but maybe i mean it this time

I’ve had this in my drafts for DAYS (why didn’t I post it earlier?!), better late than never (and by god with a similar Undertale game/ Anti himself active, there’s no better time).

I’ve been rewatching Undertale, and Flowey talk about his time travel powers from genocide route:

We know Anti has similar time travel abilities. Some thoughts;

Maybe Chase actually is Anti- but from an alternate timeline. What about the “Jack” we see?

“Fucking circles” takes on a whole new meaning if Anti has been through the same repeated series of events “again and again! Over and OVER!”…

Can Anti reset his own timeline with the slit throat? So he can go back to his beginning after the video ends, if he chose? After all, Flowey brought himself to the “brink of death” to return to his “save point” as long as he had determination…

Was he a good and trusted friend to the other SepticEgos? Or did he kill them countless times too?

Were WE ever more accepting of Anti? Where we didn’t see him as a villain since he actually didn’t exist/ was shown to us as one?

… Was there was ever a time he was genuinely happy?

To Ship or Not to Ship

Its really up to you…

I’ve read all kinds of posts both for and against over the last few years that I have been on and off Tumblr and Twitter.

Personally I will always be a shipper because I love the idea of Sam and Cait being together based on my feelings and observations. And that’s what I think it is for most shippers its that idea of Love between them whatever kind of love it maybe there is no denying that its there.

So anyone trying to crush that is pretty much wasting their time, its a useless endeavour.

The biggest difference between the shippers and the antis and I mean the nasty ones, the ones that make it a mission to beat down the shippers and who spend days trying to disprove an idea. Well good for you if that’s what makes you happy have at it. 

But you know what makes me happy its watching the chemistry between two beautiful people on and off the screen, their laughter and hi-jinks make me laugh and smile, it makes my day better in a world that is going to crap all around us. Its one of those things I can point to and say the world isn’t so bad maybe by supporting their charities and retweeting or posting their insights and jokes I can make someone else happy. 

Anti’s be miserable as you want, hell laugh like the Wicked Witch but eventually someone is going to drop a house on you. And one thing I know about shippers we are a very patient people and we consistently hold to the idea that love is pretty damn cool. 


So it’s November which means it is the time to blast Noviembre Sin Ti from all the corners of the world. Well in this case the castle… and maybe there is no November in space but the intention is what matters. 

Also credits to this awesome blogger @caffeine-nerd for making this post and influencing the second panel. And to @born-in-olympus for being a supportive plance trash buddy. 




I can’t believe I’m 10 years old now… (time flies fast when half of your life is blacked out drunk…)

Neru and I have been attending the Neruvember event at events-and-or-parties but you can leave any asks you want and we will reply to them when we return. I- i guess that means… if you want to leave a birthday message… maybe… maybe not… it’s a waste of time anyway, right? Sorry… you probably have more important things to do…

-HEY, GET TO THE POINT, you’re boring us all!-

Ahh! uh! Please send anything you want this week. Otherwise I won’t read them as birthday asks. I’ll get to them as s-soon as possible!

T-thank you, thank you! (no one is even going to read this anyway…)

((The illustrations in the photoset are by CAFFEIN, Haku’s creator. If you want to see the pictures they drew for her 10th anniversary, please go to their Twitter account and show them some love. They released a ton of pictures including old, unseen concept art!))

I’ve been sending lots and lots of faxes and letters to congress through resistbot on facebook and through democracy.io to try to make them not get rid of net neutrality, so maybe if you have some free time you could send a letter or two? It would mean a lot ^-^

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Major pet peeve - the fact that no matter how hypocritical and self-righteous and general fail-leader Scott became in canon, all the characters on the show still thought he was this great friend and pure True Alpha person. Like, nobody said peace-out, I'm leaving this joke of a pack. Everybody always came back, and Scott never even really had to do anything for that to happen.

This is one of the things I hate about the show as well–the fact that nobody calls Scott on his mistakes. And the one time Stiles does, it’s still framed in terms of “we can’t all be as good as you, Scott.” (I like tot think he was being sarcastic!) 

And see, if characters had called Scott out and given him an opportunity to either learn and grow, or to defend his position, then maybe the audience wouldn’t have turned on Scott so much. 

I mean, flawed characters are great. We love flawed characters. But don’t frame them like they’re perfect, and don’t dumb down all your other characters so they fall into line and drink the Kool Aid too. Not when your audience can see the blatant hypocrisy you’re trying to pass off as moral purity. 

Don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining, Jeff. 

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Imagine if Draco were the moon... only revealing his true self once a month, & keeping himself hidden to varying degrees thru/out the rest of the month. Imagine Harry meeting Draco for the 1st time in their adult lives, maybe late 20s/early 30s, & it's a week from the full moon & he's intrigued at first, & in love w/in the week. By "the full moon" i mean Draco's full moon & the actual full moon. It's no coincidence they go together. Draco's obsessed w/the moon, & it makes him V emotional & open.

