, mixing the pink paint on his forehead with the blue paint on your forehead.

“I win.” Connor whispered, sitting up quickly with a smirk.

“I hate you.” You mumbled, smiling at the pink paint in his hair and sitting up.

“Love you too, babe.” Connor snorted, pulling you into his arms and looking at the ‘blank’ canvas nearby.

“We made a beautiful painting, by accident.” You mumbled, looking up into Connor’s eyes.

“I’m sure we can make some other beautiful things by ‘accident’ if you know what I mean.” Connor smirked, raising his eyebrows.

“Okay,” you decided. “Let’s get to it.”

“Wait, really?”

“Yep. Let’s go take a shower, hm?”

Let’s just say you two had hung that painting up in your daughter’s nursery nine months later when she was born. There was mostly light pink paint splattered on it, with specks of purple, yellow, and blue. It was a pretty picture, overall. A pretty picture, just like your small but still growing family.

Love Me Right --> KoKoBop/The War Theory


there will be a read more so it doesn’t clog the dash

alright, hear me out – me and @exodusandchill have been putting lots and lots together. but we’ve come to the thought that this upcoming MV ties in together with Love Me Right. Okay, so. and this is probably gonna be so messy but bear with me. or just ask me questions if you want,

in the beginning of Love Me Right we have both Minseok and Jongdae cookin a little something up: ( but if you ask me , it seems it’s mostly Minseok ). 

in some scenes it is pink  in others it is blue. ( remember this for later ! )

whatever it is puts you to sleep – and is inhaled by being let out into the room. hence why you see it being spread and then:

where in, jongdae wakes up first, prompting him to wake minseok.

this is where i believe they are no longer in reality. they are drugged. 

the other members end up also ingesting it ( this isn’t shown except in parts where you see some members lying down seemingly in sleep )

and this is also why they are shown soon after seeming disoriented when they wake up: they are also no longer in reality:

after they all wake up and realize, that’s when all the other stuff starts. but i want to talk about Lay for a lil bit:

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TV Boyfriend by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. Please do not remove caption.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Portrait is from the waist up. Dean is wearing a dark green canvas jacket over a blue button down shirt. Soft light from the left casts him mostly in shadow. The background is dark cornflower blue with pink hearts in an arch over Dean’s head.] 

Here is the first WIP of the Modern Male Witch Home Office!

The theme is high tech shizzle, with lots of neon colors (mostly blue and pink). Am I still missing things? I found it very hard to think of what to put in there. Just think of this as the ultimate cozy PC gaming hub! What would you want to have in there?

Suggestions about what to leave out, what to add, what to animate etc. are all welcome! <3

So hey guys, I’ve been thinking…what if White Diamond doesn’t exist? At least, without the (three) Diamonds we know…FUSED???

Here me out.

(This post turned out quite long, so I’ll put it under the cut)

Also, potential spoilers ahead!

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Do you have gem school in homeworld?

“What a wonderful question! Excuse the crudely drawn map, but I think this is a good time to explain what our home city is like.”

“Homeworld is a vast planet that we’ve built up over many, many thousands of years. The world itself has been derived of whatever rural features it may have had. What little wilderness there may be is probably dying. We have sapped this planet of the majority of it’s resources, and progress ourselves with advanced technology. Since we have no need for the planet’s natural resources, it is not imperative that we preserve it. Now, throughout the planet, there are many other smaller cities scattered around. They still fall under Diamond Rule, but simply do not live in the main city. They are still advanced enough to keep in good touch with us, however. Now, as far as the main city goes, this is where the majority of the advances happen, and the majority of, well, life. The city is so massive, it takes up roughly 1/6th of the surface of the planet. If you would like to read more about the individual factions themselves, please feel free to proceed and see how things work around here.”

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I was thinking about how Kallura wedding would be and I’m sure Allura would want her dress to follow altean style.

Bride wearing all white doesn’t seem to be a thing since Honerva’s dress had purple over it. She also wore a veil and had a yellow ribbon/sash.

Allura’s dress could be a mix of white, blue and pink. Or maybe mostly blue with a pink sash. Or the other way around.

Keith would be like Zarkon and wear an armor and cape (and have the same tender look on his face)

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Hey, can I request some assistance figuring out the name of a die? I really want to find more like it. It's mostly a light pink with swirls of blue, hot pink or magenta, and gold that is shiny in light. And it has white numbers.

Hmmm, there’s a few that might be. Is it like this, with an off-white base like you see on the percentile there?

That’s Chessex Festive Purple. Or more like this?

