but mostly i hate that i dont hate you

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who is your favourite character in Greek literature?

dionysus in the bacchae every time hands down this decision is so easy its kind of embarrassing actually like @sophocles @aeschylus get on this level

runners-up in no particular order

  • medea in the medea, like come on the agon? the women of corinth speech? the hero morality thing? i’ve seen like four different productions of this play and they all sucked because you need someone to get it and play her properly and that’s so fucking hard to do
  • jason in the argonautica, fuckboy supreme
  • antigone, like fun fact the antigone was the first piece of greek lit i ever studied and by this point i own maybe four different translations? (including the one i stole from my school classics department lmao) and like five different reinterpretations of it? and i still don’t like antigone! she’s the sort of person i would fucking hate to hang out with! i’ve read the play like four hundred times and seen four or five productions and i still. do. not. like. her. and yet! and yet i still own like eight different versions of her play and that’s why she makes it onto this list because you don’t like her but you do love her  
  • achilles like i hate everything about him! i hate his terrible decisions and his massive murderous hissy fits and the way he expresses his emotions by killing people and yelling at rivers and his big dumb shield and mostly i hate the way i dont hate him not even close not even a little bit not even at all 
  • orestes in euripides’ orestes. lol what a plank

artists self rec tag!

when you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

tagged by @datura-tea (thank you!!! 💕)

tagging: @fraenkysjunk @malpaislegate @caesarslegion @telvani @mundanesalad and honestly everyone else that wants to do it, I’m 100% sure I forgot someone who does art 

After doing a lot of unfollowing people that have been posting nothing but hate and discourse, my dash is a bit empty. So if any of you are mostly Riordanverse you should let me know so i can check out your blog! 

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I'm not even a Exol but I really really think kaisoo is real I mean no other otp is real as them (I'm huge jongin stan only though I love him so much) much support to kaisoo ❤️❤️ but how are antis blind like srsly these two keep getting more and more real their going strong #relationshipgoals #kaisoo it's sad to see people always hating on kaisoo 😒

i think it’s safe to say that there are quite alot of non exols who acknowledge KD rs. personally i’ve seen quite alot. kinda off topic but i also see there are quite alot of fanboys (ksoo’s fanboys–ksoo really has a lot of fanboys even some of his fansites run by fanboys) who ship kaisoo (ship as in support… like, it’s not just a kpop otp ship to them. they also know think KD is dating real).

antis are in denial that’s why they don’t see it. all they’re capable of doing is bitching about KD shippers openly to show off about how “good/mature” they are as fans (cuz getting validation from strangers online is very important uwu). 

their arguments are mostly about “why do I think/feel shipping KD as a legit couple is wrong!” which is…well, boring and it doesn’t contain much of logical explanation that could debunk KD (and even when they try to give “logical” explanation, it makes no sense whatsoever, like, there’s always a “hole” in their “story/narrative”). so let’s not give them any attention cuz it’s basically what they want. if you see them hating, just block them lol. 

anyways, i dont think we should feel sad that many hating on KD bc at the same time there are more people who love/adore/support them. clearly, KD appreciate it bc there have been so many times they showed positive reactions (ex; smile, intense staring etc) whenever fans show them KD banner/sign. 

and you’re right! KD is definitely a relationship goal i actually envy them and they’re definitely becoming ~stronger~ lol tbh i dont think they care anymore about keeping it subtle but that’s just me personally.

sorry for late reply btw. 

Finally leaving!!!!!

I’ve never hated a fandom so much. I’m finally leaving and I’M SO HAPPY. since I’m leaving I’m just gonna say a few things that’s going to sound harsh but at this point I don’t give a shit and I hate mostly everyone in this fandom. FUCK THIS FANDOM. FUCK YOU IF YOU GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO SEND HATE TO PEOPLE.

