but most of it is not and i participate in this routine weekly

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RFA + V & Saeran finding out MC is a YouTuber/vlogger with millions of subscribers? ❤️


  • He comes over unannounced one day, planning to surprise you with some flowers but finds you recording a new video for your YouTube channel.
  • Curious, he stands in the doorway to your room, out of sight of both you and the camera, just watching.
  • He has to stifle a few giggles because you’re funny, but manages not to catch your attention.
  • When you finish he bounces over to you, a huge grin on his face as he gives you the flowers.
  • “That was so cute! I hope it gets lots of views.”
  • He pokes his head over your shoulder and nearly stumbles back in shock at the fact that you have millions of people subscribing to your channel.
  • He’s making a funny face, so you ask him if everything’s okay.
  • The truth is that he doesn’t want to have to share you with anyone, not even this way.
  • But it’s not his choice and he knows that, so he rebounds back to his cheerful self and wraps you in a hug, pressing a kiss to your lips.
  • “Why wouldn’t it be? Ahh, you’re so popular and awesome and just perfect! I can’t blame anyone for wanting to watch you.”
  • A dark look flashes in his eyes a moment as he says “but you’re mine.”


  • It’s a big day for him, as he’s getting interviewed on a high-profile show about his upcoming musical.
  • You sent him off with a kiss and a good luck, answering that you planned to do some singing of your own while he was gone.
  • He loves that you’re both into music and wishes you were also an actor; then you could work together.
  • The interview is going well, his charisma and flirtatious personality keeping the hosts entertained.
  • Until they ask that question and he falters in shock.
  • “What’s it like dating popular Vlogger MC? Do you get in on helping write their wildly popular mash-ups?”
  • He blinks in surprise, giving just the slightest shake of his head before turning it to see the 30-second clip of you mixing two popular songs together in a way that makes it seem like they were meant to be one.
  • The host quickly catches on that he didn’t know, and asks if he’s upset.
  • “Upset?”
  • He’s leaning forward, a large smile blooming on his face as he stares at the frozen frame of you.
  • “No. I’m actually incredibly proud.”
  • He does ask to watch you work when he gets home, though, and he’s incredibly interested in your process.


  • She knows that you are incredibly talented with makeup, but she had no idea you performed tutorials on both normal application as well as costume designs.
  • When you move in with her above the cafe, it’s one of the first things you tell her.
  • You actually ask to use her as a model occasionally, and while she’s a little flustered at the thought at first, she ends up agreeing just to see what kind of magic you work on her.
  • She doesn’t anticipate the fact that you’re popular enough that popular brands send you samples and ask you to do reviews on them.
  • She ends up becoming a fairly regular addition to your show (and you receive a lot of compliments on your beautiful girlfriend), even if you demonstrate it on yourself.
  • She suggests that you do some tutorials in person, having the cafe open at certain times during the week for that in specific (with a cover charge for makeup and your time).
  • It ends up being wildly popular as well, and she’s so proud of your talent and brags about you to anyone who will listen.


  • He finds out fairly quickly that you’re well-known on the internet through a few small inquiries he has Jaehee perform.
  • After that he never looks into it further, so when you ask to borrow his laptop while at his house to record your weekly show, he watches you out of curiosity.
  • You are actually a recent graduate (you joined the RFA while you were searching for a job) and had started this web series as a means for helping you study.
  • You take whatever you’re learning about and break it down simply, creatively finding ways to help remember things and making it interesting.
  • He’s very impressed, and he thinks that you’d be a wonderful teacher.
  • Now that you’re out of school, you just continue with whatever you’re interested in learning more about.
  • He actually starts watching them in his free time if he can’t be there when you record, because he finds them immensely educating.
  • Mysteriously, you get a sponsorship offer from some of C&R’s partners if you’re willing to cover topics of their choosing.
  • Hmm, how did that happen?


  • Well, he knows, of course.
  • He actually recognizes you immediately because he loves watching your videos.
  • You’re famous for the pranks you play on people, strangers and people you know alike.
  • They’re not too elaborate and they’re never mean, but they’re always funny and often there’s a rash of copycat pranksters after you release a new video.
  • He has a few ideas of his own to bounce off of you and you’re more than willing to listen.
  • You’ve found how he teases the other members of the RFA hilarious, although most of them wouldn’t be appropriate or right to implement outside of a close circle of friends.
  • You have to tone down a lot of his suggestions but ultimately you can make them work and even offer to let him join you on camera.
  • That’s exciting! He joins you after he tosses on one of his many costumes, and you can tell that he’s enjoying it a lot.
  • He’s beyond thrilled when you get a large amount of people inquiring about who the ‘attractive woman’ with you is.
  • Mission success.


