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Surprise (Ch. 2)

Summary: Ian and Mickey have a good time adjusting as a couple until the hear the news that Terry Milkovich is out of prison.

Word Count: 2910

Mickey is wrapped up in Ian’s embrace. He thinks about the events that partook earlier that nice and feels a smile creep up on his face. He did it, he told everyone, and no one tried to murder him. Though no one tried to end his life– other than Kash, if he would have taken Ian– he cannot understand why people care about his well being. Why would the Gallagher clan try to take care of him? Why is his own family even looking out for him?

For tonight, instead of dwelling on the thought of people lying about wanting to look out for him, he focuses on his boyfriend. He turns his face into Ian’s neck, taking in his scent. “You sniffin’ me?” Ian jokes.

“I like how you smell.”

Ian nods, fully understanding Mickey’s statement. “I like how you smell too, Mick,” he reassures. “Makes me feel safe.” The black haired boy makes a sounds to declare his agreement.

“So,” Ian says. “You really mean what you said?” Most of Ian’s times is spent wondering why Mickey didn’t feel as much as he did, but after tonight he was proven wrong.

Mickey jerks up. “You’d think I’d fucking lie about something like that? Damn, Firecrotch, stupider than you look,” they chuckle.

“Just asking,” Ian kisses Mickey’s head once he lays back down on his chest. “I was surprised by the extravagant way of coming out that you chose to take. Never told me how you felt until tonight.”

Mickey scoffs so quietly that Ian barely hears it. “I have never been much of a subtle person. Thought you would know that by now.”

Ian laughs. “Oh, I know, believe me. I’m saying this though because of all the people that were around.” His hand run up and down Mickey’s bareback in a soothing manner. “I was worried one of your brothers were going to try to start shit.”

Ian feels Mickey hold onto him even tighter than he was before. “We got each other, man. If they would’ve been against it then fuck them, we don’t need anyone but each other.”

“Wow, Mick, you’re really good with using your words tonight,” Ian kissed the shorter boy’s head.

Mickey snorted. “Don’t get used to it, I’m still a little buzzed.”

“Say it again.”

“Say what again?”

“What you said earlier, say it again.”

“Gallagher,” Mickey says softly. He knows that Ian will get his way because he’s a pushy son of a bitch, but he decides to put up a fight anyway.

Ian looks down at his boyfriend. “C’mon, Mick,” he pleads. “You’ve already said it once. You know I’m going to keep telling you to say it until you actually do it,” Mickey nods, knowing the redhead is the most stubborn human being alive.

“You say it,” Mickey turns the table on Ian.

Ian grins widely. “Mickey Milkovich, I love you.”

In this moment, Mickey doesn’t even try to hide his smile. He looks up into Ian’s eyes and says, “Ian Gallagher, I love you too.” Then he lays his head back down on the other boy’s chest. “Fuck, we’re so gay.”

Ian’s smile never breaks. “I made you soft,” he giggles.

“Fuck off,” Mickey jokes back. Then they fall asleep in each other’s arms, happy as could be.

* * *

“Breakfast!” Fiona yells from the bottom of the stairs in hopes to wake everyone up. “Wake up! Let’s go!” She was out of bed early enough to cook a proper meal for all of the residents of the house. Unfortunately, she lacked a good night of sleep because her mind was flowing with questions about her brother and the Milkovich boy. How good could the meanest thug on the South Side be for her younger brother?

Mandy and Lip are the first to come down. “Wow, you went all out this morning, Fi,” Lip says after looking at the kitchen table.

“Mandy, put some pants on, holy shit,” Fiona yells when she turns to look at Lip and his girlfriend. “But yes, I did. Kind of had a restless night,” she forces a laugh.

“How come,” the eldest Gallagher boy asks after handing Mandy a pair of pants from the dryer.

Mandy studies Fiona’s face. “You have to be fuckin’ kidding me? You’re having second thoughts about letting Mickey stay here!” She scoffs.

“Well, it’s not like he’s the best person to let around kids, Mands,” Lip coldly jokes.

She rolls her eyes. “Fucking asshole,” she whispers.