Fuck V


GOD. I’ve never hated a fandom so much. I’m now leaving and I dont ever want to return. If you follow me for MM shitpost you should stop. I’m just so annoyed about everything in this fandom. Fuck, even if I wanted to vent this shit I’ll get hate for not being a god damn sheep. If I love Rika that’s fine you shouldn’t find the need to make a 5 page post about how I’m wrong. This fandom is such full of hate. If you don’t follow the popular opinion than this fandom sucks. I’m done posting about mm. I hate almost all of you. Everyone who sends hate for liking A FUCKING FICTIONAL CHARACTER should stop using the Internet and get help. I’ve seen SO MANY immature and rude people that I’m pretty sure almost everyone in this fandom is like that. I’m usually not like this but just because I’m leaving I want to state my opinion with 0 bs. People in this fandom get mad of you don’t put a million disclaimers and hearts and smiles everywhere. Even if you do that they’ll hate you. Everyone finds something wrong with anything that they don’t agree with. I’m fucking tired of this shit. I used to love MM but this fandom ruined the game for me. It made me hate certain characters like:






Thanks for ruining one of my favorite games. I wouldn’t take this like this if it WASN’T EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE I look I see awful people and just cringey shit. I cant stand this fandom anymore.

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I fell upon a Louis blog that hates Harry. Hates him. Like in what world is that possible? How can someone who found Louis through his band, his band that he really fucking loves, hate one of the band members? It was a complete mindfuck, I tell you. I'm shook. We mostly all have a fave but I could never ever imagine hating one of them.

i dont know… perhaps they have some deep rooted problems stemming from 2012 where they think louis and harry hate each other so they think they can hate harry and it’s justified… i really dont know. but let me tell you… louis and harry do not hate each other. quite the contrary. i mean, if the last 2 months can tell you anything.

harry went to louis’ xfactor performance and jays funeral.. louis tweeted him for his birthday… louis says how ALL the boys are supportive of him and their solo careers. thats some pretty good evidence of them being supportive of each other and being at the very least, friends. 

so i dont know why anyone would hate on harry if they’re a louis stan and they can see that louis doesnt even hate on harry. 

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no offence but spreading positivity is annoying we're here to relate and bask in our negativity when you dont have depression you wont get it so shut the fuck up

no offense but feeling negative and surrounding yourself by constant negativity is only gonna make you feel worse. I hate the fake positive posts like “just go out and travel!” because yea not as easily done as it’s said. 

But all I said was hopefully we start practicing more self-love and positive humour because while yes the negativity is relatable, sometimes it gets to a point where I’m legit concerned at some people’s blogs when they turn into mostly self-hate “relatable” posts that just keep getting worse and worse. Do I reblog a callout post about how I’m (somewhat negative trait)? Yes I do. Sure.

However, when you want to read & relate to & reblog all those posts it will only help make it your default thinking?? Yes a lot of us (myself included) will use negative humour to cope with feelings. But that doesn’t make it good or mean that it should be praised. We just gotta focus on more of a balance, you know. Sure, relate to the negative posts every once in a while––we all have flaws and sometimes it’s funny to call yourself out etc. 

But this whole tumblr cycle of to be more valid on here you have to be more negative is really tiring and some positive, uplifting humour wouldn’t hurt anyone! xx

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well if you say that its mainly Jonsa fans and Jon stans who hate dany... And Í am not a Jonsa fan. My favorite is Jon and you can say it so easily because your precious dany gets hyped up so much on the show. As a woman I just dont find her as intriguing as the other female characters from the show, take away her dragons and most people wouldnt care, and probably you wouldnt be that much interested in her either. I hate the idea of Jon, who is a legimate heir (like leaks say) kneeling to dany.

I didn’t say that, can y'all not read? I specifically was talking about people who hate the idea of Jonerys and it is mostly rival shippers and Jon stans who aren’t fans of Dany anyway. And please don’t tell me what I would or wouldn’t like. Just because all you see of Dany is dragons and fire, doesn’t mean that’s all she amounts to. That is only a part of her, it’s not all she is.

