but maybe this time................

  • Me: disabled people are a huge at risk minority group for violent crime, sexual assault, government abuse, death etc.
  • Able bodied people: oh my god why do we have to point out one group? Why can't we just agree that that is bad for any group? Why do you have to bring disability into it?
  • Me: -_-

So I got a really good idea to introduce supercorp as a canon couple in s3. So basically we’ve seen green, red and silver kryptonite meaning that there is possibility of a pink kryptonite or even another kryptonite. Please note though that I am obviously not an expert in kryptonite.

So basically it’s exposed to kara and basically she goes to lena and you know does stuff. Then when the pink kryptonite is out of her system, then she’ll be all confused like a normal story then lena will be like ‘was all this real’ and all that kinda stuff then kara will be at the deo or something then she’ll be talking to alex and Winn about lena and Winn will tell her that the pink kryptonite doesn’t create feelings from out of nowhere, it only brings up what’s been hidden underneath then she realises she actually has feelings for lena then boom supercorp canon and angst and possible slowburn. Maybe even then lena is so hurt that Kara does this thing to prove to lena that she loves her and that’s slowburn for a few episode then boom full canon supercorp then lena can help out at the deo and stuff

I cleaned a lot of my room today and I even washed my sheets which I’m pretty sure is a step in the positive direction of my mental health, especially since I can’t remember the last time all my clothes were picked up off the floor. Or quite honestly the last time I washed my sheets, which is totally gross and disgusting and don’t worry it’s only been a few months not that long!!! and i can’t wait to sleep in all my fresh sheets tonight. it’s the baby steps that are pushing me through these days. yay for doing something. 

I wonder if there’s a tiny part of Bellamy that thinks Clarke’s still alive. He says in the lab that he still has hope the nightblood will come through. So he tells himself she’s dead and mourns her because that’s what the odds overwhelmingly suggest, but in the back of his mind there’s still this hope of maybe.

being the self-indulgent shit i am, i made a diakko love child

her name’s amelia

(((feel free to drop hate messages bc that already happened to me and im pretty much immune to it now lmao lemme know what yall think)))

Friendly reminder that both Petra and Rafael came from messed up, basically emotionally abusive families, for awhile they both thought their looks was the only way to get what they wanted and they have since both learned they’re smart and capable, they were genuinely in love at a point before the show started, they run a business together (or did @Luisa), they suffered through a late term miscarriage and Rafael’s cancer together, they both scheme and have done shady things, there’s the whole long lost sibling/criminal sisters thing, Petra never knew her father/Rafael never really knew his adoptive mother, and the list goes on…they’re not perfect but there’s more to their connection than the twins #justsaying.

Me at family gatherings
  • Aunt i only see during special occasions: Oh, you've gained weight!
  • Me: (all smiles while returning her hug) i know! So did you!
  • Homophobic, sexist uncle: what, you still don't have a boyfriend?
  • Me: boyfriend no, girlfriend yes. (Laughs in his face)

I was tagged by @seokgay to do a selfie tag literally months ago, but since I’m slow af I haven’t done it until now (I suck okay?)

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so !  apparently placing oc’s in class 2B was an idea that took off  and while we are really happy for that ,  it’s getting hard to keep track of all the new blogs that’s why i’m making a masterlist !  so if your oc is in class 2B heroics smash that like for me to add you to the 2B’S OFFICIAL ROLL  ( i’ll make a post laster with a banner and everything ) .  feel free to reblog this post too to get the word out .  thanks ~

i like animating to audio!! and i wanna make a short before i start actually Doing Things on my thesis because I didn’t really make a short this sem besides that crane couple video which is kind of different. if you have a 30 sec - 90 sec story to tell or thing to talk about (i like vibes of like drunk history or just cute/funny lil stories) hmu maybe i’ll make an animation about u!! 

anyone else have that one villager that lived in your very first animal crossing town and you just love them unconditionally