They’re very similar, but this Chessex Festive Mardi Gras has a clear base instead of off-white, and a yellower gold component. Or maybe this?

Then you have a Chessex Festive Carousel.

If it’s not any of these, send me pics and we’ll see if we can’t figure it out! :)

Evie headcanons

- her full name is Evelyn Rose Greene
- she was born on May 6th, 1948 at 11:11 am in Tulsa, Oklahoma
- making her a Taurus sun, Aries moon and a Cancer rising

- lives in her black Converse high tops
- always wearing band tees, flannels and jeans

- loves rock music

- total feminist and human rights activist
- puts Steve in his place whenever he says something rude (sexist, racist, etc.)
- (this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, she gives him hell)
- rants and rants about injustices
- she’s so passionate about everything she believes in

- Evie Greene in one word? passionate.
- just full of passion
- passionate about human rights, swimming, soccer, getting her voice heard, singing
- everything she does is backed up with a hell of a lotta passion

- in the summer, she wears jorts
- and she will call them that
- don’t think she won’t

- from a big, close-knit family
- has two older brothers who she plays football with, wrestles with and fights regularly
- but a big sister who she talks to and trusts with all her secrets
- and a little brother and a baby sister who she tries to be the best role model for

- her family is lower middle class
- but since they have so many pets and kids, they tend to seem like greasers
- especially the hair

- she’s very similar to Soda
- and very close to
- they’re best friends
- practically fraternal twins

- she loves colors
- mostly red, black, navy blue and pink

- she has the same middle name as Steve’s mother
- he’s always loved this tidbit

- she loves Arnold Palmers just as much as Two-Bit does
- she has a special recipe to her own
- but it changes every time

- she hates zip up sweatshirts but her favorite sweatshirt is a zip up
- “it’s so comfy!”
- and she feels like she’s defiling herself but it’s so amazing so it’s okay

part of this tutorial is only for sai ;-; im not sure if theres luminosity/shade on other programs but here ill show you what i do! 

so first you finish all your colors and lineart and that jazz and then when you do that (this is for sai) you make another layer and select SHADE for that layer

and make sure you have all the colors, not the lineart, on the same layer and have the shade layer just above the colors, make sure the lineart is on the top layer, also select clipping group on the shade layer.

okay once you’ve done that use either a darkish purple or pink, or you could use blue (i use mostly pink) pink helps with warm shading and the closer you get to blue is better for cold shading. so once you pick your color, use hard shading like this and try to think where your light source is coming from. i mostly do either from the left or right because that’s easiest for me.

now once youve done that you want to lower the opacity to around 40 percent so it wont be to dark and what i do to shade is smooth out corners and most of the shading with a texturized blending brush to over all make the shading more appealing. also with this style of shading i use i can normally get away with not having the smoothest/cleanest hard shading ever.

this might take some time to do and you will most likely have some trial and error but it gets easier the more you practice!! okay the last step is what i do for the light shading, i make another layer and instead of setting it to shade i set it to luminosity and also make it around 40% opacity. also set this on clipping group.

and then i basically scribble with a bright reddish orange color

and the last and final thing you do is BLEEENDD.

and then your done :DD you might want to change the opacity a little based on if it ends up being too bright, i turned the opacity down a little. anyway i hope this tutorial help!! theres no wrong or right way of doing it. this is just my way of shading!

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa ( >w>)/!

since 2016 is rapidly coming to an end…
have some Ade-art-summary for this year :D <3 !
 I don’t see any particular improvement here…….idk xD I feel like my artstyle is still the same x’D at least digital >.>
but sometimes the hair or the eyes changed in my tradi drawings.

well, here are those drawings I liked the most for each month :DDD !
but my most favorite drawings for the year are Abel and the ServampAnime drawing :>
( and I like the last one a lot too, and the Greed one, and Ruby’s gift .. and and…. almost everything ?! even Officer Tsubaki turned out nicüüüü! ~~)
ABEL IS SO PRPRPRPRPrrrretty ;////; I should draw more girls… ! more ABBEELLLLL ~~~~~

but ey ~
which art did u like the most >w>) ? just nice to know, it doesn’t have to be one of the summary, just in general for 2016 x'DD
anyway, drawing was very fun this year <3 <3

THIS YEAR WAS GREAT <3 <3 <3  da Servamp-year ! 8D <3 <3 <3 like seriously…. the Anime is amazing!!*-* ( even without the Alicein arc ;////; ). Furthermore I got 1000+ followers ?! before the Anime there were like nearly 200 xD and when the Anime came out… suddenly  hundreds of people following me OMGGGGGG - still flashed x'DD <3 but thank you so much ;/////////; !!!!!! <3

I hear a lot of people complaining about 2016 tho…but I loved this year sm ;w; <3 I know much shüt happened in the world.. but it was still enjoyable ( 9>3<)9 !!
and I hope next year will be great as well ! 8D I’m so looking forward to it ~~~~

see ya next year ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!