reasons why and what i love about bbh

1. he’s naturally a nice person that puts everyone before him
2. he cares for his fans and his members
3. his laugh
4. especially that kind of laugh he does when he’s so giddy
5. that small mole near his lips
6. fluffy hair
7. i love black haired baekhyun
8. but every color suits him so
9. he might look ridiculous when dancing freestyle but that’s one of the things why i love him
10. “kkaebbsong”
11. besides chanyeol and jongdae, he’s one of the light (no pun intended) that brightens up everyone’s mood
12. his gummy smile
13. his shy smile
14. and that smile he does when he laughs
15. it melts everyone’s hearts tbh
16. when he smiles so happily that his eyes form an eyesmile
17. fingers
18. his slender fingers that everyone also loves to fantasize about
19. this is why i now have a hand fetish
20. blame baekhyun
21. his cute nose
22. the way his nose scrunch up in disgust when he finds something distasteful
23. do i have to start why i love his voice?
24. his voice
25. call every baekhyun stan a lovesick puppies but one of the main reasons why we love him is because of his voice
26. it’s like listening to an angel sing
27. really pleasant to listen to + the high notes
28. when he does high notes it makes me think that his voice is high as my dreams
29. but nonetheless, his voice is fucking fantastic stan him but don’t forget to stan the rest of exo members or just stan exo because they’re kings
30. when he collabs with other artists
31. why does his voice fit with every artists he does duets with???
32. ^ everyone questions that
33. and whenever he does an interview with an artist it always seems like he has two sides
34. shy baekhyun and his natural state baekhyun
35. remember that one time he did an interview with suzy he accidentally introduced himself as “suzy”
36. he can be a nervous wreck sometimes but that’s okay
37. his broad shoulders period.
38. airport fashion
39. i always find myself looking at his pictures of him being at an airport and i always go “damn” because he’s always slaying like yeeeess
40. he has a good fashion sense
41. but even if he doesn’t we still won’t care
42. he can wear a fucking sack and we’d still hardcore stan him
43. let’s speak about his relationship with the members
44. starting with the youngest sehun; he always loves to bite the maknae
45. sehun says it’s because baekhyun is really sensitive to bad smells and sehun smells really nice (like a baby) that’s why he often latches himself to the maknae
46. then kai aka jongin, i can see baekhyun idolizes kai because kai is afterall, one of the best dancers in exo (yixing and sehun included)
47. i think he once mentioned in an interview that he practices dancing in the their studio so he can get better, thus, also letting kai teach him
48. i don’t know why yall are saying kyungsoo hates him; they’re actually best friends
49. baekhyun even said so
50. you might think that they dont because their personalities don’t match but i gotchu fam
51. their personalities are actually similar to each other
52. i would explain it but it would take a lot so i’ll just shorten my explanation abit
53. you question their friendship with each other? well as you see kyungsoo is naturally quiet person, personally known as one of mysterious members in the group and baekhyun as the the member who never stops running his mouth,, baekhyun actually has a melancholy soft quiet side in him that surprisingly matches kyungsoo’s personality
54. you might question how and even say that he can never be serious but how can he be friends with kyungsoo if he can’t be a soft quiet mochi
55. i feel like im doing a deep theory that no one understands lmao
56. going to chanyeol,, i have a few things to say
57. chanbaek
58. i can see why most people ship the two of them
59. they’re also best friends, they’re also really close even as trainees
60. their personalities also match; both mood makers and laughs to joke around
61. also best friend goals - a tall one and a short one
62. jongdae aka chen, i dont see why only a few people ship this but #chenbaek
63. they have good chemistry, besides being good friends like the last two mentioned before, i think hanging out with him and baekhyun will never make you bored
64. they would probably pull pranks on you
65. basically the whole beagle line would nonstop pranks on you
66. random but,, i also feel like baekhyun would be a good listener
67. his relationship with yixing are one of the things i love about him
68. he loves yixing so much like a younger brother looking up to his older brother aw
69. lmao 69 i wouldn’t let this opportunity to go away but i feel like baekhyun would be really that type of person who will love to leave hickeys all over your skin
70. back to the topic, with junmyeon – he also looks up to him
71. i don’t see why not, after all junmyeon is a good leader so
72. i see baekhyun coming to junmyeon for advice whenever a problem comes up tbh
73. with minseok we can see baekhyun loves to nag him
74. but despite the nagging, we can also see that minseok cares after him like a younger bro
75. bro goals amirite
76. baekhyun really loves his members they’re basically family
77. so back to 69 how about i steam up the talk, you’re probably bored
78. probably mostly everyone said this but he’s probably a submissive
79. he can be dominant too smh
80. my reasons why i love about him is switching lanes
81. i love that he’s so caring of his fans
82. despite the fact that he’s been hurt a lot by the hate some of us spit at him
83. i dont understand how you can hate him for dating back then some of us are fucking heartless af
84. if he wants to date, let him. i know it hurts as a fan, i know that heartbroken feeling but we shouldn’t be selfish and keep him from being happy
85. yeah he has us, but we aren’t for eternal
86. you do know in a few years he has to find someone he wants to get settled with
87. he’s generally a nice person appreciate him
88. his humbleness
89. he never boasted about his fame nor the amount of money he has
90. he’s always thankful
91. besides him being humble, he’s also hardworking
92. he’s probably one of the most loved idols
93. i feel like he loves joking around with his juniors
94. do you think he treats them food too?
95. he’s an epitome of fluffiness
96. the fact he has this bond with fans that no one can break
97. the fact that he’s all mochi then the second later he’s all daddy we’re all dead
98. but that only makes our love for him grow stronger
99. happy birthday baekhyun
100. i love you so much

