but mostly everyone has two i think

Things you should know about the original Dracula:
  • serious mustache game
  • kinda a werewolf for a bit until bram stoker forgot about it
  • can crawl down the side of a building, head first. stoker claims this is lizard like, i think it’s more like spiderman
  • apparently has magic clothes? because as he is doing said spiderman crawl down his castle, his cloak is spread out like wings. sir, that is not how gravity works
  • master of disguises. and by master i mean casually hides as a ginger sometimes
  • can turn into: a bat, a dog, and dust?
  • looks super old, has a blood feast, looks younger
  • needs tons of dirt to sleep on. luckily that dirt never actually ruins his clothes. most likely because they are all magical?
  • does his own chores. mostly because everyone in transylvania KNOWS HE IS A VAMPIRE AND AVOIDS HIM. so no servants for this count. 
  • sometimes can be in the daylight? depending on stoker’s mood i think?
  • bites people in a way that makes zero sense. he leaves two marks? how??? does he not use his bottom teeth?????
  • stoker sometimes just forgot what he already wrote so good luck with this mess

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Have you ever been able to guess who someone on anon is? I've always wondered if an anon's way of speech or use of certain phrases would give a clue as to who was sending an ask. I don't know if blog owners ever notice or pick up on those things.


Very interesting question. Yes, I have actually. I don’t know if you were here through ‘sweethearts2100 gate’ but I could very clearly tell it was them. Mostly cause they continued to ask the same question over and over, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY WOULD TALK IN CAPS. I don’t want to be rude, but that person was really annoying and everyone who has x amount of followers in the Joker x Harley fandom was victim to that one person. So they all know who I’m talking about for sure. 

Anyways, yes, I can for the most part. From the way you speak I think I narrow who you are down to two people. As always, I could be completely wrong. But yes, certain phrases and the way people speak becomes familiar even when the ask is on anon. So even if that person has never asked a question off anon, I still think like, “Oh it’s that anon that always has such good grammar!” Or whatever. 

It’s not something I dwell on or think about all that much, because you and others choose anonymous for a reason, to remain anonymous. So I like to respect that and not say, even in my own thoughts, “Well you are obviously @blankedyblank! Hello!” 


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Could it be a bad thing to identify very little with other houses? When I was little, I had very Gryffindor values and I immediately identified with it when I read the books. I think I had some Ravenclaw or Slytherin traits, but I identify with them less as I get older because I mostly cultivate my courage and sense of honor. Should people try to be a bit balanced between the houses, since balance could temper the disadvantages of one house? Is it unhealthy to lean *a lot* towards one house?

Well, yes. I would even guess that most people go between two or more houses for a while because everyone has traits that go along with more than one house, even if your values or the traits that are most important to you may line up with one house above others.

Everyone also has “disadvantages” of each house (or mainly one house) and I don’t think that feeling you are 90% one house and 10% another house is going to temper any disadvantages associated with the house you identify as, simply because you may already have the disadvantages of that house since that’s part of the identity. To kind of explain: I could see myself in Ravenclaw sometimes. We’ll say I have a 75/25 split between the two houses. However, even if I decided to focus more on my Ravenclaw traits, it wouldn’t change that some of my biggest weaknesses are considered Hufflepuff weaknesses (avoiding conflict, passive aggressive, being more of a follower than a leader). 

I think the most important thing is to be actually just true to yourself. If who you are lines up exclusively with one house, then embrace it. If you find yourself going between two houses, embrace it and let yourself be a hatstall. If you want to pick one house, even though you’re a balance between two, then you should.

We all, personally, at this blog do not support split houses, but we don’t tell anyone else they can’t do that because that’s their choice.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)


A whole bunch of notebook margin doodles, mostly making fun of people’s heights and Anakin sticking his chin on people’s heads. (Every single one of them, bar Leia, is still taller than I am. Even Clone Wars Ahsoka has a good two inches on me.)

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muse development question, how many dad jokes (if any) does ozai tell daily

OOC despite what everyone might think, Ozai knows quite a few DAD JOKES and tells one or two daily. Mostly he tells them to either make Zuko feel bad or to entertain Azula. Here are a few carefully chosen examples of the DAD JOKES Ozai has in his repertoire: 

“Zuko: ‘Dad, make me a sandwich!’
Ozai: ‘Poof, You’re a sandwich!’”

“Zuko: ‘Hey, I was thinking…
Ozai: ‘I thought I smelled something burning.’”

“Whenever they go to the graveyard he says, ‘Do you know why I can’t be buried there?’ And we all say, ‘Why not?’ And he says, ‘Because I’m not dead yet!’”

“Anytime Zuko does something smart he says, ‘Wow, you’re a fart smella…I mean smart fella!’”

“Zuko asked him  for his best dad joke and he said, ‘You.’”