  • He knows you take fitness very seriously and that you make your own routines that focus on whatever area you think needs more work.
  • He didn’t know that you also shared those routines with subscribers on your YouTube channel.
  • You mention it offhandedly one day in conversation and he almost misses it, before committing it to memory to ask about later.
  • When he brings it up, you beam and start gushing about how much you enjoy it. People send you pictures of their improvement and talk about how much they’re thankful that you offer such a wide variety of programs suited to different levels.
  • He’s never seen you so animated before, not even when talking about other things he knows you love.
  • He’s super supportive and very proud, even recommending your channel to anyone who mentions they need to start exercising.
  • He finds your passion very inspiring and ends up taking pictures of you when you’re “working” just because of how bright you shine.
  • He loves watching you do something you enjoy.


  • He’s a little…wary at first.
  • You’re basically Korea’s version of Thomas Sanders, so you post very short videos that are funny and sometimes carry a hidden meaning.
  • He’s seen enough to know that the occasional prank is included and he has absolutely no interest in being a victim of your jokes.
  • You ask him once if he’d be willing to join you just as a normal participant, but his very vehement “no!” lets you know just how he feels about your pastime.
  • You’re very careful about how you approach your shorts after, making sure that he’s no where near where you’re going to shoot them.
  • It upsets you that he’s so unsupportive of you, and he catches you crying about it one night.
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • “N-Nothing.”
  • It takes a bit, but finally he convinces you to tell him, and you spill, sobbing about how he hates what you do.
  • He’s quiet, his face blank as he considers you for a moment before letting out a sigh, pushing back the hair that fell in your face.
  • “I don’t hate that you make those videos. They are fun to watch, I just… I don’t want to be involved in them.”
  • “That… that’s it?”
  • He nods, hugging you close to him.
  • “Please don’t stop… I like watching them when I miss you.”

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yo i just wanna say that you're the kind of person i wanna be when i hit college like holy shit you're 1000% meme

yo heres some college advice

dont buy textbooks from the school, fucking dont even get one until you know its important to the class. if you really know you will use it amazon search it, and if possible, buy it together with a friend taking the class. if the book is only gonna be used for a few important things see if the library has it so you can just go read it a few times there instead of buying one or borrow one


join a club, there will be a big ol club fair thing at the beginning of the year, totally go to it (firstly because there wil be bowls of free candy and again, free shit, bring a pillow case im serious) but clubs are really neat and there are some things you may never get to do again or would really not be able to do at such a low price. i joined the pistol club and it was 30 dollars a semester an they give u free pizza (AGAIN. THE FREE STUFF) and i fucking loved it

if you need a job work on campus, theyre very flexible with schedules because most of their part time workers are students and every semester they reschedule to fit your new class schedule.  also they keep your job for next year so you dont have to reapply (some may not but if they know youre coming back they keep you)

dont pay for an AC unit in your dorm room unless you got money to just toss around. seriously it will be really hot for the first week and last week of school and the rest is going to be normal. 

wear condom. wear condom at all times. protect.

at college people are a lot more grown up then the usual school routine of kids and of course there are some crazy assholes, but most people are generally friendly and above all, they really dont give a shit what you look like. im serious i paint my face all the time and wear outrageous bullshit outfits and nobody says a thing or even looks. they just cool with it all. so be yourself

dont bother taking notes in class if the teacher posts the power points online. its better to pay attention fully in the class and write down all those long ass notes later

check out the intramural sports. theyre super fun and just full of kids that just wanna play the game and arent super great at it. getting a lil bit of exercise can keep a good variation in your schedule. (especially if you have a major like mine where i sit in front of a huge canvas for endless hours painting) 

dont get a fucking fish it will die and you will become lost. get a cactus or marimbo or somethin nice like that if you want a dorm pet. (dont be my aunt that tried to raise a duck in her dorm)

and dont fucking take a huge shit in the dorm toilet and dump toilet paper al over it and not flush. seriosuly i dont know who does that but weekly you will find many of these. and DONT POOP IN THE HALLWAY. DONT DO IT. AND DONT WRITE ON THE BATHROOM WALLS WITH YOUR MENSTRUAL BLOOD. YES THESE THINGS HAPPENED TO OUR HALL. DONT BECOME THEM. 


Decisions, Decisions!

While many of you have elected to focus on the potentially negative ramifications of our upcoming spirit week, I, for one, cannot wait! This week presents the unique opportunity for me to trial at least one of the new solos I recently added to my wheelhouse and to devote an entire day to embodying a classic figure from one of my favourite Broadway shows. I just knows that by the end of this week; you will all have a brand new image of one Rachel Barbra Berry in your minds and that will be one of a shining star. On a side note, my recent attempts to purely introduce myself by gold star emoticon while communicating electronically has proven extremely disappointing. I urge you all to memorise my specific brand now before it is too late and I am a literal gold star with little to no recollection of my unappreciative and disappointing fellow high school students. Regardless, as someone who has taken the liberty of writing a bi-weekly letter to the school board listing all the reasons singing should be a mandatory lesson in schools to aid my tone deaf and pitch-y compatriots on their way to backing up the real stars in later life, this week is just another sign that they are finally listening to me! Creativity is no longer dead and I will be leading the charge as the flames of imagination are reignited! 

