but mostly amvs


“Seems like some Earthlings have made a blog dedicated to me and left it here, defenseless. “

“It’s only natural. I am, of course, the best gem.”

“But I’m closing that ask box. Too many messages. Who has the time to answer 96 asks when the Cluster is threatening to destroy the world?”

“Those mods had over 100 posts in the queue that are still posting, so the followers shouldn’t worry. Their messages will get answered in time.”

“But I’m not sticking around. I’m not running a blog, or answering asks.”

Hey look, an overly complicated way for me to say the ask box will be closed. It’s built up to 100 again and responsibilities in life are taking priority, preventing the inbox from being managed well enough. Give us at least a few days, things should be under control again. Dorito Mod is still working on an art reply for an ask, so that’ll definitely be worth the wait. - Mod Sparky