but more than 50 years at one point

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The picture at the top of the "stitching leather" post you just made shows what looks like a slit in the leather and a strap pulled through it. Is there anything special you have to do to cut a slit like that? Do you have to worry about it tearing (like, widening the slit, if you see what I mean), afterwards, or is the leather too tough for that to be a problem?

Ya! The tool is called an oblong punch, or a slot punch, and they are very handy. Here’s a pic of the Fili bracer laid out flat to make the slots easier to see:

It’s a clean, professional way of attaching straps so that the end is not visible from the top side, and it’s also stronger because it changes the direction that the stress is applied to the attachment point (usually a rivet, but in the Fili bracers I worked it into the stitching instead). Veg-tan leather heavier than like 5 oz is very, very unlikely to tear, and the rounded edges of the slot punch distribute any stress.

Some more examples:

(On the silver Loki shoulder, the strap runs through a slot in the top piece but is riveted to the bottom piece.)

Oblong punches come in a variety of lengths and they’re one of the more expensive leatherworking tools (like, the good ones run $30-$50 apiece). I have, over the years, eventually sprung for the nice ones in most sizes:

The two black ones are 1/2″ and 3/4″, from Tandy – the silver one is a 3/8″ that I had to order off eBay because Tandy doesn’t carry that size. The cheap ones look like this:

They’re much more likely to get clogged up, and the edges I think are flimsier and wear down and get hard to punch quicker.

But, good news, if you don’t want to buy a slot punch you can substitute with a hole punch and a utility knife:

Which is cool, because you need slots not just for hiding the ends of your straps, but also for buckles (as shown above) and also to use in place of round holes for locking buckles (this is what I originally bought the 3/8″ slot punch for):

So that is the slot punch, THE END!


Vera Rubin died on Sunday. She was one of our most important astronomers and was the first person to discover evidence of dark matter

The science community pushed for Rubin to get a Nobel Prize, hoping she’d break a more than 50-year streak without a female winner, according to The Washington Post. One supporter of this movement, University of Washington astronomer Emily Levesque, told Astronomy.com that “the existence of dark matter has utterly revolutionized our concept of the universe and our entire field; the ongoing effort to understand the role of dark matter has basically spawned entire subfields within astrophysics and particle physics at this point.”


a list of things i think will and will not happen in the finale
  • in no particular order or organization
  • AD will be revealed and it will not be melissa, ezra, or wren, despite those being the only ones that will make sense
  • aria’s “i can’t marry ezra” line is just pre-wedding jitters as it’s all but been announced that they have a wedding in the finale
  • emily and alison will get married in some point of the one year time jump
  • spencer and toby will get back together
  • hanna will say at least 10 annoying things and whine to caleb
  • emily/shay will say “oot” instead out “out” just one last time
  • it will be at LEAST 50% ships
  • we will not get to say goodbye to jason and his beauty
  • we will never know whether or not melissa was ever really pregnant and if she actually “lost” her baby
  • all the ships will be together bc marlene cares more about keeping the shippers happy than an actual good plot
  • the rosewood cops will get nothing done
  • we’ll never find out what maya knew
  • lucas peaced out after admitting he’s still in love with hanna
  • we’ll never know what happened to sean ackard, hanna’s step sister, jake the martial arts guy, alex from the country club, alison’s dad, byron, meredith, aria’s pig puppet, sydney, and every single one of emily’s girlfriends
    • lol imagine if emison gets married and all emily’s bridesmaids are literally her string of ex girlfriends
  • we will 100% get a bunch of cheesy fan fiction-y ship bullshit instead of filling plot holes
  • cece drake is actually charlotte and that bullshit plotline will forever leave gaping holes all over the entire series
    • i will never get over how careless marlene was bc they could’ve still gone with the cece/charlotte plotline HAD THEY JUST PAID ATTENTION TO DETAIL
  • we’ll never know why charlotte made a dollhouse and a prom for charles when she does not identify as charles to the point of having a funeral for him
  • lots of makeout scenes
  • have i mentioned i am so ready to be annoyed at this 2-hour shipping event? because lets be real that’s what it’s gonna be
  • ashley marin will say something high strung and panicky
  • ezra will forever be a beloved pedophile
  • unfortunately they’ll never mention eddie lamb ever again

feel free to add onto my cynical post

Why the "look” of Star Trek: Discovery was never going to please everyone and why you should get over it

Star Trek debuted on September 8th, 1966 and was widely held as a controversial and progressive series… for its time. I could spend hours dissecting just how racist and sexist The Original Series is, but that’s really not the point of this article.

The point of this story is that trying to keep a fandom going after more than 50 years is bound to get problematic in terms of aesthetics and continuity. Technology, fashion, makeup, and special effects have come a long way since 1966. A chief complaint of Star Trek: Discovery is that it’s supposed to be set 10 years before The Original Series, and therefore, it looks too “edgy” or “out of place” to fit in with the timeline.

I for one would have preferred a series that picked up after the events of Deep Space Nine and Voyager, but that’s not what we’re getting. And as I’m a diehard Trek fan through and through, I approach Star Trek a bit like marriage: I love the good, accept the bad, and understand that no matter how much I wish I could, there’s no changing what is. So here we go… another prequel. I’m keeping an open mind. In regards to what I think it should look like, I’m forced to ask myself: do I want something that looks like it seamlessly fits in with a “historical” account of a made up future, or do I want something that looks good and looks like it was produced in 2017 for an audience in 2017?

Star Trek has always served as a lens for the time in which it was created in terms of fashion and aesthetic. The Original Series looks like it belongs in the late 1960s. That’s because it does

Space hippies. ‘Nuff said. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation looks like a snapshot of the late 1980s and early 1990s. I’m surprised they didn’t have beige carpeting on the ceiling.

Neoprene body suits. Oh, and those leotards. Teeheehee.

Star Trek: Voyager was right at home in the late 1990s. Remember that time Captain Janeway and the gang traveled back to the year 1996 to prevent a temporal explosion in the 29th century that would destroy the entire solar system in the episode “Future’s End?” In commenting on the fashion worn by late 20th century inhabitants of Los Angeles, Tuvok even remarked, “We could’ve worn our Starfleet uniforms. I doubt if anyone would’ve noticed.”

