but mostly amvs

“You always look so surprised.”

“That’s because you always amaze me, Princess.” 


Shallura Manip Collection

I’m working on a difficult manip right now and I have no idea if it’ll work. :’)


I made an amv of dark side of dimensions with the theme song that they sadly didn’t put in the dub at all, but its so good? how could they not? It fits the whole impact of the movie. Having something/someone to believe in.

Song: To Believe in Something - The Eden House

Edited by me on YouTube

yesterday i was in the computer lab next to a group of freshman and all of a sudden they break out in this fucking COMMOTION. and i’m like, unless one of y’all is dying you Do Not Need To Be this loud what the hell is going on. so i go over right

and it turns out that they’ve found one of the freshmen’s wattpad account

and it’s entirely gravity falls billxreader fanfiction

Tagging game

Rules: Answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you are  contractually  obligated to know better.

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1.Nicknames: Don’t have 

2.Gender: female

3.Star sign:scorpio



6.Birthday:5 november

7.Favourite bands: One direction,Little mix

8.Favorite solo artists: Ed Sheeran,Taylor Swift,Mitchel Musso

To be honest this favourite mostly mean I know more than three songs,because I usually know like one from specific band/singer. Mostly from AMVs and slideshows.

9.Song stuck in my head: 7 years old by Lukas Graham

10.Last movie I watched: Shrek Forever

11.Last show I watched: Ghost whisperer

12.When did I create my blog: 2014

13.What do I post/reblog: Things from fandoms,psychology,funny…whatever, I don’t have a rule for thatXD

14.Last thing I googled: Shrek forever ( I was checking if it’s written forever or 4ever,lmao)

15.Other blogs: Don’t have

16.Do I get asks: Rarely :(

17. Why I choose my url: Because Lucy is my favourite fictional female character and well she has power from stars



20. Average hours of sleep: I sometimes sleep 5,sometimes 11,so I guess average is 8…

21:Lucky number:4


23.What I’m wearing: Shirt,tracksuits,socks

24.Dream job:Writer

25.Dream trip: Australia,Venice

26.Favourite food:I have no idea.

27.Nationality:Polish (half-polish actually and partially english-partially french,no idea how much of which)

28. Favourite song right now: “Monster” by Imagine Dragons

29.Last book I read: Heroes of Olympus:House of Hades (I mean…I haven’t read it yet. If this is about book I ended reading then Mark of Athena)

30. Top Three Fictional Universes You’d Want to Join-Harry Potter,Narnia,Fairy Tail

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“Seems like some Earthlings have made a blog dedicated to me and left it here, defenseless. “

“It’s only natural. I am, of course, the best gem.”

“But I’m closing that ask box. Too many messages. Who has the time to answer 96 asks when the Cluster is threatening to destroy the world?”

“Those mods had over 100 posts in the queue that are still posting, so the followers shouldn’t worry. Their messages will get answered in time.”

“But I’m not sticking around. I’m not running a blog, or answering asks.”

Hey look, an overly complicated way for me to say the ask box will be closed. It’s built up to 100 again and responsibilities in life are taking priority, preventing the inbox from being managed well enough. Give us at least a few days, things should be under control again. Dorito Mod is still working on an art reply for an ask, so that’ll definitely be worth the wait. - Mod Sparky


This one’s just super adorable, totally canon and sums up their relationship perfectly!!

Whole playlists of some of the best AMVs (mostly Free! related ones) I’ve found on YouTube are just sitting in my PC, so I’d love to share them with you guys!

Thank you to all the YouTubers who made these! I’ll post new ones a couple times a week so I don’t bombard you guys with vids lol. 

There’s a new page for them on my blog: http://sourinstories.tumblr.com/tagged/AMVfavorites

Awesome AMV by:  Harusakutori Amv