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Today i had a dream where idk why but i was in a parking lot (?) and the Hamilton cast was there but Lin wasn’t and i don’t remember seeing the sisters either but they were there and I ran to them and hugged Oak and then hugged Daveed and i was so happy bc I love him but for some ungodly reason i forgot to ask for their autographs and i cried later,, after that I went to watch deh with the hamilton cast (lol) and it was in an open theatre kinda like a circus but no ? Idk it was weird and you could only see like one act of the play and ofc i wanted to watch everything I got so mad but at some point Ben talked to me directly from the stage ?? Ahahdh i don’t even know by e

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English is not my first language. So in my mind that was me asking nicely. People insulting people is a geberal observation. Why i would want to insult you if im asking for your opinion? So i refraze. I dont like the drama between people when it comes to fiction. That was my point. My basic point was to let me know your view. Thank you.

hello again :)

i don’t think it had nothing to do with the language barrier (english isn’t my first language either!), but u came off as demanding. telling me what to do and what not to do in my own blog. 

anyway. let’s forget about that. u want to know why r*bron is abusive. alright. so i’m not the best explaining this, also it’s a bit late and i’m tired, but i’ll do my best.

r*bron has been abusive since the beginning. like, since r*bert manipulated aaron into covering katie’s death. anyway the breaking point was, yknow, r*bert pointing at aaron with a gun and all that. and after that, aaron wants to hate r*bert but he can’t, “after all these months, after everything he’s done, he’s still in here. what he says, it still counts. so what kind of person does that make me, that i can’t stop loving someone like him?”. like i know some people take that as romantic, but it is not. aaron wanted to hate r*bert, he was in his right to hate r*bert, but he couldn’t. like, only that tells u how toxic their relationship is.

and again in the woods “i love you. i never stopped”. what kind of unhealthy shit is that???? r*bert put aaron though hell and he doesn’t even get the right to hate him????? 

okay, let’s move to another things bc that’s something that only talks about how toxic the relationship is. but yeah okay. every time, EVER SINGLE TIME, r*bert screws up, he blames aaron. he makes aaron feel guilty about everything??? r*bert cheats on aaron. whose fault is that? aaron’s. like the fuck?? like when he kissed rebecca (the second time, bc aaron never found out about the first one lol), and aaron found out and r*bert twisted it to make it seem like aaron was the one in the wrong for being mad at r*bert??? “maybe it’s you, maybe you’re the one who needs to change”. ??????????????????? AARON WAS ONLY MAD BC R*BERT HAD FUCKING CHEATED ON HIM????

every time r*bert screws up, not only he blames aaron like what aaron did was wrong, but also makes aaron feel guilty for what r*bert did. i mean, how many times has r*bert said “i did this for you” “i did this for us”. like shut up, you did it bc you wanted to lmao, but no, he has to put the guilt on aaron. 

he talks to aaron like he was stupid? like he was a kid? clear example. aaron’s bday. telling aaron he should trust him, “do you understand this?”. ugh shut the fuck up you condescendent asshole (sorry, only thinking about all this makes me so mad).


let’s not forget how he is ableist af. telling aaron he failed in killing himself? mocking aaron about his self harm? saying aaron is weak? telling aaron he will “fix” him???? god, that’s so fucked up!!!!!!!!!!

also you can see for some things that aaron says that the whole dynamic is abusive. “i love you. but i hate the person i am around you. and i can’t be like that for the rest of my life”. “you don’t even know what love is”. “you keep saying you’ve changed, but you haven’t, have you? and you never will”. as you see. aaron hates himself when he is with r*bert. he hates loving r*bert. ffs, it almost seems like he hates the person r*bert is??? but he can’t stop loving him??? their whole relationship has been built up in cheat, lies, emotional abuse. the only reason they are still together is bc they have fans, but their relationship is so fucked up. 

so yeah, i could do the same as you and laugh at people arguing about fiction. but fiction is important. fiction has an impact in our lives. and seeing a gay, mentally ill character, who is also an abuse survivor, being in a relationship with his abuser, and see how abuse is being normalised and romanticised, fuckes me up. so i won’t shut up about this bc lgbt people deserve better. mentally ill people deserve better. abuse survivors deserve better. 

anyway sorry bc im shit at explaining this but yeah, they are abusive and it’s important to stop romanticising that. 

:/ look, i get it. people are still rightfully bent with jeffree and his racist remarks + comments. i get that and you have that right.

but he apologized, the video is still up, go watch it. (im too damn lazy to link ~meh) and i feel like it was pretty real. i fully believe in giving people a 2nd chance and believing that people can change. i think he will and hes making strides to.

i say this because my dad used to be this huge ass close-minded,judgement AF, racist, homophobic person and hes literally making legit steps to be a better person, be open minded, accepting and understanding. and he was like that 90% of my life and we’re all very proud and encouraging that he stay on this path. its great. if my dad can do it, so can jeffree.

if you still dont wanna support him or his brand thats ok but being a cunt is literally so annoying. go do it somewhere else. i dont really think he did it so people would buy from him, i can see WHY that would be thought 100% but i really dont think thats the case. call it what you will, idgaf really. im just irritated with all the negativity when i think hes trying to better himself. :/

if you wanna be angry at someone, then look at fucking kylie idiot-ass jenner. all youre doing is paying for the name, same with kim and her bogus AF $48 overrated AF contour kits. kylies products are over-priced garbage and smell like car paint and they think theyre entitled to everything ie: the biggie and tupac shirts, without any sort of repercussion. disgusting.

  • “racist makeup” no, shut the fuck up.
  • “he just wants your money!” i mean that could be but i dont think thats entirely the case here
  • “everyone who buys his makeup is a racist” yea no, again, shut the entire fuck up. you dont know mine or anyone elses life. you cannot assume dick about what we do and dont support by which makeup brand we’re buying. what the shit? take your damn seat and the next 10.

i also donut know what to think of this and i still want a donut

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