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You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father

Reasons Why I'd Like To See Daryl Moving To The Kingdom besides Carol

This is strictly a Daryl post. These are my reasons for wanting to see Daryl at The Kingdom, regardless of Carol. I would obviously love to see Caryl living in the same place but let’s forget about that for a moment and discuss the reasons why The Kingdom would be a good place for Daryl, regardless of Carol.

1. Ezekiel is a good hearted and caring man. Daryl had basically insulted Ezekiel and despite that, he still offered Daryl asylum. Like Khary said, Ezekiel sees past their (Daryl and Carol’s insults) and sees it coming from a place of pain and tries to move past it.
Ezekiel and the other Kingdomer’s are extremely caring and dare I say, selfless. That’s just how they are. They don’t try to control you or make decisions for you. They just try to help you, as much as you’ll let them and I think that would be a wonderful place for Daryl to be.

2. Archer’s, archer’s, archer’s everywhere. Let’s echo Gareth’s words about Daryl “ the archer ”.
The Kingdom has people are can relate to Daryl and who Daryl can relate to. Not just regarding archery but other things, too. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that while Daryl was there, we saw people teaching and learning archery. That could be taken as a potential sign we’ll see Daryl go there.

3. The feel of The Kingdom. I will not deny that The Kingdom is a beautiful and calm place with a good energy. I think this could benefit Daryl.

4. Daryl was never comfortable at Alexandria. He never really saw it as a home and we knew how uncomfortable he was. Perhaps The Kingdom would give him the same feeling but it’s worth a try. I could see Daryl feeling more comfortable there, but I can also see him bouncing around and still going out hunting and just being in the forest.

5. A New Start. The Kingdom would offer a new start. A new beginning.
He will obviously still have the group he’s been with but he doesn’t need to live with them to maintain the connection. Maggie is at Hilltop and her group is still Rick and the others, along with some of the people at Hilltop. She’s expanded her connections. But her connections with Team Family have not dwindled.

6. Daryl doesn’t need to be Rick’s right hand man anymore. He is so much more than that. If you can’t see Daryl moving away from that position, you can’t see his full potential.
Daryl deserves more than being someone’s right hand man and blindly following him and his word (which has been wrong many, many times).
Daryl can make decisions for himself. I appreciated seeing him make his own decisions, despite Rick’s word.
Besides, Michonne, Father Gabriel and Aaron are seeming to be stepping up as Rick’s right handers.
That’s not to say that Daryl would respect Rick or be his friend, quite the opposite. Again, you don’t need to live in the same vicinity as someone to respect them and maintain a connection with them.

7. He was re-armed at The Kingdom. He got a part of himself back. That’s more of a clue than why The Kingdom would be good for him but still wanted to mention it.

I’ll make a seperate post of potential signs that Daryl would make The Kingdom his new home, but despite those signs, these are the reasons why I personally believe The Kingdom would be good for Daryl and offer a new start. The Kingdom is a great place with wonderful people who care for others without wanting anything in return and they have the freedom to come and go as they please without needing to answer to anyone. His uses and abilities would be majorly appreciated.

I’ll add more if there’s anything else but feel free to give your own reasons as to why The Kingdom would be good for Daryl, if you believe that it would be.

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Harlow you're such a good looking guy!! I hope this isn't weird but i really like your eyebrows for some reason?? Your eyes too and also your entire face but.. you're a very attractive man omg

thank u :DDDD

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Whatever is said about the baby, Aaron will love it if Robert chooses to have it in his life. Aaron has too big a heart to reject any child, especially that of the man he loves. Aaron was soft af with Leo and he had no reason to really involve himself at all but during that time there were all those comments about how good Aaron was with him.

agreed! it’s aaron, if robert has a kid, aaron has a kid. that’s how it works.

if you want to make the “part of rebecca” argument, you have to accept that it’s also “part of robert” - and if you try and tell me aaron wouldn’t love anyone that was part robert with every ounce of himself, then i will fight you.

