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Me and my friend were down at the Dunkin Donuts today talking about how tasty we think donuts are, when all of a sudden the conversation turned to the question of anal hair management. My friend argued that no great man has ever so much as trimmed a hair on their log slicer, but I disagreed with him since I have a vested interest to protect. Anyway, I think I can prove him wrong if you tell me: Do you groom your anal hair? Sorry if it's a weird question but there's a good pretext for it.

no but i did once a long time ago, turns out that hair’s there for a reason

also a+ on “log slicer”, that’s a new one

jimin n tae really are men with taste. like y'all ever really b peepin the jewelry they wear on their fingers?? their ears??? around their neck?? like bitch, my dad told me ALWAYS trust a man with a good taste in jewelry bc a man w a good taste in jewelry is a man who can notice and name all the little reasons why he loves you. bihh i’m emotional, get u a jimin or tae

Play you, but who is Sherlock Holmes?

The first real interaction between Sherlock and Eurus is very interesting. Their first contact is made through a skill they both possess. The music.

‘Play something’, she asks Sherlock. Let me give you this Stradivarius and play.

So Sherlock plays Bach. He plays skillfully a rather technical sonata and yet Eurus isn’t satisfied and for good reasons.

Bach’s Sonata No. 1 in G minor is the music he played while waiting for Moriarty in TRF.

MORIARTY: You know when he was on his death bed, Bach, he heard his son at the piano playing one of his pieces. The boy stopped before he got to the end-
SHERLOCK: -and the dying man jumped out of his bed, ran straight to the piano and finished it.
JIM: Couldn’t cope with an unfinished melody.
SHERLOCK: Neither can you. That’s why you’ve come.

Jim also taunts Sherlock with the code who turns out to be… Bach’s partita number 1. Bach is Moriarty, of course Sherlock doesn’t and cannot understand Bach.

‘Play you,’ Eurus asks. Sherlock doesn’t get it. ‘Me?’ But he tries. He tries by playing a piece he’s created: Irene’s Theme. It’s as sensual as the woman who’s inspired it.

But this time, Eurus recognises it as Sherlock playing Eurus. Hearing it reminds her of sex and she makes it clear: it’s something she has experienced.

EURUS: Oh, have you had sex?
SHERLOCK: Why do you ask?
EURUS: The music. I’ve had sex.

So really, did Sherlock really play Sherlock Holmes? The answer is no. If we don’t count the generic, there is in fact only one time we can hear Sherlock’s theme all around The Final Problem.

To play ‘Sherlock Holmes’, Sherlock needed Eurus to join him. He couldn’t do this on his own. She is after all a part of him, his emotions, and the melody is incomplete without her.

It’s only fitting that the name of the violin duet is literally called ‘Who you really are’ after all.

ɢᴅ | ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ʟɪʟɪᴇs |✘|

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Part IV of the White Lilies Series 

“I don’t want to fucking do this anymore,” Jiyong growled out, tossing the crutches to the floor. They crashed against the mundane-colored tile in a loud heap. The singer leaned against the wall as he carefully shifted his weight on his good leg.

Three weeks after his crash and things only seemed to be worsening for the artist. Once he was well enough to receive an MRI they’d found damage to his back. He had two bulging discs in his thorax with a 6 milimeter herniation, and that meant he’d need surgery. He’d pinched a nerve in his right leg and therapy didn’t seem to be helping–which only meant he’d need surgery for his leg as well. The therapy leading up to the surgery seemed to worsen the man’s mood, with reasoning–you silently admitted. His recovery would be longer than first anticipated and this notion did not sit well with the usually productive singer.

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BS 4x09

Well I was actually expecting a much more complicated plot, more drama and etc, but I enjoyed this ep regardless.

Just like I said before, there was no mutual plan, but Flint still was thinking about Madi. I can’t be angry with him anymore for stealing the cache after that promise he’s made, he genuinely thought he was helping everyone and first of all was helping Silver. He believes in Silver too much it hurts. He shouldn’t have. Silver is just a man, not a good one, he just doesn’t fit in the role Flint imagines for him. It’s too big.

