but mostly pictures of them together

  • my friend who's looking at my lockscreen: who is this?
  • me: my son
  • my friend who's now looking at my home wallpaper: then who's this?
  • me: my son-in-law
  • my friend: *points at the wallpaper* *gives a questioning look*
  • me: yes, they're together
  • me: yes, i have a million pictures of them
  • me: im the proud stalkerish mama of my 42 sons
  • me: who are mostly married to dudes
  • me:
  • my friend:
  • me: my son-in-laws are also my husbands

going through my screencaps and so far my Prompto photos mostly seem to fall into one of three categories:

1) pictures of Gladio looking ridiculously photogenic (Prompto also tends to make a frustrated little noise when these show up in the camping photo slideshow section. Boy is thirsty).

2) pictures of Noctis and Ignis together either being cute as heck or posing like TOTAL DORKS (sometimes both).

3) pictures of Noctis getting onto his chocobo with one leg outstretched. (He only does this to Noctis, no one else. I’m convinced this is a meme between the four of them. Something in the vein of the “sticks m legy out really far” cat meme. I’m not saying Prompto snapchats Noctis pictures of cats with the caption “it u”, but…)

The Mycroft Prank

Everyone is freaking out about no Johnlock but I’ve spent the last half hour giggling to myself thinking about Sherlock and John planning to scare the pants off of Mycroft together.

“We should hire a clown! He hates clowns!”

“Don’t forget to make sure his umbrella gun is unloaded” “right”

They also had to have hired someone to edit creepy shit into Mycroft’s movie. Like they had to find someone who could actually do the edits and then explain what they wanted.

Picture them sneaking into Mycroft’s house and trying to quietly lock all of the doors….

And it was mostly John’s idea.

There were pictures.

Pictures that told a story no one would’ve expected.

They started out in drawings, mostly Will in profile. Jack suspected that Hannibal had been watching him from afar back then. Keeping them far enough apart but close enough together that Will would feel comfortable coming willingly.

Profiles turned into tears, tears turned into smiles.

Smiles turned into blood.

There was a book dedicated to Will on blood: hands, arms, body. The last few pages were his face, smiles and even deadly grins.


Will was his.

The last few, the final few, were of Hannibal.

One in particular caught Jack’s eye.

He’d never seen that look up close before. The cameras had caught it many, many times.

But never like this.

This was Hannibal Lecter in love.

Jack knew this feeling, the sheer joy of it, and was more than ever certain they’d been made to find that abandoned safe house.

Hannibal wanted him to see, as if to say, ‘See? I’ve got him now.’

Jack knew there was no way Hannibal would give Will up so easily. That’s why he would try harder.

SKAM fans from the US. I'm sorry you're getting so much hate right now. I want you to know it's not directed at YOU. It's directed at the view of celebrities and stardom that we mostly associate with the US, and sadly you get to take the blame for it.

Of course we know it’s not you that take the inappropriate pictures of the cast. I also think a lot of people still are a bit upset and nervous about the remake being made. It feels a bit like stealing “our” show and taking cred for it, but that’s not your fault either!

This fandom shouldn’t be an us and them situation, we’re all in this together. “Alt er love” you guys, remember that! The people that took those pictures have hopefully learned their lesson and will not do it again but there will always be those people that can’t feel when they take things too far. But we won’t be the fandom that HATE on them for it! No, we will tell them with love and calmly ask them not to. Because that’s what SKAM is about; love, acceptance and learning from your mistakes.

I 100% suck at gif reactions, but I haven’t said no to a request yet, so here ya go.

Bobby , B.I , Junhoe , Jinhwan  gif reaction to there girlfriend phisically fighting with another girl that kissed him and she know there together

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Bobby - Bobby would be pretty chill in the situation. He wouldn’t encourage the fighting by any means, I don’t think any of them would. I just imagine he would mostly be shocked. Sure, Bobby was physical with his fans, always getting up close and personal during shows and for selfies, but there was a line that should not be crossed. So when he threw his arm around the fan to take a picture with her he would be shocked when she pressed her lips to his. The next thing that would shock him would be your intense reaction. Especially since before that moment he’d never seen you get physical in an argument. He’d watch the fight for the briefest moment, surprised and impressed by you, before dragging you off the girl and assuring you that everything was okay. 

