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Cosplaying as Amethyst soon! It is my first ever time cosplaying and I need some tips also I'm a minor so am I allowed to send you a pic of my cosplay when I do it in a month or so? Or do you prefer people to submit when they're over 18??

As long as you follow Tumblr’s guidelines (and it isn’t anything sexual) I think its alright for you to submit stuff. Just maybe get your parents’ permission first?

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Hi, I have a question : how do I know if I'm ace? For example if I have never kissed someone how do I know I don't like to kiss someone? Maybe is a stupid question but I'm new on this blog

hi anon,

“how do i know if i’m ____?” is a very common question that many people ask themself and / or others at one point or another and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. despite being a common question, the answer to that question isn’t a simple one and will differ from person to person because there is no one “true” answer, imho. the following is just my longwinded personal opinion.

before i attempt to answer your question

i’d like to point out that whether you like or don’t like kissing is not an indication of whether you’re ace or not. if you don’t like kissing then you simply don’t like kissing, which can be true for someone of any orientation. similarly, someone of any orientation can like kissing, including aces.

replace “kissing” with “sex” and the same is still true.

different people define asexuality differently because it means different things to different people, but imho asexuality is no different from other sexual orientations in that it’s descriptive of who someone is or isn’t (potentially) sexually attracted to and says nothing about the actions one finds enjoyable (or not). besides, a person doesn’t have to be sexually attracted to someone for kissing (or sex) to be enjoyable and a lack of sexual attraction is not required for kissing (or sex) to be something you don’t like.

while it’s certainly true that there are aces who do not like kissing and / or sex, for whom their experience with kissing and / or sex and disliking it (or worse) may be intrinsically connected to their asexuality / how they came to identify as ace, i hope that a lack of experience will not detour you from identifying as ace if you think that you might be ace. 

to answer your question (finally)

how do you know if you’re ace? the same way that i myself and countless others know that they’re ace: “ace”, “asexual”, “gray asexual”, “demisexual”, etc resonate with you and you feel comfortable enough describing yourself (or being referred to by others) as such enough to identify as such. in other words, you adopt that word / identity for yourself because you decide for yourself that that’s who you are.

there is nothing that qualifies you (or disqualifies you) as ace.
there is no surefire way to know whether or not you’re ace.
there is no way to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will never experience sexual attraction even if you have yet to experience it.

hell, sometimes it can be difficult to know whether or not you’ve ever experienced sexual attraction to some degree or in some way. sometimes it’s simply impossible to know for sure and yet other times you may not even be sure what the hell this “sexual attraction” even is.

and that’s okay.
all of that is okay.

every single one of us lives in the present, not the future nor the past. uncertainty is natural. you do not need to know anything for certain. furthermore, you do not need to know how you may feel in the future to identify as something now because it feels right to do so now. even if you were to identify as ace (or anything else) now, but in the future something were to change for you that makes ace (or anything else) less relevant or comfortable for you, that’s okay. use whatever word(s) / identity(/ies) feel right for you at the time and discard the ones that don’t. every experience you have (or don’t have) is valid regardless of whether that experience changes for you later in life. there’s absolutely no reason to hold one’s breath for future possibilities that may never come, simply roll with them if they do.

tl;dr because i’m longwinded as hell

if the thought that you might be ace resonates with you, why not try it on for size? in other words, try identifying as ace (even if only internally to yourself) and see how it makes you feel now. don’t worry about the future. if you happen to find that ace feels “right” or comfortable for you now, then hey! you might be ace. sometimes it’s not actually a matter of “knowing” whether you’re ace or not, but rather deciding if “ace” is meaningful as a word / identity for you. no one knows you better than you know yourself and sometimes it’s difficult to know anything for sure and that’s okay. just roll with your feelings, figure out things as you go and use whatever word(s) / identity(/ies) happen to feel right for you / be helpful. i’m pretty sure that that’s what all of us are doing. :)

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preferably majority hp blogs. tysm and i hope you’re all having a good weekend 💞

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One of the people I follow on Tumblr has said that Toby Fox has shipped sans not with Toriel but with himself. I don't man sanscest but literally just one sans. Nobody else. Toby Fox said that sans would be too lazy to get into such a relationship. (I don't have any sources but I could go look for some when I'm not tired out of my mind.)