I understand why Silver’s rage didn’t go away after Flint’s reasonable arguments. And I guess Flint understands it too. “You’re gonna regret it” wasn’t about Flint hurting/killing Silver in the battle, it was about self-loathing Silver might feel later. But Silver can’t stand the thought of the only one request he made to Flint being neglected, he was feeling fooled, like everything Flint said was a lie and manipulation (and Hands didn’t help at all). He should’ve stopped after Dooley’s death, but emotions were still unresolved. Flint would probably let him have this fight, defeat Silver and then tried to talk again. Gosh the amount of love and patience from Flint is unbelievavbe.

Still I feel bitter about this conflict being the defining one. It’s simply about the lack of proper talking and misunderstading in some parts. It could be so much more. With their diffirence in morality and in world outlook it could be much more complicated.  

I don’t know how they’re going to resolve all this in one ep. I don’t want for Madi to despise Silver for his actions, I don’t want for Flint’s love to be unrequited (”and so he’s going to have mine” - please prove it!). Can they all just talk and forgive each other? T_T

Btw the flashbacks were EVERYTHING. Flint being surprised by Silver’s absence of pride in front of him is EVERYTHING. Their smiles, their frustration, their sadness, their soft voices. Silver’s hair loose is everything too. And the music… It’s like from some romanic period drama haha (like it isn’t romantic period drama). 

“I’d be forced to hesitate before doing you any harm.” 
Of course he would. It’s been a long time since I saw Flint being that scared. He will intensively protect his dearest from any harm, be that gun or his dearest’s hasty decisions. Like could one believe that S1 Flint could do that? He killed Gates although he wasn’t a real threat to him. But now he faces a man who spoiled his great plans and stands with a wish to kill him. And Flint is just scared for that man’s life and well being. How can this be real? OMG I can’t.

Calm Nights

 Update of Where the Trees Grow, hopefully tomorrow. Please enjoy this short drabble in the meantime.

Mark must have had a death wish. That was the only possible answer as to why he was doing this. That or he was just plain crazy, out of his mind. Maybe the loneliness was finally starting to get to him. Whatever the reason was, he found himself out in the open, in perfect view of the human. By choice.

He watched as the human slept on from his place on the nightstand. The steady rise and fall of the green haired man’s chest almost hypnotizing. The tiny wouldn’t deny that the human terrified him. He was big and loud and way too energized for Mark’s own good. Mark didn’t even want to think about what he would do with a tiny.

But, like this, when the human was sleeping and calm, it was different. Mark almost felt safe with him like this. It was like his fear was pushed aside for a moment. Not to say he still wasn’t scared, the human could wake up at any time after all, but the calmness that Jack was feeling in his sleep washed over Mark as well. It was nice.

After watching Jack like this for the past week or so, Mark had found out that Jack was pretty still when he slept. A huge contrast to when he was awake. The tiny would have assumed he would be fidgety, always tossing and turning. But nope, he probably saved all of that for when he was awake.

Jack let out a heavier breath than the rest and his chest hiccuped slightly. Mark stood, taking that as his cue to leave. The human wasn’t awake yet, but the process had started. He walked over to the lamps cord and took it in his hands. He sent one last glance towards the human before climbing down. Out of sight once again.

Pistons coach goes on tirade about 'racist and misogynistic' Donald Trump

Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy has never been one to mince his opinions, so it was only a matter of time before he went on a rant after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. 

Speaking to reporters prior to the Pistons’ NBA matchup against the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday, Van Gundy went on a nearly six-minute, unprompted tirade on the unconventional president-elect, who beat Hillary Clinton to the White House, saying he was ashamed of the public for voting in the 70-year-old.

Here is the full transcript of Van Gundy’s comments to the media:

“I didn’t vote for [George W.] Bush, but he was a good, honourable man with whom I had political differences, so I didn’t vote for him. But for our country to be where we are now, who took a guy who - I don’t care what anyone says, I’m sure they have other reasons and maybe good reasons for voting for Donald Trump - but I don’t think anybody can deny this guy is openly and brazenly racist and misogynistic and ethnic-centric, and say, 'That’s OK with us, we’re going to vote for him anyway’.

