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Asexual Aromantic Charlie Weasley

  • Charlie wondering why everyone is so focused on who’s dating who
  • Charlie shyly turning down all the girls that ask him out
  • Girls getting mad at him and guys asking him what the fuck is wrong with you! After he turns down hot girl after hot girl.
  • Bill being super protective over Charlie and beating up on anyone who makes fun of him
  • Bill asking Charlie if he’s into guys and Charlie telling him no he’s not into guys or girls. He’d rather focus on his studies
  • Charlie coming across asexuality and realizing that it describes him perfectly. Then finding aromanticism.
  • Aro Ace Charlie coming out to Bill who smiles and says “I knew it”
  • Mrs. Weasley constantly asking him when he’s going to bring home a nice girl and when he tells her never she moves on to how about a nice guy?
  • Aro Ace Charlie having enough of it and deciding to come out to the rest of his family. They are confused and have questions but mostly accept him (helps that Bill just came out as bi not too long ago)
  • Mrs. Weasley agonizing over not having grandchildren and how unhappy Charlie will be all alone
  • Aro Ace Charlie going off on his mom telling her that he doesn’t want kids and he is quite happy studying dragons thank you very much. You have plenty of other kids who will give you grandchildren.
  • Aro Ace Charlie going back to Romania and getting a package from his mum containing a sweater in ace flag colors with a C on it.
  • Whenever anyone questions him about dating he just smiles and says he’s “more interested in dragons that he is about girls”
  • Asexual Charlie treating his dragons like his children and reporting their growth and adventures to his family back home
  • Molly sending ace colored items and things for her new “grandchildren” to either play with or wear.
  • Everything in this post especially the last one

Hey guys! Commissions are back open again, so I figured why not make a quick simple post and make it easier. I’m not offering as much as I used to because I’m focusing more on my personal works but still pinching pennies.

For more information about highly detailed paintings please contact me since I have a variety of styles~!

Sorry It’s really plain usually people just message me and I give them a quote! 

I don’t really have a problem drawing anything really….the only things I wont draw are:

  • incest
  • shotacon/lolicon/pedophilia
  • heavily nsfw things
  • heavy gore
  • anything that dehumanizes or demeans a race,minority, gender,or identity

…that’s about it??? Like I said you can always ask for a quote, time can change depending on style, detail, complexity o3o

I accept money mostly through paypal or venmo and money transfers, but I’m open to other forms of USD payment!!

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Speaking of the FDA, according to rumor Trump is considering Jim O'Neill as FDA director. He’s apparently a colleague of Peter Thiel’s at Mithril Capital, and he’s on the board of the Seasteading Institute.

I am Facebook friends with a Jim O'Neill. I can’t remember how I became friends with him, but I used to get a lot of friend requests from people I don’t know who I assume are blog readers, and I would mostly accept. He talks about Mithril Capital and seasteading on his timeline. I think it is the same guy.

He’s posted a couple of papers by MIRI and is also friends with Eliezer, Anna Salamon, Mike Vassar, Alyssa Vance, Julia Galef, Will Eden, etc.

Provisionally, holy @#!$


Ok, I never take selfies. I am The Worst millennial. So please accept my mostly non selfie photos of 2016.
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[I love the idea that, since DS is placed in older times, that the survivors have all come to mostly accept each other’s differences.

Like, women can do the same things men can, a german after the first world war can work together with an American or Canadian and even become friends-

And I’m sure that if someone came out as anything other than heterosexual or cisgendered, the group wouldn’t care much- Because right now, they just need to work together to survive. And so that they Don’t Starve.]

anonymous asked:

Your sv stuff is pretty flippin' awesome. I've aw'ed and laughed through your sv tag but out of curiosity, I notice you dont do jarrich. Is that your preference? I'm not coming from a place of judgement, just wondering.

Thanks friend :) Yeah I’m not really into jarrich. Going in I knew it was the big ship but it never really grabbed me? I definitely get that jared loves richard, that’s pretty undeniable, but (unpopular opinion time) jared has given richard so much and richard keeps taking him for granted/pushing him away that I feel like jared deserves better. BUT I do ship future richard, whose life has calmed down and he can think clearly and he realizes how important and special jared is and feels guilty for the way he treated him and works hard to make up for it, with jared. 