You left and I will never love
A girl the way I loved your scent
But it isn’t my curse
That dooms us
I loved you like I
Loved the sun
And one day I will love
Like floating on ocean
I will fall for the salt in her tears
Like I adore
The salt of ocean
That stays on my skin
Even after I stop
Swimming carelessly
I loved you like I
Adored violets and one day
I will love a girl
Like I get lost
In the mist
I will fall for the mystery
Of her heart, that hides
The true pain in her eyes
I will walk without any
Sense of direction
And I will find peace
In her arms
I loved you like I
Cared for crows and
I will love a girl
Like I fly across
The blue sky
I will die for the
Freedom she gives to
My heart, chained by
The hatred of life
And I will kiss
Her lips as I
Could taste wine
Of love
It is why you and I
Will never love like
We loved each other
Because our love was pink
(Because you could hear colours)
But mostly blue
And our new loves will be
The shades of new colours
Waiting to be discovered
By us
We will love as if we
Never loved each other
And the beauty of life
Lies in this
Tragic truth
—  Yakamoz
Kallura Scene Meta

Lets talk about that beautiful ass kallura moment in s3 ep 4 and how the animators basically indirectly stated slow burn kallura (personally to me lol). First I wanna talk about the armor they both have like I’m sorry red and pink like there the two mostly related colors. Secondly that all that blue and green with the sparkles in the background. I’m calling it slow-burn kallura.

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Just a little Samonji angst(?) for you guys to think about.

Sayo’s hair is blue, his eyes are blue and his clothes are mostly blue.

Kousetsu’s hair is blue. his eyes are blue and his clothes are mostly blue.

Souza’s hair is pink, he has a green eye and a blue eye and his clothes are mostly pink.

The only shred of Souza that remains of him resembling his brothers is his blue eye. Yet what eye does he allow to be covered and hidden from view by his hair? His blue eye.

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Tell us about your lgbt+ Narnia headcanons, Wind. Tell us

Look I have a lot so let’s do Pevensies

Lucy: PAN
She doesn’t care about gender okay? She’s one of those people who thinks like I don’t want something stupid like gender to come in the way of love.
Also she probably cares more about soul than physical attraction. I also liked @istillliveinnarnia’s demisexual thing. So like panromantic demisexual. Because she probably loves souls, and needs to get super close to someone to be attracted to them.
Imagine Lucy falling for her best friend, a commoner she sneaks out to meet, and slowly she grows attached and realizes she’s attracted to her.
And she goes to pride with the flag painted on both cheeks and she’s glowing she’s so happy.

Edmund: okay everyone knows this but GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY
He had male suitors in Narnia for sure and he was such a flirt I’m dying
And in au he goes to pride and would probably like paint his entire face/torso rainbow because Edmund is nothing if not extra af

Susan: BI BABE. She’ll kiss everyone, everyone has a crush on her, secretly a romantic. Watches movies and likes everyone. Paints her nails with the bi flag and rainbow eyeshadow for pride. (also DARLENSIE)
She probably had so many suitors in Narnia can you imagine? Like pretty girls and pretty boys and just ahhhhh
And like in canon she probably had so many hookups after the train crash and she’s trying to find comfort in girls and boys but just can’t anymore and for years she doesn’t go back to pride because she remembers helping the others dress up and painting Edmund’s face and she just breaks down
Oops this got sad
Wendy Darling finds her in a bar, her blue purple and pink nails mostly rubbed away because she couldn’t bear to look at them anymore
They are lost souls together, Wendy’s shredded bi flag in her jacket pocket.
There it’s no longer as sad.

Peter: my ace aro king
I love this headcannon and will defend it for the rest of my life
He loves his siblings and his friends but he doesn’t get romantic love, he doesn’t want or need it
Peter is lowkey married to Narnia like his advisors tell him to get married but he’s like ???? I am married? That coronation was not a wedding?
But he doesn’t get romance, doesn’t want suitors. He doesn’t see the appeal.
He doesn’t want to go to pride at first because of aphobia and also he doesn’t feel like he deserves to go
But he goes one year and has an ace flag crown and he loves it
(Ace aro flags have a lot of grey…)(no grey hearts)(my fav headcannon tho)

Anyways if you like lgbtqia narnia check out @narniapride