but most of you won't really understand why

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"Gay people who say I’ll never understand oppression or what it’s like to “actually” be gay" tbh they have a point. I agree wth most of what you said, but you will never know what it's like to be gay and that's a fact. Just like gays won't know what it's like to be bi.

Good point why didn’t I ever think of that before. How silly of me to thing I could understand what it’s like to be gay it’s really too bad I’ll never be able to kiss a boy, or have sex with a guy, or be in a relationship with a man or do any of that gay stuff since I’m Just Not Gay

Watching CA:TWS with my grandmother. Alternately titled 'Kewona Fucks Up'
  • ____________________________________________
  • *watching the Peggy and Steve hospital scene*
  • Her: Is that his mother?
  • Me: Uh, no, actually that's his girlfriend.
  • Her: *shocked look of shock* How?
  • Me: He's from the forties. He's actually super old.
  • Her:
  • Me:
  • Her:
  • Me: I have fucked up.
  • ____________________________________________
  • *later, watching the Bucky vs. Steve highway fight scene*
  • Her: Isn't that the same coat you have?
  • Me: *nervous laughter* Oh yeah, totally the same! It's not like I made mine look just like Bucky's murder-vest or anything... hahaha why would I do that?? No reason
  • ____________________________________________
  • *and finally, the 'til end of the line' helicarrier scene*
  • Her: I don't understand why he [Steve] won't just kill him [Bucky.] I don't care how good of friends they are. This is more important.
  • Me: *screaming internally* Oh yeah.
  • Her: They act more like lovers than friends.
  • Me: *actually biting a pillow like a fucking psycho* Yes. Fucking yaaaaassss.
  • Her:
  • Me: I need so much h/c fanfic to heal my soul rn.
  • ____________________________________________
  • *after the movie Grandma Quote of the Night™*
  • Her: I couldn't hear what they were saying most of the time, but those men you talk about all the time really are visual candy.
  • Her:
  • Her: You're not too young to marry one of them, you know. ____________________________________________
Horoscope for June 11th, 2016
  • Aries: Nothing much is happening today, yet you seem worried and tense. You'll have to use this day to your advantage. Think about your life. You'll also think about the needs of your relatives in the years to come and how to attain those goals. You'll also be in the best disposition to think about your own family life.
  • Taurus: You often need to thrive on personal emotions. Today will be no exception to the rule. For instance, you could try to captivate the attention of people you admire. The only problem is that they might not be receptive at first. Try to take your time. You will have other opportunities in the near future.
  • Gemini: You shouldn't try to fight the feelings that run through you today. Don't even try to rationalize them. These feelings are probably related to emotions dating back to your childhood. You shouldn't avoid or analyze them. There will be a lot of turmoil welling up inside you. You should try to find some peace and quiet in the arms of a special someone.
  • Cancer: You'll be lost in your thoughts today, analyzing your life and relationships. You'll be asking yourself if your existence is meeting your standards. You will ponder what to expect from the future and from the people around you. You're in the right frame of mind to make a few life-changing decisions.
  • Leo: Today you will have all the energy you need to deal with long-term family problems. Indeed, you'll probably clash with some of your relatives. But this situation won't cause any serious issues, and you'll deal with these circumstances like a pro. You have the ability to get out of any delicate situation you find yourself in today.
  • Virgo: You enjoy caring for others and you intervene regularly in their lives to guide them. Ironically, today you're the one who needs advice. You'll probably need to get away from it all in order to get a clear view of your own life. You could even decide to make the necessary arrangements for a trip abroad.
  • Libra: We all have to make compromises in order to live in contemporary society. You may have strong beliefs, but it's difficult to combine your ideals and a social life. Today you may wonder if you're prepared to be edged out of society and fight for your convictions. Shouldn't you try to find a compromise between life and your ideals?
  • Scorpio: You've always felt the need to free yourself from society. You need to feel independent at any cost. You may need to face certain relationship problems at this time. Perhaps you're hesitant to commit either at work or in your personal life. You may ask yourself if your attitude isn't in fact revealing a desire to get away from it all. Perhaps you'll find the answer today.
  • Sagittarius: You may feel annoyed about the attitude of some of your group of friends. Unlike these people, you're very open-minded and you can deal with situations as they arise. Indeed, you have a natural ability to adapt to every situation. Today, you'll probably have to arbitrate between two people with widely differing opinions.
  • Capricorn: Today, you'll be submerged under a lot of emotions. In a way, you'll be revisiting your childhood. You may be very edgy. This is a good disposition in which to analyze your life. You'll be able to see if everything around you is where you think it belongs. Try to make the most out of this frame of mind.
  • Aquarius: You really know how to seduce. There is a spark inside of you that spreads naturally to those around you. You have a big reservoir of sensitivity and emotion that could grow today. You might meet and charm new people. Don't forget to recharge your batteries in order to keep your feelings intact in the days to come.
  • Pisces: You're a very active person, but today you'll probably be disappointed. If you ask those around you to help with your activities, they most likely won't understand your needs. They'll wonder why you need to move constantly and why you need to create. The day may seem exhausting and complicated to you.