"We have just thrown a good part of our population under the bus, and I have problems with thinking that this is where we are as a country. It’s tough on [the team], we noticed it coming in. Everybody was a little quiet, and I thought, ‘Well, maybe the game the other night’. And so we talked about that, but then Aron Baynes said, 'I don’t think that’s why everybody’s quiet. It’s last night’.

"It’s just, we have said - and my daughters, the three of them - our society has said, 'No, we think you should be second-class citizens. We want you to be second-class citizens. And we embrace a guy who is openly misogynistic as our leader’. I don’t know how we get past that.

"Martin Luther King said, 'The arc of the moral universe is long, but bends toward justice’. I would have believed in that for a long time, but not today. What we have done to minorities… in this election is despicable. I’m having a hard time dealing with it. This isn’t your normal candidate. I don’t even know if I have political differences with him. I don’t even know what are his politics. I don’t know, other than to build a wall and 'I hate people of colour, and women are to be treated as sex objects and as servants to men’. I don’t know how you get past that. I don’t know how you walk into the booth and vote for that.

"I understand problems with the economy. I understand all the problems with Hillary Clinton, I do. But certain things in our country should disqualify you. And the fact that millions and millions of Americans don’t think that racism and sexism disqualifies you to be our leader, in our country. We presume to tell other countries about human-rights abuses and everything else. We better never do that again, when our leaders talk to China or anybody else about human-rights abuses.

"We just elected an openly, brazen misogynist leader and we should keep our mouths shut and realize that we need to be learning maybe from the rest of the world, because we don’t got anything to teach anybody.

"It’s embarrassing. I have been ashamed of a lot of things that have happened in this country, but I can’t say I’ve ever been ashamed of our country until today. Until today. We all have to find our way to move forward, but that was - and I’m not even trying to make a political statement. To me, that’s beyond politics.

"You don’t get to come out and talk about people like that, and then lead our country and have millions of Americans embrace you. I’m having a hard time being with people. I’m going to walk into this arena tonight and realize that - especially in this state - most of these people voted for the guy. Like, [expletive], I don’t have any respect for that. I don’t.

"And then you read how he was embraced by conservative Christians. Evangelical Christians. I’m not a religious guy, but what the hell Bible are they reading? I’m dead serious. What Bible are you reading? And you’re supposed to be - it’s different. There are a lot of different groups we can be upset at. But you’re Christians. You’re supposed to be - at least you pride yourself on being the moral compass of our society. And you said, 'Yeah, the guy can talk about women like that. I’m fine with that’. He can disparage every ethnic group, and I’m fine with that.

"Look, I don’t get it. And I’m having a hard time taking it. I’m just glad that the people I’m with here - and I’ll include you guys, too - that I like. Because I’m going to have a hard time. I will say, one point of pride, I live in Oakland County, Michigan, and I was surprised, but Oakland County voted for Clinton. At least I can look around say, 'We weren’t the ones putting that guy in office’.

"It’s incredible. I don’t know how you go about it, if you’re a person of colour today or a Latino. Because white society just said to you, again - not like we haven’t forever - but again, and emphatically, that I don’t think you deserve equality. We don’t think you deserve respect. And the same with women. That’s what we say today, as a country. We should be ashamed for what we stand for as the United States today.

"That’s it for me. I don’t have anything to say about the game tonight.”

Sense8 is my life

I thought this show would be another one of those shows that sound good, and start off good, but make me stop watching halfway through.  I was so wrong.  Yesterday I started watching this show, and there’s no words to describe how amazing it is.  You absolutely HAVE to watch it.  And here’s some reasons why:


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“But then you sent me a vision of a man with a large…. *Struggles to find a word* junk

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I would go on an on, but this post is getting quite long.  So i’m just gonna say.  Watch this.  You will not regret it

I don’t understand people’s beef with CGI Tarkin.

Some of y’all seem to have a problem with CGI Tarkin in the new Star Wars movie Rogue One but let’s get some things straight:

The man has been dead for at least 22 years, so there’s no way to bring him on screen, right? “Why not recast him? They did the same with Mon Mothma.”