Seriously, it looks like there was a fire sale over in the Seinfeld wardrobe department.

And so where does that leave Star Trek: Discovery? If we were going to follow the route of fitting in with the actual period it airs, it looks like it very much belongs in 2017. 

You know, 2017, where the thought of an Asian woman running shit with a black female sidekick isn’t “silly talk” and the best makeup they can come up with for an alien goes beyond pointy ears. 

But if we’re so hell bent on making it look like it could have been ten years before the beehive hairdos, miniskirts, and Beatles mania we see in The Original Series, it would probably have to look something more like this:

Hey, at least I still left room for two female leads, right? It’s so progressive! [And white]

And to follow the rabbit hole to completion, Star Trek: Enterprise, the other prequel which was set in the middle of the 22nd century, probably should have just looked like this all the time:

Archer and T’Pol: robbing stagecoaches and school marming since 2152. 

I’m 31 years old. I grew up watching The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, and I loved each of them because they spoke to real issues of the day. Each incarnation of the series almost serves as a mile marker, a perfect little time capsule to remind us of what life was like when it aired. 

I watch The Original Series and can see a world that looks like it’s on the verge of being torn apart by racial strife, fears of Communism, and nuclear armageddon. Part of what makes that series so special to me is being able to watch it with a modern eye and know that things got better. I look at The Next Generation and see themes relating to everything from the AIDS crisis to the end of the Cold War, and I think “Hell yeah world! We got through it!” Sort of. We have a long way to go, but the show reminds us how far we’ve come. Star Trek: Enterprise has 9/11 and the Global War on Terror written all over it. How things will end from that fiasco is still sadly yet to be determined.

So as a fan, I want a series that highlights life as we know it and is progressive for our time, not life as we think it should look according to a canonical pretend sci-fi timeline. If we’re really set on the idea that Discovery should literally fit a time just before The Original Series, there would be no female starship captains. In the TOS episode, “Turnabout Intruder,” Janice Lester tells Captain Kirk, "Your world of starship captains doesn’t admit women.“ There probably wouldn’t be women on the bridge at all, given that Captain Pike actually says, “I can’t get used to having a woman on the bridge” in the TOS episode, “The Cage.” It would be nice if we could have a show that both perfectly weaves itself into canon and speaks for the current generation, but if given the choice between the two, I’d take the second one every time. 

Given that there are already so many inconsistencies with canon as it is - the Klingon and Romulan foreheads look a little different with each telling and don’t even get me started on the stardates in The Original Series - can we just try to appreciate Discovery for what it is without dismissing it before it even airs just because it doesn’t fit into an ideal mold of what the year 2255 should theoretically look like according to canon? 

None of us have seen it. It might well end up being terrible. There are horrendous episodes in each series (anyone remember “Spock’s Brain” from TOS or “Angel One” from TNG?), and some series were definitely better than others. But I still appreciate each series for what it tried to accomplish, and good, bad, or ugly, I’ll appreciate Star Trek: Discovery too. I would never say you should automatically love something just because it’s Star Trek, but if you’re truly a fan, you’ll at least give it a chance

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Does it bother you that Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, wants him to stay cishet?

clearly, yes. it’s narrow-minded and unfortunate that he can’t see how important lgbt+ rep is. that being said, how he feels about it isn’t that important to me.

i love spider-man, i’ve always loved spider-man, and i’m not alone. spidey has been around for over 50 years, he has been portrayed by several different live action actors and voice actors, he has been written by countless different writers, illustrated by countless artists, and at that point he is no longer just stan lee’s. spider-man belongs to the people, he stands for more than what just one man thinks – even if that man created him (during a time when ZERO diversity was even considered for these superhero characters i might add)

so yeah, it’s unfortunate that stan lee can’t put aside internalized prejudices and try to see the bigger picture, but it isn’t surprising seeing as he’s ancient and most people his age are bigoted towards the lgbt+ community. but his bigotry isn’t going to stop me from loving spidey, or making lgbt+ headcanons for him, bc like i said: spidey belongs to a lot more than just stan lee now, and his word on the character stopped being law a long time ago.

So since I answered this ask this morning, I’ve been thinking about it, and I just want to make a point that I made in my response a little bit clearer:

Fandom wouldn’t exist without creators — we can all agree on that, I think. It’s the fic and art and playlists and vids and edits and gifs and meta that keeps people engaged in something years and years after the actual source material ends. But what we don’t always talk about is how fandom wouldn’t exist without all creators, the ones who get the attention and the ones who don’t. I know it may seem easy for me to say as someone who has found relative success writing fic, but I’ve been in fandom for about 15 years, and only now are people really finding and engaging with my stuff (this isn’t a complaint, just a fact)! The thing is, we keep creating not because we get notes or comments (even though those help with the Motivation) but because we love this thing (be it a TV show or book or movie or whatever it is). Enough to devote hundreds of hours of work to it without monetary reward and, often, without recognition. And usually in the face of a great deal of derision from others (both within and outside the fandom). That in itself is absolutely amazing.

The point I want to elaborate on, though, is that it is the diversity of perspective that makes engaging with fandom worth it, and makes each individual creator so valuable. (I’m going to talk about fic here ‘cause it’s my beat, but this applies to all forms of fan creation, I think). If the same 10-or-so writers wrote for a fandom, it would get so boring so quickly (not to say anything against those writers, of course) because no one would challenge anything. No one would say: “everyone portrays this character in such a way, but what if they’re reading this wrong?” No one would say: “I see this trope a lot, but what if this happened to turn it on its head?” We need people who see things differently to continue creating because that’s the only way our own perspective grows, not just in regard to the source material, but in regard to life.

Fan creators are making art, and art is the single most beautiful thing about the human experience. Its only purpose is to make us think — to reconsider, to revaluate, to challenge, to express — and every single individual human being brings their own personality, history, ideas and values to their art. No two people’s creations (be they stories, drawings, etc.) will ever be the same.

If you have a desire to contribute to fandom, but you’ve been holding back (or you’re considering holding back) because you’re worried about rejection or having trouble finding an audience, I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart to make your art anyway. Because some of the most incredible things I’ve ever read have had two comments on AO3. Some of the most mind-blowingly well-edited vids have had 40 views on YouTube (if that!). Someone will find your work, and that someone will be affected by it. And if they don’t — if for some reason you end up without any engagement — you’ve still made a huge personal leap. You’ve created something! With your own brain! And it is so uniquely and beautifully yours!

Fandom is imperfect. Incredibly imperfect. But there’s a reason we’re all here, isn’t there? We love this thing, and we want to love it together. Because of all of you — even the ones whose work I haven’t seen — I love my favorite show more than I ever have. You’ve kept this machine going for 50 years and it would not, would not, would not be the same without you. I know how easy it is to get discouraged, but you’re doing so well. And you’ll only ever grow from here.

tl;dr: All fan-creators are important. You’re doing amazing. I’m glad you’re here. <3

Gamer Girl Gains

Commissioned story I just wrote focusing on oblivious rapid short term weight gain, self conscious, lots of food, mild unhealthy (sedentary).  Enjoy! 

You had just graduated from college in December and were starting a new job at a video game design studio in January.  You were really excited about this opportunity and would be starting as a designer.  After talking to other people in the field you knew that hard work was a must and were ready to put in as many hours as needed to prove your skills.  You were assigned to a team working on a World War 2 shooter game. As a designer your responsibilities included outlining every game level, working on details such as how much damage different guns could do, what game modes to include and more.

You had put on about 50 lbs in the last two years of college, going from 150 to 200 pounds but were more chubby than fat at this point.  One thing that was clear is that you weren’t missing any meals.  You ate quite a bit throughout the day and always snacked heavily late at night.  You loved food, and were actually surprised that you hadn’t gained more.  Part of that is due to the fact that you were also very active and walked at least 45 min a day around campus.  You also didn’t have a lot of extra money for food as a student and were excited to be earning a salary now.  If you only knew how much of it was going to go to food. 

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SU Theory - Greg’s Age

A little something I noticed in Adventures In Light Distortion. Pearl mentioned that in 70 years Greg would be 110 years old. I did the maths (well, google did) and Greg is only supposed to be 40???

Okay so maybe people are thinking “yeah, he might look older than that but hey he could be 40 tbh”. Well, it is possible, but if it is, the timeline gets weirder.

I googled 70 years ago from today. 1977. If Greg really did meet Rose in the 80s, judging by the fashion, he would be at most 12 years old. Given he revealed he was 22 when he met them, either Pearl gave misinformation and he was born in 1967, making it possible for him to be 22 in the 1980s and therefore 50 years old, or they actually did meet in the 90s (hence why Greg made that comment about him believing disco was coming back). If they really did meet in the 90s, and we subtract 14 from 40, that makes Greg only 26 years old when Steven was born. If we take Greg’s word, that means they had Steven after only four years of knowing each other.

That’s what confuses me. It seems like a very short amount of time for someone who literally doesn’t age to suddenly decide she wants to have a child, give up her physical form, research how to shapeshift all the necessary anatomy etc, I mean considering pregnancy is 9 months long they only would have known each other 3 years and three months when they conceived?? That seems extremely weird to me since it would have had to have been planned. I understand that she believes human lives are short but surely that’s still very extreme?

So we can believe two things: either Pearl was incorrect and miscalculated, meaning Greg is 50 years old, knew Rose 14 years and had Steven at age 36 rather than 26 (which seems more plausible to me), or they really did conceive a child after only knowing each other for approximately 3 years and 3 months of knowing one another (and if we round up the montage of Greg’s song in Greg the Babysitter to be over the course of at least a year considering how old Sour Cream is at that point, Rose only became interested in human babies 2 years prior to having Steven). Well, if the latter is the case, it would explain why the gems were so shaken up by their loss. (oops that’s not okay.)

I mean, maybe I’m looking too much into this, but it’s food for thought. Think I should start up one of those wild theory youtube accounts or something??

↠boyfriend! hansol

↠ genre: boyfriend! head canons; fluff/romance; humor

↠ word count: 1.7k 

↠ authors note: ahh i got a little bit carried away… i am incredibly hansol biased i’m such trash. (also enjoy my first post aye)

  • Okay so we all know that despite his ‘ice (ice baby) cool’ rapper front… Hansol is a shy puppy
  • And with his s/o for a very, very long time I think he would be very much like that
  • But e s p e c i a l l y at the start of your relationship
  • Every time he wants to hold your hand there’s a sort of debate going on his mind
  • Because on one hand your hand is so soft and fits so nicely with his and it’s so relaxing holding your hand
  • But also holy shit what if his hands are really sweaty? Or what if you don’t even like holding his hand? It might not be nearly as relaxing holding his hand for you as it is for him??
  • And so this mental debate/panic goes on his head goes around his head for far too long
  • And of course, you notice this happening and try and stifle a small laugh
  • And you consider for a moment whether to point it out to him that
  • yes, you can see that he’s having a crisis and ask him what it’s about
  • or to just leave it and try to distract him somehow
  • so you decide on the latter so you grab his hand and start talking about some new music that he might like
  • and he’s there like
  • poor hansollie is too precious

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Hey, I noticed that a lot of people are hating on reed richards/mr.fantastic because he spends too much time on his work or something like that. Is that true and if not, do you know why he gets so much hate? I'm just curious.

First off, let’s cut through to the heart of the matter here: this allegation has nothing to do with how much time Reed does or doesn’t spend in his lab. What Reed haters are implying with this argument is that Reed loves science more than he loves his own family, which I think is just absurd. Saying that Reed Richards doesn’t care about his family is about as ridiculous as saying that Steve Rogers doesn’t care about America, that Wonder Woman doesn’t care about women, that Magneto doesn’t care about mutant rights, or that Superman doesn’t care about truth and justice. Reed’s boundless, unconditional love for his family is and always has been his defining feature. It’s what drives and motivates him more than anything, and his love for science is very much secondary to it. I’ve read more FF comics than I haven’t at this point, and let me tell you that there is simply no point in the FF’s 50+ year history where Reed hasn’t loved his family more than anything, where it hasn’t been at the heart of who he is and everything he does. Honestly, the haters don’t have a leg to stand on.

