but most of them aren't in house

Ask Me Astrology!
  • Aries: What are you passionate about?
  • Taurus: What are your most valuable possessions?
  • Gemini: What friend do you consider your "double"? What are their placements?
  • Cancer: Are you empathetic, sympathetic, or both?
  • Leo: How do you feel in the spotlight?
  • Virgo: What do you study, for fun?
  • Libra: How's your love life?
  • Scorpio: Sex life?
  • Sagittarius: Do you go on adventures? If so, what kind? Got any stories from them?
  • Capricorn: What are your ambitions, and what drives you towards them?
  • Aquarius: Are you manipulative / Have you ever manipulated anyone? Why?
  • Pisces: What's your biggest non-sexual fantasy?
  • -
  • 1st House: How do most people see you?
  • 2nd House: What's one thing you love about the material world?
  • 3rd House: Are you introverted or extroverted?
  • 4th House: What do you call "Home"? If you aren't happy with it, what would you like to call "Home"?
  • 5th House: What do you do for fun?
  • 6th House: How do you treat your body?
  • 7th House: How do you feel about commitment? Does commitment and love go hand and hand for you? Why or why not?
  • 8th House: What brought you to Astrology? Do you mess with other things that fall into the "occult" category?
  • 9th House: Do you believe in a Higher Power? What are your religious beliefs?
  • 10th House: Dream Job?
  • 11th House: Do you belong to any groups or communities? What are they?
  • 12th House: How do you see death?
  • -
  • Sun: How do you see yourself?
  • Moon: What do you do when you're upset to make yourself feel better?
  • Mercury: What do you talk about most?
  • Venus: How do you view love?
  • Mars: What do you do when you're angry?
  • Jupiter: What do you have "luck" in?
  • Saturn: What are the restrictions you've faced in life? Would you say they're still present? What have you done to surpass them?
  • Uranus: What causes do you fight for? What do you rebel against?
  • Neptune: "Ignorance is Bliss", true or false?
  • Pluto: How do you feel about sex?
  • -
  • Juno: Who's your ideal partner?
  • Chiron: Do you have anything that it's hard to heal from, physically or mentally? (Don't have to go into specifics).
  • Vesta: How do you feel about your mother/mother figure?
  • Eros: What's your sexuality and would you describe yourself as hyper-sexual, sexual, or non-sexual?
  • Lilith: What would you say are the worst traits you have?
  • Pallus: When you cast judgement, are you usually fair?
  • Ceres: What do you need to feel cared for?

anyone who thinks snakes don’t have personality has clearly never woken up a sleepy green tree python