“No,” Fiona says. “But you know Ian. He’s romantic, he’s corny, he’d loved to be shown off. Mickey’s not either of those things. How could this possibly work out?” Fiona’s voice is raised a bit louder than it needs to be.

“Milkovich’s are loyal. If he says he loves Ian, he fucking loves Ian.”

“I’m going to let him stay here, but if he fucks it up it won’t surprise me,” Fiona shoots back. “And he needs to behave around the kids, especially Carl. He cannot provoke Carl to kill things or light things on fire.” She pauses. “And how do we even know if he really loves Ian, I mean they’ve hid it for so long–”

No one noticed Ian standing at the bottom of the stairs. When Lip sees him, he notices how angry he looks, which means he definitely heard the conversation. “Fi, shut up,” he says and nods his head toward Ian.

“Shit,” she says quietly. “I’m sorry, Ian. I’m just looking at what’s best for you.”

He scoffs. “Mickey is what’s best for me, Fiona. I could careless about what you think of him. Yeah, we fight, we go through a lot of shit, but through everything, we’ve come out of it stronger. He’s the one who’s been there for me these past three years! You never see me coming to you with my problems–”

“I didn’t think you had any.”

“Please, Fiona, I’m a gay kid on the South Side. Plenty of problems come with trying to hide it. I don’t need flowers and dates, I need to know he loves me, and he does.” He steps closer to his sister. “And what do you know about love? It’s not like your relationships ever work out–I mean, damn, do you even know your boyfriend’s real name?” He still feels the anger boiling in him.

“I’m sorry,” Fiona says before Ian can continue on with his speech. “I’ll give him a chance.”

Mandy walks over to her best friend and kisses him on the cheek. “You told her.”

Directly after the little argument ended, Carl walked down the steps carrying Liam, and Debbie followed. “Mornin’,” Carl groaned. “Woah, that’s a lot of food.” He put Liam in his chair and got a plate.

“What’s with all the tension,” Debbie looked from Fiona to Ian.

“Nothing, Debs,” Fiona smiled. “Get some food,” she handed her a plate.

After a few minutes, Mickey walked down the steps in boxers and a t-shirt. “You guys are fucking loud,” he said. Then he walked over to Ian and kissed him on the head. “Mornin’,” he spoke sleepily.

Everyone’s eyes open widely at the affectionate display Mickey is showing, including Ian. No one would ever think the day would come when Mickey Milkovich showed that he had a heart under that hardass exterior. “Mornin’. Want one?” Ian pushed the plate of pancakes towards Mickey. “Banana pancakes,” he smiles when he see his boyfriend’s face light u. “Your favorite.”

“Lover boys,” Mandy fake gags, and Mickey responds by chucking the finger.

“So,” Fiona says slowly as she walks towards the happy couple. “Mickey, if you’re going to be living here for a while we have to set some sort of ground rules.”

“The fuck you mean, ground rules?”

She rolls her eyes. “You have to chip into the squirrel fund, for one.” She was expecting a negative reaction, but didn’t receive anything in return. “And don’t be condoning Carl’s craziness, okay? I can’t have him wind up in juvie. Another thing is, you’ll have to help around the house the way we all do. Understand?”

Mickey doesn’t say anything at first. Instead, he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out forty dollars. “Breakfast is on me,” is all he says. Fiona cautiously steps forwards and takes the money. Then Mickey turns to Carl. “Hey, no lighting shit on fire in the house or I’ll stick your head in the toilet. If you really need to burn something, I’ll take you somewhere to do it. Okay?”

Carl rapidly nods his head. “I don’t want my head stuck in the toilet, I got it.”

“Huh,” Lip looks at Mickey and then Carl. “I should’ve thought of that.”

“There,” Mickey says to Fiona. “A little threatening never done no harm.”

Ian smiles at the way Mickey is handling himself. “Told you, Fi,” Ian smile never breaks.

“Um,” she’s a bit confused. “O-okay.” Maybe Mickey does have some good in him.

* * *

It’s been a good week for Ian and Mickey. Since Mickey’s coming out, they have nothing to be stressed about, and there’s nothing to rush. The Gallagher’s are accepting of the relationship between the boys, and surprisingly so are Mickey’s siblings. Everything has been really good, and there is no other way to explain it.