In Fantastic Four v3 #10, Reed explicitly tells Sue that she and Franklin matter much more to him than science:

More under the cut!

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Part of the cost of freedom of speech is that you’re going to hear a lot of gibberish from a lot of fools. Part of the point of freedom of speech is that you don’t get to prevent stupid people from saying stupid things. 

This means racists etc. will get to say things that sensible people do not want to hear. Censorship or physical violence are terrible responses to the expression of bad ideas (for lots of reasons, but mostly because it paradoxically validates those opinions for the intended audience: hint - it’s not you). 

The good news is that the best response to terrible ideas is great ideas. 

Make sure people hear your great ideas.

Update 8 August 2017 (from the comments):


You’re full of shit. Freedom of speech does not mean people can say whatever they want without consequence, regardless of how they dish out said consequence. 

Yes, no and maybe. 

Yes: Freedom of speech does not mean people can say whatever they want “without consequence”. In fact, freedom of speech protects various consequences.

No: Said consequences must be legal, for reasons which I hope are obvious to you. At the risk of coming across as patronising, violently assaulting people is not legal.

Maybe: I might be full of shit. I’ll have to leave that up to the judgement of my followers. 

The argument that “you’re just proving them right” is weak, very weak to those who are fed up of people being complacent and turning the other cheek UNTIL it happens to them.

I said that they were “lots of reasons”. I certainly never said the thing you put in quote marks. (If you’re going to use quote marks, it’s traditional to ensure the content inside is verbatim.) 

This is my argument: If your preferred method of protest can be used with pride by confirmed Nazis as a validation of their choices, maybe you should re-think that method. 

Physical, or verbal violence does not equate to proving them right, period. 

I never claimed it did. I’m assuming throughout this whole thing that the racists are making very weak arguments regardless of the response. Aren’t you?

And since when do racists listen to ideas outside of the ones shuffling through their own de-compartmentalized heads? 

That’s more a demonstration of my point than yours. Read my post again, more carefully. 

500 years of slavery, 50+ years of Jim Crow and now we have KKK-lite and people thought all of that were “great ideas”. 

OK. And?

Your dismissive tone pisses me off. 

Try to forget about what you imagine my tone is, and concentrate on the words I’m typing.

Mind you, poc are being abused by the very same people who wear those hoods at night and have modern-day jobs during the day, they couldn’t give two-fucks about your idea of “great ideas”.

You might be right. However, not giving “two-fucks” is still better than being empowered, which is what happens when you use violence against them. They gain power. I would prefer to avoid empowering racists if I could.

This is so obvious that it seems to me the only reason anyone would use violence against these racist asshats would be as some sort of personal revenge fantasy.

Again, the best response to terrible ideas is great ideas.


>blog for atheism>apologist for islam

There is literally nothing in my post which either states or implies any sort of defence of Islam or any other religion. If you want ot learn more about my position on Islam, please feel free to check my Islam tag

i think we tend to forget when thinking of which of the dm girls are gonna get famous and “make it big” that it’s SO rare for a single dancer to be household name famous if they don’t do anything besides dancing. like seriously. i mean if i never saw dance moms, i MIGHT know who sophia lucia is bc of ellen, but i know i wouldn’t know of any of these girls because i’m not in their age market and again, people don’t get famous solely on dancing. when you think of the most famous dancers in the last 50 or so years, they’re either ballet, broadway, or pop musicians who can sing and dance. seriously, if anyone tries to reblog this with some name of a choreographer i guarantee you that the general public does NOT know who that is. but if you asked a stranger on the street to give you the name of a famous dancer, they might say fred astaire or michael jackson, again, people who had more than one skill. 

my point is, just because so and so is an amazing dancer and is pretty, doesn’t AT ALL mean she’s gonna become a star or make it “big.” she might make it into some cool jobs here and there, but you can’t market a celebrity who just dances and expect them to be mega household name stars. that’s why i’m genuinely not surprised brynn hasn’t gotten any jobs. she’s not tall enough or built to be a model, she can’t act for all we know, and she can’t sing for all we know. same with several of the girls. just because they’re pretty and can dance doesn’t mean they can act or model. ava cota is the ONLY girl that has ever been on dm that could runway model. idk, i just keep seeing people either talk shit or defend the notion that specifically brynn hasn’t gotten any jobs, but honestly, and i think brynn is a lovely dancer, she just doesn’t exactly have the skill set for hollywood. she’s a gorgeous contemporary lyrical dancer but a lot of what’s in hollywood is hip hop, which she’s not particularly great at. brynn should focus on her ballet training and shoot for a company if she wants to have a career, because if she can’t sing well and can’t act well, she’s just not gonna make it as a hollywood star. 

honestly though when people talk about brynn getting vs not getting jobs, what kind of jobs are they even thinking she’ll get? no offense to brynn, i think she’s lovely, but seriously, what exactly is she suited for?

Punjab, Pakistan: Fort Road, Food Street, Lahore.

Food Street, Gawalmandi was the most visited and preferred place for a food junkie for more than 50 years in Lahore. More than 100 traditional food points were providing satisfaction to taste buds of Lahoris. Until, it was decided to relocate the old food street to some more convenient place in Lahore.

The Fort Road, Food Street is no doubt has become the most interesting place for food lovers. Thousands of visitors enjoy dining here with extraordinary outdoor dining experience. One can enjoy every cuisine here.

After the dinner, people don’t forget to enjoy a walk inside the Lahore Fort, Entrance through Roshni Gate is open for visitors all day and night to enjoy the mesmerizing atmosphere in front of the Lahore Fort, Badshah Masjid and Baradari.

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Thoughts on uta being the oek theory and did you see the new fan art?

Hey! I could write a few essays about it, since this theory is an old favorite of mine, but I’ll try to keep it short. I’m almost certain he’s some kind of oeg, and that there’s a link between him and the previous oek(s). Yes, Uta could be the Washuu oek (the nagaraj), with his kakugan on the right side. Or the second oek from 50 years ago, the one Nishiki was talking about some chapters ago, with the kakugan on the left side - this seems more likely, since Mr. Ishida has drawn him more often than not covering his right (human?) eye.