How the Doctors Play the Sims
  • One: Downloads massive amounts of custom content so that they can make each household look like they're from a different point in history. When they discover that they cannot make the pizza boy dress like an 14th century page, they kill him.
  • Two: Uses cheat codes to bulk up the family funds so that no one needs to work. Makes little sims of himself and all of his friends, but Jamie doesn't quite look right.
  • Three: Pushes all sims to study and work out constantly to bring their skills up to maximum. Once they have, then they see how quickly they can reach the top of various careers.
  • Four: Way more interested in making houses than families. When they actually bother to go into live mode, they sometimes forget about some of the family members and just follow one around all day while everyone else is forgetting to eat and peeing themselves.
  • Five: Keeps doing the "SPACE-SPACE-SPACE" scroll through the family members to make sure all their stats are in the green. Yells at the ones who aren't for not having the sense to just walk to the toilet and use it if their bladder score was so low.
  • Six: Makes the most eye-wateringly complex and brightly coloured houses you've ever seen. Populates them with fictional characters, making special "all Jane Austen/all Dickens/all Shakespeare/all some other classic English author" neighbourhoods and then spends too much time telling Peri about what his Sims are doing.
  • Seven: Makes doorless death trap houses, locks the sims inside, then doesn't touch the controls and just watches as the Sims slowly kill themselves off. Then, they arrange the tombstones into a nice graveyard and move in a new family.
  • Eight: Stands up to get a cup of tea and forgets to pause the game. When they get back, the house is on fire, two sims are dead, one is pregnant, and someone is chatting up the Grim Reaper.
  • War: So many graveyards. Even when they don't mean to kill of entire families, it just happens.
  • Nine: Freaks out and restarts the game every time somebody dies.
  • Ten: Comes up with elaborate stories for the sims to act out, and gets cross when a Sims doesn't act like the character they've created in their head. Does little voices translating Simlish into English whenever two Sims are talking to each other.
  • Eleven: Every single person in the neighbourhood is in a relationship with at least one other sim. Keeps using the cheat codes to change the time of day, the family funds, the Sim's personalities, until the remaining code can't take it anymore and the game crashes.
  • Twelve: Insists it's okay that they sold the pool ladder with someone still in the pool because that Sim was an asshole. Makes a Clara Sim and tries to convince himself there's nothing weird about that.
Houses as Halloween Things
  • HUFFLEPUFF- Baking Halloween goods for your parties such as spider cupcakes and ghost cookies with friends
  • RAVENCLAW- Carving intricate designs into pumpkins, making them either extremely scary and absolutely beautiful
  • SLYTHERIN- Coming up with the most unique and amazing Halloween costume. Spending hours working on and just admiring the finishing project.
  • GRYFFINDOR- Trying to be brave by having a huge horror movie marathon with a group of friends in the dark, proving you aren't scared
where to take the signs on a first date
  • Aries: The movies; keep it simple and don't make it look like you tried too hard
  • Taurus: Tourist attraction; pick one most convenient to you and use this as your excuse to end up wandering in and out of various cafes and stores and ultimately ending up in a park or somewhere else where you can both just relax and be comfortable
  • Gemini: Outdoor cinema; then suggest leaving early and exploring/doing whatever and utilise this time to just wander around and talk, making it look like a spontaneous/fun decision even though it wasn't
  • Cancer: a concert; and then after suggest staying at motel because it's so late, let them know you don't have any ulterior motives and say that you have a random/old pack of uno cards on you and spend the night playing that and rent a romcom movie
  • Leo: Bowling; pretend to be off your game (unless you're bad anyway then just be open about being awful at it) and use this time for the getting to know each other questions, which will make them feel more comfortable, once it gets a little tiresome do something more fun like laser tag - which will be made even more fun since the first bit of awkwardness is out of the way.
  • Virgo: A nighttime market; one where there will be various, unique and fun stalls.
  • Libra: Dinner and a movie; or rather a movie then dinner because Libra's need to get the vibe off of someone before they feel comfortable and love classic romance. Then, at dinner talk about the movie and then slowly lead in to talking about them.
  • Scorpio: The beach; simple, natural + the ocean so they'll most likely love it
  • Sagittarius: Theme park; it'll show that you're fun and while waiting in the endlessly long lines conveniently talk about your personal philosophies.
  • Capricorn: A party; take them to a random house party (actually your friends) and just spend the night having fun and make sure the party host (your friend) really loves party games (meaning spin the bottle)(I'm kidding not exclusively spin the bottle but still include it)
  • Aquarius: Fast food chain; tell them how much you love it when things aren't so "romantic" and "over the top" and say you just want to have fun, then conveniently end up somewhere where's there's something to do - "Wow! I didn't know there was a 24/7 arcade a short walk from this McDonald's! How about we go in just to have a look? How random! I'm not weird by the way, I always carry a bag of quarters with me."
  • Pisces: A maze; and then "accidentally" get lost and spend the whole time laughing and getting to know each other
  • Makarov: Aw, look at my precious children, frolicking through the town. Aren't they cute?
  • Magic Council: What? No, Makarov, they're not frolicking, they're destroying the town, you need to stop them -
  • Makarov: Oh, they're just playing, my little ones -
  • Magic Council: Um, most of them are practically adults and they're reeking havoc! We need to -
  • Makarov: It's just a little rough-housing, it's harmless!
  • Magic Council: They're causing millions in property damage.
  • Makarov: Yes, like I said, precious children . . .
  • Magic Council: . . . We don't think you understand the situation -
  • Makarov: PRECIOUS
  • Magic Council: Is that one turning into a DEMON!?!
  • Makarov: CHILDREN!!!

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to the hufflepuff trait anon: slytherin and hufflepuff are actually one of the most similar houses because they're both really loyal. they would literally kill for the people that mean something to them. the only difference is slytherin has a smaller group of people thats why they seem mean to people that they aren't friends with and hufflepuff is nicer to strangers because they see them and potential besties. but for both if someone messes with one of their friends all hell breaks loose!

@ the hufflepuff-slytherin anon 💚

- Céline

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will I still get most of the health benefits if I'm mostly vegan yet eat meat say once a week? I really want to go vegan but all my family and friends aren't, and I spend a lot of time at friend's houses and it would just be such an inconvenience as much as it is nice in theory! I want to go vegan for the health benefits and am wondering if I'll still get them if I don't stick to it once a week?

But, but, but, but… There is always going to be something! Of course the less animal products you eat the better but don’t let social pressures decided how you should live your life! We need to stop feeling guilty being VEGAN, how in the world did we get to the point where cooking veggies instead of a dead animal for someone is an inconvenience ?? THAT is not cool and it needs to change, but it’s not going to unless ‘we’ make a stand and stop falling under social pressures to eat something we aren’t comfortable with!

Maybe I’ve been hanging around Durianrider to much… But sounds like you need to STOP making excuses, get some perspective, harden the fuck up and GO VEGAN!