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B.I.  - It is my genuine opinion that Hanbin is actually just a sweet cupcake. You are welcome to disagree but he just is. So of course he was kind enough to sign an autograph for a fan, even though you two had been out to dinner. However, when she leaned on the table, he would have been uncomfortable by how close the girl was getting to him. While he was uncomfortable you’d know exactly was she was about to try, so that’s about when you’d get out of your seat. He would jump back slightly as her lips hit his, and then he’d just be slightly terrified by your aggression as you pulled her back by her hair. Which she deserved, because who kisses someone else’s boyfriend when they’re standing right there? She earned that clump of hair you threw in her lap.

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Junhoe -  Junhoe did not necessarily encourage you to fight, but he definitely knew you were capable of it and he was never surprised when you staked your claim on him.  So when the girl came up to him at the club and started whining “Kiss me, oppa!” and hanging all over him, he simply shook his head knowingly and said “You’re gonna want to get your hands off me, trust me.” As soon as he felt the kiss he would immediately move from the girl knowing what was coming. With a step back he would just barely dodge the drink you threw at her face. He’d let you get a slap in before pulling you away from her, mostly because he didn’t want you to get banned from another club.

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Jinhwan -  Usually Jinhwan wouldn’t mind the onslaught of screaming fans at the airport, but he hadn’t been able to sleep on the flight home because he’d been to excited to see you after several weeks. He’d put a smile on his face, appreciative of the fans being he reason he was able to do his job, and take pictures and sign autographs. When he caught sight of you he’d start to rush a little more and was caught off guard by the kiss against his lips. It would have taken you a second to be by his side, your flat palm causing a resounding Smack! against her cheek. You’d even earn a slight grin from him, when you called him your man.  

Random Dialogue

Ya know how sometimes when you’re brainstorming something to write and you’ll get a bunch of cool scenes/snippets, but not know how to string them together?

That happens to me a lot, but with dialogue. I’ll have this brilliant, well-thought out exchange, I can picture it exactly in my head. But I won’t have any good context for it.

A couple of tidbits from my brain today I thought you guys would like to hear, mostly they fit into Undertale and it’s respective AU’s but you could use them for most anything if you change the names, I suppose.

“Sans do you even have a plan?!?!”

“depends on what qualifies as a plan.”


“stay alive?”


”oh god i’m sorry!”

“S’fine, shouldn’t have startled you”

“paps! i punched you in the face!”

“Sans, seriously. You have the upper body strength of a gerbil, it didn’t even hurt.”




“Do you know anything about the giant hole in the stair railing? Ya know, the one suspiciously your-head-shaped?”


“…… Did you get your head stuck in the railing again?”


Being best friends with MacGyver includes. . .

More “MacGyver” headcanons because why not? Also, these aren’t really romantic. Just best friends.


• You visiting his house.
• Having a great friendship with Bozer and being his best friend, too
• Lots of pictures together
• Mac and Bozer definitely make silly faces. Surprisingly, it’s mostly Mac. • That makes you laugh so most of your photos have you laughing in them.
• Not knowing about Phoenix. • You found out after Bozer • Bozer kind of accidentally said something about it. He’s really good at not telling anyone, but he told you because it’s so hard to keep a secret from you and you’re really smart.
• Being upset that they didn’t tell you • You don’t talk to them for a week or so and you ignore their texts and everything • Believe me, you’re best friends, but still
• You finally forgive them and Mac is really happy. More than Bozer because he’s known you the longest and you were mainly mad at him.
• You guys don’t like each other as a crush or anything • Mainly because this is a best friend preference • You think of him as a brother and he thinks of you as a sister.
• Having a key to their apartment/house (I don’t know, can someone please tell me?)
• You make Mac a sweater for Christmas.
• You encourage Mac to ask out Nikki because you know he likes her. • “Mac, if you don’t ask her, someone else might. I know you like her.”
• Teasing Mac about his relationship with Nikki.
• Getting along with Nikki, but when you find out what happened, you’re really angry at her.
• Mac has to hold you back from fighting her when you find her. Literally. • You don’t work with Phoenix, but when you heard Nikki would be there, you forced them to let you go. Even though it was really dangerous.
• “Mac, let me go! I have to fight her! She betrayed you!” • Jack being like “what is she doing? This girl is crazy” while that happens.
• You calm down and oh no, suddenly you’re being shot at while you’re in a house. • Someone has to explain why you’re in a house and why people are trying to kill you. • You all escape and you actually helped.
• You’re glaring at Nikki because she broke your best friend’s heart and you definitely don’t approve when they get back together.
• You understand what she tells you, but you’re still shaking your head, telling Mac that you don’t approve.
• His relationship with Nikki effects your relationship with him because you don’t like her but he loves her, of course.
• After a while, you grow close again but it’s not the same. • Eventually, it will be.
• He’s still dating Nikki. You accept it because you don’t want to grow apart again. But, you still don’t approve. • Basically, Nikki’s undercover mission broke your trust with her.
• Being best friends with Mac forever, basically.


