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Jealousy meme

requested by @momokitty27​! i set it up into a few different categories so it’s not just for couples but for a whole range of relationships!

for couples

  • “I noticed them checking you out.”
  • “Were you checking them out?”
  • “So… they’re good-looking, right?”
  • “Don’t lie to me and say you don’t think they’re hot.”
  • “Just admit that you like them.”
  • “Come on; even I know that they’re hotter than me.”
  • “It’s not fair that they get to be around you all day and I don’t.”
  • “They were hitting on you.”
  • ‘I know you liked it when they were hitting on you.”
  • “Would you like me more if I was more like them?”
  • “They’re not (funnier / cuter / better looking ) than me, are they?”
  • “Are you going to leave me for them?”
  • “Would you leave me for them if you had the chance?”

for characters talking to their unrequited crush

  • “You deserve better than them.”
  • “They’re not even that good-looking.”
  • “What do you see in them?”
  • “Why do you stay with them?”
  • “Wanna tell me what they did to upset you this time?”
  • “If I had someone as wonderful as you, I would (never forget our anniversaries / always cherish you / etc).”
  • “You should just leave them.”

for characters talking about their ex

  • “I wonder what they’re doing right now.”
  • “Their new (boyfriend / girlfriend / datemate) isn’t right for them.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about them with their new (boyfriend / girlfriend / datemate).”
  • “They moved on so quickly.”
  • “I get angry thinking about anyone else having them, even though I don’t have them myself.”
  • “Do you think they were cheating on me with their new (boyfriend / girlfriend / datemate) before we broke up?”
  • “They never looked at me like they look at them.”

for friends

  • “I noticed you hanging out with (character’s name) lately.”
  • “You hung out with them and didn’t invite me?”
  • “I feel like a third-wheel.”
  • “They’re pretty fun, right?”
  • “Maybe I shouldn’t come and let you two hang out together instead.”
  • “I know that they’re more interesting than me.”
  • “You two have more in common, anyways.”
  • “It’s alright; I have other friends.”

for children characters talking to their parents

  • “No! I don’t want a new (brother / sister)!”
  • “You like (sibling’s name) more than me.”
  • “If I get a new (brother / sister), you’re going to love them more.”
  • “We haven’t played together since you had the baby.”
  • “I hate my (brother / sister)!”
  • “They’re not better than me! They can’t even use the bathroom right!”


  • “Am I hotter than that person?”
  • “So many people have achieved so much by this age, yet here I am.”
  • “I’m a better (cook / surfer / etc) than them.”
  • “They’re not even that good at (cooking / surfing / etc)…”
  • “I look better in this than them, right?”
  • “Do you think I could pull off that (hat / dress / etc) like them?”
  • “Whatever; I’m not jealous.”
How to avoid informed traits

You know those characters that are constantly referred to so smart or so capable or so sensitive (etc. etc.) by other characters or in the narration? And every time it comes up you find yourself shaking your head or rolling your eyes because the character in question  either is as bland as boiled potatoes or constantly acts in ways that contradict those claims without explanation? 

That’s what is commonly called an “informed trait”. You’re told the character is a certain way (or has a certain ability), but there is more or less nothing in the text to back that up. 

It goes the other way around, too, with informed flaws that are supposed to make a character more relatable or interesting - think almost every romantic comedy leading lady who is supposedly “shy” and “clumsy”, but in a cute, endearing way that only ever comes up when the plot asks for it. 

It’s frustrating, distracting, incredibly dull and at times downright insulting to the reader to encounter a story where one or more characters have a bad case of this, but unfortunately, it’s a pretty common weakness even in otherwise strong, well-written stories with interesting and complex character concepts. 

Since characters and how the reader feels about them (whether they are supposed to relate to them, look up to them or feel repulsed by them) can really make or break a story, informed traits are an easy trap to fall into and many a writer’s Achilles heel. 

So, how to avoid them?

This is where the trusty old “Show, don’t tell” comes in. You have most likely been told before that it’s usually better to go for subtlety and leave something to the reader’s imagination than to spell it out, and that is true. 

It’s challenging to imply something without outright saying it. You have to get creative with the details you want to put into your story to get a point across by relying on your audience’s ability to read between the lines, and while it’s absolutely worth it to go the extra mile, you also run the risk of making your narrative too stilted and contrived instead. 

