but man it was so worth it

(long post ahead) so we had a civil war reeenactment over the weekend, and “abramham lincoln” was there to tell his life story. he did something at the very end that i thought was worth sharing

he brought a grade school girl up on stage and asked her to stay in school. then he gave this tiny speech (vaguely paraphrased bc i didn’t record it)

“now is she stays in school, she can do anything. she is the voice of tomorrow. and believe it or not she could even be the president of the united states some day.

because whether you like it or not, there could be a woman president. whether you like it or not, there could be an asian president. and god willing, whether you like it or not, there could be a native american president some day.

i’m not here to tell abraham lincoln’s life story, because i’m not abraham lincoln. i’m here to spread the word. this country was founded on equality, and seeing the hate and racism in our country right now towards people of color is horrific. we are the united states, and we believe all men were created equal.”

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genre ― fluff | delivery boy!au

pairing ― grocery boy!hoseok | reader

synopsis ― Being locked inside your own home thanks to the busted doorknob can be pretty bad but mix in the cute grocery boy, now bad, bad is an understatement.

words ― 2,595

― note : from my two year request batch

Everyone that came over always reminded you to get the doorknob fixed. It would get stuck and it would take a good four kicks at the door before it would open. Other times it didn’t even lock at all leaving your front door open. On those occasions you’d have the delivery boy pop his head in scaring the daylights out of you. 

One time you hit him with your broom on accident and nearly gave the young man a concussion. In between hectic apologies and also scolding the man he was smiling and handed you your groceries.

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I hope whoever wanted such a result is satisfied.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Mistakes are made, and corrections are as well. An action is taken and another one is made and on and on it goes. Was it all worth it? Connections are formed yet bridges are burned and built and burned and rebuilt and over and over again. A man talks behind another’s back to another and that other man tells the other man what he had done. An action is made. Another man makes a statement and the statement is false. An action is made. Half-truths and white lies and empty promises and false words make up our world. Questions to ponder, statements to think on.

And so I ask: Was it all worth it? Was the fighting and the kicking and the punching and the words of venom at one another all worth it?

Questions to ponder, statements to think on.


When I first met Sylvain, he had been at Avigail’s side. The Elezen said not a word, only acting upon my sister’s every demand. She sounded so cruel to him, shouting every order and berating him for every mistake, but he did as he was told without so much as a question or retort. Within his eyes, I saw his pain.

Next I saw him was within the Sea of Clouds, where he piloted the Jupiter Jazz flawlessly, the airship acting as bait while another group boarded our attacking vessel. I could not fathom why this man put his life on the line for a woman who treated him as though he was nothing more than shit on her boot. He was worth more than the insults she rained upon him.

And then he approached me in the middle of the night.

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demigaybird  asked:

So there's this song that caught my attention, called Can't Let Go, Juno by Kishi Bisha, and most of the lyrics actually sound like something juno would monologue except for part of the second half which sounds more like Peter? and anyway I really like reading all your fics and i hope you like this song 💙

I feel like this gets extra points for the title, don’t you?

I say
If I could make you fade away
I could play the game I know so well
It’s a fair trade

Many of the things I’ve said
Were made from the beautiful things I regret
Though the words we made, I feel the pain
Cannot know if it’s worth it

I knew this avenue
Where everybody has a piece of their heart on the street for us all to view
And even if I feel alone
You know I’m just a man of flesh and bone
Feed the dream, does it seem like we’re staring at the sun?

Ok, but honestly speaking, listening to bts has been the best decision of my life. I’m not joking here. Because of them, especially this comeback, I’ve started to really try to love myself. Before I didn’t really hate myself but I didn’t like myself either. I was ok with dying and I was ok with not dying. I was indifferent about my whole being. But when you have a song that the lyrics are “I love myself” and you sing those lyrics a hundred or so times you start to believe it. When you look up to a person, in my case Yoongi, that had been open about their struggles with mental health it helps because you realize that you could possibly be like them and overcome it as well. I don’t know man, I’m not saying that listening to bts saved my life bc in this case that’s a bit over dramatic, but bts did make me realize my own self worth and actually make me start to love myself and for that I am really thankful.