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Who asked? or was it a "let's talk it over and see if"? or was it just a mutually-agreed good idea? this is amazing I'm so happy for you

we talked it over! for a while actually! its in part about me immigrating to England, but thats definitely not the only reason we decided we wanted to do it :)

What do men demand of Fortune: to banish need with plenty? The more your plenty the greater your care to house, maintain and guard it. Have you no personal good within yourself that you must seek external things to give you value? Do you, a reasoning man, only appear splendid to yourself in the possession of dead objects? Man is better than other things only when he knows himself; no other animal has this ability.
—  Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy

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1)In s1 of the flash,it was heavily implied by wellsobard's facial expressions,emotional reactions to some things,body language and other things he said that he has deep-seated reasons for hating barry(like the no sign of the man you will one day become for whom I hold nothing but hate) and then previous versions of Eobard(sheltered by the speed force after Eddie's death) sort of imply that his hatred is based on initial admiration of the flash and then jealousy which turned to resentment when

2) he figured out he would never be as good as the flash and that’s why he became the reverse and started going back in time to fight the flash, in a backwards and backwards way when he would first meet the flash, barry already hates him for what he’s done to him. Which reason would you prefer we get, Barry doing something significant enough to warrant the hate to eobard feels when he first meets the flash (probably in reaction to what reverse has already done) or the jealousy/resentment angle?

Originally posted by marvel-dc-addict

No really, I don’t see why it can’t be both? I think it is both?

Young!Eo admired the Flash. Maybe he met the Flash, sometime Barry needed to travel to the future, and came to idolize him. I’d love it if Barry incidentally saved his life somehow, and then shook his hand and caught his name and just froze but little Eo didn’t really notice/know why.

So young!Eo develops this hero worship and admiration, hardcore. Grows up wanting to be like the Flash. Gets himself some powers because the dude is a genius. Tries to be like the Flash. But maybe… gets too brutal. Gets too cruel. Kills. Decides he knows what’s best for people and goes beyond anything Barry’s ever done in taking law and justice into his own hands.

And maybe Barry runs forward again, and meets young-adult!Eo who is calling himself The Flash after his idol, and Barry is horrified and what Eo is doing in “his name”, so to speak, and stops him. And there is… hatred there. He sees it now. So he gets Eo sent off the prison and he’s downright mean to the boy who idolized him. The boy he once saved. Maybe he doesn’t even remember saving young!Eo, maybe this Barry hasn’t done that yet. Eo thinks he’s forgotten him.

All of it ruins the shiny glamour and veneer and nigh-crush that Eo had on him. 

And this is a Barry in his 30′s, mind you, one who’s fought older!Eo quite a few times. One who doesn’t have it in him anymore to extend a hand to this Eo because he knows what he’ll become. Barry doesn’t have that in him, not for Eo, not after all he’s done. But young-adult!Eo doesn’t know that, can’t understand it, so all he sees is the hatred from the Flash. The harshness. The cruelty.

So Eo is in prison and he’s been rejected by the person he idolized. He’s lost his reputation, his livelihood, his friends and family probably. All exposed because of ‘The Flash’. Who isn’t a hero, he decides. He’s a menace. Eo was trying to save the world. People are “too stupid” to lead themselves. They need him – he’s a genius and a speedster and he’s–

He’s a little unhinged. But he hates Barry, now, for ruining his life, his empire, for rejecting him. So he decides to do something about it. Time travel is probably known about and illegal, by Eo’s time, but that’s not stopping him.

The Flash has been all over time, he understands. That makes it hard to pinpoint his original time-space. The historical records suggest the Flash showed up first at the start of the 21st century but really, who’s to say if that’s really the Flash’s actual time or just the furthest back he travelled, and decided to stay?

Let’s go with the comics and say Eo undershoots it, the first time. Barry’s already dead. The Flash he meets an older!Wally who doesn’t trust him but doesn’t outright reject him, in part because Eo pretends to be someone else. It’s going okay until Eo kills someone. And then he’s rejected by Wally too, and hunted. 

And he runs to a different time, and there – wouldn’t you know it, he runs into the Flash, the first Flash, and battles him there. He’s angry, after all. He loses, again. And then again, in a different time. And another time. The Flash runs forward, and he’s younger than Eo’s ever seen him – they’re the same age now. But the next time, the next time Eo runs back because he has business in the 21st century, technology to steal for some grand design, technology no one has made in a hundred years now because it’s too dangerous and the schematics are too hard to steal. And here, in Mercury labs, he meets the youngest Flash he’s seen yet, a Flash who is, in his perspective, so so foolish. He learns the Flash’s face! And name! Because this child – this young, 20-something Flash, had the brilliant notion that Eobard already knew it.

