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All The Small Things

Every time Tom gets angry on the show, in front of Marco, it’s interesting to know that Marco isn’t particularly bothered by his anger.

 Every time Tom has been scolded by Marco, it’s been because of something he did wrong, like lying.

He’s never gotten angry at Tom for getting reasonably upset about things , even when he promised to him he wouldn’t get mad.

It’s something interesting to point out, because then it reminds you of how Star treated Tom’s anger in BMB.

Marco and Star are very different with Tom’s issues.

While Marco hasn’t yet to invalidate Tom’s feelings, and handles the problem by ridding the source of Tom’s anger.

Star instead, gets irritated because of Tom’s irritation, and shows annoyance at him for being upset.

Now i like Star, and she doesn’t have to put up with Tom’s anger.

But this night did mean a lot to Tom, and Star kinda went mostly for herself, not for them. Tom did everything possible to make the event something fun for her ((Resulting in his own subjects being bored)) and her entire reaction to all of it consisted of annoyance and ignorance.

Tom, who went through all this trouble to make this night perfect and prove himself to the one person (At the time) he cared about, kept feeling like he wasn’t good enough for her.

She ditched him as well to go do other things, although Tom’s anger is dangerous, the things he does get upset about are understandable and relatable.

His night was falling apart, and then Marco showed up, ruined what was probably his last chance to make the night up to Star, and that was the last straw for him.

Everyone is very quick to blame Tom for the breakup, but considering we know practically nothing about their dating life and relationship, and don’t really know why they broke up.

I don’t think it’s impossible that Star could’ve been partially responsible.

Tom is clearly a person who needs emotional support, he’s lonely and ashamed of his issues.

and as much as i like Star, she’s not typically very good with the feelings of others ((She’s getting better at it, but there are plenty of times Marco’s opinions, needs, and well-being were ignored in favor of her own))

Which is why it’s nice that Marco supplies that support for Tom, and takes his feelings into account when he’s hurt.

Tom should be allowed to be upset and angry sometimes, as long as he can control himself.

And it’s nice to see Marco not only validate his feelings, but help him handle his issues in a safe manner (Which Tom frankly seems to enjoy alot more)

It’s a small thing to notice how Marco treats tom’s issues in comparison to Star.

But it’s a pure small thing.

#TransMarcoWeek - Day 1: Realization/Coming Out

I thought it’d b cool to see how Jackie would accept Marco after finding out she has a gf- I think Marco would b rlly worried abt how Jackie would react bc she’d been rlly nervous abt how Jackie thinks of her in the past but c’mon Jackie is a rlly cool gal I think she’d love it and Marco just the same

(don’t tag as gen///der////bend) (also pls click for better quality tungl ruined it)

 Y’know for those people out there who sill say Tom’s gonna hurt Marco or he’s abusive..

Lemme remind you that THIS is how they first met:

Marco didn’t quite have them start off on the right foot.

(( Tom afterwards even acted politely towards Marco, despite being dismembered by him :P ))

Tom might be a powerful demon whose anger can get out of hand…

But Marco can also have his emotions get out of hand…..

He DID attempt to murder a child with a monster arm…after all.

At least Tom has yet to do any real damage to anyone….to our knowledge

(( I’m sensing an “Emotions are a powerful and dangerous thing if not controlled” vibe from Tom, Star, and Marco))

Tom’s not perfect, and he’s not meant to be.

But neither are Star Or Marco.

They’ve all made bad choices.

Marco and Tom didn’t get off on the right foot, Marco didn’t know much about him other then from what Star told him…his appearance was unsettling..he was worried about his friend…..

And Tom just was worried Marco would ruin his chance to get back the closest and most meaningful relationship he had…

But after spending time together….they got to start over..got to properly get to know each other.

And Man, have things changed XD

Don’t keep blaming Tom for literally everything, he’s a flawed teen, and he’s clearly misguided…

But Marco and Star can also make huge mistakes, and can just as easily hurt others.

I’m glad, despite the rough beginning..these two managed to form a wonderful relationship.

I can’t wait to see it evolve more and more.

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Do you think you can do an au if the sleepover episode of svtfoe where instead of star lying about her crush, it's Marco lying about his feelings for Tom?

Of course I can! I loved that episode so much! I thought Star shared some great wisdom! And it was a time to include my new ship! Oskar x Jackie Lynn Thomas! I hope you enjoy! Sorry it sort of derails and trails off, but I had a great idea I wanted to write! Enjoy!

