but mostly his face

is this the first time isak has called even his boyfriend? or did he use that when he responded to the flurry of texts from the gc after his insta post, just fire off a quick “yah we’re boyfriends, i’m happy, he’s still here, leave me alone until monday”? did he and even talk about it? which of them asked the “so does this mean we’re boyfriends now” question? which of them caught his breath and said, “do you want to be?” which of them smiled and laughed, a lot exhilarated, a little shy, and said, “yeah. i’d like that”? how many times since have they called each other “boyfriend” or “man in my life” just casually, playfully, just bc they can?

Concept: Philip Shea loves wearing Highlighter and occasionally loves doing make up- especially costume make up. But if he’s going out somewhere fun like a club or something he’ll just pop on some gold on his cheek bones and on his nose. maybe put a little glitter in his hair 

My favorite thing about General Grievous is that he made the eyeholes on his mask big enough to show not only his eyes but the bags under them? Like his face is messed up and probably mostly gone and he could have covered up more of it but he wanted everyone to know exactly how tired he is of their shit at all times and I really respect that.

ok so

the thing about ouma kokichi…. im staring to have a feeling we might have his personality a bit off…

bc he looks mainly like… a sweetheart?? a really sweet character?

 like i know its PROBABLY NOT TRUE OMG BUT…. he literally looks so sweet…. like an unthreatening baby bunny… his sprites that we’ve seen are ALL positive (except maybe the one with his finger in front of his face altho that one is mostly smug) but he honestly looks like a sweetheart in his sprites. 

although i wouldn’t be surprised if they were playing off a cute and innocent appeal only to hide a mean/evil streak. kind of like a mean cutie?  

i cant wait to see how wrong i am when the game comes out? like im sure theres SOMETHING ABOUT HIM… lalthough i will just lose it if he ends up being really genuinely sweet (but trying to look tough and pass himself off as a liar) that would be such a backhanded slap


we need more Keith being cute appreciation posts

how would bobby cuddle his girlfriend
  • he’d randomly pull his girlfriend in just whenever, even if she was busy - especially if he was down because something went wrong during work or something
  • he’d mostly pull her to the couch and squish her or bury his face in her neck if he was feeling down
  • if not, it’d start with some kind of teasing in which he’d end up creating a small fight and end up on the couch, laughing and cuddling
  • having people around wouldn’t exactly be a problem but an excuse for him to bring her closer to him, especially if it was his band that was over, he’d pull her to his lap and bark at them to get the food if they wanted to because she was busy
  • mostly both would end up falling asleep like that because it was way too comfortable to even move to the bedroom
  • it could lead to heart to heart talks, either of a serious matter that had been bothering them or just because
  • the solution for most their problems; having food around the couch and both cuddling, ending up making a mess that they’d both have to clean up the next day when they got up
  • lazy days could be spent cuddling in bed as well and mostly it’d be her wanting to get up and him pulling her back down to hug her to him so they could cuddle a bit longer
  • this could also end up being the background of either her or his phone, and the photos taken could be used for teasing whenever they felt like
  • lots of silly selcas while they were awake, if they were in the mood to
  • and sometimes she’d want to run away from him but he wouldn’t let her
  • also, cuddling wouldn’t be cuddling if he didn’t say something stupid that’d make her hit him playfully and get back to it.
  • he can either be a real gentleman or go all cuddly when he felt like, which meant he’d kiss her face off if there was an opportunity for it
  • oh and forget about everything else because while they’re cuddling, the world could be falling apart, they still wouldn’t move.
  • yep, cuddling could lead to a make out session
  • and he’d be whining the hell out of him if they were watching a movie so she’d pay attention to him
  • that’s it, he’d glue himself to her

“Sometimes the way the world perceives you can’t cause any more anger… just fatigue.”

So this is suppose to be just after Overwatch ends, before Genji goes to Nepal.I imagine he is still sad with his body, in denial with the loss of his old aspect. It might seem unlikely that he wouldn´t wear the helmet to hide his marked face, but still, it’s a human face (mostly). It’s what’s left of his old self and this is suppose to be the moment he realises not even that matters anymore.

Btw this comic takes place in a passport control area at Kingsrow (where they are not very friendly with omnics). 

Edit: link for Lucio’s comic here

link for Mccree’s comic here

(holy sh-) Mechas B-Day is soon!

