but maybe I am the monster they think I am

Forget me not, too.

I always loved the Ace cards
Because Aces are wild
And to be wild is free

Am I wild enough for you baby
Am I your crazy bitch
Or just the shaking in your bones
Your hatred, your spite, your itch

Am I bad enough for you?
Or too good to be true?
Maybe I’m just some fucked up kid
Her parents didn’t properly think through

I’ve got a fair hand
And hard as fuck eyes
Are you sure your poker face
Will help you survive?

My teeth will shine in the bright lights
And you’ll swear you saw fangs
Because Aces are wild, baby
And kids like you don’t belong in these lands.

truthdevil asked:


  • do I like them: i would die for him
  • 5 good qualities: intelligent af, powerful af he can fry me to death i’d be honored, android i mean my ace ass cannot ask more than that he is dream come true, noble and kind, fucking vengeful if you trick him atta boy i am so proud
  • 3 bad qualities: none tbh
  • favourite episode/etc: evil vision when he wanted to kill the avengers idk i was so into it
  • otp: we married
  • brotp: thor so much and tony he loves my baby son i’m gonna weep so hard when i see him on tony’s side in civil war my heart will burst out of my chest
  • ot3: hahahaha yeah right
  • notp: wanda 
  • best quote: maybe i am a monster. i don’t think i’d know if i were one.
  • head canon: steals bruce’s ipod to listen to opera 

anonymous asked:

"I'm starting to wonder if this is all a dream," he muses. "You're so different from the Napstablook that I know. The Mettaton you're talking about... I would love to be him, darling. I would love to be loved. But from what I've experienced, most monsters don't have a whole lot of love to give. Or is that not true here?"

      “I don’t think I’m a dream… I’m pretty sure… that I’m
      real… but… If I am a dream… I’m glad I might be a
      nice one…? Or maybe I’m a bad dream… If I am… I’m
      really sorry…”

      The ghost paused and just laid there for a few
      moments, almost silent enough to let the magic flow that
      allowed for the feeling of floating in the nothingness of
      space… but then they spoke again.

      “Monsters have a lot of love to give and I’m… almost
      completely sure that… you… or my you… or the you that I
      remember… has the most love to give. That’s why he’s
      famous and… that’s why he left…?”


The darkness, it scares me. Not for the same reasons it did from when we were children. From when we thought there were monsters hiding in our closets, under our beds, in the darkness in which we sleep in. And that was the reason why we slept with a nightlight or a lamp we had in our room, on our bedside tables. Now, we sleep with a lamp on, maybe it is a bright and opaque colour, for we still fear the dark. Yet, it isn’t for the same reason. It’s for the sole reason that once it becomes dark our minds begin to think, process, over analyze. Our minds become clouded, for when it becomes dark we become dark, and that is what scares us. For I am not scared of the monsters in my closet or under my bed, but I am scared of a certain monster. And the name it goes by frightens me more. The name of the only monster I now am scared of, is myself. For I am my own monster, for I haunt myself when it becomes dark. And the darkness seems to consume me.


-I don’t wanna talk about it, because if I do, it will become real.

-All my fears will become real.

-Am i seen this for real? Or Im just hallucinating? 

-What am i?

-Im seeing things.

-Is this what means to be a person?

-What’s this sick manipulating game my mind is playing with me?

-I can’t stay up with myself at night, I need to stop this monster with pills, few people maybe.

-Do not think.

-Pills are ruining me.

-People ruined me.

-What if this people see this monster?

-I feel nothing.

-I feel too much.

-Can one feel too much?

-How many of us are in this room?

-What does it mean to be normal?

-Am i normal?

- How I wish I could pour my soul out to you and not scare you away.

-I can’t sleep.

-I sleep too much.

-Do they even care?

- I got consumed by paranoia.

- I never learned how to exist.

Maybe it's me...


My parents are the best parents anyone can have. They always love me for “who I am”. And they always did their best to get me where I am today… Maybe I’m the broken one, maybe I should not be this way. I’m the closed minded one who should change. I’ve over heard then before their worries, of my sexual orientation. They think I’m a monster, maybe I am a monster… I’m a broken, I’m a monster. I’m sorry I let you guys down. I’m a mess… I can’t hide this anymore. But they’ll kick me out, and shun me like I never existed. I’m alone… I’m going to die alone… Let’s get it over with…