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There's a very old cemetery near my house that mostly just I and the groundskeeper go to because most of the headstones are from 200 years ago and there aren't many people around. I've always felt some sort of presence there and sometimes I hear what sounds like voices and see people peeking out from behind the trees for a split second. I would like to try and interact with them through a ritual if possible, but could it be unsafe?

When contacting anyone or anything you don’t know there is always the possibility for it to be unsafe. If you are unsure of how the proceedings will go, you can create a ward or protective item for your person to prevent a spirit causing you harm.


Politicians Be Like
  • *elsewhere in the world*
  • New President: So, let me in on the big conspiracy that's driving the direction of the modern world.
  • Secret Service Guy: Sure thing, my guy. *opens doors to the oval office to reveal that it's a dirty barn*
  • Depressed Cowboy: *falls over while attempting to feed hay to an emaciated horsed* ...Howdy, pardner... I guess.
  • New President: What is this?
  • Secret Service Guy: This is the real white house. For the past 200 years, the United States has been controlled by the Sad Cowboys Brigade. Alright, see ya. *locks new president in the oval office*
  • New President: Wait just a minute!
  • Depressed Cowboy: *saunters over to new president*
  • New President: *nervously* Hey there... pardner.
  • Depressed Cowboy: I miss Obama already. He was a yankee, but at least he was familiar. Things've changed, nobody needs a cowboy anymore. Makes you wonder why god still forces me to breathe.
  • New President: Sorry to hear that. Are you going to give me nefarious orders on how to run the world?
  • Depressed Cowboy: We don't do that no more. Not after most of us died. I'm the last cowboy left.
  • New President: In the brigade?
  • Depressed Cowboy: Nope, in the world. All the other biological cowboys dies out in the 1800s. I'm the last one left. Sad thing is, there's no boyfriend free cowgirls that I can breed with. *rests head on new president's shoulder and sighs*
  • New President: Shit, so am I actually going to have to do things.
  • Depressed Cowboy: That's what Obama did, and everyone hated him. Life really isn't worth attempting to live if you ask me. *removes 10 gallon hat to reveal a giant bottle of xanax*
  • Depressed Cowboy: *shakes a couple of vitamin gummy bears into the new president's hand from bottle* They're good for you. They might brighten your day. They sure as hell don't brighten mine. Remind me too much of my dead cowboy brethren.
  • New President: *drops gummy bears onto the floor* You don't seem like a cowboy. You don't even sound like one.
  • Depressed Cowboy: I'm depressed, for one. Also, I'm from Ontario. I'm not even a naturalized American citizen.
  • New President: *attempts to open doors to oval office* Is there any way out of this place? I don't think I want to be president anymore.
  • Depressed Cowboy: No. You're stuck here for the next four years.
  • New President: You're joking, right?
  • Depressed Cowboy: Nope, the doors are closed.
  • New President: Huh?
  • Depressed Cowboy: It's November the 9th. The doors to the White House are closed. No one can get in or out until 2020.
  • New President: I've got a family! I can't stay in the filthy barn for fours years!
  • Depressed Cowboy: Well, most Americans have families. Most Americans live in filthy barns too. Why aren't you thinking about them, sir? Even I have a family in my horse, Leeroy. Give papa numnums, Leeroy. *smooches emaciated horse*
  • Emaciated Horse: *head falls off*
  • Depressed Cowboy: Leeroy is dead. Just like everyone else I ever loved.
  • New President: What am I supposed to do now?
  • Depressed Cowboy: *hands new president a PS Vita* It has Umihara Kawase on it.

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Does it make you a shitty person if you fall in love with a dog at one of those petsmart mega adoption events and bring her home to be a companion to your dog but they aren't as compatible as they initially seemed and you have to bring them back?


Adopting a dog is a 10+ year commitment. Most adoption events are to persuade people into acting on impulse. If the dog doesn’t mesh well with the environment you take it home to, then it isn’t going to have a happy life.

Recently, a family member had 1 of their 2 American Bulldogs pass away. The remaining bulldog, a quiet, reserved, submissive female, was all of a sudden bouncing around the house, eating better, and playing non stop with guests. Just because you want your dog to have a companion, doesn’t mean the one you bring home will automatically be their best friend.

Adopting a second dog should only be done after introducing the two in multiple locations. A neutral ground is always the first choice, but a dog can react a lot differently once their home is intruded upon. The safest choice when selecting a companion is either a puppy, because they are not a threat, or the same/similar breed. However, while dogs are individuals, some breeds prefer to be the only dog.