(a fic I will never write is where, years in the future, jared is happy in a stable relationship and richard gets in touch with him and tells him he wants to make up for being an asshole to him, and implies that they could start a romantic relationship. Jared is torn because a. he doesn’t know if he wants to give richard another chance b. he knows that if he does give richard another chance he’ll fall for him again easily, but he doesn’t want to cheat on his partner (whether physically or emotionally) c. his partner knows his whole history including his richard history and he wants to be honest with his partner but he knows that if he tells them he’s hanging out with richard they will suspect that he’s going to cheat on them, even if he has no intention to)

my body is so weirdly portioned? i have ridiculously long arms but thin shoulders and the calves of a small child and bony knees but also huge, thick thighs. my torso is short (also i think my belly button is big but the jury’s still out on that) but i have big boobs and wide hips and that all combined looks odd. and a short neck but big head - i’m not even joking but when i was only like 4′10, a doctor told me i had the biggest head he ever measured lmao. and i have GIANT hands and feet (and long skeletal fingers), which are probably my favorite features tbh. and i have hair and stretchmarks and scars and bruises everywhere all the time.

and i have a big ole nose with a big ole hump in it and dark circles around my eyes that never go away (i  srsly look like i have 2 black eyes all the time) and you can see every little vein in my face (and entire body) clearly and tiny chipped/crooked/missing teeth and only one dimple and dark freckles all over my face.

this post sounds negative or like i’m hating on my body but i’m not at all. i actually find all of these things endearing and/or attractive even though they’re weird lol.

so working on @healersbloodyhands ‘s very old draft, i got to thinking and i don’t think i ever really made a post about this here but.  

basically being raised for years and years to dislike humans and the chantry, falling for a human - and an andrastian one - is going to be such a difficult process for her and difficult for her to accept tbh.  it almost feels like reneging on part of her culture and heritage, more than being with any other race / religion combination does.

so, uh, yeah.  you get to have fun as she tries to sort through these odd, rare sensations called feelings.  ( but same goes to any other andrastian and/or human ship if that ever happens!  y’all get a side of confusion and vague self hate to start :’)))) )

ahighfunctioningfanboy  asked:

1,10, E, P?

(1) How did you feel directly following your diagnosis (including self dx or whenever you were told about your dx)?

I was seven when I “figured it out”! They kept partnering me with the other autistic boy in class and I thought “oh! I’m autistic!! that’s it!” and that was sort of it. I knew people made fun of him(/us) for it but honestly it was just…. it was whatever, it was an explanation. As I got older, I dealt with it in a different way, but still eventually came to mostly accept myself for it.

(10) How long can you “pass” for neurotypical? How big of a toll does it take?

Oh man… not long. Maybe a few minutes? No more than one meeting with a person. I’m pretty obviously “weird” and it’s obviously autism if you know anything about autism. It’s super draining to make eye contact and process info like they want me to… When I’ve got to pass for extended periods of time (hours) it’s almost always followed by meltdown or at least intense spoon depletion. 

(E) Give me four fun facts about your current special interest!

Breadmaking again, but remember that it’s a new interest!

1. 16 tablespoons in a cup!

2. You should only measure flour about a cup or two at a time because it can get heavy and weigh itself down and pack too tightly and then your measurement is off!

3. The thing that’s nice to use as a hook hand pirate toy when you’re a kid is called a dough hook and it goes on the mixer!

4. A pizza/baking stone is a big stone slab that sits in your oven and makes it heat more evenly for the bread!

(P) What’s the stimmiest song you know?

I’m fond of anything in ¾ or 6/8 tbh! I ry like Piano Man.

Valentine’s Day is coming or, as I like to call it, a reminder that I’m going to die alone surrounded by 12 000 books.


Hey guys! Commissions are back open again, so I figured why not make a new post and make it easier. If you don’t wanna do the math for my rates just look below!


  • Bust Shots: 15$ USD
  • Full Bodies: 30$USD

Line Art & More:

  • Full body line art: 60$ USD
  • Simple Shading & Flats Full: 90$ USD

For highly detailed paintings please contact me since I have a variety of styles~!