“MARCO!” Janna cried. “Tell it the truth!” She was getting whipped around the room in some sort of tornado that the machine had created. Marco gripped the side of the wall to try and stop himself from getting blow about.

“I already did! My crush is on Jackie!” Marco yelled back. Star got blown over and crashed into her best friend.

“You’re lying! I told the truth! My crush is one Janna!” Star cried. Despite the dire situation Star was still blushing at her confession.

“And I really like Star!” Janna called back, trying to grip the floor as to not get whirled around. “We all told the truth Marco! It has to be you!” She accused again.

“I like JACKIE!” Marco yelled again. The game seemed to get angrier and pulled and pushed the children about. Star was getting pushed between two walls while Janna kept flying up and then dropping to the floor.

“We’re going to die in here unless somebody tells the truth! Jackie?” Star called.

“It’s true! I like Oskar! I just didn’t want to say anything because I thought Str still liked him!” Jackie admitted, not wanting to hurt her friend. Star smiled at the sweetness.

“Oskar is a lot less appealing than he seems, Jackie, you can do better!” Star yelled.

“THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW!” Janna screamed, getting thrashed around. She crashed into Star fan 13 who was almost crying. Afraid this would ruin her night with Star. “Marco! I know your tells! You’re lying can see it!” Janna screamed.

Marco put his arms up to sort of block himself from the harsh wind inside this cube. He shut his eyes tight and tried to block all of this out. He liked Jackie, that’s what they thought, and that’s what he would keep saying. The wind picked up and Marco began getting pulled forward, he looked up and saw a giant pile of fire that the game was pulling the human boy towards. Marco gasped and tried to run against it, but to no avail.

“Marco!” Star cried.

“Star! Help me!” He yelled.

“It won’t let you go until you tell the truth!” Ponyhead screamed at him. “We know you’re lying! If you weren’t the game wouldn’t be targeting you!” She explained. So tell the truth so we can get out of here!” She begged.

“FINE!” Marco cried. The wind stopped and everything seemed to hold still. Like time froze. Marco gulped as all eyes were on him. “I… guess I have… a bit of a crush on… Tom.” He whispered and bowed his head. “But it’s really nothing!” He assured. Star gasped and everything was still for another minute until the box lit up a bright red.

“SOMEONE IS LYING!” The box hissed. All the storm commotion started up again and the kids started yelling and getting tossed around.

“MARCO! WHAT DID YOU DO NOW!?!” Janna cried.

“Nothing! That’s the truth! It’s Tom!” Marco cried. The game seemed to get mad again and pushed them all around, swirling them in a rampage of commotion.

“Marco!” Star yelled. “Just tell us the truth!” She begged, about to get swallowed whole by this game meant to be “fun”. Marco bit his lip and put his head in his hands. He looked around at his friend and then up at the box.

“It’s not nothing!” He called. The commotion stopped once again. “You-you think I’m lying because I didn’t… I wasn’t honest with HOW my crush on Tom is.” Marco decided. “I said it’s nothing but that’s a lie. I really, REALLY like Tom Lucitor.” He admitted. “It’s not a ‘bit of a crush’. I… I think I’m in love with him.” Marco sighed. The box lit up a light blue color and all the metal walls around them shrunk down and receded back into the box.

“TRUTH.” It stated. Marco felt a deep blush cover his face and he lifted the box up.

“Woah.” Marco spun around and saw the group of girls staring at him totally shocked. Janned had her mouth wide open. “That was deep.” She stated. Marco blushed furiously and made a bit of an angry face, looking away.

“Okay! Fine! You all know!” He hissed. “I’m in love with Tom! I’m a fifteen-year-old human boy, who was dumb and careless enough to fall in love with a reckless, annoying, hot-headed demon! You can laugh all you want but… I can’t help how I feel.” Marco sighed. He looked away and toyed with the metal box in his hands. He looked up fast when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He saw Star smiling at him sweetly.

“Marco, we aren’t going to laugh at you.” She assured. Marco looked surprised. “Just because you fell in love young, and I might not see Tom as a suitable bachelor.” Star huffed this last part. “I’m happy you have somebody you care about. And if you really feel this strongly about him, we want to help you get him!” Star beamed.

“Really?” Marco asked. Star nodded.

