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Pokémon Asks

Leaf Stone: What is your favourite grass type?

Fairy Tale Girl: What is your favourite fairy type? 

Alola: Who were your team members in Pokémon Sun/Moon?  

Max Repel: Which Pokémon annoyed you so much, that you ended up using a repel? 

Completionist: How many times have you completed the Pokédex? 

Hex Maniac: What is your favourite ghost type? 

Gym: If you were a gym trainer, what would be your specialist type? 

Kanto: What is your favourite gen one Pokémon?

Team: What team do you belong to in Pokémon Go? 

Gen: Your favourite Pokémon generation? 

Swimmer: What is your favourite water type? 

Ash Ketchum: Your favourite Ash Ketchum (anime) hat? 

Poké Snacks: Poké Puffs or Poké Beans? 

Rotem: What is your favourite region in Pokémon?  

Blizzard: What is your favourite ice type? 

Eevee: Your favourite eeveelution? 

Legend: Your favourite legendary/mythical Pokémon?

Companions: Who is your favourite travelling companion from the anime?

Flame Charge: Your favourite fire type? 

Buddy: Your all time favourite Pokémon?

Name Rater: Do you nickname all your Pokémon, only some or none? 

Hoenn: Ruby or Sapphire? 

Variant: What is your favourite regional variant? 


Meeting Dirk, Todd, Farah and the Rowdy Three for the first time in the episode 1 script (x)

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boyfriend Jaebum edition. because we all deserve some fluffy daddyish Jaebum lol JUST IMAGINE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE ALWAYS TAKE VIDEOS OF HIM

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your hogwarts location / hogsmeade location / favourite confectionary / your morning owl post / diagon alley shop / weasleys’ wizard wheezes order / favourite subject / potential wizarding career / + one bonus category which will be dep. on your blog (surprises are fun) 


Acting will never stop to amaze me…


Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) vs. Honoré Daumier (1808-1879, French printmaker, caricaturist, painter, sculptor)

Here I am, a whole year later, finally figuring out which artist this brilliant movie reminds me of.

Narry: Through the Years

Sooo, the other day a Non-Non asked me this:

If you could pick one Narry moment from each year the band has been together, what ones would you choose?

To which, I said:

Hi Non-Non! I have a bit of a problem…limiting myself when it comes to choosing Narry moments. (I tried to do a ‘Top 10’ one time and it turned into ‘Top 100+ and counting’.) Soo can I bargain for like…just favourite moments? I can work with max five from each year? :)

No, I’m really not even kidding or exaggerating when I say it’s next to impossible for me to choose between Narry moments. It’s SO HARD. It’s like, every time I think I’ve got it all figured out I think of something else and then I have rearrange everything. SO, without further ado (and before I can change my mind for the millionth time), here we go:


- Narry Mullingar trip, and how they went from innocent little monkeys:

to [seemingly] naked…monkeys:

- Protective!Niall comforting Harry:

- Proud!Niall hugging bashful!Harry:

- Domestic!Narry doing laundry together:

- Possessive!Harry:


- Niall wants to hold Harry’s hand:

- Harry can’t help himself:

- Harry says Niall looks like a furby:

(and then again in 2012!)

- “Ariiii babes”:

- The day Harry Styles made Narrie hearts melt all over the world:


- Who’s the best kisser? “Niall!”

- Narry making kissy faces:

- Niall stroking Harry’s cheek:

- Flying Start; Clingy!Niall:

- Pt. 2 (because I honest to goodness couldn’t choose and this is one of the moments that had me):

- Narry talking about the time Harry got the Irish pummeled into him:


- “You have the best face.”

- “I’m in love with you, and all Niall’s little things.”

- Miami!Narry:

(Narry getting off the boat together; Niall wearing Harry’s shoes and carrying his own…)

- 1D Day!Narry:

- Ballroom dancing/falling:


- The moment ‘You & I’ became a Narry song too:

- Aria Awards:

- “I’d do Niall.”:

- Niall offering his nuts up for Harry:

- “That was for you!”


- Cake pop!Narry:

- “We are the champions!”:

- “Yes, pet?”:

- “Everything we do!”:


- Mistletoe kiss: