but mary is just so ... adorable

Good things about TLD (in no particular order)

- John looking genuinely offended when people don’t believe he writes the blog

- “the man we both love”

- Sherlock asking John if he’s okay because he doesn’t want him to leave yet

- HUG + “it is what it is”

- “I’m Sherlock Holmes I wear the Damn hat [ISN’T THAT RIGHT MARY?]”

- Mycroft being asked out by Lady Smallwood and just not ??? getting it ???

- Sherlock complaining that the vase he’s drinking from isn’t clean

- Imaginary Mary being hilarious and adorable and a total badass (also seemingly a hardcore johnlock shipper)

- Learning so much of what John thinks but doesn’t dare to admit through imaginary Mary

- “You’re done with the world being explained to you by a man. Well who isn’t.”

- “I DON’T WANT TO DIE” (broke my fucking heart)

- Bad cereal puns

- “IT’s funNY CoS It’S TruE”

- MRS HUDSON kidnapping Sherlock in a boot and forcing him to meet John and owning a badass car and being on the phone with the British government while driving way past speed limit listening to Beethoven and being chased by the police.

- Spelling Fuck off on the tracer

- “You’re suicidal, you’re allowed chips”

-  “Taking your own life. Interesting expression. Taking it from who? Once it’s over it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everybody else. Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.” honestly one of my favorite quotes ever

- The way the episode dealt with self harm and suicide in general really

- Faith / Eurus was so charming for some reason

- Yay Irene Adler mention

- John Watson owning up to how shitty he’s been lately and hence allowing me to stop hating him

- Also John finally being able to cope with his grief and guilt and reaching some kind of internal peace with Mary and himself

- Sherlock and John reunited again

- thE TWIST AT THE END (I genuinely thought it was Moriarty for a second though)


In The Sign of Three, both of John’s love interests give him a code word or phrase.  His reaction to each of them is very different.  

When John realizes that, ‘Beth’, is calling Mary, his reaction is literally the most pissed off he’s ever looked on the show.  He is so annoyed, he literally looks at the camera like he’s on the Office and just holds that look.  This is how bothered he is.  As far as we can tell Mary is being adorable and inventive and he looks positively fed up with her.  He then does a deep sigh and seems to have to will himself to get up from his chair.  As he enters the kitchen he avoids eye contact and then forces a fake smile; he turns it on like a light, it’s totally synthetic.  He’s trying really hard to be nice, there, despite finding this situation really annoying.

When Sherlock says his code phrase, John immediately becomes alert and gets ready to help.  He is all in.  Whatever Sherlock needs he is doing.  He even stands to offer his services.  This is so natural to John, to be there when Sherlock needs.  This is John in his element.

Now, while in the story we can say that Sherlock’s code is of life or death importance whereas Mary’s is just a trivial, wedding playing related matter, the point is that we have this parallel about codes words.  His response to a fairly easy issue with Mary is to be more annoyed than he’s ever looked and his response to Sherlock is that he’s ready to immediately do anything for him.  

By the beginning of HLV we can see that John’s marriage is in trouble, for sure. But, even here, before the wedding, I think that we see him being way too annoyed with Mary.  At this point in the story she’s done nothing but be cute and supportive, we have no reason to think that John would be this annoyed with her.  John is sending us clues as to his unhappiness with Mary even before it becomes really obvious.

Teenagers Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak  being so completely in love with each other. And walking down the hall holding hands, or even just linking pinkies. Cas always wearing Dean’s over sized letter man jacket, and kissing him before and after games. Always cute and chaste before, but then a running leap into Dean’s arms after, wrapping his legs around his sweaty boyfriend’s waist and kissing the daylights out of him for all of the stands and the team to see.

And Dean will always get called out in class for staring at Cas and not paying attention. But eventually Dean stops being embarrassed and just plainly states that he can’t help it- his boyfriend is too beautiful. Making Castiel blush, but then Dean just kisses him right there in class (not too much of course) and the teacher wants to be mad but she can’t because they are both so adorable.

Cas and Dean being all curled up together on the couch. Castiel falling asleep on Dean. Eventually Dean falling asleep too. When Mary and John find them they just smile and throw a blanket over their son(s).

Both of them having a picture of each other as their lock screen. Dean’s of Cas focusing intently on a drawing, his face is a little scrunched up, and his glasses are falling down his nose a bit. Castiel’s of Dean driving Baby while singing Taylor Swift very very enthusiastically. They both will stare at their screens when they miss each other.