“I wanna help spark some demon-human passion.” Janna teased, she was making a joking face that made it sound like she was talking about something scandalous.

“Tom’s the three-eyed kid?” Jackie asked. She then beamed. “I think you two would be super cool together.” She smiled.

“Okay ladies, okay ladies.” Ponyhead interrupted. “We all think Marco and agro would be great together. You know what this means, girls?” She asked. Star jumped up excitedly and Ponyhead smiled smugly. “Mm-hm. Star knows. Marco, we gonna dress you up and make you over. Make you a human that fire-hazard can’t resist.” She offered.

“Marco-makeover!” Janna cheered. Jackie jumped up and down and they ran into the bathroom to get beauty supplies.

“I’m in!” Jackie smiled.

“If Star’s doing it I will too!” Star Fan 13 promised. All the girls grabbed makeup and hairbrushes and clips and jewelry and crowded around Marco. They started poking and prodding, causing the human to become annoyed.

“Guys, come on! I can do my own makeup!” He complained.

“That takes all the fun out of it!” Star reminded, and she scontinued styling Marco’s hair. When they were finished Marco looked like a made-up show pony. With far too much colorful makeup and his hair curled and puffed out. “You look… perfect! I’m going to call Tom!” Star declared. Before Marco could object the girls were already crowded around the mirror.

Star dialed and Tom picked up the phone. When he saw the girl he seemed upset. “Did you mean to call your mom again?” He asked, assuming the worst. Star made a face.

“Oh stop it. Can’t I just call you to talk?” Star asked. Tom raised an eyebrow.
“That’s… not like you.” He pointed out. “And also you are surrounded by a clique of strangers… and Ponyhead. How have yu been?” He asked the horse.

“Okay. St. O’s is a party school now.” She told him. Tom nodded.

“I heard… so… bye?” He tried to hang up, confused about what this friendly chat was all about. But Star stopped him.

“Tom wait!” Star creid. “Marco is here! Isn’t that a surprise?” She asked.

“No? Doesn’t he live there?” Tom asked.

“Shut your face you are surprised.” Star seethed. She pulled Marco into view of the mirror. He was a blushing mess and he was holding his breath. As soon as Tom saw Marco he burst out laughing.

“What is wrong with your face? Why do you have your makeup done like a pageant clown?” Tom ridiculed. Marco huffed. “Are you a show pony? But with makeup and glitter?” Tom asked, laughing hysterically.

“Shut-up! Marco looks great!” Star defended.

“No, I don’t.” Marco assured her. “The girls did this.” Marco explained. Tom laughed again and shook his head.

“Well no wonder, you’re makeup never looks that bad.” He laughed. “You normally look nice, but this is like Dance Moms meet the circus.” He jabbed. Marco opened his mouth to back talk the demon for making fun of him., but stopped.

“Wait… you think I look nice normally?” Marco asked, blushing. Tom shrugged.

“Well yeah, you normally know how to put on makeup and you have a cute sense of style. But this is a little much.” He teased. Marco blushed and looked away.

“We um… it was just for fun.” He mumbled. Tom smiled.

“I can see that.” He grinned. “You guys have fun at your sleepover but… don’t go out of the house like that.” Tom grinned. He couldn’t hang up without getting in one last insult. Marco smiled and hung up after Tom, holding his hands to his heart. Tom thought Marco looked nice… most of the time at least.

If your wondering how i think Tom will react to Star’s crush on Marco, and the potential it will ruin his relationship with Marco, i want you to know i personally am not worried about Star’s crush doing much.

Because here’s the thing, Tom can’t go back to hating Marco for jealous reasons because of Mr Candle Cares, Tom is fully aware he might never get back with star and knows she’ll do what she wants no matter what.

You can read it on his face, he knows fully well if Star and Marco date, he has to accept it. There’s nothing he can do.

Ok, he might be upset, but him throwing away his friendship with Marco because of something that’s not even Marco’s fault to begin with…..sounds ridiculous.

I could see Marco being potentially worried about what Tom will think, but I feel like Tom will accept it when he finds out.

The guy is supposed to be moving on with his life, this would be sending him back to square one and ruining all his character development.

If it throws any kind of sore spot in their relationship, it’ll most likely not last very long if Tom truly cares for their relationship.

I think it’s more likely that he’d be upset about Marco and Star getting together and both ditching him then being jealous again.