I. I love this? I love this. This is. Yes. I love this. I agree very much with everything you have to say here. This is another level.

(Send me your 2018 drarry aesthetics)

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i asked pb about rose’s disappearance, and they basically said that at the time tcatf2 came out they didn’t have an import choices feature and we’re supposed to assume that rose is alive and doing well?? it sucks how they totally wrote her out.

I mean, that kinda sucks, but I guess it makes sense. They should’ve worked around it then. Maybe not have her determinant deceased???

It’s that time of year where your windshield frosts/freezes over

For the northern hemisphere of the world, I mean. I live in Minnesota so “that time of year” has been here since October but anyway


Invest in an ice scraper

try this method of spraying your window with 1/3 (cool) water and 2/3 isopropyl alcohol

Maybe: turn your car on and let the window defroster do it’s work (time- and gas-consuming)


Pour hot water on your frozen windshield for the love of god do not do this (you run the risk of shattering it that I guarantee you cannot afford to take)

Animorphs #10: The Android, Chapters 6-8

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Chapter 6

Once he gets home, Marco means to call Jake to debrief, but instead ends up getting Tom on the phone.  Tom calls Jake to the phone and while waiting for him, launches right into his usual “Have you considered joining my way cool youth cult?” spiel. Except this time there’s an added twist of “Also, I heard your dad is doing secret military computer stuff now, maybe he also wants to join my way cool cult, which is definitely good for business networking and not even slightly sinister!”

Tom’s Yeerk is really terrible at this. Buddy, at least try to warm up with a little small talk before you launch straight into reading a brochure for your cult over the phone.

Jake takes the phone just in time, because Marco has gone apoplectic at the idea that the Yeerks want to get their hands on his other remaining parent.  But it’s not exactly the kind of discussion they can have over the phone with Tom standing nearby, so Marco drops the code word for “yo, we gotta meet up in the woods and debrief.”  And then he hangs up and indulges himself in a good long fit of fury and envisioned Yeerk-carnage. Which, honestly, is fair enough.  I feel like he’s earned a bloody revenge fantasy or two, at this point.

Chapter 7

Out in the woods, the Animorphs start gathering.  While she’s waiting for everyone else to arrive, Cassie finds a burrow full of baby possums, because of course she does. Tobias agrees that he won’t eat any of the possums since Cassie is enamored of them, and that conversation seems to go down with minimal awkwardness, so I guess everyone’s growing as people (or hawks).

Marco and Jake debrief on the whole Erek-might-be-some-kind-of-robot situation.  There’s also a little side-debrief for Ax on the topic of “haircuts” and why Marco’s hair has suddenly gotten shorter, but mostly they stick to robots.  Ax thinks that the tech to have a robot project a sort of human hologram would be easy enough, except for the issue of its power supply, which would have to be pretty hardcore to sustain a full-time projection.

“How do we see through this hologram situation to figure out exactly what the dude really is” seems like the next logical question, since “arrange to hit Erek with a bus again to fuck with the mystery power supply” doesn’t seem practical.  They know where he’ll be that weekend - at a waterskiing party held by The Sharing - but aren’t sure what to do with that information.

Luckily Ax, darling Ax, has a bright idea: the hologram will be tuned to trick human vision.  It tricked the birds’ vision too, but birds are reasonably close to humans in the wavelengths they can see.  What if they morphed into something with a totally different type of vision?

I realize that we are almost certainly going for the spider morph of the cover of this book (ew ewe ew ewwwwww) but for the record, I think they should be going for some sort of infrared vision. I bet Erek’s heat signature is all kinds of fucked.

Chapter 8

A couple of days pass with presumably no more android-related drama.  (But for those who were invested in Marco’s hastily-written English paper, he got a B. A+ bullshitting skills, Marco.)

Everyone’s gathered again to figure out who’s going to do their shiny new morph, a wolf spider Cassie just sort of had handy, because of course she did.  Ax is going in for certain since he has all the knowledge of alien tech, and they draw straws to figure out who else will go in with him.  Marco draws the short straw, because he’s the narrator.  Everyone else will sort of lurk in the general area in case a rescue team is necessary.

Marco is trying to project bravery but is pretty grossed out by the entire spider thing.  Cassie reassures him that she tried it the previous day and it wasn’t that bad. (A test run! Be still my heart. I’m so happy when they do something sensible.)

Entirely freaked out, Marco swallows his objections and gets to work petting the spider to acquire its DNA.

