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in which camie helps bakugo learn that sometimes, sacrifices just have to be made

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Is it weird for me to read PJO and HoO and immediately love the Seven + the others, but then when I read MCGA, I just. didn't care about the characters at all. Is that strange? You have any idea why it happened?

I think that’s depend? In my personal experience, when I read TLH for the first time, I just fell for Leo, Jason and Piper and then when I read TSoN I loved Frank and Hazel, but I had my problems with Percy and Reyna? With Percy especially I had to read the first five books to have my opinion formed about him and yet, when I did it for the first time, Annabeth had not liked me? And I had to reread all the books twice to love everyone as I do now.

With TKC I love everyone at first reading and with MCGA too, although I had my problems with Alex, I will not lie, but thanks to the fanon I learned to appreciate Fierro, so I think it depends on each one and how the characters came to you on a personal level?

ALSO Ditto literally scaled the entire height of the cat tree earlier by going up the corner with no platforms - just straight up the columns, with one pause halfway.

I very badly want to make this cat a catio with a big climbing structure/jungle gym of logs. 

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Im really glad job interview anon is doing so good!! Its really nice to see these kinds of supporting posts on your blog ^^

That’s actually so great to know  ♡

I’m usually just so afraid I’ll be bothering everyone with asks. Especially since I haven’t really drawn in a while, and isn’t that meant to be the point of my blog? But I also hate ignoring them. For those who have sent some in, you are aware I read them, correct? And I always really really want to answer. But I have to pick between those I have.

I’m just going to start tagging them as “Katya jase” from now on. So y’all can block that tag if you feel like it might be annoying to see too many asks pop up on your dashes from time to time  ♡

10 songs im obsessed with

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tfw when half of them are Sam Smith,,,,,I should’ve just listed every single one of his songs tbh (I just love him a lot,,,ok,,,his music is so therapeutic) 

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As usual, no pressure! I love to find new music n see what you guys all like <3

My research methods II class seems pretty chill. A lot of people dropped since the first semester, either because they didn’t get at least a C or they were only doing a psych minor (both semesters are required for the major). There are only two exams in the beginning of the semester, and a lot of days we won’t have class and will only be conducting our research studies instead. Our introduction is due next Tuesday, though, and I’m already overwhelmed… I’ve written a little over two pages out of five. I think I’ll be okay. I tend to just sit down and pound out writing all in one sitting, but I simply cannot do that with this and that’s okay. I have plenty of time and I don’t need to finish tonight. I’m trying to remember to be kind to myself. 


me: hey, you said you were gonna’ hunker down on the blogs, that you’d focus on only three of them this semester, so don’t get any wild ideas from @kotoyin‘s post you piehole
inner me( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)