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oh wow I just saw a post saying how the op felt bad for daron because of all this trans marco stuff and how we're "ruining her creation". If only they knew

Daron Nefcy, cackling while holding a glass of wine and rubbing her face in lesbian starco content:

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It is possible that you make a continuation of the fanfic of St. Olga's where Tom tells his father that he wants Marco as his wife?

I can not tell you how much fun I had with this one! I really really enjoyed writing about how I made it end and I hope you love it too! Enjoy!

Read the first one here! http://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/157547527572/tom-needs-a-queen-so-that-he-can-take-up-the-place 


Four days passed of Marco and Tom helping plan the wedding that’s not intended to be fulfilled. But Marco felt himself become quickly attached to the demon. He seemed so sad, and broken around everyone in the kingdom, especially his father. But when Tom and Marco were together the demon would light up an smile. They would tell jokes and he would assure Marco about everything being okay, and how before the wedding he was going to help Marco escape.

But Marco soon found himself worrying about what would happen to the poor demon boy after Marco escaped. Even more so, if his father found out that it was him who helped him escape. Marco sighed and sat down on the bed, conflicted. It was very late at night; this thought had been keeping him up.

“Marco!” Marco’s trail off thought was cut off by an urgent whisper. He looked over and saw Tom at the window; he was latched onto the side of the castle like a lizard. Marco opened the window. “We have to go now, the wedding is tomorrow, I have a way I can get you out of here.” Tom promised. Marco bit his lip.

“Tom… I don’t know.” He told the demon. Tom looked confused.

“What are you talking about? We don’t have time for this, let’s go.” He urged. Marco shook his head.

“Tom, OI can’t.” he said again. “I… I like you too much to let you face the consequences alone.” Marco admitted. “You’ve been so kind to me. And so sweet and caring, I can’t let you take the fall for this.” Marco explained.

“What are you saying?” Tom asked. Marco helped him into his room and sat him on the bed.

“I’m staying. I’m going to marry you.” Marco told him. Tom jumped at this and shook his head, getting up.

“No! Are you crazy! You don’t want to marry me! You’d be here forever!” He cried. Marco smiled up at him.

“I don’t think staying here with you would be so bad Tom… besides, don’t you want this? If you get married you’d be the king. Your father would be gone, you’d be free.” Marco tempted him. Tom bit his lip. He did want that, more than anything he wanted that. But he felt like he was forcing Marco into something.

“I can’t keep you my prisoner.” Tom responded.

“You aren’t. I want to do this for you. I want to stay here for you.” Marco told him. He stood up and took the demon’s face in his hands. “Tom, you’ve done, and have been willing to do so much for me.” Marco explained. “I just want to return the favor, let me do this for you. Let me give you what you want, let me protect you!” Marco begged. “Please let me do this for you.” He whispered.

“You want this?” Tom asked. Marco nodded.

“I want to help you.” Marco repeated. Without warning Tom pulled Marco in and kissed him deeply, but as soon as he did he pulled away and his face flushed red. Fire swirled around Tom’s feet and he jumped back.

“I’m sorry!” He cried. Marco felt his lips, shocked that the demon had just kissed him. “I’m so sorry! That was so out of line! Marco I’m sorry!” Tom rambled. “I just… nobody’s even spoken to me like that I couldn’t help myself.” Tom continued. “Oh my gosh I ruined everything.” Tom stressed and Marco put a hand on his shoulder.

“Tom, it’s okay, really.” He assured. Tom was breathing frantically and he looked up nervously.

“You don’t want to leave now?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head. “But I kissed you. I grabbed you and kissed you.” Tom reminded, blushing deeper at the memory. Marco smiled and squeezed his hand.

“You got excited, and I don’t think you’re used to this type of affection, so you got a little carried away.” Marco explained. “It’s okay, I’m not offended.” Marco assured. Tom sighed in relief.

“Thank you, Marco.” Tom mumbled, still flustered from the kiss. “I-I really didn’t mean to-“ Marco cut Tom off.

“Stop apologizing. Yu have nothing to be sorry about. We’re going to have to kiss at the wedding tomorrow, so I think it’s actually good we broke the tension now.” Marco explained. Tom swallowed hard and nodded. He then began to play with his thumbs, feeling a lot more flustered around the princess than he once did. Marco cleared his throat nervously.

“Y-you know… I actually don’t think it would be a bad idea to do it again.” He mumbled. Marco then blushed deeper. “To break the tension that is! J-just practice for tomorrow is all.” He added. Tom gulped and nodded.

