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OMG Jay you draw posts in advance?

I USED TO NOT but ever since late 2016 i have!! i don’t always post them in the order i draw them in either, that’s why sometimes the style can look v subtly inconsistent. most of the time if you catch me just as im posting, you can tell when i Goof Up bc sora’s braces will be the wrong colour (sometimes i rush to edit it, sometimes i..dont bother), or (lately) some posts will be written in lowercase rather than in allcaps!!

“I don’t like sand” is a piece of dialogue from the prequels that became a major joke, and honestly I love to joke about it too. But I have to admit that, jokes aside, I almost want to take it a little bit seriously. Because as crazy as it seems, this line works. And it’s not just luck. Hear me out:

Of course Anakin hates sand. It seems like a really obvious statement but it’s more than that. His “I don’t like sand” speech works on Padme for that reason: It’s about more than just sand.

When Anakin says “I don’t like sand” obviously sand is a key symbol of his childhood on Tatooine, his childhood in slavery. If we’re being honest, sand isn’t really what Anakin hates. He hates what he associates sand with, which is slavery, hopelessness, and a longing for his mother who he left behind.

Look at the rest of the dialogue: “It’s coarse and rough and irritating.“ His childhood was difficult and infuriating. He hated being a slave and he hated Tatooine and so he hates sand. He can’t look at sand without being reminded of his childhood. The world he left behind on Tatooine was as coarse and rough as the sand.

And this is why the line works. Because Padme knows all that. She knows that Anakin was a slave, and she knows that he hated leaving his mother behind. She knows that he hates Tatooine and everything it stands for.

And then he makes a joke, actually about the sand: “and it gets everywhere.” That was just to lighten the mood, to keep himself from saying too much. And then he adds “Not like here. Here everything is soft, and smooth.” This part was obviously about Padme but not just in the physical sense. Padme is soft; she’s kind and caring and has such a strong moral compass. She’s a direct contrast from everything he hates about his past and about himself.

So when Anakin is talking about how much he hates sand, really he’s baring a part of his soul to Padme. And it’s sort of an unspoken thing between them because she knows he’s a little broken, she knows about his past. And she knows that he has feelings for her. And Padme always wants to fix things that are broken.

redoing like my entire blog and life…soon


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Question, for a birthday present would you rather parakira or kirahan?

hmmm, maybe kirahan just so that its less embarrassing that im 99% of the tag LOL


please dont look at me 

TIME TO WRITE A FANFIC from this prompt: “ride the same bus together literally every day AU”

and what better pairing than fuckin’ WHITE ROSE because just think

Ruby always catches the 105E bus at the corner of Beacon and Signal street to get to school, and she always always always sees this quiet beautiful white-haired girl sitting at the front of the bus, staring out the window. and she wears designer clothes and smells like Chanel and has a hella fuckin cool scar and all Ruby wants is to ask her about her life, or say hi, or crack a super funny joke and hear her laugh

but she doesn’t muster up the courage

until one day this gorgeous mysterious girl comes up to her, frowning, and demands “stop staring at me every day, you weirdo!!”

and this is how they become girlfriends

About “can i be your friend?”

hey, ever since i started getting more followers thanks to the undertale fanart and the human au, some anons have been asking me if they could befriend me because i’m a ‘cool person’ or just because they feel like we’d be compatible after reading some of my personal posts on this blog–and i really appreciate that there are people out there who are interested in becoming my friends!

it means a lot to me, because i have very self-deprecating thoughts all of the time that i’m just an embarrassing person to talk to because i’m awkward and uninteresting, and that my artistic skills couldn’t ever make up for it.

but there’s something about asks like these that make me anxious–i’m not a social person! i’m very outgoing, but i really suck at social interactions. i distract myself and forget to reply, or i don’t know what to say in a certain situation, or maybe i feel like im embarrassing myself and feel like i should just stop talking altogether.

so when you ask me if you can be my friend, i get super awkward. of course i would love to have more friends. i recently moved out of the country i lived in for the past 4 years, and i lost contact with almost all of the irl friends i had there, and i only had my boyfriend tim and my friend grayson to talk to.

if you want to be my friend, maybe instead of asking me if we can be friends, you should do what kenn did: she sent me headcanons for the human au [off anon], asked me for my skype, and straight up memed the hell out of me and we talked about fursecution for the rest of the night. sometimes i get distracted and don’t reply but she keeps talking anyway, i eventually come back and read what she sent me. she’s a great friend and pretty much the biggest canon contributor for the human AU because we got along great and she never made it weird by treating me like i’m better than her or like i’m some kind of untouchable god or constantly praising me (something some people do a lot–if you’re reaching out for me to have a chat, it’s probably because you follow me and like my work, so you don’t need to praise me for it repeatedly! nice comments are welcome but i’m just a dumb kid, not some kind of mythical creature you need to venerate)

just be yourself, just share funny links with me and talk about things you know we both like (undertale, maybe games, even the AU if you feel like it).

remember: i’m just a dumb kid who draws. i’m not better than you. you can befriend me as easily as you can befriend anyone else–and if we’re not compatible, that’s just how things are, there’s nothing wrong with you or with me. i’m busy sometimes but i always read every message i receive on skype.