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SATIRE. SATIRE. SATIRE. Omg, get your ass out of your butt, damn. Seth Macfarlane is one of the most open minded person in the whole industry he presented Bernie Sander during his campaing. The CHARACTER of peter griffin is an exageration of the average white man in America. If you don't have a sens of humor and can't difference satire and real value , you make me think of the ones who attacks the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris. Also, if you don't watch it, don't give your opinion on it.

hi anon, welcome to the blog, hope uve enjoyed ur stay so far even tho i dont think u have (from the sounds of it)

i understand that Its Just A Joke, and my posts about seth macfarlane tend to be just as silly- i don’t wish him ill will, because he is a real human being

but peter griffin isnt real. that’s the thing about cartoons. i can make a 15 page essay about how awful peter griffin is as a person, and his life will Literally Not Change because of it- which is why the blogs dedicated to hatred of him than to hatred of the Real People Behind Him.

peter is an exaggeration, and seth is a democrat who supported bernie sanders, yes, but neither one of those facts excuses the type of humor that family guy shows. it helps normalize things that shouldn’t be funny- such as racism, pedophilia, or child abuse- and real people can very easily suffer from it

to put this in perspective- many people like quoting shows they like in real life, especially younger audiences who love to talk about them afterwards. but like… if i don’t want the words of the joke to be in the mouth of those repeating it, why would i want it on the show? and you may say “its not intended for kids” but like.. lets be real. how many 13-16 year olds watch it because its an Adult Cartoon? i did, like ten years ago, and i’m sure many of you did too.

and im not BLAMING family guy for this audience either. i agree that shows shouldnt cater to the Chance that the wrong audience will watch it.

yet… i don’t know why, when cartoons could do anything ever, you would decide that you want your cartoon to make jokes about black people or native americans.

the show has its good stuff- like, i think stewie is a pretty amusing character at times- he goes between brilliant and childish in a way feels balanced towards his character, for one example- but it also has the Bad Stuff, and i would very much like to make it so future creators after seth may look back and realize all the problems people had with this show

as for watching it- im mostly doing that because i believe in critiquing all the work and media can consume. no matter what, we can always improve on our stuff, and its nice to be able to see How instead of idolizing it to be some kind of perfection. i dont wanna critique things without having watched it, because then it’d just be hate for the sake of hate, and… i dont approve of that.

as the quote goes-
“do no harm, but take no shit.”

and right now, i feel like seth’s serving up a huge bowl of shit we shouldnt take.

(anyway have a good day anon and even if you dont agree with my opinions i hope you can at least kind of understand where im coming from)

Alright fandom listen up. ( Mostly toward the hate sending/posting assholes )

Noone needs to shove their ship in anyones faces, noone needs to attack anyone for not liking it. Noone needs to attack anyone for liking it. Guys, it’s a damn fucking show. Get the fuck over yourselves and do something with your lives instead of sitting at a computer desk with your head getting ready so explode over nothing.

Guys. MOST OF YOU ARE ADULTS. You guys should SERIOUSLY know better then to send shit like “kill yourself” “you’re trash for shipping a straight ship” “you’re stupid and nasty for shipping your OC with a canon character” etc… Like grow the fuck up and go to work or something? 

It’s just a damn show.

It’s just one fucking episode out of an entire season.

It’s boxes, lines, and color. 

If you DON’T like the ship, good for you.

If you LIKE the ship, good for you.

If you liked it, go talk IM with someone that likes it

If you don’t like it, go talk IM with someone that doesn’t.

Don’t fucking shit yourselves over a fucking fight or over a fucking ship. You guys have some serious issues attacking people. Live and let live. There’s so many damn things your asses could seriously be doing. So much shit that can make you happy but you decide to fill your life with hate because whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????

