but marco ruined it

Fucking cartoons these days can’t just have a nice, simple fun-filled plot can they?? NOOOO they have to be full of SOUL PROPHECIES and ILLUMINATI TRIANGLES AND HAVE REALLY LONG HIATUS’ THAT MAKE ME DIE ON THE INSIDE.

Okay I wrote this in the tags of a post before but it deserves it’s own post about it.

You can disagree with the Trans Marco theory. That is fine. You’re allowed to see Marco as whatever you want, cis or trans.

What’s not okay is acting like Marco being trans would ‘taint’ the character or ruin some aspect of the show. Marco wouldn’t suddenly become a different character just because they’re trans. Marco was still Marco in St. Olga’s Reform School, Marco will still be themselves if they come out.

Disagreeing with the theory is fine, seeing Marco as cis or just a boy is fine.

Thinking Marco being a trans girl would actively ruin the show despite how HUGE a canonly transgender main character on a fucking disney show would be? That’s kinda yikes.

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oh wow I just saw a post saying how the op felt bad for daron because of all this trans marco stuff and how we're "ruining her creation". If only they knew

Daron Nefcy, cackling while holding a glass of wine and rubbing her face in lesbian starco content:

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To be frank and honest, I would like to think even people that don't like the Theory are hoping it to be confirmed in some way by the finale/Season 3, lest some of the more Rabid fans go off on a frenzy and ruin the fandom because it NEVER HAPPENED.

The trans marco theory is not tjlc. I have had so many people compare the two but they’re nothing alike. Tjlc was actually a shitton more in depth than the trans marco theory currently is, the people in it were a MASSIVE portion of a MASSIVE fandom. The reason why the tjlcers reacted so harshly was a combination of massive overconfidence, a shitty final episode and the show runners being arseholes. While we are confident I would not say we are overconfident, everyone in the fandom acknowledges that theres at the very least a distinct possibility of Marco not being confirmed trans. Star vs is too silly for the creators to fuck it up as badly as tfp was fucked up AND our creators are all really nice. As for the whole queerbaiting thing, theres a difference between ‘let’s dangle equal representation under your nose so you’ll keep watching this show’ and ‘we’re not allowed to make this character explicitly trans but we want to coder them that way so that people can have a character they relate to’

In Camping Trip Star is incredibly cute and considerate with Marco, listening to him and feeling sorry when her father ruins his plans… and she looks at him, like a lot, even more than usual.
I’ve clearly lost every last hint of objectivity, but to me most of this episode reeeeally looks “different”, not just the normal “looking at someone while you talk with them”.


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