WTF! He become 1 year on the 14.January!! 

Look how much my style changed in one year!!

Holy mama.. Look at dat fatty on the left side! I’m ashamed of myself.. this is horrible looking.. mostly the face…X’DD 

HOWEVER! For his B-Day I gonna redraw his reference COMPLETELY! Maybe I’m able to put even more infos on it this time.:D

I hope you look forward!<3

Christmas Vacation After all the test, homework, exams, and boring ass lectures I was glad to be home. I could finally relax and not stress. I’d been home for almost a week now and mom, dad, and Sammy acted like it was completely normal for me to walk around the house in only a t-shirt and boxers. They never asked me to change only to make sure I ate and showered. Sam would often come in and ask what college life is like, I’d tell him it’s fun, full of parties and hot chicks, but also stressful because of the work load from the professors. He’s always get a smile on his face.
I mostly stayed in my room unless I was hungry. I walked down to the kitchen, mom and dad were sitting at the table drinking coffee. “Morning.” I said as I kissed moms cheek. “Afternoon Dean. My boss and her family are coming over so I need you to get dressed tomorrow I have..” her voice began trailing off as I stopped listening. I dug through the fridge looking for left overs. “Yeah mom. I’ll do it.” I said when she stopped talking. “Thank you sweetie.” She kissed my cheek and ruffled my hair. “Yeah yeah.” I mumbled as I walked back to my room.
It was late in the afternoon when I woke up. I threw on the first shirt I seen. I stretched and heard my name being called from downstairs, I sighed and threw open my door. “You know how college kids are when they come home.” I heard mom say jokingly to someone. “Lazy. Yes. After exams I deserve to be.” I said as I made it to the last three steps. There were three extra people in the house, I’m guessing it’s mom’s boss and her family. Moms eyes narrowed at me and she gave me her you’re-in-so-much-trouble stare before her eyes widened. I stood on the steps looking at everyone. No one said anything and I had no idea why. “Hey.” The guy standing next to mine boss said. He had bright blue eyes and dark hair. All eyes turned to him, he just shrugged his shoulders. “There goes six years of planning down the drain.” His parents face went white, I had no clue what was going on till I looked at my shirt. “Oh crap. I’m so sorry.” The words rushed from my mouth, he shrugged. “It’s ok. I planned on telling them for Christmas anyway but I couldn’t resist your shirt.” I felt heat rush to my cheeks. “I’m sorry. I’ll just go to my room now.” I practically ran to my room, I flipped down on my bed and buried my face in my pillow.
I could t believe I was so careless to not pay attention to what mom said and for that I could’ve ruined that kids life, made his parents hate him, made my parents hate me. The tears welled up as I continued to beat myself up. Moments passed when a soft knock on the door stirred me from my thought. “Yeah, come in.” I said as I sat up. “Are you sure it’s ok for me to come in.” The guy from downstairs asked poking his head in. “Yeah.” He walked in and closed the door. “My name’s Cas by the way.” He said standing by my door nervous. “You can sit down anywhere you like Cas.” I said as I watched him walk over and sat by me. “I just wanted to say thanks for helping me tell my parents and that you didn’t ruin my life or anything.” I stared at him in shock, he chuckled and look me dead in the eye. “I could see it on your face when I walked in. And to be honest, that was better than what I had planned.” I smiled a bit and patted his shoulder. “You’re welcome. Must suck trying to think of how to come out to your family. I don’t think I could ever do anything like that. You got balls Cas.” He placed his hand over mine sending a chill through my body. “You can. I’ve seen you at school with other guys.” He got bashful and looked away. “Nothing ever happened with this guys, they’re all just friends.” He nodded his head, I pulled his face up so our eyes met. “Ok… so, then would you be mad if I did something?” He asked looking everywhere but me. “Sure.”
As soon as that last syllable left my mouth his was on mine in a sweet, quick kiss. He pulled back and stood up immediately. “I’m sorry. I should’ve asked first.” I grabbed his hand before he would walk away. “Don’t apologize. Just stay here a little longer.” He smiled at me and sat back down.

