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Diamond Murals

So ever since we’ve seen the murals of the Diamonds on the moon base in It Could’ve Been Great, I’ve been thinking a lot about how each one could represent their roles. (Not including Pink Diamond because we didn’t see her mural).

Let’s start with our Giraffe Overlord Yellow Diamond. She’s seen with planets/stars directly in the palms of her hands, and she’s looking out into space at other planets. It’s like the fate of these other planets in her sight rest in her hands. Peridot did call her a “decider” in Message Received, so maybe she decides which planets are of interest to Homeworld; which ones to invade and use to their desire to expand their empire. 

Now, the elegant Blue Diamond. The planets in her grasp are all in a neat, controlled line. If The Answer is indicative of anything, we can infer that she must be a diplomatic gem. She probably maintains order among the gem-controlled planets.

Lastly, the elusive and mysterious White Diamond. We haven’t seen her at all in the show yet, so speculation around her is most likely to be untrue. But her mural could be giving some major clues. What pops out first is the circle of light her hands are surrounding. This could be symbolic of the immense amount of power she holds. And maybe she’s more powerful than Yellow and Blue (which very likely could be the case since her symbol is always above the other diamonds).

Also, the planets in the mural wrap around the top of her head, as if all planets are within her sphere of influence. I’m thinking she really could hold the most power among the diamonds.

some things i want in a new animal crossing

i’ve been working on this list since around may i think so it is probably time to post it! also feel free to add more!!