However, there is a fairly simple trick to make your characterization feel more natural and insert it into the story smoothly:

Stop thinking of your characters as possessing certain traits and start thinking of their personalities as a collection of habits, preferences and specific abilities. 

It might not sound like that big of a difference, but it will make translating your character traits into text much, much easier and save you a lot of trouble while editing. 

Some examples:

  1.  A “smart” character

    This can mean a lot of things. You could have a character who is booksmart, learns quickly, reads a lot, can retain information easily and access it when needed, but has trouble applying theoretical knowledge in real life, someone who entertains their friends by telling them about weird facts and trivia, someone who can still recite poems they had to learn by heart when they were ten, someone with a tendency to talk in such complex run-on sentences they frequently forget what they were talking about half-way through. 
    Or you could have a character who is good at problem-solving instead, who likes puzzles and riddles, who gleefully obsesses over odd problems to find even odder solutions, but thinks so far out of the box in order to remain engaged in their current task they often miss the forest for the trees.  

  2. A “brave” character

    Try to instead make a character who can never resist a challenge, who is a thrill-seeker and went bungee jumping about a dozen times already, who enjoys dragging their friends on the most dangerous looking rides in an amusement park and endlessly teases them about how pale they went afterwards. Make someone who simply cannot stand by when they see someone else get bullied, someone with a collection of scars they wear proudly and a story to tell about each one.
  3. A “shy” character

    Forget about characters who blush prettily when spoken to and that’s it. Instead, write about a character who can’t make eye contact without forcing themselves to, who stumbles over their own words when talking to strangers, who is afraid of wearing bright colours because it might draw attention to them, someone who is humble and polite, but distant and comes across as cold or uncaring because they have tendency to hide their insecurity by retreating into themselves, even though seeming rude is the last thing on their mind.

Insert these habits into the story wherever they fit best. Be consistent in the portrayal of your character’s behaviour, even as character development kicks in. Adjust deliberately, but reasonably. After all, old habits die hard, so having your character break with one, however minor, can be a powerful moment with just as much emotional resonance as a flashy, dramatic scene meant to convey the same sentiment, and any “big” scenes will likely feel more organic if the reader has already seen traces of the necessary character changes before. 

Why Kirishima Isn’t a Stupid Character

I’ve seen a lot of art and fanfics portray Kirishima as a complete dumbass. Many flanderized versions of Kirishima’s character portray him as so dumb that it’s cringe worthy.

While these interpretations of his character are common, the manga shows Kirishima is not stupid. He’s more intelligence than people may think.

According to the databook, Kirishima has the same intelligence as Uraraka and Tokoyami. That’s nowhere close to being stupid. 

There are moments in the manga where Kirishima displays his smarts. Here are some examples.

He correctly predicts Sero would win the training exercise.

He understands his own weakness when it comes to maneuverability since hardening makes it difficult for him to move.

Kirishima is good with directions. 

He easily figures out Momo wanting to go shopping at the Don Quijote is the reason she didn’t want to create disguises using her Quirk.

He buys night vision goggles because he correctly predicts they’ll need them.

Kirishima recognizes the Quirk enhancing drugs right away and understands what a problem they’ll be if they’re out on the streets. Furthermore, he knows he needs to keep civilians away from the thug’s blades.

In order to protect everyone on the streets from the blades, Kirishima makes sure the blades are focused on him.

Kirishima recognizes Gran Torino and notices Midoriya has a lot of connections. 

He knows what to say to Bakugou in order to convince Bakugou to let him join his cavalry battle team during the Sport’s Festival. 

Kirishima recognizes Midoriya feels the worst about Bakugou’s kidnapping and uses that knowledge to convince Midoriya to help him rescue Bakugou. 

There are other instances of Kirishima either being logical or reading people well, but you get the idea.

He’s not nearly as stupid as people make him out to be. More specifically, Kirishima has very good interpersonal intelligence and most likely very good bodily/kinestethic intelligence too.


Rich: …The Squips did this to him. Threw him off his balcony. It’s a miracle he’s still…ya know?

It’s been three months…but I’m not giving up hope yet! Jakey D is tough as nails and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just waiting for the perfect moment to wake up again…

Just. I’ll be here for ‘im, like always, ‘cause he’s my pal. The closest bro I got.