They sure did and they sure did recast Tarkin before in Episode III, but nobody talks about this abomination for good reason.

The good news was it was only a cameo from a distance in the film.

It’s unfortunate though because Wayne Pygram is actually a really good actor. I just wish they did a better make-up job.

So that was an example of recast. 

People argue that the CGI looks fake and looks better in movies like James Cameron’s Avatar but here’s the thing: it only looks good because the entire world was CGI and contact with actual reality was kept to a minimum. The scene where Sigourney Weaver’s human character is carried by the Navi through the forest actually looks pretty fake. 

The entire time, “Tarkin” had to be in contact with real cast members beside him so of course there’s an uncanny valley effect. Have you looked at the job they did though?

Original for comparison:

Certainly better than what happened in Episode III. Besides, the uncanny valley would probably work in his favor since he IS a villain. They’re supposed to be unsettling.

Guy Henry and the people at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) worked hard and did a damn good job AND they brought Peter Cushing back from the dead. Appreciate the skill, enjoy the damn popcorn, and enjoy the damn movie because Rogue One is a damn good movie.

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TFA can easily be viewed as a rehash, but you know who isn’t a rehash?


The first black protagonist Star Wars has ever had. An iconic character who was the first in the film franchise (yes, before Rogue One) to defy the odds of his childhood abduction and know integrity and right from wrong. A character who is unlike any character Star Wars has ever seen.

Finn has no reason whatsoever to be a good man, and yet, he always is in TFA. He refuses to kill civilians being taunted by the First Order. He escapes his captivity the first opportunity that he gets and he jumps right into combative action to defy Kylo Ren in three different instances, even when he saw Kylo slaughter a village on Jakku.

Finn is brave. Finn is unique. I hate seeing him being the comparison to Han or Obi-Wan or whatever based on prior sagas. He’s not Han or Obi-Wan, he’s Finn. And if you can’t acknowledge the depth of his characterization, I really can’t help you at all.


“Man has always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much … the wheel, New York, wars and so on … while all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man … for precisely the same reason.” by Laura Storm


I’ve read the TFP spoilers. Not posting them here. My thoughts:

  • Your feelings are valid, whatever they are. Be happy, be sad, be angry, be hopeful, be ready to give it a chance, be done with this show right now. Be how you need to be.
  • Some of the promo for this season bore a remarkable resemblance to Clue, famous for its multiple endings. Would Mofftiss love to fuck with people this way? Oh yeah. Do they have the budget for a few extra/alternative scenes? Especially if, say, those scenes only involved two actors in one flat setting? Pfft. Yes. 

  • Same-day, NDA-required screening for episode 2. Three day in advance, no-NDA screening for the finale. Are you suspicious? Me too. For good reason, I think. Imagine if they did that with past seasons. “Can’t let people know the hound was a hallucination, but let ‘em leak Sherlock’s fall!” “Keep the secret about the Mayfly Man, but who cares if they find out Mary shot Sherlock?” Like. Come on. This is a finale. They care about keeping a tight lid on it. They care a Lot.

  • Writing and reading metas and being a part of this community has been a blast. I regret nothing, and I hope you don’t either.

buying-the-space-farm  asked:

"Accidentally capture the wrong base"? .....tell us more? Please?

this was before we got agent agent back as our handler, and part of the reason why he finally turned up for work again. 

so the thing about clint is that hes 1. not a good listener and 2. hes deaf. mostly. these are separate issues because being mostly deaf doesnt stop him from understanding what people are saying most of the time, it just means that you have to be sure he knows youre trying to communicate with him before you say something. (and also that you should make sure your mask doesnt cover your mouth so he can lipread, but whatever.)

we had this agent—incredibly boring guy in the worst sort of way–who’d requested clint, nat, and i for an op. nat and i were supposed to hit two of the leaders of a crime syndicate while clint got the third. easy peasy, kill some guys, free some hostages, small country liberated, total cakewalk. but the agent running the op and the briefing took FOREVER. he was talking us through like none of us had ever overthrown a country before, explaining every minute detail. nat and i could just kinda zone out and let things wash over us, picking up the pertinent details, but clint cant really do that. his hearing aids help but they weren’t perfect, so he also had to be kinda lipreading just to keep up. which takes a lot of focus for incredibly boring info. naturally he zoned out too.