Let people do and enjoy their own fucking lives while you do your own thing.

Also newsflash, guys 


Like lmao I’m sorry everyone CAN’T be damn robots under your own bidding with your own damn mindsets and interests because obviously that’s what you want?? Right?? Yeah???? Of course it is. Otherwise you wouldn’t be sticking your thumbs in your mouths and crying about someone liking something different than you or not liking it. “ wEEHH you dont like it go kill yourself” wEEHH you dislike it go kill yourselfs” again, you’re mostly adults. Act like it.

You guys are like a violent way of fighting over not wanting to be the tagger first in “tag your it” as a kid.


You cannot make everyone be Y O U

Stop being so damn selfish.

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heyhey innocent question why do you hate ambr*llins so much but ship zowens? isnt the situation kind of the same? ((dont wanna piss you off im genuinely curious cause i hate both of those ships with my heart and soul since of the ugly shit that happened between the four of them :/)) i apologize a lot if this annoys you hope you dont get the wrong idea

Thanks for asking nicely, first of all? I appreciate that :)

Yes, their situations are similar but not inherently the same.
What they surely have in common is the betrayal itself, but the dynamics leading to and mostly following said betrayal are different imo.

I’ll start with saying I can “justify” both of them, or at least understand the reasons behind both Seth and Kevin’s choices. And irl I believe in forgiveness for people who are deserving of it, so I’m not completely against the concept of enemies going back to being friends (or lovers). Let me tell you something else, dude: I used to ship Ambr*llins too a couple years ago, even tho I think it was mostly because I used to be into Ambrolleigns as a whole *shrugs*.

The problem is, Seth right now doesn’t absolutely deserve to be forgiven.
Don’t get me wrong, Kevin hasn’t proved himself to be worthy of forgiveness either, but at least WWE is not forcing him and Sami together and rushing toward forgiveness that hasn’t been earned. So really, what disturbs me the most about Ambr*llins is the currently ongoing manipulation on Seth’s part. Now he doesn’t have the excuse of being controlled by the Authority anymore, because he’s his own man and is making his own choices both in words and actions.

I can’t stand the way he’s been acting around Dean. He’s constantly playing the victim’s part when he’s still the bad guy in their dynamic. He’s literally manipulating Dean’s perception of their story, of the rivalry that broke Dean’s heart and challenged his mental health. He’s shouting in Dean’s face while supposedly asking to fix things between them. To sum it all up, he acts like he’s entitled to have Dean back in his life, and this bugs the shit out of me. He asks Dean to just move on in a snap of fingers, proving that he doesn’t realize (or pretend he doesn’t???) how deeply he damaged Dean. All of this is why I have a problem with Ambr*llins.

To be honest with you, it all reminds me of personal situations I went through, so there’s also that. Having people manipulating you and abusing your good heart like that is not funny. They make you feel compelled to forgive them. They make you feel like you’ve been hit on your head. They make you question your sanity. They make you uncover your wounds even if they’re not completely healed yet.

Seth is supposedly written as a face now, but to me he’s the scariest heel on both rosters. Because people irl do what he’s currently doing to Dean, and shit like that fucks you up real good.

I know I digressed a lot, but I did so to point out what Seth did that Kevin didn’t.
Yet, at least.

Is Kevin’s character a bad person? Yes, he is. But he’s never played the victim’s part to get Sami’s forgiveness or the crowd’s sympathy. He’s never toned down what he did, never manipulated Sami or tried to alter his perception of their background. Not to mention that Sami and Dean’s psychological status was not alike, neither before or after the betrayal that both of them have suffered.

Thanks for your question, anon.
I hope I made myself clear, and just know that you can hmu in private if you wish.

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hey! i've followed you for a few years now and i just wanted to say it's been really cool to see you settle more fully into yourself as a person. it's been a really long journey of self discovery for you and i just wanted to say that i'm so honoured to have been witness to it! i hope you continue to feel more comfortable in yourself as time goes on, because you're an amazing person who really deserves it. much love!!

hi!! honestly i’m sorry i didn’t answer this right away but i’ve been trying to come up with a decent response and i’m just so?? speechless?? this means the world to me and i don’t even know where to begin. just thank you so so much for this. 

