but maybe

I hate myself for not being pretty enough
I hate myself for failing school.
I hate myself for being too annoying
I hate myself for being too boring
I hate myself because when I look in the mirror all I see is a mistake

I hate myself because no matter how hard I try
I'm not even good enough for myself.

—  l.r

pokemon go just got released in my country!!!!

what i don’t understand about the majority of Luke imagines is that they portray him as all shy and insecure and shit.. like have yOU FUCKING SEEN HIM THESE PAST FEW MONTHS??

petition to have more imagines where Luke knows what sex is and doesn’t give a fuck about what “Liz will think”

from a personal point of view, i think that the fact that the start of bitty&jack’s relationship was mostly shared over skype is actually really good

i mean, bitty obviously has strong issues with physicality and maybe having that non-contact time really helped to adjust. because despite them being friends, the most common type of physical contact he had had with jack before canon zimbits happened was checking practice. and having to adjust from ‘uncomfortable yet necessary touching’ to ‘touching that is actually welcomed’ takes time

and that time is better when there are no constant tests on where in the scale he is. so yeah, having time to discuss their relationship and get more comfortable with it before seeing each other again was probably for the best