. @ashreign .

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Hey, I'm in need of some advice. I'm Bec Noir, from two timelines. I feel like a bad person, because I'm kin with him. Am I supposed to feel like this? Thank you ~ Bec

Heya, Bec!

It’s certainly natural to feel bad for having what people would consider “bad” kins. I know a lot of people who feel the same - mostly, I think, because it’s a natural guilt everyone has in them for past actions, and because you can look back on what you did and think, “no, what I did then was wrong, and I am bad for having done them”. That’s good! It means you’ve changed as a person and can recognise that past events may not have been the best. It means that you can logically look at what you once did and analyse them with critical thought and recognise the morality issues within them. 

Of course, you don’t always need to feel bad for past actions. Some people don’t! And that’s perfectly natural and okay, too. They were things you did in a past life, and you’re different now, so whether or not you feel bad about it doesn’t really matter, so long as you can look at yourself and think, “those things I did then are not things I’d do now.” Sometimes people don’t feel bad because they don’t feel like they need to - after all, them then is not them now, so why get hung up over things you did once when you’ll likely never be in a position where you can do them again? - and sometimes it’s because canonical events make them feel justified for doing them - maybe they were put in a bad position, and the “bad events” that followed stemmed from that. 

By all of that, I mean, there’s no one way you’re “supposed” to feel. Whether you feel bad or not is entirely up to you and your perception of the character/kin, and who you were or what you did. However, I, personally, think that nobody should ever have to feel bad for a kin. Whatever you were like then, you are no longer like that now. That was just one version of you out of very, very many! If you can look back on that and think, “wow, this… makes me feel really bad”, then try not to focus on who you once were in the bad way. Focus on who you could be now. Look at that kin, look at who you were, and think to yourself, “I’m going to make this be someone I won’t feel bad about.”

In essence, the tldr is that a kin does not make you a bad person. Who you once were does not make you a bad person. Who you are now is what defines you, and what you do now is what is important. It is completely natural to feel bad because of a kin, but please, please know that a kin does not make you a bad person in itself, and that it never will. 

I mean, some of the worse people I’ve known have had some of the kindest kins. Kins do not define our actions or moralities now. This is very important to remember.

I hope this helps, Bec!

- Mod DoomedDirk

Mikayuu vs. Eremika

Don’t get me wrong because I ship both of these harder than you’ll ever know, but it bugs me so much that Mikayuu is super popular whereas Eremika is one of the most hated ships in existence.

These ships are so similar, I mean think about it:

The two of them always call each other familySecondary character obsesses over protagonistThey both basically promise to stay together foreverBoth characters risk their lives to protect one anotherSecondary character blushes when thinking about protagonist multiple times

So why is Eremika so hated while Mikayuu is so loved? I mean it’s pretty obvious. It’s mostly because Mika is a boy, and Mikasa is a girl. Mikasa is seen as an overprotective stalker and Mika is “just trying to protect his family.” When in reality the two of them have the same goal, and pretty similar characteristics as well.

 And then there’s the fact that everyone calls Eremika incest, even though Eren and Mikasa aren’t actually siblings, although Mikasa has reffered to Eren as “family” a few times. I’m not entirely sure, but from what I’ve seen Mika and Yuu have called each other family way more than Mikasa and Eren have.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m just really sick of female characters getting hatred for something that male characters get adored for. It sucks to see such a great ship get tossed aside just because it’s a heterosexual couple.

I don’t actually really want to weigh in on whether I think Kaminari might be the traitor (as the popular theory on tumblr goes) but I’m at least going to point out that he’s probably not faking the drawback on his Quirk.
For one thing, it would literally just mean he has a stronger ability than a god-tier like Todoroki, who has his own drawbacks only mitigated by the opposing fusion of his abilities. For another, I’m not sure how anyone thinks he fakes his “wheyyy” face unless he’s using control of his electric synapses to stimulate drooling and snot (though honestly I’d be kind of impressed if that was it). Mostly though, is a piece of evidence I’m guessing most people haven’t seen:

Everyone probably recognizes the last page… more or less, but it’s been altered to fit with the two pages before it, which are only in the tank/collected volume. Definitely a hilarious set-up, but most importantly, the last panel on the first page-

“She’s got such pretty, round, acorn eyes, but… her strength is no joke either. Must I really blast her with a full discharge? Someone so pretty? So cute? I know - I’ll just have to ask her out after this is all over!! Yes!!”

This is Kaminari’s internal monologue. This literally is something no one else can hear. So unless we assume Horikoshi is just going lie to us about what characters are thinking to themselves, we should assume this is what Kaminari actually thinks/believes. That is - he plans to go all out against her and he assumes he’ll win. This means that he doesn’t throw the match or play the idiot - he actually does panic and get his ass kicked and end up shorting out.
Does this mean he’s not the traitor? Not necessarily, though drawing attention to himself by winning the tournament might not be the brightest idea if he is - more on that later. But it does pretty well point to the fact that the drawback on his Quirk is real - he intended to win, and instead he ended up a blithering idiot.