Today, Mickey was forced into watching Liam for the second time this week. He didn’t mind though. The kid barely spoke and he wasn’t too needy so it was an easy job. The last time Mickey babysat him they spent an hour coloring different types of animals in the little boys coloring book. Fortunately, Mickey enjoyed things like drawing and color, but he’d never admit it.

Ian walks down the stairs and says goodbye to his boyfriend and his baby brother. “Don’t kill him, just keep him occupied,” Ian said to Mickey.

“I got him.” Mickey speaks like it’s no big deal.

Ian nodded and grinned. “I’ll see you in two hours,” he planted a kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. “And you,” he turns to Liam. “You better behave yourself.”

“I got him, Gallagher. It’s okay,” Mickey laughs.

Ian puts his coat on and heads toward the door. Before stepping out he yells, “I love you both!” He closes the door before anyone could respond.

Mickey smiles and turns to Liam. “Hey, kiddo.”

“Ickey!” Liam giggles as he tries to say the older boy’s name.

He goes to pick the little kid up with a caring smile. How the fuck did he get so caught up into caring about people? And especially the Gallaghers? He doesn’t fully understand, but he knows it’s best to keep it to himself like always. He doesn’t want anyone, other than Ian, thinking he’s going soft because he’s not.

“Yes, I’m ‘Ickey,’” Mickey laughs and brings the boy in the kitchen to feed him.

* * *

Ian quietly walks in the house to find Mickey and Liam looking for a movie to watch. He sees Mickey’s bright smile and cannot feel more grateful and fortunate for finding someone this perfect. Ian watches the two boys bond for a few moments because he knows he’d never be seeing this side of Mickey if more people were around, instead he’d see the tough Mickey. He loves both versions of his boyfriend the same though because that is what made Ian fall for him.

Finally, Ian realizes the watching might be a little creepy so he decides to speak. “He likes you, Mick.”

Mickey jumps at the sound of Ian’s voice. He didn’t hear the door open. “Yeah, he’s not too bad himself.” He turns to me the redheads gaze. “Come help us pick a movie to watch,” Mickey instructs and Ian obeys.

Eventually the boys settle on the movie Sandlot because Liam kept picking it up and throwing it towards the television. Neither of the older boys complained because it was a fairly good movie.

Halfway through Ian started to chuckle. “The fuck you laughin’ for?” Mickey reacted.

“Remember when you pissed on first base and got kicked off the team?” Ian looks at Mickey.

Mickey’s brows furrow. “You heard about that?”

“I was on second, dumbass.” He laughs. “I was pissed they kicked you off. I had a plan to become friends with you.”

Mickey snorted. Now that he thinks about it, he remembers a ginger standing on second base. “Of course you had a fucking plan,” he grins.

“Yeah, so gay right?”

“Took the words right out of my mouth,” Mickey said proudly.

They fell silent again and ended up in each other’s arms with Liam laying across their lap. Mickey’s hand rested on Liam’s stomach so he didn’t roll off of them and onto the floor. Mickey had his other arm swung around Ian holding on tightly. His head was turned toward his boy so that he could inhale the calming scent of him whenever he needed. Ian’s head was in the crook of his boyfriend’s neck and his hand was holding onto the older boys arm. Both of their legs were twined together as well. surprisingly after a few minutes in the comfortable position they fell asleep.

Fiona walked in and say the three boys fast asleep on the couch. She couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Seeing Ian and Mickey tangled up the way they were gave her satisfaction because it showed love.

Though Mickey was more open about being gay, he didn’t go any farther than kissing Ian on the forehead or on the cheek every morning when he came downstairs. She could understand when the affection was hard to display in front of people, but seeing them now truly reassured her that Mickey loved her brother.

A few seconds after Fiona entered, Debbie and V followed. As soon as she saw them she told them to keep their voices down and to come look at the boys.

“That is so cute,” Debbie whispered.

V let out a quiet, “Awwww,” and stared at the boys until Fiona moved from where she was standing.