Sorry It’s really plain usually people just message me and I give them a quote! >u>;; In a moment or two there will be more info on my commissions page!

I don’t really have a problem drawing anything really….the only things I wont draw are:

  • incest
  • shotacon/lolicon/pedophilia
  • heavily nsfw things
  • heavy gore
  • anything that dehumanizes or demeans a race,minority, gender,or identity

…that’s about it??? Like I said you can always ask for a quote, time can change depending on style, detail, complexity o3o

I accept money mostly through paypal(comm. price +fee) and money transfers, but I’m open to other forms of USD payment!!

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Gah when you didn’t know there was a private screening of The Final Problem and you go into the Sherlock tags, getting spoiled a little 🤢

give me asexual jim moriarty.

give me asexual jim moriarty.

give me asexual jim moriarty falling in love with Sherlock’s mind and then with Sherlock and falling so hard that he can’t believe it and can’t get up. 

give me asexual jim moriarty whose empire doesn’t depend on sex nor does his success. 

give me asexual jim moriarty who’s #1 at flirting.

give me asexual angsty!teen jim moriarty, who doesn’t fit in anyway and realizing his sexuality makes him confused and insecure but who accepts it (mostly) and plans to rule the world.

give me asexual jim moriarty ruling the world.

give me asexual jim moriarty.

how to write college essays

Hey guys! This is Peng’s first post in the college prep advice series. I felt obligated to write this one as my first because, well, I’m a freshly pressed senior who was recently admitted to my dream school via early decision. And I feel that I was accepted mostly for my essay, so hey, why not help other students out as well? So without further ado, here is my advice on how to write the best college essay you can…
(NOTE: I am talking about the “Why __” essays. Other prompts may be too various for me to cover in one essay. Ask me and I might help you, though!)

INTRODUCTION: Why is it important?

College essays are often noted as the largest or one of the most reflective parts of a student’s college application (to an American university). People often say that while the numbers (the GPA, the SAT scores, etc.) reflect the “objective” sides of the prospective student, the “subjective” side is best represented through the student’s own writing. Through short answers and essays, you as a student must prove yourself not just a statistical fit but also a personality fit with the college.

In this aspect, it is first most important, before even starting your essay or even adding that college to your Common App list, is to think whether you are the right fit for the college. I’m not talking about stats–I’m talking about the studying environment, the location (city? countryside? suburban?), the demographics (are you overwhelmed when there is a very low percentage of your own race/ethnicity, or does it not matter?), offered majors, etc. Don’t just think about whether they have a good pre-med track, think about whether there are other majors or subjects you can switch to in the case that you might change your mind in college (this is important because many, many students change their minds. After all, a whole bunch can happen when you’re in a totally new environment with new people and a whole new level of learning).


PART 1: Play it smart. It’s a game.

Let’s face it–the college app process is a crapshoot. Don’t take it too seriously - they’re not judging you as a human being (in all honesty–it’s up to no one to judge you!). College is a business and they want to buy good products. So your job is to understand the motto of the “company” (the college’s motto) and then be able to present yourself as the product they want. I mean, think about it: the decision making process is nothing more than a group of people judging four years of your life (through a few numbers and a few written works) in order to see whether you’ll thrive in X college and make X college proud. It’s a human-run process that is prone to, well, human-like errors. So don’t get too tied up emotionally in the college app process (I’ll make a better post on this later). It’s okay to be stressed, but try not to go to the point where you think your life will be over if you don’t get in. That’s not a healthy attitude to maintain in the long run (even if you do get in). You need to detach yourself emotionally, evaluate the situation with only logic (what can I do to get in? - while also knowing it’s totally okay if you don’t), and then carry through with your plan.

Therefore, once you are sure that you want to apply to this college, it is then important to understand the college. By understanding, I’m not talking about knowing its history; I’m talking about knowing what the admissions officers (henceforth called AOs) want. Some colleges like the academically rigorous. Others like the academically passionate. Others still like those who aren’t top-notch “book smart” but have an undying curiosity in all realms of knowledge. Others yet search for those who can balance a tight schedule. Some might like those who are giving and compassionate and are willing to use their talents to help those in need. Whatever X college wants or claims to be their “pride,” you must show them through your essay. You have to give them what they want in order for them to want you.