which was how he missed the fact that his guy was not actually staying in his incredibly fortified base-slash-villa. his hostages were, but he wasn’t. 

luckily, they covered this in the briefing packet we were each provided with, which was a mere 362 pages. 

so obviously none of us actually read it.

we poked through, got blueprints, guard schedules, alarm systems and so on, but didnt bother with most of the rest of it. 

they dropped us in the air over each of our respective targets, clint last. i had the cliffside resort, nat had the downtown headquarters, and clint had the base-villa. nat and i handled ours like pros, of course, corpses everywhere, and clint did too–mowed right through the security, got the hostages, and then called in that his syndicate leader wasnt there, what the hell, who gave me this bad intel.

which was when he was informed that the big bad wasnt IN the villa, he was on the ISLAND ACROSS from the villa, and that hed been supposed to covertly infiltrate the beach house there and quietly capture him. ideally without ever setting foot in the villa; he was just supposed to steal a boat from the villa docks and not get spotted by security. 

unfortunately, clint had blown up all the watercraft at the villa’s docks to keep syndicate members from escaping. which meant he still had to get to the island and capture this guy, but now there were no motorboats left. and if this syndicate jerkoff got away, fury was gonna have his hide.

and thats how clint wound up launching a one-man amphibious assault on an international crime syndicate from a paddleboat.

and also why clint reads his briefings now. 


“Come on, Sam - I’ve never lied to you. You could at least pay me the same respect!” 

The Sun, the Moon and the Planets: meaning

The Sun: represents the essence of your self, your will, your individuality, your vitality and your desire for power. More than any other planet, it represents who you are. It also symbolizes man in general.

The Moon: represents your emotions, your subconscious, your instincts, your habits and your memory. It also represents women in general.

Mercury: symbolizes your communication style, your reasoning skills, and the way you think.

Venus: represents the areas of your life concerned with love, seduction, beauty, material goods and the arts.

Mars: is the planet of desire and aggression. It represents your physical energy, your combativeness, your spirit of enterprise and your courage.

Jupiter: is the planet of expansion and good fortune. It represents growth, prosperity, abundance, wisdom, generosity and higher consciousness. Jupiter’s position in the sky map indicates where you are lucky.

Saturn: represents limitation, restriction, prudence, organization, endurance and discipline. It tells you where you have to deal with your fears - and also where you have ambition.

Uranus: represents originality, independence, spirit of rebellion, inventiveness, insight and all that is not foreseen.

Neptune: represents spirituality, dreams, psychic abilities, intuition, disintegration, compassion, self-sacrifice, deceit and illusion.

Pluto: represents elimination, destruction, regeneration, renewal and transformation.

First Reaction vs Now - Seventeen Edition

First 3 videos I watched: Very Nice Dance Practice, Mansae Dance Practice and Adore U Dance Practice

then: manly body A+

then: who is this pretty girl
now: who is this pretty boy

then: okay I swear I see a white man
now: what a Good Meme™

then: *searches height on google*
now: it’s a lovely day to appreciate Lee Jihoon for all that he does

then: i just remember when everyone fanned him at the end of very nice.
now: a smile that brightens the darkest of days

then: first boy to catch my attention!!!
now: nobody will ever love Mingyu as much as Mingyu loves Mingyu

now: a sophisticated cat

then: his gaze actually intimidates me
now: a sweet peach who’s grown up so fast

then: for some reason i didn’t like hoshi!!! frick @ me!! i suck. 
now: amazing choreo and sex appeal

then: a cute boy next door
now: Diva /red alert/ make way/ no time for peasants 

now: an angel

then: really caught my attention in the VN practice video. woah woah woha. he was SO good
now: awkward (and adorable) beansprout

The 8
then: awe oh my goodness he is so precious
now: look out it’s thughao 

(thank you for reading!!)