I’m sorry, yinz. I tried to find you some interesting wolf spider trivia to round out this chapter but all the pictures in the Wikipedia page made me so unhappy I had to go away. I did manage to pick up that some kinds of wolf spiders build trapdoors in their burrows, so that seems kind of fun.

And now my skin is crawling and I need to back away from this recap.

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Small wins

I was able to eat an entire sandwich today and keep it down. AND drink ice water without getting stomach pains.

I also washed and put some dishes away, made cookies with Julianna, and watched a movie with her.

All without getting extremely nauseous and having to lie down and/or vomit.

I didn’t get sick all day. Even when I had slight nausea. I still got my daily migraine, but it didn’t last as long as usual. Probably because I was able to keep down water 🙂

Today was really great. I hope this means my sickness will begin to improve! Maybe my nausea will end around the time it ended with Julianna.

Fingers crossed!!

shikorae  asked:

Hey im sorry you had to deal with that anon, theyre disgusting and i hope they stop bothering you... hope you have a great rest of the week and that maybe your favorite tg character appears next chapter? 😇 sending you good wishes

Thank you so much. I actually laughed a bit. They’re probably a deeply insecure person who needs some time away from the internet, and what they said is really 100% disgusting so yeah. 

I would love it if Mucchy appeared! XD Hey if Rio appears too that would be even better I miss him. 

And thanks for taking the time to write this; it means a lot! 

He paused.  “We have since classified the locations the Endbringers target as either hard targets or soft targets.  The hard battlefields are where we stand our ground, buy time, wear him down.  The soft ones are locations where we cannot afford to do this.”

And Brockton Bay is one of the soft targets?

I wonder if this is based on Wildbow researching the subaquatic geology of the northeastern American coast. Maybe specifically in the area around Plymouth, Massachusetts.

I mean, it seems like something he’d do.

Of course, making Brockton Bay one of the soft targets is something he’d probably want to do anyway as a writer, to add tension and a sense of even more urgency to the situation, and this is certainly something he’s well within his rights to do as a matter of artistic license. It’s not like Brockton Bay isn’t a fictional place to begin with.

Although I kinda suspect that Brockton Bay might have replaced Plymouth and Kingston, Massachusetts. That would be a little strange considering Plymouth’s importance in American history in our ‘verse, but I guess it could just have gotten a different name.

There’s also the possibility that part of Massachusetts is gone in the Wormverse - as I’ve mentioned a long time ago, there is an inland city named simply Brockton near Boston and Plymouth, which is the other county seat of Plymouth County. Maybe that’s a harbor town in this world for some reason?

It’s been kinda fun to watch the ways in which the Arrowverse shows the past few weeks have worked to build main character/actor-lite episodes so that they could free up extra time for the actors to film the crossover.

Supergirl: Midvale, all flashbacks, main characters but different actors
The Flash: Therefore I Am, a flashback heavy about the villain episode
Legends of Tomorrow: Welcome to the Jungle, Sara in a coma for almost the entire episode
Arrow: maybe that the last two episodes were mostly Oliver separate from the team meaning that they could be filmed concurrently, but also Oliver in jail will separate him from everyon as well doing the same thing

Okay, I’m one episode short of finishing season one but…

Annabelle and Cillian have no chemistry on screen at all. Like I look at Cillian and it’s fucking believable. You can see “emotions” pouring but Annabelle is just…there?

I mean I like Grace, she’s an interesting, important and beautiful female character. I just can’t hate her. But once Annabelle ends up in the same room as Cillian her acting just goes down? I don’t know, maybe Cillian is just THAT better of an actor so her acting goes down even with her making effort, but…

I’ve seen the wedding scene and she’s still… wooden around him. I mean I know [spoilers] she dies, but all the time she shares time with Cillian she’s just …. bad. Otherwise she’s doing great, I love her, as I said she’s very interesting and strong and I like her… She just literally has no chemistry with Cillian. And it bothers me too much. It just…doesn’t work for me.

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I respect your opinion a lot, and it's fine not wanting that type of body. I don't either.However, it is not okay to say that their bodies are creepy. Sorry but It doesn't matter if it's a skinny girl you're talking about, it's still body shaming.

I disagree. I’ll tell you why.

1) As someone who once weighted 30 kilos, I would have loved to have someone tell me that I was creepy instead of saying that I looked beautiful. I mean, maybe not loved it in the moment, but that would have meant someone taking the time to tell me I looked sick and not pretty, that I would look better if I had some meat on my bones. That they cared about me enough to “body shame me”, if that meant me eventually being healthier. We can’t hide under the veil of “body shaming” our acceptance for eating disorders. Sometimes people need to hear stuff that isn’t kind.

2) I didn’t say they they /are/ creepy. I said that I find them creepy, as they creep me out, personally, me, a human with my own perception of things and whose opinion does not shape the world.


Just sayin’ Square..just sayin’..