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I disagree with that last ask. Hufflepuffs aren't the only ones who value loyalty and trust. Just like Gryffindors, Slytherins, and Ravenclaws aren't the only ones who value bravery, ambition, and open-mindedness/knowledge. I'm a Slytherin and loyalty is one of the most important things to me. I'm extremely loyal to the people in my life who deserve it. My closest friends are irreplaceable and very important to me.

Hi friend,

Thanks for your input! Again, you are welcome to submit your quotes to any house; we do moderate them, but we are pretty lenient.


You aren’t like them. You don’t go out every weekend and party. You don’t get drunk or high at someone’s house you’ve never been to before, someone you don’t even know. You don’t stay out all hours only to come home, sleep, and do it all over again. And I know you wish you were. Because that sounds fun, because it probably is fun, but just because you don’t do that, doesn’t mean you’re wasting your life, it doesn’t mean you’re boring or uncool, it just means you celebrate life differently. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just like there’s nothing wrong with partying. There are no rules on how to enjoy yourself. So don’t spend your life trying to get that invite if you don’t really want it. Don’t try and hang out with a group of people you aren’t comfortable around just because you want to fit in. And most importantly, don’t get so caught up in what everyone else is doing; the way you live your life has nothing to do with how they live theirs.
—  I spent so much time wishing I could be like them
now we're old and not alone // theyoungpilgrim

It had been years since Beatrice had left the Unknown and joined the brothers in the real world. She was introduced to their way of education, socialization, and entertainment. It was so different in comparison to what she knew. But she didn’t mind. She had grown closer to both brothers…more so with Wirt. They had gone through so much in both worlds, it was surprising that they didn’t get together sooner. 

Now, with a degree in education and history, Beatrice found herself teaching at the high school she attended. Sure, the hours were long sometimes, and then some kids just didn’t get her style of teaching…but she liked it. She spent most of her time with Greg and Wirt anyway. 

Beatrice sat in the small house that she and Wirt had gotten together. It was good enough for the two of them. Nothing too fancy. But not too small. They had to have a reasonable sized house. Greg usually ran around inside no matter how old he was. She was sprawled out on the couch, grading tests. It was a mundane task, but it had to be done.

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I'm curious about your response to that kid's video about not staying in school, for each one of his points you listed classes you can take, but I think the point of his video is that schools decide to make fairly useless things mandatory whereas most practical things that you'll definitely have to use at some point aren't mandatory. A person can't opt into all of those classes, even if the school would actually let them opt to do all of them. I'd appreciate if you replied to this privately too

Again, you’re missing the point as well.  Most of house classes I mentioned ARE mandatory at my school and in the state of Indiana, adddressing the complaint of what’s “practical” is missing.  And the options are there in many schools if students want them, and in every state there are “elective credits” that must be done.   I didn’t take finace in high school, but that’s my fault because I chose show choir and art instead.  Finance would have even more practical, but the option was there. 

Secondly, if you want to learn something then go learn it.  Don’t expect someone to spoon feed it to you.  When I needed to learn about taking a loan, I talked with people who had experience and discussed my options, and then read things online to make up not taking finance and only learning basic info in required Econ.  I went on to study theater and was expected to do drafting, but I never took drafting in high school.  I figured it out.  I now tech direct a theater and spend countless hours researching and self teaching.  Would a class on basic electric work have been great in high school? Yeah, but more people need advanced math and science than basic electricity. And again…if I wanted to, the option had been there–I just didn’t know it at the time. 

I also argue again his complaints are not that he learned useless information, but instead he’s too shortsighted to see the value.  And if it wasn’t of value to him, it could’ve been to other people, and the purpose of school is to offer a baseline of education to make someone a strong, civic person for continuing education and employment.  

I know you asked for me to reply privately, but I’m going to have to disregard your request because I feel that strongly about this issue.  I also don’t see this as a topic or sensitive subject matter that warrants “private” discussion. 

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are there any big marvel events that aren't huge messes?

lmao ummmmmm

all of cosmic marvel’s events are good. ALL. OF. THEM. here is a complete reading order of modern marvel, I really really really recommend the entire thing.

for modern main marvel events, well, here are the ones I’ve enjoyed, for the most part:

  • avengers disassembled
  • house of m
  • secret invasion
  • siege
  • fear itself (SOME WOULD ARGUE this event is terrible, they are probably correct but it’s still crack-tastic good fun)
  • infinity

I honestly haven’t read like…any x-men crossovers, aside from the x-factor tie-ins and avengers vs. x-men, which is the opposite of an event that is not a huge mess.

ultimates had some good events tho, if you read ultimates? no one reads ultimates, who am I kidding here. I’m gonna list them anyways because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want

  • ultimate galactus trilogy
  • death of spider-man & fallout
  • divided we fall, united we stand
  • ultimates disassembled (technically not a crossover bUT IT’S SO GOOD)