  • console as well as 3ds (i just like my handhelds)
  • all sorts of flowers, mostly similar to the pink and blue cosmos from population growing (and pleeease add pink pansies!)
  • new music is swell but i really want the ability to switch between past musics from all the games
  • all the villagers!!!!! yes new ones should still be added but i’d looove for older villagers
  • bigger maps, new pwps, inclusion of garden projects (like the bushes in population growing, it’d be nice to run through them because that’s so neat i love them!) and the topiaries could be included here, max cap on regular pwps maybe stay 30 but have at least 10 slots in addition to that for the garden projects
  • bakeries/cafes/etc. because who doesn’t like a bit of interaction???
  • clothing and umbrellas from population growing also!!!!!!!!!!! there are so many different things and idk what they are but they’re super cool
  • you remember the meteor showers from pg? yep, i want some of those kinds of events because it was so nice
  • the ability to create other kinds of clothes, i.e. shoes, pants, shorts, skirts, etc.
  • more hairstyles + colors (same w/ eyes)
  • more personality for villagers. i don’t mean new types (snooty, peppy, lazy, etc.) but, like, have you played/watched others play pg? sure there were some mean ones but a lot of the same types of villagers were so different and didn’t constantly repeat the same few sets of dialogue
  • the ability to change names/town names/faces at will (it’d be fine to make us pay a fee, but most good games as of late let us change how we are!)
  • here’s another thing from pg  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) did you know you can plant trees diagonal to other trees and rocks? as in they touch? yeah that’d be cool. also trees can touch the dang border!
  • i’d kinda like more to do on the island. it’s fun and all tbh but it’d also be neat to have a villager or a couple on it, like pg (cue laugh track)
  • villagers falling asleep outside again!!
  • more colors for palettes as well as choosing colors on like a wheel?
  • tbh i preferred the cherry blossom trees in the past games. now they’re too bright and don’t look like them from what i’ve seen
  • i want returned those letters villagers show you from those anonymous sources because they were so cool!!!
  • i’d like to be able to ask to do favors again for villagers (preferably a second option instead of first to make it easier to talk to them)
  • while stacking fruit isn’t a hassle, auto-stack would be good too!
  • i’m one of those people who miss the ball tbh
  • also coconuts washing up on shore was nice. ik it’s easy to get them but still… it was a nice aesthetic or whatever
  • bring wisp back!!!!!!
  • make beautiful town a built-in asset like how it was in pg. you didn’t need to water flowers which was handy! or at least let us have 2 ordinances. idrm having one but still 2 sounds nice
  • i miss northern waterfalls and the island/3rd section of land!!
  • c o n s t e l l a t i o n s !!
  • all that lovely, lovely pattern space per person!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • less “take a break!!!”
  • light intensity (maybe i want my room tinted lightly pink or maybe i want it blindingly pink)
  • the other characters on the file walking around sometimes (and an option to turn them off/on in case you don’t want that)
  • lighter rainbows like in wild world!
  • destroy balloon furniture bring back random furniture from balloons!!!
  • more species and more colorful ones too!! or variations; drago is an alligator however his variation is very different from a gator which makes him super neat
  • i wanna be able to give freebies to more than just my uchis
  • maybe some kind of interaction between it and new leaf?? idk how exactly in the event more is released for the new game but still a certain level of interaction would be greatly appreciated!!
  • being able to choose the locations of the doors would be nice, same with moving/removing windows (*tips hat to you, hhd*)
  • ahhh messages in bottles again!!!
  • maybe you should be able to send mail to your friends or best friends over wifi!
  • have a chat log when you’re wifi-ing, it can get hard to keep in conversation especially when you enter/leave rooms or buildings because it just disappears
  • if anything like the hhn exists, please don’t let projects get deleted so soon. it’s ridiculous that i have 0 projects up when i’ve posted many… (sorry, this one’s personal)
  • return of waterfall rainbows!!
  • maybe we should be able to choose our appearance from the start like in hhd however still have conversation with rover (or whomever) that kind of shapes our personality in game. what i mean is have options that are nice or rude that will impact how the villagers first perceive us (with the ability to change that, if necessary)
  • in addition to the above, i already mentioned being able to change appearance at will, but it’d be no fun if harriet wasn’t there to fix our hair!
  • allow me to save on the island please :+( i get it about club tortimer but it’s my island!
  • speaking of islands, i’d like the flag to return, and maybe even a new tune for it :0 idk it’d be cute and separate the island from the town
  • we have 3 drawer slots with 10 spaces per 6 pages. 6x3=18x10=180. how about 3 drawer slots with 10 spaces per 10 pages? 3x10=30x10=300! that’s a lot more space and seems manageable as well! (plus some of my charas love clothes)
  • frillard should show up occasionally! that’d be neat :’D
  • idk much about serena but still, i’d like to have her in it too. i feel bad when npcs/villagers are removed :(
  • idr if i mentioned this but 15 villager limit was pretty good to me in population growing because it gave me more villagers to talk to and get to know!
  • if i wanna give someone bells i don’t want to shell them out on the ground, let me use the bank please…
  • a little bit longer town tune might be beneficial too
  • i want to opt into more festivals like the bean throwing one!! even if it’s called japanese demon banishing day or whatever i just want them omg
  • if i say i don’t need an explanation on this tool or wrapping paper, please don’t ask every time i buy the same thing
  • i want ables backstory again :+(
  • some kind of circle pad pro/new 3ds button support
  • more of a camera look outside (like to the right or left, switching from the front to normal, or even free roam?????)
  • i kiiinda miss ridges at the ocean, i think there should be some here and there maybe
  • amiibo support!!! :0
  • like what IF there is a location in the town dedicated to cliffs? in population growing and city folk the cliffs existed but instead of it being half the town, it’d be just so cool…
  • speaking of cliffs, in hhd we see short cliffs with flowers, trees, bushes, etc. it’d be really neat if those existed and we could plant them! remember the plant pwps i mentioned way up there? what if those small cliffs were part of that?
  • wild world’s colors were so nice… did i already mention this?
  • the ability to add/move/remove rocks!
  • i wanna change the angles of the pwps too
  • some of the partitions should take up only ½ space
  • maybe add a category for flowers so we can wear them when we have wigs on and/or glasses!
  • i’d also like different kinds of cliffs like in city folk because there were so many different kinds that made towns look unique!
  • i want to be able to put the perpetual blush on more than the regular circle eyes (i hope this makes sense)
  • i wanna be able to put stuff on top of paths so maybe having a path-laying mode where you can place/remove paths and then regular mode where you don’t accidentally kick the path away (idk just think of hhd)
  • wall shelves nsdaifjkndskfj

Memory Witch


phone wallpapers + KH X artwork

Anniversary- A Closed RP

{ @iam-glitchiplier }

It had been a year since the Angel had started dating Glitch, and he wanted to do something special for him.

While the other was away for the day, The Angel got many different flowers in all the different colours that Glitch’s hair turned. Of course the Angel got mostly pink and blue, his favourite colours on his boyfriend.

He also got a bunch of candles and lit them all around the castle, making it very romantic.

He then changes into his black tux with his silver tie, and waits for the other to return home.


I know, everybody and their cousin has done a Pearl/blue/yellow fusion design, but I had to do one too. I imagine super-mega-ultra Pearl is even taller and lankier than ever, but still just as graceful. There are little bits of all the Pearl outfits in there, Crystal Gem Pearl’s sash, blue Pearl’s skirt, and yellow Pearl’s above-knee socks (or leggings or stockings or whatever they are). The tri-Pearl fusion is a little inspired by Sailor Moon, and also a little bit of Satsuki’s uniform (before she gets her kamui) in Kill la Kill. There is also a subtle touch of pilot-Pearl in there as well. Even though I just used a peachy sort of pink to shade her (see-through fabric has no shading), I imagine she actually has rainbow colors, but mostly pink, blue, and yellow.