The format messed up at the end, I’m sorry. I hope you liked this! It’s kind of hard to read it, but the bullets separate it! I’ll try to fix it! It’s together right now. I’m sorry. It’s chaotic.

shyvioletcat  asked:

For the TOG/ACOTAR questions! =D 8 and 16

Thanks for the ask! :)

8) Did you ship Rowaelin from the moment he came into the picture?

Mostly, yes. I say mostly because I knew that Rowan and Aelin wouldn’t get together immediately (if they did at all), but I really liked both Rowan and Aelin separately and I had a feeling in HoF that he’d just be the one who finally understood all of her. I just wanted them to be together in any way, friends, lovers, whatever. I am a big big Rowaelin fan! 

16) Which villain out of both series do you hate the most?

I wouldn’t say they’re necessarily main villains, maybe just enemies, but THOSE FREAKING MORTAL QUEENS in ACOTAR. It’s like that classmate/coworker that does something shitty, rubs in it your face and doesn’t get caught. I just hate them with a fiery burning passion. And the fact that they were never planning on considering helping Rhys + co., and yet they sat there with arrogant smiles on their faces ALL THE WHILE HELPING HYBERN kills me. Like no. Those bitches got another thing coming in ACOWAR. You just wait. 

kenhina headcanons (pt.1)

1. Kenma doesn’t have a problem with Tsukki but there was one incident where he overheard Tsukki shade Hinata for no particular reason and later that day he roasted the fuck out of Tsukki and Nekoma’s team was hype bc when does Kenma ever trash talk, but it’s mostly him being annoyed that someone said something negative about his friend. 

2. They are cuddlers… or at least Hinata is. At the training camp many pictures were taken of them all tangled up and sleeping together. At first they tried to get the others to delete the photos, but too many had been taken by too many people. 

3. After Kenma graduates he goes to more of Karasuno’s games than Nekoma’s just to watch Hinata play. Lev will not shut up about it. 

4. Kenma doesn’t laugh out loud very often. Hinata takes this as a challenge. He is constantly sending anything he thinks is funny to him with the follow up text: “did you laugh?” Hinata’s reaction to his answer is usually more likely to make him smile than anything he gets sent.

5. Hinata frequently asks Kuroo for pictures of Kenma before they met. Kuroo is always happy to oblige with cute and embarrassing photos. Hinata’s phone background is now a picture of Kenma from when he was a first year. He also has a folder of smol Kenma. 

part: (1) 2

social media headcanons

- delphine avoids social media as she is trying to fake her death
- cosima shitposts
- shay uses it to talk to people but doesn’t go overboard
- cosima’s instagram is all pictures of shay and delphine, sometimes together sometimes not and sometimes with an animal
- shay’s posts are mostly food and artsy pictures of things with a description of their day
- delphine folds at some point and gets a snapchat
- cosima screenshots everything she ever sends
- shay makes collages of cophine pics to be her lock screen and makes new ones every so often
- delphine’s lock screen is a stock photo or pictures of her pets
- cosima’s lock screen changes weekly and it’s always shayphine
- she always asks them if the particular photo is okay, bc she doesn’t want to embarrass anyone.  delphine makes the mistake of saying ‘i don’t care which photo you use’.  the next time she changes her lock screen it’s to shayphine cuddling naked.  delphine carefully approves all the following photos
- shay starts printing out photos and putting them in a big photo album.  it’s nothing special, just sleeves for photos.  she just likes to have the physical photos of them to look through.

