but most of the time i love it

Different ways to draw trolls: A Chart

Tag where you’d be


bonding moments w/ my bby boi lance <333


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)


Art of May!!! (ok I couldn’t put them all on one post because it was starting to be really too much ^^’)

Painted on PS [2017.05]

It was a really good month, I experimented a lot and had so much fun. Also I want to particularly thank all of you for your supports, your likes, reblogs, comments, tags and messages. I am sooo overwhelmed and I feel so blessed by all of you and yup Thank you guys, you are amazing and I am so lucky!!  Have a really really beautiful day


Heroes in training  ノ*:・゚✧


Mekke øl + mutually failing at talking to their crush because they’re nervous


trini + billy’s death

harley and ivy properly confirmed as canon in bombshells

catwoman is bi, aqualad is gay, apollo and midnighter are reunited, gotham academy is crossing over with lumberjanes and their openly wlw and trans characters

john constantine rumoured to be openly bi in the justice league dark movie

i just want to be the reason you smile