“Just keep quiet, I sometimes wonder if Mickey ever fully sleeps. He’s got eyes on the back of his head, like a sixth sense or something,” Fiona adds. Just as she says this Mickey jerks awake. “Like I said,” she then points at the boy.

“Fuck,” he groggily said under his breath. He looks at the position he, his boyfriend, and Liam were in and thinks about moving because the girls are staring, but when he takes a closer look at Ian, he decides to stay there because he knows he could stay wrapped up with him forever.

V’s eyes widen when she sees Mickey relax back into the spot. “Dirtiest white boy in America really has a heart.”

“Fuck off.”

The girls laugh. They are seriously surprised that he has such a soft side when it comes to Ian. “You look like a little family,” Debbie says happily.

At first, Mickey ignores them. When they walk away he looks at Ian and says, “He is fucking family.”

Mickey breathed in Ian’s scent and smiled. He doesn’t want to fight the feeling that Ian gives him anymore. Ian deserves the world, and Mickey is going to try his hardest to give it to him.

Breaking him from his thoughts, Carl and Little Hank walk in the front door. Neither of them know if Mickey is awake or not so they stop in their track. “Hm,” Carl whispers. “I guess that’s what it looks like to be in love.”

“Guess so,” his friend responds, and they continue up the stairs.

Eventually Ian begins to wake up. He groans harshly. “What time is it?” Ian mumbles.

“Hey, mumbles,” Mickey smiles. “It’s almost five.”

“How long have I been asleep?”

Mickey thinks for a second. “Maybe an hour and a half. You’re not gonna sleepin’ tonight after a nap like that. You were out cold.”

“Oh well–”

A hard knock on the door ends the conversation. “Mick!” Iggy is yelling from the porch. “Mick, open up!”

Fiona runs from the kitchen. “What’s going on?” She looks to Mickey, and he shrugs in response.

He goes to open the door to find his brother panting. Mickey assumes he ran from their house to get here. “What the fuck is going on, Ig?”

“Dad’s out,” he says in a wary voice. “Steer clear of the house for a while.”

Once Ian heard this he stood up rapidly and ran to the door. “What?”

“Yeah, um, what?” Mickey’s brow furrows.

“Overcrowding, good behavior. Same old shit.” Iggy looks past his shoulders as if he’s trying to make sure no one followed him here. “Listen, none of us told him you’re stayin’ here. We ain’t gonna tell ‘im.”

Fiona frantically stumbles to the door when hearing the conversation. “Are the safe?” Thoughts of Terry beating the shit out of her brother and Mickey rush through her head, causing her to wince.

“I’ll make fucking sure Ian’s safe. Me? Well I might not be, but there is no way in hell he’s touching a hair on that redhead.” Mickey looks to his boyfriend.

“Just don’t come near the house. We’ll tell him you left town or something,” Mickey nods after Iggy speaks.

“Thanks, man.” He nods at his brother and watches him walk away from the house.

The past week has been so fucking good and now they need to worry about Terry Milkovich having their ass.


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anonymous asked:

Do ever sit and wonder if Mickey ever looked at Ian why he was sleeping and told him he loved him because he was to nervous/shy/scared to say it face to face in person? And do u think Ian heard Mickey's voicemail from season 5?

Omg I have no doubt that he could have done that. I mean “I love you” is such a big thing for Mickey. It’s one thing to have sex with another male, but to be in love with them? That was huge for him. He probably had so much fear in him when he realised he actually felt it and when he realised he wanted to say it I bet he was nervous, and even when he did get to say it, he never had the chance to say it in an appropriate time that could express what he was feeling on his own terms. He said it in the voicemail, I don’t think Ian heard. Maybe he did? You’d think we would have gotten the chance to see him do so, or reference it. He also said it when Ian dumped him. It was never the right time and it makes me sad because he probably expected to say it in a moment where Ian would say it back. We never got to see that moment. Both times Ian and Mickey have said they loved each other have been when the other wasn’t there to hear it, or when the other was upset and didn’t say it back.

i pass this on my way to and from work every day and i always start thinkin about mickey in a cute lil apron making ice cream ( ʘ‿ʘ )