Margherita Lucilla Siani - Overwatch OC: Overview

Ta-daaaa! This post has been stocked in my scraps for like… a decade! I’ve been changing things, names, dates so many times that I have issues myself to remember who and when. But we are finally here!

Some general, basic informations about my Overwatch Child, Margherita. It’s the first time ever I go this deep with an Original Character, so I really hope you like her! More infos, skins and backstory will come soon.

Fancy to tell me if you’d like to play as her? Ahah! I totally would!

I wrote more detailed explanations about her abilities, but I’m gonna hide the rest of the post since I talked too much. LOL

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Analysis of skills: Pidge

Pidge is an amazing character with a lot of depth and untouched potential and here are some of my thoughts about her. It’s a pretty long post so everything is under the cut! 

Allura / Coran / Shiro / Keith / Lance / Hunk

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((*Inhales* I’ve planned to do this story for a while now and I finally managed to draw it. I wanted to finish the first page today so here it is. The birth of Paper Crane. More page coming soon. I don’t expect you to understand what’s going on right away since Crane is a rather complex character.))

Start: You’re here

*Next* Page 2

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko

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Descendants Main Five + Auradon Students

Humans and make up.

Ok so I have discovered humans are weird and space orcs, so I’ve decide to throw in one I haven’t seen.

Make up….

We paint are face to seen more beautiful. Risk rashes, zits, and all kinds of mess just so we can look younger and better. Not only younger and better, but more like fiction characters if you like costuming.

So a human female wears make up. Their alien crew mates just assume that’s the human normal appearence, since Humans come in so many diverse forms. One day she runs out, or decides not to wear it. The Aliens freak out, wondering if they are sick or (along the lines of Aliens have a rebirth process) this is a new version of the human.

Or a Humans do costume for halloween( or just because) and it just throws the aliens for a loop.

Feel free to write about this. (please)

Supergirl season 3: Wishes!

So now that Season 2 is officially over here are some of the things that I’d like to see in the 3rd season:

  • Kara developing more as a reporter
  • Learning some more backstory about Krypton and Kara’s biological family
  • The return of Danvers Sisters couch movie nights
  • Game nights that include Lena
  • Lena interacting with people outside of her friendship with Kara. I want to see Lena being included by the Superfriends.
  • More of Martian Man hunter and Miss Martian working together with Supergirl
  • James Olsen
  • The Guardian and Supergirl fighting alongside one another
  • Lucy Lane being mentioned
  • Lucy Lane making reappearances, whether that be on the phone, via video chat or actually being in the DEO. I miss her and I want her back at least once.
  • More Space Dad/Papa Bear hugs with his adoptive children
  • A good Sanvers wedding that isn’t rushed and has the time and effort spent developing their connection.
  • Lena and Winn working together on a project.
  • More James backstory,
  • More costume designs.
  • Lena’s apartment, does she live at L Corp? - we don’t know because we’ve only really seen her there (for the most part).
  • More Kara/Lena interactions.
  • Supercorp or Karolsen becoming canon.
  • Gertrude the dog.
  • The love story of Alex and her gun
  • Lyra developing as a character and not treating Winn so horribly.
  • Platonic relationships being utilised
  • Cat and Lena interactions
  • Winn interacting with his hero crushes (aka Clark and James)
  • Alex and Kara getting to talk about their issues
  • A possible return of Live Wire
  • Crossover with the Flash but on Kara’s Earth so that Alex and Winn get to interact with more of Team Flash
  • Kara developing as a person, developing her friendships, her work, learning as a person that isn’t tied to a relationship right from the start.
  • An episode or two where Lillian Luthor returns.

What I definitely do not want to see is the return of Mon-El. I like that he left, I like that Kara isn’t with him because it wasn’t a healthy relationship. It wasn’t an equal relationship and I don’t think it furthered Kara’s story line in any way. Mon-El leaving was something I’d wanted since he came in and I think having him return would not further the plot, he’s proven that he isn’t a hero, he’s proven that he is disrespectful, rude, sexist and selfish. I don’t want to see that kind of character in a show that I love and if he comes back it would be a waste (in my opinion). There are so many other options, there are so many other characters that we as a fandom would love to see return more: Lucy, M’gann, Cat. These are all amazing characters, these are all kick-ass women who I can relate to. I want to see family, I want to see friendship and I want to see love based on mutual trust and understanding, of equal footing and of kindness and loyalty. Mon-El doesn’t bring any of those things to the show. Supergirl should always be the heart of the show and hopefully in Season 3 we can see more of that.