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Poly JNPR Headcanons (also like really dumb drabbles)᤾

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the following head canons diverge from the main canon and are to be assumed to have happened just at the beginning of Team JNPR’s third year at Beacon unless explicitly stated otherwise. This technically counts as my first fic as I will be posting this on both my A03 and Fanfic.net, soo criticism is appreciated. 

Let us begin…

Despite the fact that team JNPR’s relationship is accepted mostly throughout Beacon (looking at you CDRL), they are often regarded as somewhat annoying due to the team’s constant displays of affection.

These displays include, but are not limited to, Nora draping herself on which ever partner is nearest, Jaune casually putting an arm around his lovers (more often than not said lover will lean into him),Ren leaving chaste pecks on the cheeks of those closest, and Pyrrha almost always holding her partners hands.

Out of the four, Ren is hands down the most protective. So much so in fact, that during their second year, Cardin changed his and his team’s class schedule so that their classes didn’t coincide with that of team JNPR’s.

This occurred after a specific spar between Ren and Cardin. Tired of Cardin’s heckling of their relationship and belittling of the team’s knight, Ren personally requested a one on one spar. While Cardin walked away relatively unscathed, he had been threatened immediately after. (Sorry for the change in narrative but this is the only way I can describe it.)

::Shortly after the match::

As Cardin and Ren changed from their combat outfits into their uniforms, Cardin began to think aloud.

“So what was that back there?” Cardin stood, attempting to use his size to intimidate Ren he loomed over the smaller man

 “You trying to defend your little freak show of a-”

His words were cut off as the cocking of Stormflower rang throughout the locker room.Cardin gulped as he felt the cold metal barrel against his forehead and the sharp blade of Ren’s pistol just barely grazing his nose. His aura depleted from the match, he opened his mouth to try and calm Ren down. But as he did so, Ren clamped his hand upon his mouth; his fingernails digging into Cardin’s cheeks.

Ren spoke precisely and cooley

“You listen and you listen good…”


Although the rest of Beacon still considers Jaune the weakest member of team JNPR, he has actually improved immensely since his first year, this became evident to his lovers the first time they saw him shirtless (Yay, another narrative! Also bonus hc Jaune was super insecure about his musculature up until his second year at Beacon when he actually gained serious muscle)

After Jaune stepped out of the shower and began dressing himself he looked along the tiles of boy’s shower room for his last article of clothing only to come up empty handed

“Geuss I forgot to bring a shirt” he said to himself.

As he walked from the floors showers to his team’s dorm he heard team RWBY’s door click open shortly followed by the team’s namesake stepping out; looking up to greet him.

“Hey Ruby” he greeted, oblivious to the flush overcoming the speedster’s face

“H-hi, Jaune” she stuttered out as her eyes roamed over his chest and oh God those abs.

“Ruby, you alright? You look a little warm.” his face twisted into concern as he calmly walked over to her.

“No no I’m f-fine just uh… forgot my scroll in the library. Yeah that was it soyeahanywaynicetalkJauneSEEYALATER!” and with that she disappeared in a flurry of rose petals careening through the halls.

Unaware as ever, Jaune shrugged, opened the door to his team’s dorm, and locked it behind him. As he turned to face his dorms communal bed (upon which lied Nora,watching a video on her scroll whilst snuggled into Pyrrha’s side as the mistralian idley played with her hair) he asked aloud

“Has anyone seen my pajama shirt, the X-Ray and Vav one?(Another bonus headcanon Jaune’s onesie was stolen by Nora right before they began dating)

Having heard Jaune’s inquiry, Ren (having been at the desk studying) spun around to answer.

“It’s in the… the… um-”

Only to be left awestruck by the Adaunus like figure standing before him. Seeing no way to properly articulate an actual answer Ren looked back at his textbook, finding it extremely interesting.

“In the where Ren?” Finding no answer, Jaune looked back to the bed to repeat his question; but stopped as he saw both his girlfriends blatantly staring, slack-jawed, and upright.

“Uh guys, what is it? There something on my face?”