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everyone is like... ripping on steven yeun bc of that one pic where hes frowning and its like???? HES SO NICE??? AND FUNNY??? people think he hates his job as keiths va, but if you watch his interviews from the walking dead and conan hes actually super nice and funny and amazing

yeah i know!! the thing about him hating being keith’s va is more or less a joke considering hes never really at events with the rest of the cast and never really acknowledges voltron like he does other shows hes on… im pretty sure its mostly just a joke, i dont really think he actually hates working on voltron lol

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It physically hurts me to look into the mirror at myself. Every time I see myself I tell myself over and over in my head that no one will love me and I am fucking disgusting an hideous. I wish i looked like you. I hate this I fucking hate it.

tbh you just gon have to own that shit and make it work honey i dont love myself 24/7 and im dead ugly as shit mostly im rooting for you tho

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nissi, how did you choose what to study in college? (and what are u studying?)

honestly.. it was mostly trial and error bc i didnt know what i wanted to do first year (still dont btw and im in fourth year lmao) but i picked something safe, that i knew i wouldnt hate at the very least.. like i knew at the very least that i hate doing experiments and labs so i avoided that as much as possible. sry this is probably so unhelpful. just follow ur heart okay pick something u like bc ur going to be taking a lot of courses for one subject and itll be hell getting urself to go to class if u dislike it

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hi, i wanted to ask you something. im a kaisoo shipper myself, im mostly on twitter tho. anyway, the thing is i have been receiving many hate lately because i opened sort of an ask for ppl to ask or confess anything. and a lot of ppl commented nice stuff but it was mostly hate, i know it wasnt hate TO ME personally but they were so mad that i was a kaisoo shipper and said horrible things to me, that i fetishize them and that i am a fake jongin stan... has this ever happened to you? :( + (cont)

+ (cont) im not the type to really care abt being called delulu bc ofc ik they wont always agree. but i dont force my opinion on anybody, i respect everyone and all this hate was unnecessary but theres a lot so it kinda shocked me if you get me? my friends told me that they received this kind of hate for other reasons too but that i shouldnt pay attention to them and ik this but some stans (ji mostly who ship kai_stal) seem to dislike me sm. whatd you do? do you have any encouragement words? ://

Hi dear! 

I’m really sorry you’ve received so much hate :( you don’t deserve that at all.. Unfortunately it seems to be a recurring thing as a kd shipper :/// we kinda have to deal with that on a regular. 

You have every right in this world to ship kd!! Why should you receive all that hate while a kxk shipper or any other shipper can walk around fine? I’m tired of us kd shippers always getting attacked for just shipping kd.. It’s not fair at all! I never go to other shippers to tell them that they shouldn’t ship their ship, there’s really no point of it and I wish they had the same respect tbh. 

The only thing I can say is that, no matter what they say it won’t discredit the fact that kd is real! Whatever words they spew around about kd or about us, it won’t take away ANY of that! It only shows what bad ppl they are. And you’re not a fetisher for celebrating the love between two ppl, any two ppl. Stand tall, and know that you’ve got lots of friends in this fandom who will have your back at all times! I always tell other kd shippers to just stick to the family, cuz other ppl won’t understand us.. and you’re not a bad Ji stan for shipping kd!! Ji loves Soo, so why would you be a bad fan for celebrating that? The things we do won’t harm them in any way. 

Me being an ex_o fan and a ji and ksoo stan, are two completely seperate things from me being a kd shipper! You can be all those 3 things, and none should be discredited! You’re not doing anything wrong here, block those haters (if you can) and continue your life as it is! You seem like a sweet person, I hope you don’t let them get to you.. They’re not worth it at all! Take care of yourself!! <3 

*sends lots of hugs*

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Why dont you like Naruto

you mean the character? I wrote about him here.

If you mean the series, mostly it’s because its morals and messages:

  1. It condones crimes against humanity like genocide and slavery
  2. It glorifies subservience to oppressive government, and conformity
  3. It promotes nationalism and militarism. It undermines people’s real family and connection in an attempt to bolster their support for the state.
  4. It encourages victim blaming and brainwashing
  5. It encourages vanity, selfishness, guilt tripping and emotional neediness
  6. It demonizes talent
  7. It demonizes mental illness
  8. It demonizes people who’re naturally unsociable 
  9. Also because it has Uchiha Itachi, here, this is why I hate Itachi.

Yes, I do hate the ships passionately too, but it’s mostly because of their fans.