giant headcanon dump of  things i want to draw for hp!au

  • annabeth and percy being shoved in the great lake together and the giant squid fishing them out.
  • i’d like to blame lili for the muggleborn!annabeth headcanon thoughts that won’t leave me alone because now i am picturing jason being lowkey protective of her after thalia leaves school, mostly in regards to her bloodstatus
  • aka: jason’s first detention in his entire academic career is because he punched someone so hard he knocked teeth out. fun fact: they never called annabeth mudblood ever again
  • or really called anyone anything racist again because piper was so pissed about it there was a pretty nasty prank waiting for that guy involving a speech jinx lol
  • annabeth is both touched and perturbed and kind of extremely glad neither percy or thalia had witnessed it like jason had.
  • leO ALMOST GETS HIMSELF, PIPER AND JASON EXPELLED BECAUSE OF AN INCIDENT INVOLVING A SMUGGLED BABY DRAGON cough festus cough. beckendorf deals with it so the three dont get into trouble but silena absolutely rips into them for bEING SO RECKLESS I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT YOU THREE GET UP TO YOU COULD HAVE BEEN HURT DRAGONS ARE DANGEROUS etc etc /loud sisterly rage
  • :( piper’s sad eyes did not work on her that time
  • (thalia was mildly impressed though. good job jason?)
  • percy/annabeth/grover discovering acromantula in the forbidden forest
  • piper pulling a ginny weasley and joining the slytherin quidditch team in her 5th year because someone said girls aren’t even good at quidditch.
  • (big sisters silena and drew cheering for her!!!)
  • leo bugging the shit out of octavian i am not sorry yOU KNOW HE’D DO IT. 
  • leo’s match commentary.
  • jason’s face approaching nuclear-levels of blush at some of the things leo says
  • jason realizing he can’t handle prefect duty AND being a quidditch captain so he gives up and asks frank if he’d be gryffindor prefect instead bc he’s better suited to handling it/better for the job
  • …dumb dorks finding the mirror of erised while roaming the school

I sketched these a few days ago [I was dumb and didn’t date it. Always date your sketches, kiddos]

Sorry I cropped them so poorly. It was easier to group a couple of them together than have to readjust the levels on ALL the pictures
Basically, I was just too lazy to do a nice job, whoops OTL

No references since I sketched them during my spare [first period] at school jdshgfjsdh Forgive my inaccuracies ^^;
[mostly just the fact that Nora’s hair is parted wrong, I KNEW SOMETHING WAS OFF ABOUT IT D:<]

WINGS Short Film #3: STIGMA - Image Breakdown

On to Tae (and Namjoon). :) Again, mostly not really theories. Just for organizing all the clues and putting them together with what we know. Enjoy! :)

1) The next passage of ‘Demian’ reads: “It was the first fissure in the columns that had upheld my childhood, which every individual must destroy before he can become himself… . Such fissures and rents grow together again, heal and are forgotten, but in the most secret recesses they continue to live and bleed.”

2) The fissure represented in the dot at the end that is cut.

3) The recurring Graffitti from RUN.

Tae is trying to scratch away the word “Abraxas”. Abraxas in ‘Demian’ is the all-encompassing deity of both worlds (good and evil) that the Sinclair’s (the protagonist’s) mentor Pistorius is teaching him about. That deity is also a bird, bringing us back to WINGS #1. But Sinclair finally casts his mentor away as he has to find his own way.

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The first time Yahaba visits Kyoutani’s house, and they go up to his room. Everything is as he expected. Kind of plain. A bed, some sports posters, two large dog beds. Some clothes that look as if they were shoved under the bed. But when Kyoutani opens his closet door, the entire inside of the door is covered in pictures. 

Mostly of his dogs, but there are a few of the team, a couple of Kyoutani and his younger sister. Then there’s the one that Yahaba made them take together at the start of their third year at Aoba Jousai. Yahaba is smiling brightly, Kyoutani with a kind of half smile that made him look a little nauseous, staring away from the camera. Both sporting their new numbers. 

The new captain, and his new ace. 

I can’t help thinking that Gajeel and Juvia made an oath to become the strongest in the dark guild. Mostly because of the fact that I think dark wizards would think kids have no business being in a guild, so they would use them as target practice. I picture those two training together and Juvia showing Gajeel how to deal with his hair and Gajeel beating up all the guys that hurt Juvia. BROTP right there. BROTP. 
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unconventional maybe but this is probably my favourite picture of Louis and Harry ever. mostly for the insanely big and beautiful smile on Louis’ face but also there’s so many other little things, like the fact that we can’t see Harry’s face which is probably a beaming smile to match Louis’. this picture just reflects so many things about them - friendship, love, fun, joy, all the things they share and experience together and it’s so cute to see them so happy around each other. I genuinely adore this band and I hope they can smile like this more often because this happy is how they deserve to look for the rest of their lives.