Having been roused from the spell that was Jaune’s upper body, Pyrrha’s cheeks blushed as deep a red as her hair.

“No, no-nothings on your face Jaune. We were just distracted by your… um… physique.”

At his team’s admission. Jaune too, took on a crimson hue of embarrassment.

“Oh, uh sorry I didn’t mean to… um distract anyone.” Jaune scratched the back of his head as he apologized, but couldn’t help but smirk at the still staring valkyrie in front of him. Deciding to be just a little bold, he advanced towards the hammer wielder.

“You okay there sparky?” he said while stretching his well toned and still glistening frame, the water from his hair dripped upon his chest and slowly trailed down towards his tight stomach as he practically danced towards her.

“I uh I a-a… I” Nora barely spoke as Jaune leaned over her, the back of her head softly colliding with the bed beneath her as Jaune looked down into her light blue and almost dialated eyes. And as Jaune gently placed his lips upon her neck PFFFFFFTTTTTT ࿤

Pyrrha erupted into a fit of giggles as Jaune blew a raspberry upon Nora’s neck and began to mercilessly tickle the bezerker as she yelled between shrieks of laughter: “I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU I HA HA HA HEH HATE Y-O-OUUU!”

(Narrative over)

Each of team JNPR have pet names for each other. Jaune’s pet name is “our Knight”, Nora’s is “Sparky”, Ren’s is “Little Lotus”, and Pyrrha’s is “our Champion"(yet another bonus hc, while the pet names for Ren, Nora, and Jaune were easy to choose; Pyrrha’s was not. Because of her dislike of the titles the media chose for her, her partners took the up most care in choosing one that fit and was approved by their mistralian girlfriend.)

None of the members of team JNPR are good at accepting affection. Being orphans, Ren and Nora hadn’t been exposed to the constant doting parents often do and as such practically glow red when complimented(note:Ren is much better at receiving affection than Nora). Jaune considered himself the Arc disgrace; so even the slightest praise is sure to dust his cheeks crimson. Pyrrha is the best of the four at being dotted upon, as a world renowned warrior she thought compliments and praise were meant as formalities. This ideology failed as soon as she felt actual sincerity in the praise around her, turning her visage as red as her auburn locks.

While all of team JNPR find the blushing of their partners utterly adorable, Pyrrha esspecially finds it endearing. So much so in fact she will go out of her way to fluster her partners. This has lead to some very interesting and very flirtatious encounters. One such encounter took place as she and Nora sparred in Glydna’s combat class.

::Several minutes into their spar::

It had been around 10 minutes into her and Pyrrha’s match; and Nora was getting desperate. Sweating, she chanced a glance at the aura bars above her.

Damn it she thought, she was down in the upper reds whilst Pyrrha’s aura remained almost stationary throughout. Buuutttt there was a silver lining, about three minutes ago Pyrrha had thrown her shield, Akoúo, at the valkyrie in an effort to coerce Nora out of her ranged position. But as the shield flew within Magnhild’s range, Nora quickly switched her rifle back to warhammer configuration and slammed it into the ground. With Akoúo halfway through the floor Pyrrha couldn’t hope to will the shield back or block an over head strike from Nora… and that was exactly what Nora intended to do.

Running towards the taller redhead, Nora raised her weapon above her. With a determined smirk she began to swing her weapon down atop her girlfriend…only to stop as Pyrrha dropped Milo and her defensive stance followed quickly by her lightly tapping Nora’s forehead. With the weight of her hammer suddenly pulling her backwards she’d have surely fallen weren’t it for two long arms wrapping around her waist, preventing her descent.

“O-Oh thanks Pyrr-EEEP"Nora squealed as Pyrrha pulled her smaller girlfriend flush against her chest, lightly stroking her hair.

“I’m sorry sparky,” Pyrrha said as she looked down into Nora s light blue eyes and quickly redenning face. “Thanks for what?’

“For-ffor uh-“Nora was cut off by a resounding buzz echoing through the arena followed by Miss Goodwitch’s exasperated voice.

"Pyrrha, Nora, would the both of you please kindly keep any and all displays of affection to a minimum and especially not during a serious match?”