I just really love Pearl~

(oh, and fun back-story; back when it was still cold, I was cleaning out my room and using old paper to help get the kindling going in the stove. I put some papers in there, lit them, shut the stove then went back in my room. as I continued to tidy up the papers I wanted to keep, I noticed I couldn’t find me Pearl fusion… I quickly ran back to the stove and sure enough, the picture was under some other papers. I managed to save it, but the corner got singed… as you can see)

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Do you have gem school in homeworld?

“What a wonderful question! Excuse the crudely drawn map, but I think this is a good time to explain what our home city is like.”

“Homeworld is a vast planet that we’ve built up over many, many thousands of years. The world itself has been derived of whatever rural features it may have had. What little wilderness there may be is probably dying. We have sapped this planet of the majority of it’s resources, and progress ourselves with advanced technology. Since we have no need for the planet’s natural resources, it is not imperative that we preserve it. Now, throughout the planet, there are many other smaller cities scattered around. They still fall under Diamond Rule, but simply do not live in the main city. They are still advanced enough to keep in good touch with us, however. Now, as far as the main city goes, this is where the majority of the advances happen, and the majority of, well, life. The city is so massive, it takes up roughly 1/6th of the surface of the planet. If you would like to read more about the individual factions themselves, please feel free to proceed and see how things work around here.”

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Flower Hat Jelly

Well if this isn’t the damn cutest jelly I’ve seen all week.

This little fella is a rare species found off the coast of Brazil, Argentina, and Japan. 

Unlike other jellies, it spends most of its time close to the sea floor and rarely makes an appearance on the surface. When at the seafloor they like to cluster around the kelp beds. 

They eat mostly small fish

The Colors: yellow orange pink peach blue green

When they aren’t using their tentacles they coil them up into the medusa, giving them the “Bonnet” look.  

The bell can grow up 6 inches across 

Rose Quartz isn’t Pink Diamond.

As of the Answer we now have a war-time flash back and I have come to this conclusion because if it.

I think it may be debunked that Rose is Pink Diamond. Mostly because of:

  •  The differences between Rose and Blue Diamond.
  • None of the Homeworld gems recognized her as one of the gem leaders.
  • If Rose was Pink Diamond, her opposition against the rest of gemkind wouldn’t be a rebellion. It would be a schism, which is  a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief. A civil war basically.
  • They flat out keep calling her Rose Quartz, not Pink Diamond which is what it would be if it was just a title.

Now I believe Rose Quartz may have been a second in command or perhaps general to the real Pink Diamond. She is a Quartz after all and may have assumed leadership of Pink Diamond’s forces or broke away from them for Earth. I think the latter is more likely because if she had succeeded Pink Diamond she would have had about a quarter of all of gemkind at her disposal, not just a rag-tag group of rebels.

Perhaps she had attempted a coup against Pink Diamond and though successful in overthrowing her (that is why the pink diamond was dropped from future Homeworld emblems) Pink Diamond’s forces did not accept her and instead defected to the other diamonds.

However it is also possible that Pink Diamond was originally the champion of Earth’s cause and she became a martyr for her cause and that is why her position wasn’t refilled by another diamond after the war.

The mystery of Pink Diamond I feel has just gotten a lot more interesting.


Mori Kei Spring Lucky Packs!

Lucky packs, in case anyone doesn’t know, are a promotion many Japanese stores  do periodically throughout the year, where they place a random assortment of merchandise that hasn’t sold well into bags and sell these bags at a discounted rate to customers. They’re generally a good deal, because you get a nice variety of clothing items at a price far lower than they normally sell for, plus it’s fun and exciting not to know exactly what you’re getting.

Anyhoo, Nashare is doing a Spring Lucky Packs promotion. They’re actually doing two different kinds of Lucky Pack-a 12,500 yen/122 USD/73 pound version which contains a cardigan, two dresses, socks and a bag, and a 8980 yen/88 USD/53 pound version which contains two dresses and a bag.You can also pick what type of bag you want (shoulder bag or knapsack) and what colorway of items you want (Adult Forest Girl- which is mostly blue or Feminine Forest Girl-which is mostly pinks and beiges) but the actual items you get-which dress, which socks, etc.- is random.

The link: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/nashare/omikuji/

❥A more sweet lolita, decora blend, with a hint of 80’s / 90’s.

