but men get breast cancer too?????

RWoT - an explanation/ Faq

Why do I do Real Women of Tumblr?  This is the main question that is frequently asked of me. 

There used to be a woman on Tumblr who I befriended, many of us did.  She has since gone off Tumblr for her own reasons, and I have not heard from her since. I will say her friendship and her messages are missed.    @thesubkitten  started the Real Men Of Tumblr, which I participated in every time.   

One day she and I were talking and I said, “Someone should do this for the women of Tumblr.” 

She said, “Yes you should.”   And so it was. ;) 

I started doing it in October by chance, and have done one mid-year but I prefer October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness and a lot of the women choose to show off their breasts as part of who they are.   Breast Cancer claims too many beautiful lives.  Almost everyone I know has been affected by it or by losing someone they know from it.  It’s a disease that knows no race, no age, no religion, and no gender, as men can get it too.  

I get a lot of women asking me what kind of posts I would like.  I want their posts to be how they feel they want to express themselves, their femininity, their personality, who they are.  

I have had people ask if I would remove the no genitals rule.  I will not.  Here’s my reasoning why.  Too often women are seen as primarily sex objects.  I don’t want the women of Tumblr to be just objects.  They are real women who go to work at jobs, stay home with kids, are artists, business women, entrepreneurs, musicians, poets, moms, sisters, daughters, boss ladies, etc.  They are more than what their bodies are.  They are the beautiful person inside that body.  Their bodies are all beautiful.  They have born children, fought disease, survived abuse, or simply battled the passage of time.   

I have a great respect for women.  I love women. I could write an endlessly long explanation of all the things to love about women.  

What do I do with the photos sent to me? I am also a gentleman.  I feel an extreme honour in that so many women place their trust in me to give them advice on what to post… and then they send me photos of themselves that they maybe would never send to anyone.    I keep my promises and delete all photos, emails, etc from my computer once the postings are made. If a woman requests her post be removed I have done that as well out of respect for her.  If she requests no one to reblog it,  I make sure it’s noted on the post.   

Does this bring me lots of followers? This event brings me a lot of followers, but it’s not about that.  Most of those go away after the event is over.  For me it’s about giving tribute and showing respect for women, the real every day women in our lives – not the starlets, the models, the porn stars, the photo-shopped to perfection ideal the media presents us.  

Do the posts have to have something written to go with them?  Something I added to the RWoT was putting quotes and writings about women with the photographs, or along with them.  That will continue.  So feel free to also submit your favourite quotes to go along with the photos. Sometimes people just want their own words with their photo or words from their partner.  Those are fantastic additions too. 

I have been getting submissions and I am very excited about this year’s RWoT event.  :)  There are a lot of first time submissions and I hope we will see some of the former RWoT submit as well. 

And if @thesubkitten is still out there… you are missed! 

How and when are submissions taken? 

Submissions are taken until Friday October 13 at noon, though time permitting for setting up the queue, late comers may be accepted or given the option to be added to the next edition of RWoT.  Posts are random, and in no particular order. All submissions will be tagged #RWoT and #RealWomenofTumblr. 

I expect those reblogging images from RWoT to maintain the spirit of the submission and not use these women’s photos for your own personal use.  Abuse of this will be reported. 

anonymous asked:

How come they don't remove all of the breast tissue during top surgery? It's just so weird to me. "Hi can you remove my boobs please?" "Sure thing, but I'll leave a little." "WHY? I JUST WANT IT ALL GONE!"

a couple reasons

1- practically, they cant.  it’s a little like trimming a raw steak,  you can’t get off all the fat, just most of it. 

2- aesthetically, you wouldn’t want them to.  cis men have breast tissue too, and without what they leave, your chest would look sunken, not similar to a cis man’s.  (if your primary concern is breast cancer, not top surgery, you’ll be having a typical bilateral mastectomy, which can leave things looking ‘sunken’)

they remove the overwhelming majority of it, basically what parallels the volume of a cis man’s chest is remaining. 

mod mayhem

Oh boy, here come the pisslords the moment Deadpool did a breast cancer PSA aimed towards women (which yes I know men can get breast cancer too, and in any case this is still helpful but he is complaining about Deadpool not releasing a video that he actually did make before this)