“Roleplaying a villain muse can be difficult at times. People will beg for there to be a blog with said villain muse, but once you make it you’re either ignored because your muse will want to act on their cruel nature or only approached for fight threads, so the “hero” muse can come out victorious. There’s so much more in store with villainous characters, especially since many of them are so complex.

Please, give your local villain a chance and allow your muse to get fucked over once in a while.“

TW Spinoff: Kitsune

This idea hasn’t left my head since I first thought of it, so for @sterekwritingroom​‘s spinoff headcanon event I’d like to propose a show focusing on Noshiko Yukimura, starting in her young life nine hundred years ago and following her through various generations, various “lifetimes.”

Arden Cho would play Noshiko, and the surrounding cast would play different characters each season as time skips forward, appearing as reincarnations of their former selves that Noshiko finds herself tangled up with throughout many lifetimes.

Imagine Ken Yukimura crossing paths with Noshiko each season, each “lifetime,” sometimes falling for her and sometimes just missing her; the tragedy of losing characters but knowing they’ll, at least in some form, return the next season. Think about how interesting it would be to see the actors play new roles that are sort of the same person but also not, and only Noshiko and the audience remembering them as they were before. (Also: occasional appearance of former TW cast members, guest starring as their characters’ past selves??)

And moving on from the reincarnation idea… exploring kitsune mythology. Watching Noshiko grow in her powers, earn her tails. Exploring eastern mythology in general, and seeing how it ties in to the world of Teen Wolf.

Plus: period drama!! A new time period each season, spanning across the past nine hundred years. So much could be done with this concept.

This would be such an amazing spinoff and I want it.

Kitsune Kon Digimon Panel Summary

(Picture by Brian Beacock. From left to right- Brian Beacock, Paul St. Peter, Beau Billingslea, Steve Blum, Colleen O’Shaughnessy, Derek Stephen Prince, me)

Hosted Kitsune Kon’s big Digimon panel this morning! Steve Blum’s website filmed parts of it, video of some of it should appear somewhere. Until then, these are the highlights:

  • The whole cast was very appreciative of the way the show talked about real issues like death, bullying, etc. It was heavy stuff for a TV anime, especially at the time.
  • This is the first time and Brian and Steve were on a panel together! “Guilmon” was pestering “Takato” the whole time.
  • Colleen first heard about tri. at a con, the call came much later. The only tri. movie she’s seen is the Confession preview at AX two weeks ago!
  • Beau was surprised to get the call, since Ogremon only grunts a couple times. Paul really likes doing Leomon and appreciated it. Both are uncredited in the DVD curiously.
  • Characters with unified voices like Imperialdramon and Gallantmon were recorded separately. Derek (ExVeemon) had trouble matching Paul (Stingmon)’s pace and tone. 
  • Derek originally only auditioned for Veemon, wanted to try Ken later. One of the real highlights of the panel was Derek talking about about the personal emotion he put into voicing Ken during Wormon’s death.
  • Steve really relates to JP, and Takato was Brian’s first big role- Steve recorded Guilmon’s lines after Brian and thought he was working with an experienced actor!
  • Steve wants to ride around on Riley and Tally’s Hypnos chair.
  • Colleen wished she could have voiced more of the Digimon themselves. One reason she didn’t was Joshua Seth played so many Digimon at first that they scaled back and didn’t have the kids voicing as many of the other characters.
  • The actors are very possessive of their characters, particularly their voices. Paul and Derek were disappointed not to voice Leomon and Beelzemon in Fusion. Brian missed out on voicing Takato in certain places.
    • Paul will not let anyone else do Wormmon. Worm baby is his.
  • They like coming back for additional seasons, although it’s a little unnerving since the cast always changes. At least there’s always a Leomon! Plus all of Paul’s characters seem to die, so he’s used to it.
  • Brian was disappointed Hunters was never dubbed and he didn’t get to voice Takato for it. I showed the clip for them! Derek and Colleen were happy Jeremy and Angie got their Fusion Loaders.
  • Paul/Derek and Brian/Steve managed to do live versions of Imperialdramon and Gallantmon evolution sequences.
  • Nobody is apologizing for the puns in the script. Everyone loves the puns in the script.
  • Showed the second Appmon opening for everybody. Everyone thought it was interesting, particularly incorporating modern concepts, smartphones and AI. Brian wants to be in it really bad!
  • Towards the end, Brian said something about wishing there was more closure for Tamers and I mentioned how there are audio dramas that covered some of this. This led to Colleen reading Sora’s “I’m not interested in younger men” line from Adventure Mini Drama 2.
  • Also screened the dub trailer for Determination and the Japanese trailer for Symbiosis.

