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March 27th, 2007: Happy 10th Anniversary to the Mortal                             Instruments by @cassandraclare​!

First Dialogues:

City of Bones:  “You’ve got to be kidding me,”

City of Ashes:  “Are you still mad?”

City of Glass:  “Score, I’m kicking butt at Mario Kart”

City of Fallen Angels:  “Just coffee, please.”

City of Lost Souls: “Mom, its me!”

City of Heavenly Fire:  “Picture something calming. The beach in Los Angeles—white sand, crashing blue water, you’re strolling along the tide line …” Jace cracked an eye open. “This sounds very romantic.”

City of Heavenly Fire (last line): “Freely we serve, because we freely love, as in our will, to love or not; in this we stand or fall”

Regarding Jared

I trust most of you guys have seen @jdumblr‘s fabulous timeline of last weekend! If you haven’t, go check it out.

I see a lot of you have responded with concern - which is totally understandable, by the way - so I’d like to offer my thoughts on the situation.

I don’t think there’s anything badly wrong with Jared right now. Sure, he might be tired, but what I see above all else is defiance. Jared invited his fans and followers to join him at San Jac, where he generously spilled the baby knews before the official announcement. Isn’t that something a rebellious man might do, especially when his “wife” is trying to solidate her career by making the baby announcement in a commercial campaign?

He not only snagged the rug from under her feet with that announcement, but proceeded to party for two more days - still wearing the same clothes on Sunday as he did on Saturday, making sure people could connect the dots that he didn’t go home to change inbetween the nights.

This doesn’t look like sad Jared to me. This looks like Jared doing whatever he likes, damn the campaign and damn appearances. Maybe a line was finally crossed when G and Popandsuki decided to co-operate on that campaign? It’s up for speculation, of course.

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March 2017

Creation Vancouver 2017 - Lana Parrilla Gold panel part 2 [part 1]