Well personally I don’t see anything wrong with him maybe trying to get into a relationship a little down the line; it can’t hurt after all, and Toriel is a nice lady, and he and she are already basically best friends. Even if it ended up not working out I still think there’d be no bad blood between them; they’re both mature adults.

-Mod Avery

The Crossfade of

Master Of The Heavenly Yard has been released just today. And then, after watching the spanish translation, I’ve seen many people surprised because of what seems like The End of Evillious Chronicles

But I can’t help, but to think that mothy is gonna troll us again. And I think that this time is gonna be The Trolling 

That’s it. Maybe I’m in denial because I’ve been following E C from several years now but… it’s mothy and, when new material is announced, there’s always something more about it besides what is told explicitly (?)

this is important okay
  • This is gonna be some long ass speech talking about mainly Jack and Roger, but I feel its important for the fandom to understand this. I don't know if I consider this something that is based on opinion or what, but it's important, and maybe you'll look at Roger and Jack differently.<p/><b></b> Among the characters, they seem to range on a spectrum. One end is the "good" end, while the other is the "bad" end. A lot of people view as Simon being the most/major/#1 "good" character; he's the purest, most innocent... No character is as good as Simon. Which, I think that's safe to say that it's a fact. On the other end, the "bad" end, the majority of people say Roger is the evilest. No one is as evil as Roger, and no one is as good as Simon. The other characters are thrown in somewhere between Simon and Roger, debating and showing their "goodness".<p/><b></b> However, I beg to differ.<p/><b></b> I 100% agree that Simon is the purest character. Like mentioned before, It's fact that he is.<p/><b></b> But I disagree with Roger being the worst. I personally think it's Jack.<p/><b></b> Now, the majority of you will flip out, defending your ginger cinnamon bun, and I know your number one cause for reasoning that Roger is the worst is because, "he killed Piggy!"<p/><b></b> Just hear me out.<p/><b></b> When I look at Roger and Jack, I see Jack as "the person pulling the strings" while Roger is a puppet.<p/><b></b> Think about that. Jack is the LEADER of the savages. Roger is just a follower. He could be some sort of second in command, maybe, but who's leader? Jack.<p/><b></b> Roger does Jack's dirty work. Why? Because Jack hung around Roger <i>even though Roger didn't want to be around him</i> and it ended up being a bad influence on Roger.<p/><b></b> Also, who declared from the beginning that his choir boys would be hunters?<p/><b></b> Exactly.<p/><b></b> Roger's part of the choir (I don't know if it was directly stated, but I think its safe to assume he was) and really didn't have a say if he were to be a hunter or not. Maybe Roger did want to be a hunter, or maybe he literally didn't give a shit about hunting.<p/><b></b> Now, Roger (and this goes for Jack too) had traits that weren't exactly the best, but didn't make them bad people. Maybe they could be called mean (which I even think would be a bit overboard) but they weren't bad people. The longer Jack was on the island, the more the bad traits were strengthened, turning him into a bad person. <p/><b></b> For Roger, remember that point in the book where he was throwing rocks at littluns and he thought about hitting them and <b>knew</b> he could, but didn't and just threw the rocks around them? I don't know about you, but when I hear of that, I see Roger as having a bit of good in him, and it's battling at the bad traits, and eventually, the good overpowers the bad. That bad being, small urges to hurt someone, which, if we're being honest here, that's just something most twelve year old boys do, like playing rough with their friends. But even if we were to put that fact aside, it still didn't make him a bad person. However, when Roger had to be around Jack, since Jack was a bad person, it brought out the bad in Roger. It strengthened it to the point where it overcame the good, and those small urges and desires to hurt people that Roger had before became larger and larger to the point where he actually committed those sorts of crimes. But Jack ruling the hunters from the very beginning made a bad influence on Roger, since he was told to hunt, wear the face paint, ect (even though, Roger seemed like at the beginning he didnt want to be around Jack and didnt like him, and only followed him because he HAD to) and him being one of the hunters had to listen to Jack, and eventually the things Jack made Roger do strengthened the bad in Roger. This then caused Roger to, one, think Jack was a good leader, two, kill Piggy, and three, overall become one of the worst savages. You've got no one but Jack to thank for that. He practically got into Roger's head. Manipulated him. See how it relates to a puppet? Jack commands Roger, and he must follow; Jack pulls the strings. Roger's a puppet. This doesn't just go for Roger, either, this relates to all the other boys (mainly hunters); Maurice, Bill, Robert, ect. But it influenced Roger the most.<p/><b></b> Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right. I guess it's on how you view it. I'm not saying we should stop and call Roger a good person, but I just personally believe he's judged too harshly.<p/><b></b> *watches as people break out into a riot and hate*

