but march

sharing a bed //kit walker

  • both sleeping in your underwear
  • a constant battle of throwing the sheets off and on because he’s always hot and you’re always cold
  • softly humming whatever song got stuck in his head that day from the little red radio on his desk at the garage
  • back to the whole body temperature thing, you guys can’t sleep unless you’re skin to skin
  • your cool skin pressed against his hot skin helps him sleep better at nice and the same goes for you
  • he can’t sleep unless the bedroom door is cracked because he needs to know that his kids can easily reach him if they have a bad dream or if they need a glass of juice
  • sometimes kit wakes up in the middle of the night, forgetting that he’s no longer at briarcliff and gets confused
  • —“what the.. y/n is that you?”
  • —“kit, baby, you’re home remember? you came home back in fall of ‘65. you’re home. safe with tommy, jules, and i. you’re safe, we’re all safe baby just go back to sleep okay, can you do that for me?”
  • —“what. yeah, yeah..”
  • kit slowly drifting back to sleep with a death grip on your hand
  • you never really mind his sweaty, slightly calloused hands squeezing your softer one
  • after all, sometimes, you too, needed that tight grip as a reminder that he really home, safe with you and that he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon

Got a bit carried away on the Evan Peters search on Google and found this gem, but honestly this is my face whenever I’m eating Pizza and the cheese gets too stringy and stretches off of the food hahahahah 🥀🖤

“If you believe, your dreams will come true.”

That’s probably true.
But one part is missing.

“If you believe and keep working hard, your dreams will come true.”

-This is the correct phrase.
To go even further,

“If you believe and you put in one more hour than all your rivals and work hard, every day, then to a degree, your dreams will be considerably more likely to come true.”

(The short version works better for marketing purposes.)