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Holy shit, 2016 was a crappy year, and it hasn’t even ended yet. I’ve been talking politics all week and I want to make it very clear that first and foremost my heart goes out to all of the people whose rights will be directly affected by a Trump presidency; everyone stay strong and please don’t ever give up.

However this is also a fandom blog, and on the topic of Misha Collins and certain parts of the Supernatural fandom: I’m not sure how after this year, anyone would still be able to justify their irrational hate and anger towards Misha Collins as a person.

I completely understand and respect if you don’t like the character he plays. I completely understand if you’re not a fan of his acting. I completely understand if his kind of humor is not your kind of humor. I completely understand if you don’t think he’s attractive; it’s a matter of taste, after all. Essentially, I completely understand and respect, that not everyone in the Supernatural fandom is a fan of Misha or his character.

But Christ on a cracker, if by now you’re still spreading hate about him on a daily basis, trying to tear down his charities, or trying to belittle him in photo ops…

This guy cares so much about everything and everyone, I’m not sure how anyone in this fandom can still even question whether or not his heart is in the right place. I’m not saying he’s perfect, no one is, but between campaigning to try and protect the rights of the minorities in his country, and collecting food and supplies for the homeless, and constantly reaching out to the people in the fandom who are struggling either mentally or physically… Let’s please leave this ugliness behind, let’s please stop shitting all over a person who genuinely only means to spread kindness and love.

We need good things to balance out all of the bad, now more than ever. So as a fandom that’s supposed to be a family; can we please start here?

Destiel Bloopers
  • Take 1:
  • *Jensen and Misha's faces are gradually getting closer*:
  • Misha: Where did you come from, where did you go?
  • *Jared pops in on the set*:
  • Jensen: I knew this was gonna be a long day
  • Take 2:
  • Misha: *actually starts doing his proper dialogue*
  • Jensen: I wish you were my pinky toe so I could bang you on every piece of furniture I own
  • Misha: *tries not to laugh*
  • Dammit Jensen!
  • Take 3:
  • Jensen: JARED FUCK OFF
  • Take 4:
  • Jared: Ya'll gonna fuck or nah?
  • Take 5:
  • Misha: Stop groping my ass it's not in the script you little shit
  • Take 828292:
  • Misha: Does it really have to be canon? We've been here for days *whines*
  • Jared: Get your fucking ass back in his arms! *points to Jensen*


So you know how we’re known as the fandom that has a gif for literally everything? Well sometimes, we actually don’t have a fitting gif. *GASP* But, thanks to the beautiful @mishacollins , we now can perform a paradox. If somebody states that we don’t have a gif for a certain topic, simply post this gif. Technically, we would, in fact, have a gif for that, despite it not being directly relative. 

:) You’re welcome.

I so appreciate Cas being a part of the episode even though Misha wasn’t in it. And he wasn’t even a joke (like saying he was off river boat gambling), but it was made very clear that he stays in touch with the boys and, even apart, is an important part of the Winchester clan. His work is important and it’s OK for him to be off doing his own thing while still being an important touchpoint for Dean, whether it’s to ask for advice about dealing with his complicated relationship with his mother or input on a case. It is easy to keep Cas an integral part of the story without Misha being in every episode. 

Sounds of Silence

A short Cockles ficlet I wrote when Jensen posted the beautiful picture of his family

Misha swiped the pad of his thumb across the screen again as the black and white image began to fade, bringing it back to full brightness.  He couldn’t tear his eyes away.  He’d seen photos of the twins already, of course.  Jensen had been overwhelmed by tears when he’d called shortly after his son and daughter had been brought into the world, and he’d proudly texted pictures of the babies as every new Dad would.  

There had been many snaps over the holidays. Misha was stunned at how much Zeppelin already resembled his father and how adorable JJ looked, arms curled protectively around sweet Arrow, already very much the loving big sister.  Jensen’s family was beautiful, and Misha couldn’t be happier for his best friend.

The current picture on Misha’s screen though, the one Jensen had shocked Twitter and Instagram with just moments before, had Misha in a state of wonder.  The babies were adorable, JJ was her usual sweet self just gently touching her Daddy’s face, and Danneel was as lovely as ever; but Jensen – Jensen took Misha’s breath away.  As he took in the sparkle that lit up Jensen’s eyes, and the playful smile with just a hint of tongue, Misha could feel the tangible ache for the man he hadn’t seen in weeks.

Without even thinking about it, Misha clicked down to his contacts and scrolled down to Jensen’s picture, pressing call before giving it a second thought.  The phone was ringing before Misha really considered what time it was, or what Jensen might be doing.  Misha wandered across the living room finding himself pacing in front of the couch.

“Hey, Mish,” Jensen answered casually on the second ring.  Misha was relieved that his friend didn’t sound irritated or stressed out.  With three little ones at home, Misha knew time was precious.  

“Jensen.  How badly is your Twitter blowing up?  Has your phone spontaneously combusted yet?”

Misha couldn’t help but smile at the deep throaty laugh that sounded in his ear.  “Wouldn’t know.  As soon as I posted the pic, I closed Twitter and haven’t looked at it since.  Figured I’d wait out the storm before looking at it again.”

“Smart move, Cowboy,” Misha replied, lifting a couple of stray books off the couch cushion before he sank himself down into the worn leather.  It was strangely silent in the house.  West was still at school and Vicki had taken Maison to story hour at the library.  He missed the chaos of the kids’ continual chatter and Vicki’s banter.  He was glad Jensen was on the phone – one less person to miss.  

Misha couldn’t hear anything from Jensen’s end either.  “Seems quiet there.  Babies napping?”  Misha asked, an attempt to disguise the real reason for his call, although he suspected Jensen already knew.  The man could read him almost as well as Vicki.

“Zep’s asleep in the bassinet in the nursery, Danneel and JJ are both crashed in our room, and Ro’s lying in my lap just looking up at me like I’m the most fascinating thing in the universe.”  

Misha could hear Jensen’s voice trail off a little at the end and he could picture the man he loved talking to his baby girl.  He knew how the little one felt because he felt the same way sometimes when he looked at Jensen.

“Well you are pretty funny looking,” Misha joked.

“Oh, look who’s being hilarious.  What do you think, Arrow?  Is Uncle Misha an asshole?”

Misha shook his head and chuckled.  “You better watch your language around your daughter, Jen.  Danni will have your balls for breakfast!”

“I think both of my daughters are just as likely to pick up a potty mouth from their Mommy,” Jensen snorted; quickly switching to a soft shushing as little Arrow began to fuss from the noise and movement.

“What are you up to over there?” Jensen asked quietly.  “I don’t hear a sound.  That’s rare for your place.”

“Nothing really,” Misha sighed.  “Vick’s out with Maison so it’s pretty quiet.  I was going through some emails, taking advantage of the peace and catching up before we head back to set, and I saw your picture come up over Twitter.  It kinda threw me.  Before I knew it you were on the phone.  I barely remember calling you.”  It all sounded so ridiculous when Misha said it out loud.  

“Hey, Mish?” Jensen whispered, clearly Arrow had finally fallen asleep in his arms.

“Yeah?” Misha replied just as quietly.

“I miss you too, baby.  I’m glad you called.”

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Why did Misha think that using the power saw would be the best solution?