but military service dogs even more so

AU where the clones get military service dogs

Because they would need them for stuff, and more importantly, I feel clones generally deserve puppies.

And the commanders all have to be present to meet the animals joining thier units, so Rex,Cody and Wolffe are all present when the Animal handler shows up.  She has several handsome specimens in crates, looking up at the clones with bright, curious eyes. 

“Men, This is Miss Freybug, who trains these animals.” Plo introduces them (Of course it’s Plo who comes up with the idea, and Mace seconds it, even if he is more of a cat person). “Miss Freybug, This is Captain Rex, Commander Cody and Commander Wolffe.”

Miss Freybug turns several interesting shades of pink and white upon hearing their names, quite the feat considering that she is Pantoran.

“Oh, Oh dear,  This is awkward.”  She mutters.

“Is something wrong?”

“Well, you see-”  She gestures to the canines. “Their names are Rex, Cody and… Wolf.”

It takes Rex a moment to actually believe what he’s hearing, then groans loudly and hides his face in his hand.  Cody beings to laugh at the absurdity of it all and Wolffe is fifty flavors of furious and leaves the room to swear loudly in the hall until Plo comes out and calms him down.

Rex’s disgruntlement with sharing his name with an animal soon fades as he comes to realize that the Dog has much better senses than he does, and is quite adept and sniffing out explosives, can hear the clankers coming before anyone else, and can actually chase down and catch probe droids and the occasional pirate.  Soon he’s slipping the animal bits of ration bars and trying to teach him to fetch.

Cody and Cody are immediate friends-  the dog has an unusually gentle temperament and sometimes the clone just needs to sit somewhere quiet and pet him until the shaking and hyperventilating from the panic attacks he pretends he doesn’t have subside.  The dog tends to seek out anyone who’s upset and stays with them, climbing into their bunks if he can get away with it.  it secretly pleases the clone that when the dog has finished making sure everyone is in bed, it climbs in with him.

Wolffe and Wolf don’t get along for quite a while.  Wolf has an independent streak and likes to run off and come back when he gets hungry if he gets off-lead.  Wolffe’s resentment begins to fade when Wolf comes back from these adventures with game and drops it at his feet.  Sure, the Asjibann Viper wasn’t totally dead and Wolffe needed Anti-venom and seven stitches, but it tasted good and he appreciated the gesture.

All three of them have to deal with the new annoyance of not being sure if it’s them being called for when they hear thier name being shouted, but hey, civvies work around it all the time, so can we.