but marco ruined it

All The Small Things

Every time Tom gets angry on the show, in front of Marco, it’s interesting to know that Marco isn’t particularly bothered by his anger.

 Every time Tom has been scolded by Marco, it’s been because of something he did wrong, like lying.

He’s never gotten angry at Tom for getting reasonably upset about things , even when he promised to him he wouldn’t get mad.

It’s something interesting to point out, because then it reminds you of how Star treated Tom’s anger in BMB.

Marco and Star are very different with Tom’s issues.

While Marco hasn’t yet to invalidate Tom’s feelings, and handles the problem by ridding the source of Tom’s anger.

Star instead, gets irritated because of Tom’s irritation, and shows annoyance at him for being upset.

Now i like Star, and she doesn’t have to put up with Tom’s anger.

But this night did mean a lot to Tom, and Star kinda went mostly for herself, not for them. Tom did everything possible to make the event something fun for her ((Resulting in his own subjects being bored)) and her entire reaction to all of it consisted of annoyance and ignorance.

Tom, who went through all this trouble to make this night perfect and prove himself to the one person (At the time) he cared about, kept feeling like he wasn’t good enough for her.

She ditched him as well to go do other things, although Tom’s anger is dangerous, the things he does get upset about are understandable and relatable.

His night was falling apart, and then Marco showed up, ruined what was probably his last chance to make the night up to Star, and that was the last straw for him.

Everyone is very quick to blame Tom for the breakup, but considering we know practically nothing about their dating life and relationship, and don’t really know why they broke up.

I don’t think it’s impossible that Star could’ve been partially responsible.

Tom is clearly a person who needs emotional support, he’s lonely and ashamed of his issues.

and as much as i like Star, she’s not typically very good with the feelings of others ((She’s getting better at it, but there are plenty of times Marco’s opinions, needs, and well-being were ignored in favor of her own))

Which is why it’s nice that Marco supplies that support for Tom, and takes his feelings into account when he’s hurt.

Tom should be allowed to be upset and angry sometimes, as long as he can control himself.

And it’s nice to see Marco not only validate his feelings, but help him handle his issues in a safe manner (Which Tom frankly seems to enjoy alot more)

It’s a small thing to notice how Marco treats tom’s issues in comparison to Star.

But it’s a pure small thing.

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🎵 Who is the boy in the earthly attire? The prince of the princesses’ deepest desires. I don’t need to show it. I think we all know it, but just to be certain, I’ll say it again! Star Butterfly is in love with her best friend…..and his name is Marco Diaz!🎵

This has to be the greatest reveal through song of all time! I loved Patrick Stump as Ruberiot and the song was AMAZING! My only complaint? He has a BIG MOUTH! 😅🌠🎼🎹🎤🎸🎷🎺

#TransMarcoWeek - Day 1: Realization/Coming Out

I thought it’d b cool to see how Jackie would accept Marco after finding out she has a gf- I think Marco would b rlly worried abt how Jackie would react bc she’d been rlly nervous abt how Jackie thinks of her in the past but c’mon Jackie is a rlly cool gal I think she’d love it and Marco just the same

(don’t tag as gen///der////bend) (also pls click for better quality tungl ruined it)

Tomco is my bigger ship, but i’m a multishipper, and i’ve been wanting this kind of episode so i’m happy i’m finally gonna get it after so long.

It doesn’t need to be my biggest ship in the world for me to look at a beautiful animated scene in a cartoon and be like:

Daron, i still hate you’re making me wait 4 months, but thank you. This really gives me something i know for certain i can look forward to in November, looks like a pretty great birthday gift to me.

Why You Should Be Open Minded To The Clip Possibly Not Being a Flashback.

If you’re curious as to why i’m not on a side when it comes to the argument on Flashback/ No Flashback, it’s because the arguments that are really trying to push it being a flashback don’t really work as well as they sound. This isn’t me saying it can’t be a flashback, but it’s me telling you why these arguments against it not being one don’t make any sense.

Lemme explain why.

Marco isn’t there!!!

Ok, Marco might be a main character, but he’s not obliged to have a huge role in every single episode. Some episodes require Star to be more focused on and some episodes focus on other relationships. Star didn’t need to be in Friend-enemies cause that would’ve only ruined the episode that was supposed to focus on Tom and Marco’s relationship.

If this is an episode made to focus on Tom and Star’s relationship, then Marco being there would kind’ve ruin it. Plus it’d be kinda stupid to push up a dead love triangle that was already killed off in s2.