Just Dean and Cas in high school being the cute in love dorks that they are.

When Yuuri moves to Russia with Viktor after the GPF, do you think Mila or one of the other Russian skaters is going to give him a nickname like Mari did with Yurio?

Mila probably finds Yuuri super freaking adorable (never mind that he’s five years older than her) so she starts calling him Yuratchka and it just kinda catches on and before long everyone calls him that.

And Yurio’s just being all smug like, “Hah!! How’s it feel getting a taste of your own medicine?”

And Yuuri just starts bawling. Because like??? He’s so happy??? He loves his nickname so much???

Dean loves a lot of things about being with Castiel.
He never thought he’d admit that. Figured they’d dance around each in that idiotic way they had for fucking years. But after the soul bomb and Mary, after almost losing Sam and almost losing each other–why. Why fucking do this to each other?
How they got together wasn’t the point. It was just the inevitable, a messy kiss, a wide eyed stare and a stumbling confession. It was just Sam’s smug smile and Mary’s confused, I thought they were together and Cas’s small pleased smile when Dean rolled his eyes but tugged the rumpled angel closer.
No, how it happened wasn’t the point and that it happened wasn’t the point. The point was it did happen and he loved it. He loved the way Cas was there, so goddamn present it made his chest ache in the best way. He loved the way Cas–Cas, who looks awkward and unnatural in every fucking place–looks adorable and right when he’s in Dean’s bed. He loves the way Cas has no fucking filter and will ask, his voice a calm rumble, for a blow job in the library, while Sam is trying to read lore.
He especially loves the baffled look Castiel gives him, when Sam storms away, protesting, Sam knows we’re intimate! And a grumpy, I didn’t mean right now that fades into incoherent moans when Dean goes to his knees, Cas pushed back against the bookshelves.
He loves that Cas cuddles, is fucking starved for it, so Dean doesn’t even need to ask, because Dean might be fucking the angel, might be in love with the angel, might be ok with Cas shuffling up to press kisses to his neck while Dean hands him coffee, he might be in a relationship but he’s not a fucking cuddler, and he’s not going to beg for that, even if he wants it so damn bad it hurts.
He loves the way Cas anticipates what he needs, in bed and on a hunt and in the diners and while they drive. He loves that nothing about them has changed, and everything about them has changed.
But what he loves the most? What drives him completely crazy, every fucking time, is Castiel falling apart.
Since the day they met, Cas has always been calm. Unaffected. The quiet calm center that Dean could rely on, when the rest of the world inevitably fell to shit.
But it changes, when Dean has the angel sprawled out, miles of naked skin and want. Cas unravels so damn quick, his eyes wide and wild, his voice wrecked and desperate as Dean takes his time with the angel, trailing wet open mouthed kisses over his chest and that fucking tattoo, biting just enough to raise a mark, and feel Cas writhe against him. He loves the way Cas can’t keep still, the low rough begging as Dean takes his time. He loves the noise Cas makes, when he finally takes his cock, the hot weight of it so fucking perfect in his mouth he has to take a second to get control of himself, and Cas is whining, this hitching noise that is almost a sob and so broken it couldn’t possibly be coming from his angel.
He loved the way Cas makes a choked scream, when Dean fingers him open, brushing light and deliberate against that spot, and he’s begging, his hips rolling up to fucking into Dean’s mouth before thrusting back down on those damn clever fingers, please, please, fuck, dean, yes, please, god, more.
And he gives it. He gives the angel everything. His mouth to fuck, his fingers to ride, his cock when the angel sobs, he gives it all up and never thinks twice because every fucking piece he offers up shatters Castiel a little more, until he’s clinging to the hunter, these broken little moans sliding free every time Dean thrusts into him, and his eyes are shining but it’s not grace it’s just Dean and all the love he’s got for the man, and when Castiel comes, it’s untouched and he whispers, clear and unmistakable, I love you and Dean groans, his whole body shaking as he comes in Cas, buried deep and feeling the angel twitch.
It’s the thing he loves most.
Not the sex, which is amazing. It’s that every time, every. Fucking. Time. He takes the angel apart. He loves that Castiel allows it, is helpless to stop it.
He loved that Castiel trusts him to put the angel back together. He needs Cas to be as shattered as he is.
He loves that they are broken and whole, together.