How perfect.

He has something now, a one-up. He learns everything he can about Barry Allen. He’ll be ready, next time they fight, with his weaknesses and fears, knowing which loved ones to threaten.

And of course it happens. He has the tech, he’s up to something great and terrible in his own time, and the Flash runs forward and stops him. And that’s the last straw, for Eobard. He’s older, wiser, and faster– and he’s had enough of Barry Allen for one lifetime.

So he runs back, far far back in time. And he goes to take out the child that Barry Allen is. The child who’s the same age as Eo was when he first met the Flash. He’s a fan of poetic justice, after all.

And then everything changes.

Breath of the Wild is very good

I’m super happy with how open and yet so enticing the world is, it looks gorgeous (as far as i can tell from what i see on a controller screen because *cough* cat ate my fuckign hdmi cable and its the only hdmi cable i had around apparently but whatever). Story doesn’t interest me as much and Calamity Ganon is eeeeeh but the characters are fun!
Still don’t like that Hero’s clothes are nowhere to be seen. I think the change from “you only have hero’s clothes and also the same outfit but different color” to “you should go through THIIIIS much shit to get pretty shitty looking hero’s clothes” is way too sudden, literally the reason they did this for is kind of stupid, people DO use diff. clothes when zeldas allow that. Yeah I’m still annoyed about that :V Also weapon durability is not very good, I don’t like having to find a cool new sword and immediately going “man and how much till it breaks :/”

But the rest is really nice
Dungeons are really new, entirely new system of puzzles it seems, a bit on a short side but I like them
Anyway cool game

Anyway real talk at first Bakugou was the reason why I kept reading bnha since after the battle trial fight so my picking him as a fave happened pretty damn fast BUT the Uraraka vs Bakugou was the moment when my heart went this is it my pal this is love we’re not going back ever again and honestly watching this episode made me feel it all over again I love him so much he’s so damn good g o d I’m a bundle of feelings rip me

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48. Can you curl your tongue?; 74. Are you ticklish? aaaand 31. What position do you usually sleep in? c:

Awh yaaaaaay an asky number thing!! 

48. Yes I can! I have a creepy long tongue that can reach further than the tip of my nose and down past my chin (not at the same time) and it can do crazy shit, it’s probably my biggest talent. I should put it on my C.V.

74. I am so ticklish people just have to poke me and I scream. They often do because my friends are sadists and that’s why people stare at me in public. One of the reasons anyway.

31. Oh man I dunno, I’m trying to think back to last night but that’s not a good example cos it’s boooiling here in the U.K (for once). The covers got totally kicked off and somehow it seemed cooler to just lie upside down on the bed like some kind of backwards peasant. 

Brand new talking time with foreign swaggers Jaehyun, Mark and Johnny

I really hate how, in conversations about bi women and their partners in LGBT+ spaces, male partners are always assumed to be straight and cis

like, bi/pan/queer men exist. trans men exist. and it’s not some impossibility that they date bpq women, especially if they meet each other in LGBT+ spaces. I have literally never had a straight cis man as a partner and I don’t intend to for personal reasons, and I don’t think I’m the only bi woman for whom the prospect of dating a cis straight man seems at best exhausting and at worst disgusting.

this is yet another reason why “het partnered” isn’t a good descriptor btw. there are m/f relationships where literally no partners are het.

Day One Hundred and Twenty

-A woman in her forties thanked me for carding her, saying that I gave her a reason to smile and made her entire week. My reasoning for this was that our computers have changed and we now must have a physical ID to progress with the purchase, but I am happy to take credit for this accidental good deed.

-A British man came through my lane and, upon leaving, said, “Buh-bye.” I have now determined this to be the greatest accent to say this phrase in, and the greatest phrase to say in general.