Voices overheard-
Derek: Impmon, Digitamamon, Veemon, Imperialdramon
Colleen: Sora
Steve: Guilmon, Flamedramon, Poromon, Kenta, Yamaki, Gallantmon
Beau: Ogremon, Parrotmon
Paul: Leomon, Cherubimon
Brian: Takato, Bokomon, (Data Squad) Agumon

anonymous asked:

My story has six main characters, all of equal importance, and so I'm having trouble deciding on what to do with the POV. Any advice for this situation?

Point of View

We rarely get POV questions so thanks anon! I love point of view, so I’m excited to talk about this. Here are some considerations you should make if you’ve got lots of characters and you’re stumped on how to handle their perspectives. 

For our other followers: if you’re not familiar with POV and different POV types, read through this article to give you some basic knowledge. Also, here are our two posts on writing multiple perspectives for some additional information.

Multiple Points of View

Let’s Talk About POV

1. First person vs. third person

It might be instinct to think that you can’t use first person perspective when you have more than one POV character, but that’s simply not true! My favorite ones to cite (as I do in one of the previous posts) is Legend by Marie Lu and The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

What’s tricky about using many first person POVs (in this case, you’d be using 6) is that the voice of each character may get lost. If each voice has only subtle differences, it’s easy for a reader to lose track of whose POV they’re currently reading. Especially if the switches are happening often. Even if you provide headings that identify the character, you want voices that are distinct. The flip side of that is if you’re attempting to write voices that are too different with that many characters, you might end up writing caricatures or archetypes that are only different to be different, and you lose the authenticity.

Voice is important with first person point of view. If the idea of developing a unique voice for each of the six characters sounds daunting or uninteresting, then third person perspective might be more your speed.   

2. Multiple third person POVs

You might think that third person is simple in this case. Because you’re not using I/me/mine pronouns, then you’re really not using one character’s perspective, right? Point of view becomes inconsequential, right?

Actually, no that’s not right at all! When you read a novel that is written from the third person POV, it’s more than likely the limited third person. It can be hard to recognize, but the easiest way to think about limited third is that it’s first person where the I/me/mine pronouns are just replaced with she/her/hers (or whichever gender). You’re still only seeing one character’s perspective, but you’re slightly more distant. Instead of the story being told from the character’s perspective, it’s told from the perspective of someone that’s able to read this character’s mind, and only this character’s mind. 

So when it comes to the perspective the story’s told from, third person limited and first person aren’t that far off from each other. Since we’ve determined that you can use more than one first person perspective in a novel, you can also use more than one limited third person perspective. 

The advantage of using third person over first person when you’re going to be switching perspectives between many characters, is that you can use the character’s names frequently, so a reader won’t get lost with two many “I” narrators. 

No matter how many characters I’m using, this is my personal favorite, but each writer has their own preferences. When you’re choosing between first and third, use the one that appeals to you the most. You can probably make it work either way. 

3. Omniscient Third Person

You also might choose to go the third person omniscient route, where you’re able to see into any of your characters’ heads at any one time. With third person limited, it’s common to choose one character’s perspective per scene/chapter, but with third person omniscient, you could move from one character’s head to another in a matter of sentences. 

Here’s an example from Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott.

‘…We can’t do much, but we can make our little sacrifices, and ought to do it gladly. But I am afraid I don’t.’ And Meg shook her head, as she thought regretfully of all the pretty things she wanted. 

‘But I don’t think the little we should spend would do any good. We’ve each got a dollar, and the army wouldn’t be much helped by our giving that. I agree not to expect anything from Mother or you, but I do want to buy UNDINE AND SINTRAM for myself. I’ve wanted it so long,’ said Jo, who was a bookworm. 

‘I planned to spend mine in new music,’ said Beth, with a little sigh, which no one heard but the hearth brush and kettle holder. 