Then again, Uta could be the first/second oek’s clone/son/brother/you name it. We just don’t have enough info at this point. Which side is his single kakugan really on? Can he shift its position? What if there are two of him, actually? What if he has two different personalities, each with the kakugan on a different side, one with light hair and the other with dark hair? It sounds very far-fetched, but that might explain Renji’s comment back in TG, when he said that Uta seemed like an entirely different person. What happened to make Uta change so much, anyway?

As for the new birthday art…it’s very, very cryptic imo. He looks to me like a puppeteer hiding in the shadows (above the stage?), pulling the strings - manipulating other characters/his own clones? He’s covering his right eye again, which supports the theory that he’s the second oek. Also, that brilliant tear reminds me of a “sad clown”.

What do you think, anon?

Have a great week :D

ultrajrm  asked:

Sir, I consider your site a public service. Thanks! Question: looking at the most infamous of declines, that of the Roman Empire (the reasons for which have clear parallels with current West), we know historians differ on the span of the decline process, and arguably the Eastern half of that Empire lasted for centuries after the Western half fell. What do you see as the start point for our own decline (19th Amendment? WWII? 1965 Immigration Act?), and how long do you give our current "Republic"?

First, thank you for your kind remark. I did start this blog out as a public service. So it looks like it’s doing it’s job at that.

Second, thank you for a most interesting question. I think I’ll need to handle this in two parts, one for Europe and one for America. There are important reasons for this, not least of which is simple logistics: where nations are on the map.

Let’s start with Europe. It’s easier. The “starting point” for the current fall of Europe, I believe, was the 2015 migrant crisis: The on purpose flooding of millions of economic migrants into southern Europe via Turkey and then over the Med through Italy. Of course the demise of Europe “started” throughout the 20th century. Two world wars begun there, and after the 2nd most would say they bled themselves out. Call it civilizational exhaustion. Loose and liberal fiscal policies domestically, weakness in foreign policy, giving up of their colonial spaces around the globe post WW2, etc etc. The downfall of Great Britain’s empire post WW2 is a nice example of a long, slow decline in empire. It will be studied for a long time, just as (you rightly say) the Roman Empire decline is studied now. 

Europe has no more than 50 years, and many are applauding its demise. It’s sad.

Onto America.

This one is trickier, for a variety of reasons. One could point to giving women the right to vote, which then led to the “government as nanny state.” See, for examples, these posts in The Catalog: http://catalogingthedeclineofthewest.tumblr.com/women#cul

One could point to the U.S. involvement in WW2, although this is weaker, because the U.S. was (again) protected by oceans and suffered much less than any nation in Europe. Look up civilian and military casualties in WW2 of all nations and you’ll find the U.S. is DWARFED by, say, Russia’s losses. Americans do tend to have a U.S.-centric view on WW2. It’s a real shame.

I also wouldn’t point to any one piece of legislation, like the 1965 Immigration Act. I think America is too complex and too diverse (in the broadest sense of that term) a nation to be “undone” by one piece of legislation.

So, where did America’s decline “start”?

I would argue that the roots of American decline were in its founding. 

America is a nation born in blood and revolution and saved by blood and civil war. Our differences were never resolved, merely glossed over. This is our Achilles heel. Our greatest strength is, indeed, our greatest weakness. (Would I want to be born anywhere else or live anywhere else? Perhaps only Switzerland.) So, we’ve been glossing over the roots of decline since our beginning, and here we find ourselves now, reaping what was sown hundreds of years ago. Accelerated by every progressive idea since, including Marxism, feminism, socialism, communism. All these -isms have crept slowly or quickly into American culture, accelerating its ultimate demise. What did President Obama say he wanted to do? “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. He did a pretty good job. See: http://catalogingthedeclineofthewest.tumblr.com/tagged/obama-fundamentally-changing-america in this blog and in my older blog: http://catalogingthedeclineofamerica.tumblr.com/tagged/obama-fundamentally-changing-america

Is Obama to blame for everything? Of course not. The RINOs? No. Republicans, Democrats? No and no. It’s each of us, because each of us is all of us. 

This is how empire’s fall. Weakness of heart, of will, of passion. As a man goes, so an empire goes.

How long do we (the USA) have? Some are arguing about this and studying this. The three greatest thinkers on civilizational decline – Toynbee, Spengler, and Sorokin – I think determined that societies generally last about 200 years. By their studies we are overdue. (I have read some recent thinkers on the subject but none that I completely agree with. They’re too optimistic. Mostly because I think they’re point of view is too narrow. I think they see single tiles in a larger mosaic and thus are missing the larger picture. I’ll use the analogy of this blog. Go to the Archive page and look at the dozens and dozens of “tiles” (single posts) on decline. Scroll down to see them all; make your browser a smaller percentage to view a larger number of “tiles.” I think my analogy holds.)

I think we’ll limp along and slowly dissolve over the next generation or two (if we’re still here). I’ve written some specifics in response to previous questions.

See: http://catalogingthedeclineofthewest.tumblr.com/post/161618765394/do-you-think-america-and-europe-still-have-a

And see also: http://catalogingthedeclineofthewest.tumblr.com/post/160192969839/when-do-you-think-the-united-states-and-other

20 Things You Can Do Right Now

1. Don’t worry about things.

2. Take 5 deep breaths.

3. Stretch.

4. Smile.

5. Do some simple exercises.

6. Turn off your computer.

7. Take a nap.

8. Listen to your favorite song.

9. Go outside and breathe the fresh air.

10. Write down 5 or more things that you’re thankful for.

11. Let some light in through the window.

12. Sit up straight and relieve pressure from your back. Good posture gives      your lungs plenty of room to breathe and helps you concentrate better!

13. Go take a refreshing shower.

14. Put on your shoes and go for a quick jog outside. Running in place indoors  is good too!

15. Drink water. There are so many benefits to drinking water often throughout  the day, I can’t stress this one enough!

16. Sharpen all of the dull pencils you have lying around.

17. Get rid of 5 things you never use.

18. Start reading a book you’ve never read. Bonus points if it was written more  than 50 years ago!

19. Practice to get better at something. Even if for just a short amount of time.

20. Make a list of goals for yourself. Work towards them!

anonymous asked:

Salam! Can you please explain what is arbaeen?

