but melo is my favorite

Well get off then •Melo

Explicit Cumtent 🍆💦


Your POV

“Melo c'mere real quick!” I shouted as I finished curling the last part of my hair.

I really didn’t want to go to Don’s party, but Melo basically begged me to go, I then agreed because I didn’t want no little thotties grinding up all on my boo thang.

I looked in the mirror at myself one more time before smiling and turning to one side sticking my tongue out and doing the piece sign.

“In New York I milly rock, hide it in my sock, running from an opp. ” I started singing and dancing in the mirror.

“Rawr!” Melo bursted into the bathroom and screamed.

“IIIIIII milly rock!” I yelled and dragged out the “i” trying cover up the fact that he scared me.

He laughed and held his stomach. “Ahhh gotcho ass!” His high pitched voice echoed throughout the bathroom.

“No, yo ugly ass face scared me, looking like an undiscovered river monster.” I laughed.

“You gon’ stop disrespecting me.” He put his finger in my face.

“And you gon’ stop putting on that same red polo shirt that you always be in every special occasion or every weekend.” I rolled my eyes.

“Look I be looking clean in this shirt, you wish you had one.”

“Shut up nigga, and just zip up this dress.” I said turning my back to him and holding up my hair.

“Now you want a favor after you called me outta my name and was getting on my shirt?” He shook his head.

“Melo c'mon now.” I huffed.

“I mean the booty looking real good and juicy so I guess.” He said slapping my ass and zipping up the dress.

I smiled and turned around to face the mirror and he behind me.

“Lookin’ like a snack.” He bit his lip and placed kissed on my neck.

“Okay and I’m looking at the time, let’s go it’s 9:49 we already late” I said pushing his head away.

“Nah baby everybody else just early we ain’t late babygirl.” He snaked his hands around my waist.

“LaMelo quit.” I giggled.

All of a sudden I felt my dress being pulled up. I gasped.

“Ohhh you don’t got on no panties either?” He grabbed my ass pulling me closer to him and I could basically feel his growing erection.

I looked in the mirror back at him and he smirked.

“Bend that ass over.” He whispered in my ear, while I heard him un-doing his belt. Then I heard his pants un-zipping.

I bent over the sink and bit my lip, and he stared and me and smiled.

“What you smil- ohh fuck.” I moaned as he entered me from behind.

“What was that?” He bit his lip, and continued to go in and out of me painfully slow.

“Mmm.” I tried to keep my moans quiet knowing that Zo, Gelo and Eli were in the living room.

I gripped onto the sink as he started pound into me from behind.

“Melo.” I said as I bit my lip trying to make my moans quiet as possible.

“Shit. You hear that babygirl? How wet your pussy is for me.”

“Yes.” I tried to grab his arm from behind so he could slow down.

He then started rubbing my clit which was about to make me go crazy.

“Oh shit Melo.” I cried out not giving a fuck if they heard me in the living room.

“You like that shit huh?”

“Oh shit! Yes yes! I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me.”

“Fuck.” I moaned as I came all over his dick, he groaned and pulled out.

“Don’t cum on my dress.” I said trying to catch my breath.

“Too late.” He laughed.

“Aye what’s going on in here!” Eli bursted through the bathroom door.

“Eli get out!” I screamed as I pulled down my dress.

“Well get off then Melo.” (Eli favorite saying 💀💀 “Get off then”) He laughed and left out.

“Aye Zo, Gelo! Melo in here fucking.” He screamed

anonymous asked:

You've been posting some dope producers on the soundcloud lately. That mix was wavy. Who are some of your favorite producers right now?

Appreciate it bro!

I’ve always been inspired by music ever since I was young, and coming from a musical family. Right now my favorite producers are Sango, Ta-ku, MeLo-X, ESTA, Atu, Jimi Nxir, Michael Uzowuru, Erick “ARC” Elliot, Full Crate, Abjo



I’m soooooo happy that one of my favorite BroCon fanartists, melo, did Masaomi’s side in the Beloved Blue anthology!! He looks so cute in it!!  (●♡∀♡)

The OVA artbook contains special interviews with Daisuke Hirakawa (Ukyo’s seiyuu) & Nobuhiko Okamoto (Hikaru’s seiyuu), the storyboard for the OVAs, character profiles, character designs, cast comments, and a ton of illustrations from merch and stuff!~

The Perfect Pink anthology contains the side stories of Kaname, Hikaru, Tsubaki, Natsume, Louis, Subaru, and Wataru. The Beloved Blue Anthology contains the side stories of Masaomi, Ukyo, Azusa, Iori, Yusuke, Fuuto, and Juli. Both anthologies have little side stories at the end done by the artist who did the PuruPuru comics, Deathco Cotorino!

The artists in the anthologies are:

Melo: Masaomi & Subaru
Mizu Morino: Ukyo
Sayo Sakamoto: Azusa & Tsubaki
Ren Hidoh: Iori & Kaname
Haruhi Souka: Yusuke & Wataru
Suzume Nogaki: Fuuto
Mito Aoi: Juli
Tamu: Hikaru
Fuyuko Aoi: Natsume
Carmilla: Louis