The first bolded sentence shows Meg’s perspective, as she is thinking of all the pretty things she wants, and no one else could know that but her. Then, just a couple paragraphs later in the second bolded sentence, we’re no longer in Meg’s head, since no one (including Meg) heard what Beth said. This is a narrator that clearly is able to perceive all perspectives all the time. 

What this means is that you can show what each character is thinking in every scene, rather than addressing only one character per scene or per chapter. 

4. Choosing What’s Right

While it’s true that some stories are told more effectively with one perspective than another, it’s also important that you choose something you feel comfortable tackling. A writer that writes from first person as their default might struggle to draft a story using third person omniscient. 

It’s good to challenge yourself, especially if you feel your POV choice is important for your story, but there are times when it’s more important to get the story written than to push your limits. Any POV you choose can work, so try it out with whichever POV is natural for you. 

Point of view is one of those things that you will be dealing with in just about every sentence you write, so it’s crucial that you feel comfortable with it. Experimentation is good, but if you can’t settle into the perspective you choose, you’ll constantly feel like you’re writing someone else’s novel and not your own.

Good luck with your POV decision!



i see nina being bashed for being naive and i’m like true.. but why is azazel treated like he wasn’t? sure i love him but he was beyond naive in planning his coup against charioce. he risked the entire plan on someone he met like last night and their ability to transform that he witnessed literally once. he didn’t even explain the situation to nina he just took 30 seconds to tell her to come to that place at that time 

she didn’t even get to question him and he didn’t even hear her agree. right he went to find her when she (naturally) didn’t come and with pure luck he managed to locate her. but luck couldn’t manage so much.

the thing is, he now is aware of his naivety and does regret his mistake. he doesn’t blame nina or anyone. 

“as well” here refer to nina. he knows it’s not anyone’s fault but his. and he is learning from it. he is developing as a character and how nice is that.

so why nina isn’t given this chance? she obviously developed in many aspects since the first ep (she used to HATE charioce) there isn’t any reason to believe she wouldn’t develop more. 

((You may want to click the picture so you can read it!))

Ah yes, well, believe it or not, I’m not so unlike-able that I don’t have…what you could call friends. 

China: Ha, he thinks he can tell me what to do…but I don’t want him to turn his back on me because he trades so much with me. He just wants South and I to stop fighting because it would make his life easier. Easy for him to say. It’s not his existence at stake…

Russia: I probably wouldn’t still be here without him. He showed me how to stay strong when your enemy is stronger, and he helped me get better technology to even the playing field. Nowadays he pretends to not be friends with me because he doesn’t want America to notice. I don’t care if America notices.

Cuba: We’ve always been good friends because we agree on a lot of things, especially socialism being great and America being the worst. I learned Spanish just for him. He also boycotted the last Seoul Olympics with me. That’s true friendship.

Vietnam: She ended up going through almost the same thing I did with the north-south ideology war. I flew MiG’s for her because it felt sort of personal…like I could redeem myself that way.

Malaysia: We were cooperating well on tourism and trade for a while, but we had a fight because my leader’s half-brother was assassinated in her country and she wouldn’t give him back. Now we’re not talking, so actually she shouldn’t be on this chart…

Singapore: He doesn’t judge me like other nations do, but he doesn’t judge anyone as long as they’ll do business with him. Whatever. He buys my stuff and that’s more than can be said for most countries.

Syria: We’ve been friends ever since he’s been fighting with Israel (just another puppet of America, by the way). I also showed him how to make a nuclear reactor to power his cities, but Israel destroyed it because no one can have anything nice these days. Anyway, he’s been having some troubles with a civil war lately, and I’ve been trying to help him, but he can’t seem to decide if he wants help from me or not.

Pakistan: He wanted to get a leg-up on India and knew I wouldn’t judge him for it, so we started toying with rockets together. Since that went so well, we’ve been having more cultural exchanges lately. Some of my students study abroad there.

Iran: Ah yes, Iran and I bond over many things. Like Pakistan and I, we bond over science, but she’s more into nuclear physics… And, well, after you get labelled a “rogue state” by America, no one wants to be your friend, so we stick together.

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scarlett-witch  asked:

Thank you for doing these Q and A sessions, it always makes my day to hear more about some of my favorite characters! So my question is how do you come up with all your different character names? Especially since many of them aren't traditional names (at least, I've never seen the names Veralidaine, Numair, Keladry, Thayet, etc, anywhere other than in your stories). Also, how do you come up with all of your different country names?

