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My crops are watered, my family is fed, my skin is clear

Not only are Matt and Shiro both obviously alive, but they’re together and reunited?? And they look ready to kick some ass? Like look at those looks of determination - especially from Matt??? Last we saw of him, he was terrified, small, and being protected by Shiro.  And now look at him, he looks confident, ready to go, and he’s outta that lame ass crop top and in a much cooler outfit. 


Vikings Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer Reactions

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Headcanon of Rhysand (along with Cassian & Azriel) meeting his and Feyre's daughter's boyfriend for the first time. Protective?

Not at all!

Well, I mean, not that they’d show.

As soon as she could walk, Rhysand put Nuala and Cerridwen on ultra-spy duty.

As soon as she hit puberty, Azriel added shadows of his own to the mix to haunt her every step.

As soon as she met the boy, Cassian spent days on end stalking his family through Velaris, judging them and everyone they knew.

So by the time they “meet” him face to face, Rhys and Feyre aren’t protective at all. They’re normal, chill parents who are kind of excited and mostly horrified their daughter has found someone she might love.

Uncle Cassian is sitting in the corner sharpening an axe in full battle-armor, Uncle Azriel is playing with Truth-Teller, Aunt Nesta is crafting more and more nightmarish creatures from apparently nothing, Uncle Varian is stringing live jellyfish into a whip, Aunt Elain is with Uncle Lucien mixing scentless, odorless poisons, and Auntie Mor is siting with her wife/mate just flat-out staring at the boy.

But they’re not being protective at all- nope. They’re just innocently gathered, and it’s pure chance that they’re all doing something mildly horrifying.





And then Aunt Amren comes in from the garden with a shovel and says “I’ve finished digging the grave.”

A Very KageHi Kinktober - 2017!

1. Aphrodisiacs [Apex/space AU]
2. Forniphilia (Human Furniture) [Pornstar AU]
3. Public [Modern Art AU]
4. Knife Play [Zombie AU]
5. Body Swap
6. Bonds [Mage AU]
7. Crossdressing [Wasteland/post-apoc AU]
9. Lingerie [Office/executive AU]
10. Praise
11. Orgasm Denial [Yakuza AU]
12. Tentacles [Apex/space AU]
14. Role Reversal [Kingdom of Crows]
15. Lap Dance [Whole Milk/prostitute!Kageyama AU]
16. Masks [Kingdom of Crows]
19. Olphactophilia (Scent) [Hunger/omegaverse]
20. Pain Play [Kkumri’s Judo AU]
21. Shower/Bath [Incubus!Hinata AU]
22. Collaring
24. Exhibitionism [Pirate AU]
26. Mirror Sex [Whole Milk/prostitute!Kageyama AU]
27. Branding
29. Dacryphilia (Crying)
30. Costume [Goth/Cheerleader AU]
31. Any combo of the above

The AO3 collection for these fics is here

My 2016 Kagehina Kinktober fics can all be found on AO3 as well!

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it's 02:15 am I have school tomorrow but I just went through all your voltron headcanons tag and I'm kajdjsjdjskndnsnsnsnndndjsjdjdjdn thank you so much they're amazing oh my god

i’m finally what i’ve aspired to be all my life: a bad influence

  • lance: “[gasps in spanish]” keith: “did you just say ‘gasps in spanish’ out loud”
  • coran doesn’t really get why lance keeps putting expired food goo on his face but i mean whatever makes him happy i guess
    • he’s mostly just excited someone likes the goo
  • *allura voice* “wait you mean humans can actually ‘pull a muscle’?? i thought pidge just made that up as an excuse to get out of training”
  • pidge judges lance for getting tricked by pretty girls but. like. lowkey if a robot ever asked her to follow it…..
  • hunk: “okay. stay calm. stay calm” keith: “i am calm??” hunk: “i’m talking to myself”
  • hunk teaches allura those elementary school road trip songs
    • he gets to the song that never ends which. causes some confusion
    • “but how do i know when to stop singing??” “well you kinda just go until you get bored”
    • but allura’s so!!! jazzed!!!! to be doing earth things that she can go for hours without getting bored
    • the team eventually votes to ban the song from the castle
  • shiro: “lance, can i talk to you?” lance: “oooh, someone’s in trouble. and it’s me. i don’t know why i did that.”

post-season 4 thoughts?
my fav moment was when keef said “nuffin”

The Name Game

The Name Game (m)

Word count: 3.1k

Genre/warning: smut, literally no plot - I legit was having some Tae feels and wanted a dirty talk, fuckboy one shot. So this is the result.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Summary: You invite some of your friends over for a small party. When a tame night in turns into a dirty one. Your friend Hoseok comes up with a fun game for you all to participate in.

You were rushing around your house getting everything ready at the last possible second. It was only some of your closest friends coming over but you still wanted the house to look good. Especially if Taehyung might show up. He said he had to work but he would try and get his shift covered. You felt like such a teenager but you really did have such a big thing for him.

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I’m seeing a lot on my dash speculating about Bellamy’s story next season (especially involving his love life) and it’s interesting because I have a very different interpretation of where his arc will lead him next season so I’m going to type up a meta and post it sometime soon