Also, note that this is a private party, because the only people there….are mewni royalty. No citizens, and no outsiders, this is clearly a party meant for Royal Families in Mewni. Marco might be a princess, but Marco is not ruling a kingdom here nor part of a Mewni Family. 

Marco is probably not here, because he can’t, or isn’t remotely allowed to begin with. Being friends with Star might give him some privileges but I doubt he’s allowed to access everything, friend or not.

Moon’s design looks like the one in s1!!

Yeah, but you know what it ALSO looks like?

Her design in Face The Music, which was from s2.

The show reuses models and outfits sometimes, it’s nothing new.

Star’s Headband!!

Again, Face The Music.

It probably wouldn’t be very formal for her to wear to something this fancy and exclusive anyway. If it’s for royalty, then yeah, she should probably wear a princess crown.

Star’s Wings!!!

Star’s wings also didn’t show up in another episode that might sound familiar, Blood Moon Ball.

Which came after Mewberty.

So they could just be behind her dress or not there for the same reason they weren’t in BMB.

Tom would’ve been happy to dance with Star!!

Thing about this clip, we don’t know the context behind it, we don’t know what happened before it or what will happen after it. 

Star being grumpy to Tom is no surprise of course but everyone is deadset on saying Tom’s bitterness is a clear sign this has to be from the past. Here’s the problem, we don’t know enough to even understand why he’s angry.

Tom, for all we know, could be angry at Star for many reasons that relate to the beginning of the episode. He could be upset she kept on treating him coldly, he could be upset he’s being forced to dance with someone he’s supposed to be getting over, heck he could be upset for the same reason River and Dave (Tom’s dad) are fighting.

Without context on this episode, Tom being angry is not a determining factor, Tom gets angry sometimes; that’s nothing new. Unless we understand the full story behind him being upset, we can’t determine when this clip was.

He liked Star in BMB and was still pretty frustrated with her, who knows what happened here.

Disney is just lying!!

Sure, disney could be lying when they say this isn’t a flashback, that’s not out of the realm of plausibility, but Disney had no problem spoiling spoilers out in the BFM trailers.

Them spoiling this NOT being a flashback would not be out of character for them, you know how they love to tease and reveal things without the Crew’s consent.

Daron’s not new to tricking the audience either, her trying to make you think this was a flashback only to say otherwise would be something she’d do.

This isn’t me saying there’s no way it’s a flashback, but i am saying that this clip is a tossup to which it could be and a lot of these arguments people are using do not work. It could go either way, there’s no guarantee this is a flashback, at all. Nothing in this clip is a clear indicator of it and the fandom is taking anything they can to forcibly say it HAS to be. 

I’m choosing to sit in the middle and wait for anything else to be revealed about it instead of being in denial of the chances of this ship having present romantic moments. 

This clip, could go either way.

And I for one, will treat it as if it could go either way.


There are two points of view in this:

Marco’s: “You killed Star, DIE, YOU MURDERER, DIE! Wait, he regenerates… what…He can’t be killed?” Gets throwed against the wall. “Ugh… he’s that strong?…”

Toffee’s: “Did he just ruined my suit?! Damm brat…” Throws Marcos to the wall. “No one ruins my suit”.

Barney Stinson aproves.

 Y’know for those people out there who sill say Tom’s gonna hurt Marco or he’s abusive..

Lemme remind you that THIS is how they first met:

Marco didn’t quite have them start off on the right foot.

(( Tom afterwards even acted politely towards Marco, despite being dismembered by him :P ))

Tom might be a powerful demon whose anger can get out of hand…

But Marco can also have his emotions get out of hand…..

He DID attempt to murder a child with a monster arm…after all.

At least Tom has yet to do any real damage to anyone….to our knowledge

(( I’m sensing an “Emotions are a powerful and dangerous thing if not controlled” vibe from Tom, Star, and Marco))

Tom’s not perfect, and he’s not meant to be.

But neither are Star Or Marco.

They’ve all made bad choices.

Marco and Tom didn’t get off on the right foot, Marco didn’t know much about him other then from what Star told him…his appearance was unsettling..he was worried about his friend…..

And Tom just was worried Marco would ruin his chance to get back the closest and most meaningful relationship he had…

But after spending time together….they got to start over..got to properly get to know each other.

And Man, have things changed XD

Don’t keep blaming Tom for literally everything, he’s a flawed teen, and he’s clearly misguided…

But Marco and Star can also make huge mistakes, and can just as easily hurt others.

I’m glad, despite the rough beginning..these two managed to form a wonderful relationship.

I can’t wait to see it evolve more and more.