Pyrrha’s response to this question was to calmly pull Akoúo out from the floor, look towards Miss Goodwitch, and apologize,

“Yes, of course Miss Goodwitch, we’’ll try to keep ourselves decent ma'am.” With that settled a bubbling, black resonance overtook Akoúo, Milo, and Magnhild as they lifted behind Pyrrha. Nora stared as her weapon floated, impressed by Pyrrha’s control of her semblance.

“Thanks for carrying Magnhild but why your weapons t-EEEP.” Nora was cut off again as Pyrrha casually slipped one arm behind Nora’s neck and hooked the other behind the valkyrie’s knees, lifting her bridal style.

“So I can do this” The champion replied smugly, reveling in how her girlfriend nuzzled into her neck in an attempt to hide her still burning face. As the duo walked out, weapons clinking together behind them, Pyrrha winked up at her two boyfriends, a flirtatious smile still gracing her face.

[Shout out to ikedawg43 for inspiring me 4 the next bit]

Even though team JNPR had been in a relationship for 2 and a half years and living together for 3, none of team had actually seen each other nude. That was until the team’s bezerker felt a particular thirst for vengeance against her Knight and Champion. (Note: The following drabble takes place roughly a week after the two prior)

Nora honestly missed her first year at Beacon. In an effort to promote team building and synchronization, Ozpin tried to ensure that the first year huntsmen/ huntresses-in-training, not only ate and slept together; but also took the same classes and had the same class times. No such luck for the third and fourth year students though, such was evident in how Nora got back to their dorm roughly an hour before her partners did so.

This hour of solitude usually led to Nora simply lazing around in anticipation for her three lovers to return… not this time though. No, Nora sat criss cross on her team’s bed (In fact two twin beds pushed together), just thinking of ways to get back at her girlfriend and blonde boyfriend for the humiliation they’d wrought her over a week ago.

Maybe I could get Ren to help me? she thought, Nope, he’d definitely tell ‘em. And she’d end up red faced for sure. Nora plopped back down on the bed as she groaned in frustration, deciding to focus on actual work instead of likely-to-fail revenge plans, she began to get off the bed. But as she got up to work on the project she had for Miss Peach she felt a peculiar itch on her back, right on the clasp of her bra.

Uhh, I hate these things she thought scratching at the spot, try as she might though it refused to leave her, “That’s it” she said aloud as she took off her suit jacket and began to unbutton her shirt. As she undid her bra and went to put on her pajama shirt however, a rather scandalous thought occurred to her.

What if I just kept going with this? she thought mischievously whilst looking down at her bare chest. With the idea in mind Nora pretended her hands weren’t shaking as she slid her thumbs into the waist band of her skirt and panties and  pulled them down off her body. Taking off her shoes and socks she lied down upon the bed; arms wrapped together behind her head, waiting for her lovers to walk in.

Deciding to play it a little more casual, Nora began watching a video on her scroll as the door clicked open.

“I dunno Ren, I’m pretty su-WOAH” Jaune nearly tripped over his own feet at the sight of his smaller girlfriend in the buff and to top it off sauntering over to him.

“What’s a matter Jaune? You ok?” she asked giggling, pulling him down to her height by his tie, smiling as he tried (and mostly failed) to maintain eye contact with her. Behind him stood a wide-eyed, mouth agape, and blatantly ogling Pyrrha Nikos and Nora’s other (Seemingly bashful but otherwise indifferent) boyfriend with an arm over both eyes.

“Nora,” Ren said, voice wavering “Please make yourself decent.”

“Awww, why Ren?” she replied pouting “They don’t seem to mind.” she gestured at both of her other partners, both of which still stared at her petite form. She then gently lifted Jaune’s chin and proceeded to deeply kiss him as Pyrrha walked closer to the two, hoping to be next.

As Nora split herself apart from Jaune, she was almost immediately brought into another kiss by her Champion. Across from her she saw both her boyfriend’s locked in a heated kiss; Ren’s hands worked on unbuttoning Jaune’s shirt.

Nora didn’t expect her little prank to lead to their first time together… but that didn’t mean she’d make any move to disentangle herself from the mess of limbs she found herself in next morning.