Wa Alaykum as Salaam. I decided to answer your question with a poem of my own. I hope you like it…

The question I’m asked
is to explain Arbaeen
but how can I describe
to you what this means?

Should I mention the struggle
that Hussain indeed has seen?
or the love of his sister
whom bared these trials patiently?

I thought I should mention
the thirst that was seen
the chapped lips of Akbar
which made his father’s heart bleed

The loyalty of Abbas
which made the enemies flee
and the innocence of Asghar,
a great sacrifice was he

But what about the march to Sham
whom taken was he
The fourth successor of the Prophet
Imam Zaniul Abideen

Arbaeen marks the fortieth day, after Ashura
Where all the Shia gather
in a land called Karbala

our purpose is simple, noble, and pure
for our hearts are still heavy and broken, I assure

Regarding a tragedy which took the world by storm
One for which the skies cried blood
for even they could not endure!

To hear the cry of the one, who was from Rasulliah
“Is there no one to support us?”
We’ve come to answer,

I think I could end this right here and now
but this would not have covered the when, why and how

To answer these new questions I point to a time
not more than 50 years prior
to the tenth day for which the sky cried

An event called Saqifa
has cursed humanity
for it was Abu Bakr and Umar
who shot the first arrows, don’t you see?

This war didn’t start by the hands of Yazid
rather it began when they usurped the rights of Ali!

As they surrounded his house
filled with rage and jealousy
They did the unthinkable and broke it’s sanctity

They kicked down the door
behind which was Zahra
Then was miscarried
the first martyr of Karbala

They tied the hands
of our blessed Amir-al Mumineen
tried to force a bayah
one which was indeed foreseen

But with her broken ribs
followed Our princess Zahra 
She called out Abu Bakr
And became the first of the Rafidha

After her Martyrdom
aggrieved was Ali
for she was his light, his love, and his closest company

With this being said
I’m sure you now see
That Arbaeen goes much deeper
than what is apparently seen

We march through the desserts, crossing oceans and seas
to remind the world of the sacrifices of the sons of Ali

And don’t think for a second that he has lost the war
Because this would be uncharacteristic, and this I assure
for Hussain is the son of Muhammad
and has the blood of Ali
and never have they returned (from a battle)
without bringing victory!

What a Spectacle!
This incredible image, simply called Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, is a composite of 50 photographs selected from more than 2,200 taken by American photographer Stephen Wilkes over 26 hours in March last year. It captures the comings and goings of some of Africa’s most iconic animals during the course of the day.
‘These are all truly wild animals, and the variety is almost Biblical,’ Wilkes says. ‘At one point, I was half-expecting Noah to turn up with his ark!’
Read on

Mr. Big Love Teaser

Just a little tease to get you in the mood for the official release of Mr. Big Love tomorrow.

(Mr. Big Love is that fic being written by myself, @lilshitwayne and @maleotic)

“Theo, if you could tilt a little to the right…” Marc frowned, pulling down the camera and letting out a groan. This boy was a tragedy. He clearly didn’t understand that his goal modeling was to show off the clothes, not his body “Marie, hold on his arm, ok?”

“Is there an issue?” Theo scoffed.

“Actually Theo there is. We have a few issues with you filling the frame and while your physique is amazing, it’s a clothing campaign.”

Theo rolled his eyes. If they simply wanted a naked chest and a pretty butt, they should have called somebody else. He rethought his life choices once again. Maybe modeling wasn’t the right career.  

“Where’s the assistant?” Marc stood up, and gestured for a slim, tall girl “What’s your name? It doesn’t matter…. Take the chihuahua off my studio. Somebody call the boy we photographed yesterday!”

“Chihuahua? Seriously?”

“What seems to be the problem here?” the assistant asked sauntering over to Marc. He pulled the assistant aside and began speaking dramatically.  

She let out a frustrated sigh before walking over to Theo.

“What’s going on?” Theo growled, being pulled aside by the girl.  

“I guess you just got fired.” She handed him a form and didn’t hide a small smirk, eyeing his naked chest covered in fake sweat. “The creative producer said it’s because you believe to be the star and you’re a little too short.”

“Short? I’m too short?”

“Yea they’re looking for someone about 6'1.”

“Have you seen my length?”

“Here’s a card. They’ll have more use for your length.”

“I thought I was too short?” Theo replied with a snarky tone.

“My boss doesn’t care about height, only length.”

“What exactly does he do?”

“Just show up,” Tracy smirked walking off.

Theo glared at the card, opening his jeans and walking to the backstage, put on his own clothes. Somewhere in the back, Marc was screaming.  

Yeah, maybe he should show up. Anything for a different job.

Theo stared at the plain building. It appeared to have three floors, made of dark bricks and with a very boring look to it. There wasn’t a single soul on the streets and Theo frowned, he couldn’t remember going to a photo studio that abandoned.  

Deciding that he had gone there for a reason, he walked in.

The inside contrasted the outside completely.  

Theo raised his eyebrows for the shocking colorful walls, the mess of people walking around and cameras.  

“Hey, excuse me!” he grabbed a random guy walking around, semi naked and covered in sweat “I got this card yesterday, do you have any idea with whom should I talk?”

The young man smiled “Oh, Tracy won’t quit fishing talents on photoshoots…” he sighed and pointed a hallway “Last door, ask for Duke and say Tracy sent you”

Theo thanked him and went away. The hallway pointed had walls covered in pictures that made Theo cringe. He hadn’t seen explicit pictures like that even in Playboy… Weird taste.

He knocked on the door and it was opened by an older man with a British accent.

“Are you Duke?” Theo asked.

“Yes, and you are?”

“Theo- uh Tracy sent me.”

“Oh, you’re that cocky bastard I just had to meet,” Duke laughed allowing Theo to step inside.

“So what is it you do here?”

“You haven’t figured that out as yet?”

“No…? And nice photos on the walls,” Theo smiled and was pushed sit on a chair. Duke pulled a sheet of paper and a fancy pen.  