I am sure my friends, fans, and jealous foes alike are all desperately anticipating the grand reveal of my official solo for the rather crudely named Karaoke Day. As someone who has been banned from various karaoke-based establishments over the course of her life due to such spurious claims as ‘offering unwanted critique’ and ‘treating the night as her own personal cabaret’, I would have preferred a title with more gravity that indicated the serious and potentially life changing business of performing in front of a huge audience. I have to admit that I find myself rather conflicted over the exact song to devote my considerable talents to in such a momentous occasion. I will naturally be singing a solo because to sacrifice my very first chance at an actual audience, and not one filled with Mr. Ryerson’s weird friends, on a shared spotlight would just be insane. Even now my youtube page (barbranoticeme) and I are building a portfolio of excellence that will one day lead to a life of glitz and glamour in New York City’s Midtown. 

Having said that, I am currently debating, and presenting via power point to an esteemed board of my dads and my vocal coaches, the various options that are available to me. Although I could veer towards my natural vocal home, and future, and choose one of the various show stopping musical numbers I have mastered, I am very well aware of the tragic ignorance and apathy towards the show tune in this town. Fame is everything and, as a performer, I know that I should wield my talent in a way that will make audiences adore me and Times Square this, unfortunately, is not. My mind then turns towards the ‘crunk’ and pop music movements of today, and the potential for a Katy Perry or Alanis Morisette stroke of performance genius. Both performers may not be equipped with the depth or dance routine accompaniment of Buenos Aires but they would ensure that everyone was so awed by the sheer star quality of my performance that any unfair and illegal slushie incidents would simply be impossible. For those seeking weekend inspiration, I will obviously be devoting my own to honing a few of the front runners and ensuring that my off-stage Lima debut is one of sheer perfection

As I would hate to ruin the surprise of, and eager anticipation for, the song I do finally choose, I won’t be revealing it until my standard introduction before the solo begins. I always find a performance is so much more appreciated when the audience knows the basic facts, and my own thoughts, of the song in question. With that in mind, I have two specific demands that must be followed by the entire student body in the run up to such a special day. My creativity is an uncontrollable and spontaneous miracle and so I simply cannot be slushied during such a fragile time for me as a performer, and as my own director, choreographer and assistant. To break my creative flow could result in irreparable psychological damage and potentially career murder. I will sue anyone who gets in the way of me and my chance to prove that I am the most talented person in this school and I am too special to be subjected to the mindless and envious hate of my peers. Secondly, wherever I choose to to deliver my performance will be strictly out of bounds for my fellow karaoke day participants. As the most experienced performer, you should all be following my lead but that does not involve blatant imitation and my stage will be mine alone. Break a leg, fellow showmen and showwomen, and I look forward to seeing, hearing and critiquing your respective performances!

Although it is high time the glist (a barbaric concept that is still officially unrecognised by yours truly) is finally acknowledging that true public adoration should come from actual talent, not your ability to have meaningless and disgusting one night stands, I was horrified to see how little notice we have been given for our Costume Day. (Once again, I still argue a dash of pizazz would have made the entire concept far more appealing.) I have been preparing for Halloween since the beginning of July through an homage to Barbra’s revolutionary Oscars outfit worn during her 1969 win, that required hand stitching thousands of tiny diamanté studs onto it to ensure that I was adequately dazzling from any angle. Both my wardrobe, and my natural flair for impersonating Barbra inspired by our very real and deep psychic bond, would suggest choosing another one of her numerous famous looks would be my best option, and yet I simply cannot risk my outfits being repetitive, or worse, boring. I will, therefore, be channelling my inner Sally Bowles for the entire school day. For anyone living under a rock for the past two years, she is the lead female role in the 1966 show, originated by Judy’s daughter; the fabulous Liza Minnelli, and currently being re-imagined by an occasionally dubious list of A-list stars. This is, of course, a risqué and theatrically licentious part for the beloved and be-animal sweatered Rachel Berry that you all know, and should love, but I highly doubt anything could beat the thrill of 1930s Berlin to liven up everyone’s school day so that prize is going to be mine. No-one should be disheartened, however, as, while most people will just be appearing as their costume of choice, I will be living and breathing the life of Sally Bowles, and so my win is practically written in the stars. 

To conclude this brief glimpse into the mental workings of your favourite stunning young ingénue, this week is affording you all another invaluable glimpse into my every day life. A life where every second is devoted to exuding pure unadulterated star power and charisma and one that the social hierarchy is finally encouraging you to emulate!

Lots of love and stardust, 
Rachel Barbra Berry ★