This brings me to another point - Kaminari’s personality. If he’s the traitor, he wouldn’t want to draw attention by winning, right? Well, Kaminari is… not the brightest lightbulb. Just like I think the drawback on his quirk is real, I think his personality is real too. Oh sure, if he’s the traitor, there’s probably a hidden side to him we don’t know yet, but I also think the fun-loving, try-hard idiot we know isn’t just some big facade and he’s secretly a stone-cold killer. People point out things like “he know Hemingway!” “his room’s like it’s just thrown together!” “he insulted bakugou with fancy language” as hints that he has a hidden, smarter personality, inconsistencies with him being an idiot, but I think it’s perfectly consistent - he’s a huge try hard that tries to look cool and smart. So he knows pretentious (and useless) stuff like Heminway, he gets fancy-pants with his insults and he buys random shit that he thinks will make himself look cool even if he doesn’t really like it so none of it ends up sticking to a single aesthetic.

Could Kaminari be the traitor? Sure, but I figure either it’s unwitting or he’s just kind of a dumbass asshat like we know he is with some other motive, but we’ve seen his real personality (and will likely involve appealing to that side to get him back). I don’t think he’s coerced, since I doubt he could keep that a secret, and as I really, really doubt he’s secretly a super-cool OP boss. And that’s all only if he’s the traitor.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen anyone discuss the above points, so I thought I’d post it in the tag to make it more available, since i haven’t seen these pages on most manga site scans, and it gives us one of the only times we hear his internal monologue that I can think of off the top of my head.

As requested, I will do an analysis of Lee Seunghyun vs. Seungri:

This one is a bit more complicated because honestly, I think “Seungri” is the personality that comes out 95% of the time now. I believe that he tucked that part of himself, Lee Seunghyun, away, as evidenced by his distaste for his birth name and preference for his stage name. 

Ever since he got cut from BigBang but then promised to work ten times harder to get back in, I think he has put an extreme amount of time and effort into remolding himself into “Seungri,” a carefree, hardworking guy who laughs everything off in order to keep things light hearted. Because he knows what happens when things get really serious: he gets hurt. This isn’t to say he doesn’t take anything seriously; on the contrary, he uses the criticisms from YG and fans who think he’s not needed or annoying to fuel his desire to exceed everyone’s expectations. Just look at the two albums he put out mostly by himself, all the hours he invested in writing, recording, and choreographing. Look at how much dedication he has to his friends, family, and band members. Look at how much he wants to help the next gen artists, especially trying to help out WINNER whom YG ignores like he does Seungri. Seungri feels their pain, knowing what it’s like to be underestimated and ignored when you have so much potential from greatness. He has to do everything on his own, always trying to prove himself to YG and the world. 

And that’s another thing that irritates me. How some fans can sit back and honestly say that Seungri is annoying, or unneeded, or worthless. Because he brings something that nobody else in the group brings: pure light. Daesung is very cheery and fun, but Seungri brings another kind of happiness. He can always comfort and cheer up his members and fans, and he will do everything in his power (including and especially making himself look silly) to make those around him smile. No strings attached, he genuinely wants everyone around him to be happy, even at the cost of his own happiness. He really is our vitamin, our energizer.

So really, I love all aspects of our precious maknae, but if “Seungri” is who he chooses to identify with and is made happy by, then I’m happy as well.

I really like Iron Bull and Leliana not really liking each other. Just these two spies jabbing at each other in passing until the Inquisition ends or one of them leaves. In my fic Bull is used to Leliana’s glare, he even jokes at her sometimes, but he generally leaves her to her distrust of him. He thinks it’s valid and he thinks it’s smart, especially before he leaves the Qun. After, well, I like my Bull with a bit of fear, so maybe he thinks its still valid because what if he goes mad? For me, this is pretty deep down, though.

Leliana just doesn’t buy him.  Like, you told us you were a qunari spy and now you got half of Skyhold either dicked down or at your tavern table being chummy or both? Keep that sus shit over there. I don’t think she appreciated the whole little qunari fake-assassination if Bull goes Tal-Vashoth, either.

Also I really think if the redhead comment ever got back to Leliana that didn’t help at all.

My thoughts on Olicity, Samantha, and William in 4x08

Okay, so I woke up to everyone (mostly) kicking off about Oliver’s actions and Samantha’s demands in this episode. I watched the episode and honestly, couldn’t understand why the hatred - and I’m talking sheer hatred on some people’s parts. How can you take this one action from Oliver and use it to completely lose your love for a character?

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