-My register crashed in the midst of paying for a $250+ transaction consisting of dozens of small-ticket items. I went to the adjacent register to ring it up again, yet this register shut down on me as well. This misadventure came in the middle of hours of guests berating and shouting at me for a number of things well beyond my control. If either God or Karma exists, I am looking forward to a good payout in return for surviving this day.

-As a reward for stopping a newborn from committing shoplifting, I was granted a free Starbucks drink. Today being payday be damned, this is the most gratifying part of my week and I am all for this brand of instant gratification for shutting down infant heists.

-A woman purchased a picture frame with a stock photo of a beagle pup leaning out of a car window with just the tiniest bit of tongue hanging out. This is undoubtedly the worst possible selection for use in any picture frame being sold. The purpose of the stock photo is for it to be replaced, but now not a soul in their right mind ever will do so.

-An abandoned origami dollar bill has been left in my till, identical to one a mysterious, benevolent guest left me weeks ago. I have just missed my friend. I am devastated.

-A mother asked her child if they wanted a sticker. After a long and thoughtful pause, they ultimately landed on a no. I am unsure of what factors this toddler was weighing, but I urge them to reconsider.

-A man in his late thirties slid into my lane at turbo speed, skittering to a halt on the medical scooter he and his injured leg were mounted on. Such a move would have been made thricely glamorous were there the sound of screeching brakes to accompany it; luckily, this man came with his own effects, supplying exactly this for me. He purchased only a bicycle bell for his new primary method of transportation and took it without a bag, eager to begin a life wherein everyone is entirely aware of his presence anytime he is in the vicinity. His leg may be broken, but his spirit never will be.


365 days of ryan ross; day 39 (oh my god look at jon)

Matching Gravity Falls characters to Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil characters

Hey guys, so today i’m going to be matching some gf characters to their svtfoe counterpart. Well let’s get started :)

Mabel Pines = Star Butterfly

This is a no-brainer. Mabel and Star really related to each other. They’re both cute, sweet and jumpy girls with bubbly personalities and they really love to have fun. Plus their symbols are stars. 

Dipper Pines = Marco Diaz

Another no-brainer. Dipper and Marco are both adorable boys that are smart, dorky and just so nerdy. And Dipper really cares for Mabel, just like Marco cares for Star. Plus they both have crushes on cool girls (For Dipper-Wendy and for Marco-Jackie)

Wendy Corduroy = Jackie Lynn Thomas

Wendy and Jackie really relate. They both really love to chill and are so cool and rad to hang out with. 

Gideon Gleeful = Ludo

Gideon and Ludo are both little selfish guys that want to take something for power. For Gideon, it’s the journals and for Ludo, it’s the Butterfly Family’s wand. 

Soos = Buffrog 

Soos connects with Buffrog. They’re both big, have green shirts and are always there to help if you need them. Plus they both care for their family and friends. 

Robbie Valentino = Tom Lucitor 

Robbie and Tom are guys that seemed to be jerks at first who had a hard time getting over their breakups (For Robbie- Wendy and For Tom- Star) and Robbie really disliked Dipper and Tom hated Marco, but then they both learned how to be nicer and move on. 

Old Man McGucket = King Butterfly

I think McGucket relates to King Butterfly for a few reasons. They both like to do weird and crazy things and they want respect from their children. (For McGucket- Tate and for King Butterfly- Star)

Candy and Grenda = Pony Head and Alfonzo and Ferguson 

Candy and Grenda relate to these guys for they’re all best friends of a character in their shows that love to hang out with them and they do wild things. 

Bill Cipher = Toffee

They’re both wicked, cunning and are such good tricksters. Plus they have the power to possess people. Also they’re both the most wanted and the biggest villains in their shows. 

Pacifica Northwest = Brittney Wong

They’re both rich, spoiled and the most popular girls and they act mean. Also, Pacifica hates Mabel just like Brittney has a disliking to Star

Stanley Pines = Janna

Stan can relate to Janna. They both steal and shoplift things. And they’re pretty sneaky and have a criminal mind. 

Stanford Pines = Glossaryck 

Ford and Glossaryck are similar. They both have six fingers, are wise and they both own a book (Ford- The journals and Glossaryck- the Book of Spells)

Well those are my comparisons. This took me so long to make. I hope you all enjoyed it. :)