The Adrien Diaries...

11 Feb 2017

Okay, I take it back. The ground is still really hard even in the super-suit. Especially when it’s three stories below you, and then suddenly RIGHT THERE. Screw it… Plagg wins. I’m DONE.

…it was a flawless plan. FLAWLESS, I SAY! It was my last day to look, and I just needed one quick glance…

I mean, Mari totally seemed to adore Chat when that whole date-with-an-akuma thing went down, so why WOULDN’T she be overjoyed to help me out?!

I mean, she’s like, my ONLY fan…

So, the plan was simple:

  1. Go to Marinette’s
  2. Explain that I have a bet with my Kwami, and it just requires her to turn around for a few minutes.
  3. Quickly and unobtrusively check out her adorably firm bottom
  4. Possibly win bet.


But then IT GETS BETTER! Cause I get over there, and I see her outside on her balcony! ALREADY BENT OVER WATERING FLOWERS!! SCORE!

I can get a gander, tease her a bit, then off I go. 

Except it wasn’t Marinette.

And it turns out she learned that throw from earlier today… from her mom.

…my back is totally bruised, as is my ego.

-Adrien Checked-Out-My-Friend’s-Mom Agreste

Ok, so what if...

Marichat happens, and they start dating, but they still haven’t revealed themselves. So, like, usually Adrien is really careful at school about not saying or doing anything, but one day he slips up. Like Marinette said or did something adorable, and he kissed her on the nose or something. What does Mari do? She slaps him, of course, because “hey, I’ve got a boyfriend, so that wasn’t cool!” And at first Adrien is kind of hurt, but then he starts laughing, and Mari thinks he’s not taking her seriously. So she’s like “what you think I don’t have a boyfriend?” And he’s like “no I know you have a boyfriend, I just didn’t think you’d slap him for kissing you” (or something that sounds better) while wearing a familiar grin. And then it sinks in and Mari freaks, because “why didn’t you tell me before now????!!!!!!!!!”

(Sorry, I’m half asleep right now, so if it doesn’t make sense I’m sorry)

Some Positivity about the 100
  • Jarod  took Richard to his first ever hockey game
  • Bob and Ricky have both stated that they are basically brothers in one another eyes 
  • Eliza is actually probably one of the silliest cast members as proof by her vines
  • Eliza and Alycia have a great off screen friendship
  • Jarod Joseph, Richard Harmon, and Sachin Sahel have matching tattoos. 
  • Eliza and Marie have this adorable habit of taking pictures where Marie just faces Eliza and you can see her grinning so hard
  • Jarod is so accepting of the Dad title and calls the fans his children and refers too himself as Dad
  • Bob put together a Bellamy Blake inspired shirt to raise funds for Beyond Blue which raises funds for mental health
  • Katie, Chelsey, and Celia Reid hang out in real life
  • Chelsey and Katie are the captain of Harpoe
  • A LOT of them get together to watch the show live 
  • Devon  is an actual fanboy 
  • Lindsey and Marie are really into working out … Eliza is not 
  • Christopher has a band and one of  his song has been used in the show
  • #VANFAM 
  • Marie has a dog named Chewy, he goes on set a lot and is precious. 
  • Bob went to the TCA awards once when Eliza didn’t win the award he left with cookies
  • Devon and Christopher were roommates, they also sang a song together it was great
  • Many members do kill shots when they watch the show live

feel free to add some of your favorite things about our wonderful cast :D 

but why don't we ever talk about...

-Finn and clarke having sex
-eliza’s adorable mole right above her lip
-clarke trying to be badass but melting bc lexa and she just can’t
-bellamy and raven having sex
-how cute princess mechanic is
-eliza and marie always taking pictures with marie looking at eliza
-how we’re so proud of clexa for representation, Miller and Bryan are here too
-doctor mechanic (and why???)
-there isn’t enough jasper x monty love
-why do people look past bellamy being a dick for no reason
-where did that v neck clarke wore in s1 go
-Charlotte???? wat?
-ontari raping murphy
-lexa almost saying I love you to clarke in polis
-why does everyone shit on clarke
-clarke does the right think and they hate her, bellamy really fucks up for no reason and they still love him
-Clarke and Niylah
-where did Niylah get the wristband
-eliza and Lindsey deserve all the love in the world and are amazing actresses
-why is jaha the way he is
-Chelsey Reist is so cute, pay more attention to her
-we have decided lexa’s last name is woods???
-what the fuck Shawn Mendes why

someone please talk to me, what, why, just lay it on me, I wanna discuss


Nothing is more important.

