but most of all we deserved to see her enjoy it

I can’t believe I’m seeing so much negativity about this mixed tag feud (not necessarily on here, but other places). This is supposed to be a fun match, but fans are taking it so seriously. Anyone with eyes can clearly see how happy Nikki is working with Cena. She’s literally glowing out there and nonstop smiling, but some are calling her extra and the whole thing is “forced”. So they can’t be happy working together? There’s some so focused on who deserves to win more. It’s a mixed tag feud, who cares lmfao. And this whole mania proposal is most likely for Total Bellas. Why tf would Nikki know about her proposal?? It’s obvious Cena already proposed prior to this. Why can’t we just watch and enjoy wrestling??? All four of them seem to be having fun doing this, but fans have to take it seriously and reach about everything.

Still so happy that Taylor continues to come on here and hang out with us. I think it’s her way of relaxing and seeing how we are doing after the tour ended. I think it’s also her way to hold on to and keep this era going. I loved every moment of this year and i can’t wait to see what the years to come will bring. I hope she enjoys her well deserved time off and gets to binge watch all the netflix she wants and eat whatever she couldn’t order while on tour. But most of all, i hope she gets to stay as happy as she was when she was on that stage every night. Love seeing that smile on her face, and will be excited to see it whenever on the 1989 tour special. Love you Tay!

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