“R-right, we should probably do that… f-for tomorrow.” Tom rambled. Marco smiled and reached out to take the demon’s hand. Both of the were standing there awkwardly for a while, blushing.

Finally Marco bit his lip and pulled Tom down, he kissed the demon lightly and they stayed there for a moment. Tom, feeling bolder pulled Marco closer and dipped him a tiny bit. The two stayed there for a minute, deepening the kiss until they finally felt satisfied enough to pull away.

Tom looked at Marco with wide eyes; Marco still had his eyes closed, like he was hoping the kiss wasn’t over. Finally he opened his eyes and looked up at the demon that seemed so nervous. The two pulled away from each other and stood a few feet apart, clearing their throats nervously.

“D-do you think we’re okay for tomorrow?” Tom asked. Marco bit his lip and blushed even more.

“I-I think we should practice some more… for tomorrow.” He responded. “It’s the responsible thing to do.”

Fucking cartoons these days can’t just have a nice, simple fun-filled plot can they?? NOOOO they have to be full of SOUL PROPHECIES and ILLUMINATI TRIANGLES AND HAVE REALLY LONG HIATUS’ THAT MAKE ME DIE ON THE INSIDE.

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Hi! I just wanted to ask you, what is your opinion about the new episode? I really want to know what do you think about Starco and Jarco. Thanks in advance (:

I’m not exactly sure if i’m the right person to talk about this considering this episode doesn’t do a ton for me since neither of those ships are my favorites.

But if you insist i’ll just give some of my two cents on it.

I really wonder how long Star knew about Marco liking love sentence, because i know that it certainly wasn’t during “Red Belt”.

Also they called it their “thing”, which is hard for me to comment on because they’ve never enjoyed love sentence together before this episode. So i’m not really sure how big it is for them.

I still think it means more to tomco, whose entire relationship only hit off because of their love for the band. Well that, and we only found out Marco liked this band in that episode, along with Tom, it was a discovery and a gateway to their relationship.

(( Which of course bugs the heck out of me that Tom wasn’t in this ep, especially since Love Sentence is a band he made a dang shrine to.

they probably didn’t add him in because they didn’t want to break the tension going on but he still could’ve made a cameo in the background))

Oh well, moving on..

Star’s motives are weird, she clearly wants Marco to be happy with Jackie, and went through all that trouble to add her into their group. But she also doesn’t like seeing them extremely close together.

I mean it’s clear she’s bothered by it, but she also kinda doesn’t want to ruin it for her friend.

And it’s clear seeing Marco having a close relationship with someone else makes her upset.

She’s upset because Marco having a girlfriend means he’s going to be spending more time with someone else, and that she’s no longer going to be as close with him as she used to be.

She’s torn between Marco’s happiness, and her own.

She probably should’ve just told Marco the truth but i suppose she didn’t want to make everything weirder.

Like i said before, i don’t particularity care for Starco, so this episode doesn’t really hit me like everyone else because i kinda like them more as supportive friends. But if that’s your cup of tea it’ll work for you.

Jackie and Star interacting was really nice, they actually have a lot in common and really get along nicely.

Jarco is still pretty cute in my book, not my fav ship, but I think their interactions are sweet.

Songs were good as always.

Welp, for the people out there who was calling stuff like Friend-Enemies “QUEERBAITING”, there are literal gay and lesbian couples kissing in this episode.

so hate to burst your bubble, but looks like ships like Tomco have more of a chance of happening since the censors don’t care anymore.

Ending is a bit sad to look at because you know she’s dying inside, but her emotions are very unhealthy and she needs to resolve this.

Star reminds me ALOT of how Tom was before Marco talked him out of trying to win Star back.

Being angry and bitter all the time, spying on them, unable to do anything because they can’t control the situation.

and because Star is acting the same way Tom was, i still want her to learn the same lesson he did.

((I don’t care who it is, if it’s not ok for Tom, it’s not ok for Star))

I don’t personally think Starco will happen by the end of this season, just because it’s hard to imagine Marco just giving up on his crush he’s waited for years to be with for his friend who he doesn’t like in that way.

Besides the fact that it’s chicle, and this show tends to strive away from those for the most part,  it really doesn’t make alot of sense.

However, this crush biz only started THIS season so by the looks of it, it will be resolved one way or another by the end of this season.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on it.

It’s a good episode all in all.