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Unless behindthegoddess is trans, she can't be truscum. Truscum is a term for trans people who believe that you need constant crushing dysphoria to be trans. She's just a transphobe otherwise

oh? from every definition i’ve seen it’s an ideology that cis people can follow as well, not just trans people. but i’d like to hear other people’s thoughts on this as well.

((sometimes i’m not sure people even want to rp with me anymore. like i have over 200 followers on this blog now, and that’s great, but when i make a starter call i get maybe two likes from people i don’t know. it’s… kind of disheartening. 

i want to continue rping blues, don’t get me wrong, but to be honest…. does anyone really want me here?? like i used to have a ton of friends on here that i enjoyed interacting with, but now they don’t seem to want anything to do with me. did i do something wrong?))

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Rajah’s eyes gently blinked open, waking up to the sheer whiteness of her room and wondering if this was what it was like to wake up in a snowy wonderland. It sounded more fun than where she currently was, even though she had never seen the stuff before, simply heard of it. Her eyes readjusted to her surroundings, and she attempted to clear the foggy cloud that shrouded her brain. Painkillers were heavenly, but had a few side affects that just made her feel useless and always sleepy. It wasn’t until she woke a little more that she finally noticed the presence of someone else in the room. She wasn’t exactly expecting visitors and so tilted her head in their direction. One hand reached out for the button that called for a nurse, not yet touching it but holding it for safe measure.

“I think maybe you have the wrong room.” Rajah spoke gently, blinking a few times as she inspected the other lethargically.

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hey I just started a studyblr (already a few days) ! and I have 0 followers , I'm not looking for like a lot or anything I'm just wondering if I am doing something wrong

You’re probably not doing anything wrong! It’s really all about getting involved in with the rest of the studyblr community!
To get involved:

  • Talk to people! Ask questions, maybe if you like a post tell them, etc. People in the community are so willing to help anyone that needs the help and are always up for talking to people!
  • Follow people with similar interests! The studyblr community has a large amount people with a vast range of interests, subjects, hobbies. It’s great because you get the chance to talk to people who are interested in studying what you’re studying or what you want to study or what you like to do. It’s a really good way to get information on what it’s like to be studying certain subjects or doing certain hobbies. It makes it a lot easier to make friends who have similar interests!
  • Share your study tips/posts! Making/sharing your own posts is a great way to inform your followers what you’re doing, it also means that people will interact with you through your posts!
  • Tag your posts. Lots of studyblrs have tags they track and will reblog your posts from (for example mine’selkstudies). Also by tagging your posts with Studyblr andStudyspo, lots of other studyblrs will see them as they are the most popular tags in the community!