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Sense8 Xmas Special Thoughts

so I’m surprised to say that even after just one episode I may already prefer season two of sense8 to season one. 


  • more interaction between female sensates!
  • including nomi making out with sun in sex montage #2(!)
  • SOO much development for hernando! we found out his full name, occupation, family history. he’s finally feeling like a fully rounded character and not just an accessory to lito’s storyline. 
  • all of the nomanita adorableness
  • sensates, friends, family and couples ❤ S U P P O R T I N G  E A C H O T H E R ❤
  • the main plot edging towards countries outside of america
  • threeway teamwork to save sun from assassins!
  • oneway teamwork to unlock lito’s apartment!
  • a cinematically beautiful sex montage
  • my darlings being mostly happy
  • rajan being sweet and supportive to kala
  • new capheus’ new bus
  • lito/hernando adorableness
  • feeeeels

hey there! i’ve been on tumblr for nearly two years and even though i haven’t hit any follower milestones yet, i thought i was time for a follow forever and i also wanted to thank everyone out there for making my time on here enjoyable! i love you all ♡ for anyone confused, i was ni-myu! also, these are not all the blogs i follow but the ones i mostly reblog content for this blog from~

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uhh a lot of gender stuff
idk i feel like because of the political climate and just in general i have to always defend black women and like i do have a connection to black womanhood to some extent and etc
but it’s frustrating to my dysphoria. ive been really dysphoria and finding it harder to feel comfortable in my clothes. exercising is helping but it’s hard to change my outside six times every day and allot 3 hours to getting ready because of it
but like idk it’s hard. i do identity w womanhood to an extent but also i don’t really want to be anything most of the time. i like the idea of creating my own conception of gender and how it’s in flux etc etc most of the time, and how sometimes i love being more femme or masc or mostly just being n o t h i n g
but it’s hard. idk i call myself femme because i feel like it’s what people expect me to be. Tbh I feel like femme doesn’t really match me?? I mean I like pink or whatever but?? Idk. Femme to me isn’t rly me, even in presentation. Anyway I notice myself slowly moving more towards black womanhood and idk what that means?? am i more genderfluid?? do i feel obligated to bc of other people??? EHHHH

greg universe is just. so important. like??? he’s a fat balding homeless man whose dream job failed miserably, who runs a car wash to survive, whose beloved wife has functionally died. and yet, he’s unfailingly positive. his life is dedicated to making his son happy. he wears weird clothes and plays the guitar and jams out with his kid. he’s both incredibly ordinary and wonderfully extraordinary. he recognizes that he doesn’t understand much of his son’s life but he’s (mostly) okay with it. I JUST LOVE GREG UNIVERSE SO MU-HU-HUUUUUCH