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cyrions  asked:

3 for theon! not that it would take much thought to figure out who was the one babbling disnkdna

“LELIANA, for the seventh damn time, we did not kill you, we left you with a dusty gift after your little religious moral rebellion, so you would stand your ass back up and get the out there without being the annoyance you are. You know that, I know that, stop twisting things for your devout bullsh-”

“The ‘Hero’ of Ferelden… I swear I can almost hear his cruel voice”


His facial expression when someone is babbling nonsense

Resurrection is a sensitive topic to Theon specially when brought up like that. Leliana explain the fact she shows up in the other games even if you kill her in DAO by saying the Maker will revived her. Since I use an universe that resurrection is a way more complex deal, this is quite a story.

Also there’s this happening in which Leliana never acknowledges Theon existence in inquisition.