“Thanks. We’re a movie company. More specifically, a porn movies company”

“You’re in the porn business?”

“I just said that Darling.”


“It’s a term of endearment.”

“Right and why did Tracy send me here?”

“She says you’re rather well endowed and we’re looking for a new star.”

“And you think that’s me?”

“Well we can’t know for sure. At least not until we have a casting.”

“Casting? I know how sex works.”

“But this isn’t just sex. Here at Alpha Wolf Productions we make art.”


“Yes, the body is such an interesting and intricate tool. We simply just allow our actors to reach their full potential.”

“That sounds like bullshit,” Theo chuckled.

“It does, doesn’t it?” Duke laughed along with him. “The point is, we’re not like regular companies and I think you’d make an excellent addition.”

“Alright… If I decide to play along… What does this job offer me that others don’t?”

“It’s a regular job, so health insurance and 50 grand per year. Plus, 5% of every movie’s profit, well… the ones you’re cast on, of course”

“That would be around…?”

“80 grand per year, more if you’re lucky”

Theo was amazed, it was no small paycheck.  

“And all I have to do is have sex?”

“Like I said- it’s a little deeper than that but yes.”

“I’m just twenty-one is there any chance my mom’s gonna see any of this?”

“There’s always a chance. But we always separate our actors’ personal lives from their professional lives so it’s a very slim chance.”

“Okay,” Theo sighed.

“Do we have a deal?”

“Yes, of course we have a deal. Where do I sign?”

“Not yet…”


“Alright, not yet, Theo” Duke leaned on his chair “We’re having a casting, if you pass it and our tester don’t hate you, then we can sign contracts, alright?”


He was pushed in a room, with a small sheet of paper containing three dirty lines and basic guide. Theo rolled his eyes for it. He really didn’t need instructions for sex, ok?

“Oh, you came” he heard the familiar voice and looked up. Tracy, the assistant from the day before, was squeezed in a mini skirt and a shirt that was so minuscule that could pass as bra. j

“Yeah, I… I came” Theo opened a devilish “You’ll be my tester?”

“Don’t sound so excited” She opened a smile and turned for Duke, hovering somewhat in the back “Whenever you’re ready…”

“Alright, guys… ”

“Hold up, did someone do a blood work on him? Or I’ll have to use v-condom again?”

“V-condom again” Duke walked to a small door and Theo noticed one of the walls were covered in what seemed to be a mirror, but was actually see through glass “Don’t go easy on him. I like cocky actors, but they tend to be annoying if we pick the dumb ones”

“Sure thing, boss” Tracy walked closer to Theo, opening a vulgar smile that had no place in her face.  

“Silence” Duke closed the small door and the room was lightened suddenly, making Theo squeeze his eyes against the lights. He noticed the cameras on every corner and the microphones hidden. Oh, like this wasn’t creepy “1..,2…3… Action!”

Tracy sat on the bed with her legs crossed and she motioned for Theo to come over. Theo sauntered over to her and sat next to her on the bed. They exchanged seductive glances until Tracy melded their lips together. The kiss started off slow until he dragged Tracy into his lap and deepened the kiss.

Theo gripped her ass tightly as she ran her tongue along his jaw line and down his neck. She bit her lip before pulling his shirt over his head and running her nails down his taut torso. He brushed her hair out of her face before re-initiating the kiss. Tracy ground their crotches together and smirked against Theo’s lips as she felt him harden beneath her. Theo flipped them and kissed her neck lightly before pulling her shirt over her head revealing her supple breasts. Theo kissed across her collarbone before licking around her left nipple and snaking his hand under her skirt to stroke her bare clit.

“No” Tracy pushed him away and Theo remembered, somewhat a distant memory, that his small script said she would blow him first.  

She stood up, skirt falling to the floor and pushed him sit, kneeling before his legs. Tracy pulled him apart, licking his crotch over the jeans. Even with the fabric Theo could feel the humidity of her tongue. He shuddered, grabbing her by the hair and undoing his jeans with the other hand.  

Tracy pulled his jeans down, together with boxers, and ditched them in a small puddle of clothes under her knees.  

Theo pulled her closer, shoving Tracy’s face between his thighs and let out a groan. The bright lights wouldn’t let him forget it was a show and he was getting frustrated. He wanted to fuck Tracy’s face for real, something keen of anger bubbling on the pit of his stomach.  

Tracy’s nails ran the inside of his thighs and she rounded his cock with red, wet lips. Theo groaned when he felt her index caress his balls.  

“I wanna hear you, Rich”  

Who the fuck was Rich? Theo blinked, confused, but this thought quickly left his mind when she mouthed his cock deeper, tongue running all of his length.

“Shit,” he bit out.

Her pace was killing him and he gripped the back of her head allowing her to take more of him in. She took the hint and began bobbing her head against him at a faster pace.

“Shit babe, I’m gonna come,” Theo groaned out causing Tracy to release him from her mouth with a smirk and begin stroking him hard and fast- applying just the right amount of pressure. Theo came with a sigh and placed a passionate kiss on her lips.

Theo slid her skirt down her legs and flung her legs apart before licking up her slit harshly. He pulled her clit into his mouth and sucked on it while grazing his teeth against it.  

Tracy was letting out moans of pleasure and tugging on his hair so that was an even bigger confidence boost for him. He licked around her entrance before sliding two fingers inside her. She let out a gasp of pleasure as he began curling his fingers inside her. He latched his lips to her clit once more and began sucking on it like his life  

“Oh- shi- Theo! Fuck!” she bit out forgetting his alias as she began to shake. “I’m gonna come! Fuck! Stop! Please! Oh shit!”  

“No, you won’t” The growled, shoving her higher on the bed, flipping Tracy on all fours. He thumbed her clit from behind, shoving Tracy’s face on a pillow and spread her legs, sucking a hickey and biting on her ass.  

“Th-Rich… Rich, please” Tracy groaned, hands clinging to the sheets and turning to look at him. There was a weird mix of pleasure, desperation and pride on her eyes and his already hardening cock turned on a full on boner.  

“Shut up” Theo grabbed on her ass, fingers leaving dark marks and making her pant, groan against the mattress.  