So I decided that I am going to do a whole series of fan art for some of my favorite fics to show my love and appreciation for all the amazing effort and time that the writers of this amazing fandom put into their work. This week the goal is to get all the rough draft sketches done and then I will polish them up as I go along. 

First draft is from to you, I thee wed by megamegaturtle


This fic is just absolutely adorable and lovely, I just can’t say enough good things about it. If you want romance that just makes you tear up a little bit in the good way this is what you are looking for. 

(Gonna tell you right now I am so not looking forward to the final version of Mari’s dress for this picture… lace… shudders…hopefully I will be able to do it justice) 

anonymous asked:

Imperio Lily do your best impressions of all four Marauders + Snape

Lily: Peter - *does weird voice* I love cheese, I do.  All the different types.  Oh Mary, snog me.

Lily: Remus - *clears throat* Let’s study Lily, I need to get my mind off Sirius… (ten minutes later) Sirius has the cutest smile and the most adorable laugh and I just love him so much but I can’t admit it!

Lily: Sev… *frowns* *sighs* *lowers voice* I’m a Death Eater.

Lily: *Sits for a minute trying not to cry*


Lily: And Sirius.  *Picks up two apples* One is Remus and one is Regulus. 

Lily: *Looks between the apples dramatically*


So I just watched Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them... (Spoilers)


Thoughts on Sherlock S4E3

So the way they finally incorporated Victor Trevor was heartbreaking.

And I adore Sherlock’s rebuttal to Mycroft’s assertion that their sister is beyond reach, which is really a rebuttal to anything Mycroft has tried to convince him of. And just how all of Sherloc’s emotional growth over the course of the series is highlighted by events, especially the end.

Plus, it has Johnlock as canon as I ever expected it to be: Mary basically giving them her blessing from beyond the grave, and the two of them solving cases and raising John’s daughter (I can’t tell if John is still living on his own with his daughter or if he’s moved back in - probably the former, though).

Honestly, I think I’ll be a little bit angry if Sherlock continues, because in many ways this was the perfect bow out. I’m not saying I wouldn’t watch any episodes after this, but sometimes I think it’s important to know where to end a story - something the modern world of franchises doesn’t always get.

The Poe Party bloopers were EVERYTHING

Some of my favorite moments: 

  • All of Oscar’s entrances (him dragging the cane on the ground had me dying)
  • “ughhhh cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough” “Weird cough”
  • *Different take* “I think she’s pregnant”
  • “Ed…na… for the ladies…”
  • “I’m not staying here with Snow White and the Corpse Bride…or Oscar” and “I’m not staying here with The Crying Game and Helena Bonham Carter” and finally, “I’m not staying here with Mary-Kate and Sinéad”
  • The random iPhone on the floor after H.G. scurries away
  • “Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear,”
  • Lauren “The Rock” Lopez
  • “I, George Eliot, am a wo-maaan”
  • Literally just everyone. Everyone in the cast. You are all so adorable and did such a good job on this, especially with the time frame you guys had. You guys are all awesome. 

Series Four is almost here!! 

I wanted to put together a big set of my recent Mary photos. I was amazed at how quickly Mary (and Amanda) grew on me when the series three hit, and I still absolutely adore them both. I’ve been collecting the costume pieces for quite a while now (that coat was so hard to track down!), and I actually wear them a lot normally just because they’re pretty damn snazzy.  

A series four look is upcoming! Waiting for her shirt-dress thing to arrive, and I have to do some hair experiments.

Mary Morstan & edit | Silhouette Cosplay
Photographer | @myrddin-emrys

Bonus “Setlock” photos:

A better way for the whole John almost cheating revelation to have gone down: 

John: I almost cheated on Mary. 

Sherlock: Okay John I love you, you are my best friend, and I know that you are grieving, but that was a terrible thing to have almost done to a woman we both adored and you need to know that. I will support you through this but what you did was wrong and I am very sorry for Mary and also for Rosie. 

instead of: 

John: I almost cheated on Mary. 

Sherlock: Well look on the bright side bro it was only texts and we’re just men so it’s to be expected am I right???