Shiro/Allura things:

  • Allura is the big spoon (Shiro says it’s because all of her hair gets in his face but it’s mostly because he likes feeling Smol™ next to her)
  • They’re so painfully oblivious that the team has to get together and scheme to get them together bc they’re all sick of the pining and lovesick glances
  • Shiro blushes every time Allura kisses his cheek for the first month or two and everyone teases him relentlessly
  • Allura has to kill all the spiders for Shiro bc Altea doesn’t have them and she just??? Doesn’t understand??? What’s scary about them???
  • Shiro flirts kind of like a giant kitty, in that he often sees things on their adventures and thinks “oh Allura would like that” and brings her back random ass objects like shiny rocks and just goes “here… I got you this…” (tbh he doesn’t even realize he’s flirting but Allura has a growing collection of Shiro Gifts and literally everyone else can tell that he’s weirdly courting her)
  • They’re both scared of horror movies and when the team watches them together they cling to each other like their lives depend on it (Pidge is the one who likes them the most, followed by Lance)
  • Allura’s feet are always cold for some reason and sometimes she’ll just stick them on Shiro bc she likes the squeaky, indignant sound he makes when she does it 
  • Sometime when they’re intimate, Allura will kiss Shiro’s metal hand and Shiro’s heart will feel so full because he still hates that it’s a part of him sometimes, and he’s just so grateful that she loves all of him, including the scarred, broken parts that he can barely stand to look at sometimes

If only my male clothing conversions would come out as seamless as my female conversions. Converting male ME clothing is an actual NIGHTMARE. Like I spent 4 hours going in circles because of all the random problems that kept cropping up. Can’t even get nice smooth UV1s on male clothing ugh >.>

On the plus side, I did [eventually] get Jacob’s body suit converted more or less. I even fixed up his face. Still not quite there yet, but his face is getting really close (it’s mostly because of his eyes – might have to paint my own eye lids because his eyes don’t really match any of the presets >:/)

But, Jacob’s looking good overall :P

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i just read the phrase 'Harvey, /his/ Harvey' in a fic and DIED. Mike thinking of Harvey as his 😭😭and we already know Harvey thinks of Mike as his, mostly thanks to Gabriel's FACE





also to be honest, you know, i think mike thinks of harvey as his, too. like can you imagine how jealous mike would be, if harvey got another associate and spent all his time with them? like i know harvey had rachel but mike can’t be jealous of rachel when he knows he’s better than her and is closer w/ harvey than she would ever be.


but what if harvey got another male associate? smart, funny, he and harvey share movie quotes and have sports in common and mike’s grumbling because he used to do all of that with harvey when he was his associate and now he’s not, he has his own shit to do so he can’t even push himself between them. 

and then when harvey is around mike, as a buddy, mike’s making off-hand comments about it. he’s being petty as fuck but he literally can’t stop himself, this kid is stealing his best friend/soulmate, i mean shit.

and harvey’s all amused and smiley as it dawns on him like:

Originally posted by withloverichard

“you’re not… jealous… are you?” and mike’s like 

“WHAT NO NOT AT ALL i mean if you want some kid who maybe knows three lines from top gun what business of mine is it pfft jealous no”

and he walks off in a hurry and harvey watches him like:

Originally posted by addicted-to-suits

“definitely jealous.”

i mean fuck they write themselves, we don’t even need to do this shit. just, like you say, look at gabriel’s face when harvey looks at mike in any scene and you’ve got maybe fifty fics from one facial expression fuck 

#teammarvey xo

#thank #god #for #gabriel #macht

i know it’s implausible and perhaps not in character but i really want a fic where jack joins overwatch again but keeps his identity a secret for the longest time because the more he lies the more he can’t bring himself to reveal the lie and the more his teammates find themselves in a sort of weird friendship with s76 and the more they bond the less jack wants to end it and send them reeling… the new overwatch likes 76, wouldn’t it just be cruel to let the ghost of old overwatch kill him and take his place?

he mostly succeeds in this due to the fact that his face is heavily scarred and burned, and the injuries he sustained in geneva left him with a different gait, a less familiar figure, one or two fewer limbs. 76 is a bionic half-blind man on a mission that rose from jack morrison’s ashes. in his mind, yes, they are two different people. physically. mentally. spiritually, if you’d like to wax poetic about it, but 76 isn’t really that kind of person.

but realistically - jack morrison is still alive, and the people he loved would recognize that if they looked too long behind the burns or the cryptic quips spouted off in any given corner of the Watchpoint. and they would react badly. 76 is sure of this.

so he hides, and it’s all fine for a good long while, until, of course, the mask is figuratively pried off.