“Fuck me” Tracy cried, feeling him shove a hand between her open legs and finger her, his wrists flickering against her humid thighs.  

“I will” Theo pulled her leg up gently and entered her slowly.

Tracy shuddered against him, pulling out and turning so she wouldn’t be on fours, glaring at him. “C'mon, Rich, fuck me with all you got”

And he entered her without thinking twice, groaning against Tracy’s neck and sucking a hickey.  

“Make me come harder than I made you” she suggested, tilting her head back and sucking on air when he trust on her. Theo got on his knees and grabbed on her hips, positioning them higher and picking up a pace.  

Tracy grabbed on the blankets, her ankles locking behind his back and hurrying him up, a small chant of breathless “harder, harder” running from her mouth. Theo leaned on her, palmed her breasts and grabbed Tracy by the hair, kissing her roughly. He bit on her bottom lip, Tracy locked

her arms around his neck and Theo pulled her up, flipping on bed and letting out a groan when she bounced on his lap, hands landing hard on his chest.  

“Sit on my face”

“Bouncing on your dick feels better” She smiled, using his shoulders as support to rock forward, making Theo groan louder, and wrap his arm around her thin frame. He buried his lips between her breasts and licked a hard nipple, biting on it gently. Tracy shivered, throwing her head back and thrusting faster on him.

Theo felt his muscles tense and her own answer with a sync that left him amazed. She opened her eyes and smiled.  

“Cum on my titties”  

Theo felt offended and grabbed on her back, forcing Tracy sit on his cock. She shuddered, taking his entire length and flexed around him, letting out a small moan of pain. “I’m gonna make you cum first” Theo growled on her neck, holding her thighs so she would be firmly locked around him and using his free hand to push her torso back.  

Tracy moaned, the new position giving him more entrance and Theo got on a knee, trusting twice and smiling when she let out a squeal “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna come”  

“Yes” and he pulled her, up, kissing Tracy and falling on top of her, “Say my fucking name when you do”  

and pulled out, coming on her breasts and shoving a finger up her slit, tickling her g-spot right on time.

“FUCK, Th-Rich! Rich!” Tracy growled, muscles spamming and closing her eyes. Theo smiled and pulled away, falling sit on the bed and shaking just as much as her.  

He heard a small commotion, the bright lights were turned off and Theo felt in the dark, even if he wasn’t.  

A door opening and then a whistle “Theo, Theo… This was one hell of a performance. What do you think, Tracy?”

“Give him the best contract you’ve got, Duke”

“So I take it I passed then?”

“Lemme introduce you to everyone”


“My friends,” Tracy smirked dragging him behind her.

Tracy pulled him to small table on the middle of the crowded bar and then opened a brilliant smile, waving for someone behind Theo to come closer.  

“So, I’m taking from all of yours "fuck Theo"s, that you enjoyed me today” Theo leaned closer and Tracy bit down a grin, putting some distance between them.  

“I did enjoy today” and before she could say much more, an arm wrapped around her shoulders and a cute girl peered up, pressing a kiss on the corner of her mouth “Hey babe”

“Oh, you like girls.”

“Yea,” Tracy chuckled.

“What a coincidence, so do I,” Theo smirked. “How about we get together and-”

“Porn isn’t sex. It’s a regular job and you don’t fuck your colleagues,” Tracy’s girlfriend answered.

“Then let’s videotape it.”

“Hayden doesn’t like dick. At all.”

“I can change that.”

Tracy rolled her eyes and pat Theo’s chest, “Easy big boy.”

“Big boy?” Hayden asked quirking an eyebrow.

“Oh yea, I made your girlfriend come like crazy earlier.”

“Well it’s your job,” Hayden shrugged.

“And I did a pretty good job didn’t I?”

“A really good job actually,” Tracy smirked indulging him.

“Where’s Corey?” Hayden asked. “He’s late as usual.”

“He was filming with Danny earlier. You know how badly he’s wanted to work with him.”

“There he is,” Hayden smiled.

“My favorite girls” a young guy walked in, small smile and the cutest face Theo had ever seen. He glared at the boy, who really shouldn’t be past 16; However, if he worked with Tracy… He had to be past eighteen. “I’m Corey”  

Theo realized he had been staring and then smiled “I’m Theo”

“He’s the newbie Deucalion adopted” Tracy grinned over her drink, as if Theo was a piece of meat.  

“Oh, he’s gonna come to my part of the business or….?”

“He may” Hayden laughed.  

“What part of the business?” Theo asked, annoyed. He had the slight feeling that Hayden was making fun of him.

“Corey’s a twink” Tracy explained, elbowing Hayden on the stomach and throwing her a stern look.  


“Gay as hell, mate” Corey pulled a chair and rolled his eyes “And don’t give me the macho crap, you’re definitely not straight”

“I like girls” Theo tried to defend himself. Still felt kind of dumb, considering he had kissed a guy after school on his senior year.  

“He’s gonna be fun to work with” Corey smiled, knowing that Deucalion would pair Theo with Danny in a week if the guy kept that dumb macho alpha attitude.  

“So…” Tracy cut them off “Raeken, you’re a pretty good looking guy and you’ve got a pretty nice cock. Why the hell are you still single?”

“I’m a dick.”

“We’ve noticed, but really; why?” Hayden perked an eyebrow, confused and amused.  

“I don’t know. Women don’t get me.”

“I know, thank god I’m gay. Guys are much easier to deal with.” Corey laughed, eyeing a guy near the bar, with leather jacket and talking with the waiter.  

“I doubt that.” Theo thought about himself. He certainly wasn’t much easier than a girl. Theo was aware of his bad temper “Relationships are bullshit overall”

Hayden rolled her eyes and smiled “Just wait until a girl makes you change your mind”

the greats: bobby hull, 1957–1980

Blonde and incredibly quick, Hull earned the nickname “The Golden Jet” in his 23 years in the National Hockey League and World Hockey Association. His talents were such that often one or two opposing players were assigned just to shadow him.  By his final NHL season, he had scored 50 goals or more a remarkable five times: only one time less than all other players in NHL history combined up until that point in time. [x]