At first, I used new age baby name books (with brown paper bags over the covers because I got tired of people asking when I was due). As I got more experienced, I started drawing names from the cultures I based different areas on. Not just the names I could find online, but bits and pieces of place names. Now I have whole books on the structure of names and the history of various types of names. It’s a bit of a hobby of mine.

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First I wanna say that I love reading your metas! Second I hope you don't mind me asking... What if Shiro chooses to sacrifice himself for the universe, do you think Keith would be able to stop him? Or would he respect his wish? How about the other way around?

Aww thank you very much!! I’m happy to hear it! ^^ OKay so,, this happened in the original golion actually. Despite Keith choosing to sacrifice Voltron to protect Ryou Shirogane, Ryou still manages to take control of the situation and chooses to crash Lotor’s ship–which ends up of course killing him, but he also takes Lotor down with him. So I mean, there is precedence for this. This was our original ending. And yet–that’s definitely part of the reason why I think they won’t go this route in VLD.

If we go by this idea that a successor is supposed to surpass their predecessor, and carry on with the theme that Keith’s been trying to save Shiro all this time–ever since Kerberos–then I think we’re headed in a that direction. Keith wanting to rescue Shiro is undoubtably an overarching part of his character arc, as his unbreakable bond with Shiro is in itself one of the main themes of Voltron. After Keith got kicked out of the garrison and started wondering through the desert, he said he felt lost. 

And you have to remember, this is someone with no family and no other friends, he said Shiro was the only person who never gave up on him. He had no one. And when he lost Shiro and his position at the garrison, he had nowhere else to go. He completely cut his ties with everyone and left for this self-imposed exile in the desert. With no human contact for a year. That says a lot. So really, what was his goal by examining the strange ruins he found? He wanted a new purpose. He needed something to keep him going, something to channel all his focus towards. A new drive and passion. So when he sees this thing crash to Earth, I don’t think he realizes it’s Shiro. Not at first. But he sees something streak across the sky like a fallen star and thinks That’s for me. That’s mine, and I’m going to go get it. He’d been so wrapped up in his theories, so excited after cracking the code that revealed “some arrival happening”–and he felt it just had to be for him, so he breaks into the garrison to get it. 

He asked the universe for something, anything–an answer, a hope–and the stars answered back with Shiro. Finally, he was home again, and Keith’s just so relieved. Time and again, the universe keeps pulling them apart only for the two to inevitably come crashing back together. Even if he didn’t believe the reports of a dead crew, I’m certain Keith still grieved and mourned Shiro in that desert. Just like he did after season 2. And you know what? Everyone told him to move on. And I’m sure people have been telling him to move on since Kerberos. But all this time, he’s never given up hope. 

This series isn’t about Keith making his peace with losing Shiro and learning to let go, it’s about his drive to always overcome the odds and save Shiro as many times as he has to until he gets it right, until Shiro is finally safe. “As many times as it takes.” Just like Shiro’s character arc is about overcoming his trauma and coming to terms with the fact that he’s not a monster, that he deserves to live and his life has more worth beyond just being everyone’s martyr. So while Shiro is the type to sacrifice himself for the people he loves–and in part be so willing to do so because he doesn’t see the value in his own life–I don’t think that’s where the narrative’s heading. Especially in terms of how insistent Keith is that Shiro has to be the one that goes on–“You’re gonna make it”–I don’t think it makes any sense to completely wipe out so much of Shiro’s character development to do this. 

In all honesty, I can kind of see Keith in a position where he chooses to sacrifice himself more so than Shiro (because while I think Shiro would definitely choose it, I also am pretty sure Keith would be able to prevent it). Keith has always put Shiro’s safety first, even at the cost of the mission–insisting that they not rescue Allura because it was too risky but then breaking from the plan and putting his other teammates in jeopardy to save Shiro, being unconvinced when holo-Shiro mentions his duty as paladin but then chasing after him when he threatens to leave Keith all alone, telling the team that protecting Shiro was their top priority when he was knocked unconscious during their fight with Zarkon, relentlessly searching for Shiro for who knows how long instead of reforming Voltron, ect. 

So I think that, while they’d both be more than willing to sacrifice themselves for each other–and for Shiro, this was made especially clear in BOM–I more so can see Keith kind of beating him to it just because he’s so focused on saving Shiro. He promised him after all, and there’s no way he’s letting Shiro go again