❥It uses mostly bright pastel colors (like lavender, baby blue, light pink, mint green, pale yellow, etc.), and elements and accessories from Western toy lines of the 1980s and early 1990s, such as My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Popples, Jem and the Holograms, Barbie, Wuzzles and Care Bears.

❥Fairy kei originated from Sauri Tabuchi, the eminent Tokyo fashion figure’s store Spank!

❥The feature of fairy fashion style is light, soft, pop and cute. 

❥Pastel colors, poofy layered skirts, plastic jewelry, sparkly make up, obvious fairy influences (such as fairy wings). But keep it nice quality! Or it may just look like pastel decora.

❥Hair should be pastel and let down with braids or curls. If it’s pulled up, accent it with cute accessories such as bows, ribbons or cute toys.

I’m imagining all of you as mythical creatures now and I’m so happy. anna the platinum centaur keeping charge, rory the small pony beside her, covered in spots and with the softest mane, fae with an orca tail living in xer own lake which we all visit and give xer many kisses, and Bob who lives there too, croaking many merry songs, Bruna the fairy who leaves fairy dust whenever she’s been, becca the tree nymph with flowers growing from her hair and body and Mia the biggest flower of all growing right over her heart. falka Tai and manna are obviously large magical cats with considerable powers, who know everything and watch from the trees, julia the satyr and instead of playing the panpipes it’s His smell my lord? Grace is the Mother Nature of our forest and rains down on us when we’re being turds, but mostly gives us sunshine and blue skies and many teal and pink washed sunsets. Ashleigh comes out at night, an alien in the stars, and smiles down on us. whispers stories of johnlock on the wind to help us all sleep. I could go on forever


I wore this outfit when I turned in that big Costume Design project I was talking about.  I actually dressed to match it, since it’s mostly navy blue, grey, and silver with hot pink accents.  I went for a lighter blue and added some purple, but the teacher still noticed.

I noticed this bracelet pretty much right as I was heading out the door, and realized it perfectly matched the aesthetic of the main setting of the play my Costume Design project was for.  (My friend and I split the expenses for a jar of jewelry from the thrift store so I could get a ring out of it for my project.  No one wanted this bracelet, so it was still lying out in the living room and I saw it as I walked through to go to class.)

[Image description: two photos.  The first is a full-body picture of a young woman (me) with very short brown hair.  I am wearing a chambray dress with a gathered waist and a hem that hits a bit above my knees.  Over it, I have on a hot pink fake leather biker jacket.  I’m also wearing socks striped in various shades of black, grey, and purple, which go just below my knees.  I have on silver boots with black laces.  I have hot pink stars drawn on my face and I’m wearing light grey-blue lipstick.  I’m also wearing silver stud earrings and a bracelet made of blue cords and silver chains that are knotted together.  As always, I have on my round black glasses.  The second photo is a closeup of the bracelet.]

hey @ people who make edits and are feeling uninspired rn

I want to change my phone’s homescreen but idk to what.
So if you were lacking inspiration to make something maybe consider this ??? I can only use one lock screen so I may or may not use whatever you make but that doesn’t matter bc you can just post it to tumblr for anyone to use !!! 

anyway here’s what i’m possibly looking for: 

  • v v v lowkey astro: nothing with member’s faces or anything. like if someone looked at my phone they wouldn’t know it was a boy group. 
  • pastel colors are preferred. I mostly like blue and yellow pastel maybe light pink or white too. Then again I am not against something darker like maybe astro purple idk. 

My current phone background is this:

see like at first glance it’s just aesthetic

if u do make one just message it to me or smthn

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Random fact: I like the smell of air conditioning units when we turn them on

(me too it reminds me of summer)

random fact: i’m obsessed with string lights, like the little lights u put on christmas trees, but yeah i have about 10 strands of them (mostly pink and blue) lighting up my apartment and i don’t use any other lights cuz i like the warm pink glow these give off. I hate overhead lighting, it’s too harsh and ruins the vibe

*! ↷ ∗    new studyblr

hi i mostly post pastel ( pink / blue / grey ) notes & photos. i personally make tips & resource posts about multiple things including the ACT & PRAXIS tests. i will personally tutor & respond to those needed hw help asap && i do ACT prep classes for high school students in my free time !! 

my name is amber. i’m 25. currently in graduate school and holding a bachelor of history & political science as well as a bachelor of arts in graphic design with a fine arts emphasis. 

i water color, create printables when requested, design t-shirts, etc. and love to learn. i struggle with my weight some days and diabetes type 1 but i try to post only positive things.

i want my blog to be something aesthetically pleasing to scroll through as well as useful to everyone. xx

my face under the cut !

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