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This Day in 1D History - June 23


  • Louis shares his experience watching the Avengers (lmao) at 102.9 NOW
  • Up All Night Tour concert – Dallas, USA


  • I s2g…
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Washington, DC, USA


  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Gothenburg, Sweden


  • Niall encourages everyone to vote!! 
  • Harry Styles or Pauly D? Who knows

I said I would save the last 2 eps for when I come back home next week but I failed miserably…… I didn’t only watch them the day they were released, I also started binging the manga like the impatient idiot I am and now I’m almost caught up and I’m in shambles despite all of the spoilers I’ve already seen. The chapters that led to Erwin’s death were so much worse than I could have ever imagined and I didn’t think just reading the manga could cause so much gross crying 😭😭😭

I need a break now after all that ridiculous information that came hailing down in chapter 86.

Just wondering, where do you all read the recent chapters once they come out?

Dancing with the Linebacker - Epilogue

Rated: M (NSFW: smut/swearing/less than brief mention of surgery)
Kristoff and Anna welcome their twins! Oh and a wedding or something…

*** I want to thank each and every one of you who’ve read and liked and commented on this story.  I appreciate it more than I can possibly say ***

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Despite how sore and tired she was, Anna could not stop smiling.  They were finally brining their babies home.  Born on August 1st, at 36 weeks and five days, Wesley came in at 5 pounds 8 ounces and Olivia weighed 5 pounds 3 ounces.   They now occupied the two brand new car seats, as her and Kristoff drove with the excitement of taking their newest additions home for the first time.

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Why Supernatural Shippers shouldn’t argue over ships

No matter whether you ship Destiel or Sastiel or Wincest or Sabriel or Debriel or Samifer or Michifer or Ducifer or Michean or Midam or Adamandriel or any of the countless other common shippings involving incest or angels or demons we all have something in common.

We are all going to go to Hell for shipping it. 

This was just an excuse to draw Ruthven’s hair tbh

Kirishima is the designated fake boyfriend. Need to get a creep to shove off? Kirishima’s your guy. Parents insist you bring someone home for the holidays? He’ll compliment you and your parents’ cooking, you just might want to remind him of table manners. Nasty ex walking by? Just take his hand, he’ll roll with it. He’s pretty reliable and earnest so people would automatically trust him with that role

I love how I’m not able to remember what was happening last week, but I remember so many song lyrics its kinda ridiculous

anonymous asked:

Have you guys seen thescreenshots of the gillovny chat where they're saying really rude and nasty things about Gillian and Peter? Kind of pathetic. Their new insult for Peter is 'Turtle Pants.' They're so bitter about Gillian being in love, I almost feel sorry for them.

Thanks for stopping by, sailor. We have heard whispers about these screenshots but we have no desire to dig any further. The ramblings of a handful of people who are only fans of Captain Anderson so long as she is dating someone of their choosing, holds little interest for us. 

However, ‘Turtle Pants’ is something that we are interested in. Insult you say? We at HMS Gilligan view it as a term of endearment. After all turtles are majestic and gentle creatures. Not to mention, we love it when people state the obvious, it avoids unnecessary confusion - Peter most certainly does have a turtle on his pants. Captain Morgan is so on board with our nautical theme it warms the cockles of our hearts. Who would have thought it, eh? Please draw your eyes to exhibit A:

How lovely. Our captains enjoying their vacation and Gillian capturing the moment for posterity, Turtle pants and all. Those turtle pants have been on a journey this year: Costa Rica, Greece, Italy - and who knows what other exotic destinations they’ll visit soon. We dare say they’ll get another outing in Vancouver this coming August. Splendid, if you ask us.

Today at work a client came to pick up her dog at the end of the day and I totally didn’t recognise her or her vehicle. I wasn’t there for drop offs in the morning so I had a hard time remembering the owners lol. She greeted me like she really knew me so I awkwardly went to the pen and saw this one labx looking SUPER excited so I was like ‘ah, that must be his owner’ and let him out and luckily it was. 

I def have guessed wrong before though and it was super awkward