WELL its like a month and a half later than the original wedding gown jasper LOL BUT HERE IT IS FINALLY!!! The Jaspearl Wedding 💕



-peter’s vlog about his trip to berlin (10/10 would subscribe)
-peter’s pure shock when tony says he can keep the suit
-tony and peter having the awkward father/son relationship
-every time cap would show up with his pep talks
-“so…you got detention”
-peter blowing up happy’s phone w texts and calls giving him updates
-peter changing into his costume in an alley way because he is *that* excited
-“i need a new backpack”
-“that’s like….the fifth one this month”
-just the entire scene with ned finding out peter is spider-man because me too
-ned and peter in gym and when peter is doing sit-ups the teacher says “nice job parker” and peter then goes slow on purpose
-when peter ends up stranded in the woods and runs across the parking lot bc he can’t swing on anything (i ALWAYS wondered how that worked so s/o to the writers)
-the Trainging Wheels protocol
-when peter said “if you really cared, you would actually be here” aND TONY STEPS OUT
-the fact that peter and ned have their own handshake
-the scene where peter tells liz he likes her and that entire scene because c'mon that was adorable
-but then that ends when he goes to the door and VULTURE IS LIZ’S DAD
-that entire car ride to homecoming because you just knew peter was sweating through his suit
-peter already making up his mind about what vulture said about staying away because he left his cell phone in his car
-ned becoming the computer guy
-“i was…….watching porn”
-peter emerging from the rubble and showing how strong he is (physically and mentally)
-peter saving vulture’s life
-the fact that peter turned down tony’s offer which shows how much he has grown
-“told ya he’s a good kid”
-pepper and tony are back together!!!! (hell yeAH)
-happy pulling out THE ring
-“i’ve been carrying this with me since 2008”

Random Kakashi Headcanons

A/N: This is three steps away from being a shitpost

Originally posted by kokoro4kakashi

  • Kakashi’s that friend that seems cool at first but is actually the biggest dork once you get to know em. He’s all suave in front of other people but when it’s only you two that facade just drops. 
    • “Where did your cool and aloof attitude go?” 
    • “Where all the fucks I gave went” 
    • “Fair enough”
  • You know that meme that’s like “she slapped my smirk away but luckily I was wearing a second, smaller smirk underneath” or something? That’s his mask. If someone tries to pull his mask off Kakashi has a second, equally-sized mask underneath so you still don’t see anything.
  • Steals your food tbh. No one knows how he eats it without someone seeing his face, but he does it. You suspect the mask may just be a very elaborate genjutsu
  • Got drunk and tried to teach Pakkun how to play fetch. Pakkun did fetch–he fetched Kakashi’s dignity from the trash can and then dragged him home
  • Replaced all the snacks in the jounin lounge with dog biscuits once. Was subsequently thrown out a window.
  • Reenacted Diogenes and Plato’s interaction in Plato’s Academy with Jiraiya. Jiraiya was Plato. Kakashi had the chicken.
  • Sculpted an owl’s head out of a banana. Has not done so since then
  • Would learn to play the accordion if he ever got his hands on one
  • Once fought off seven rogue nin using a carton of eggs, a plastic spoon, and a bedsheet
  • He insists the previous point is true to anyone who will listen

On the topic of humans being space oddities bc that’s kind of been my most recent obsession… what if curiosity is a uniquely human thing???

let’s say aliens are real and we meet them and they just do not for the life of them understand why we do half the shit we do because they don’t understand curiosity

Because come on like other alien posts here have said humans are fucking wild we literally build spaceships and rocket ourselves to other planets before we even have the proper technology to do so just because we’re curious to see if there’s life on other planets

When we get up there into space and meet the aliens I can just see them being all like “oh yeah we discovered space travel out of necessity… our planet was going to be absorbed by a nearby supernova so we had to get out of there. How did you humans get to space?”

“Oh… we just… wanted to?? Space seemed cool. We were curious.”

And the aliens are AGHAST because why the fuck would we launch ourselves into a dark endless void out of sheer curiosity rather than necessity??? Especially when life on earth isn’t imminently in danger (not yet anyway, but that’s another post). So many failed attempts and so many struggles – literally half of the scientific world telling us that space travel isn’t possible – and yet we go and do it anyway because we were curious??? Our world was fine we had no reason to leave we just *wanted* to and that’s such a foreign concept to our alien friends

Like imagine one day a crew compromised of a group of aliens and one human are exploring unknown terrain and they approach a very dark, foreboding cave. The crew really doesn’t need to go in it, so they plan on just passing by to avoid it, but the human stops them

“Wait hold on guys, I wanna see what’s in there. I’ll be right out,” human Lena says before plunging into darkness

And the aliens ARE FREAKING YHE FUCK OUT because why would their human do that???? Is she secretly dying and she needs to find the cure in the cave?! Is there some kind of hidden secret in there that needs to be discovered for the sake of humanity??? She’s putting her life in danger!!

And human Lena walks out completely unscathed to find the rest of her crew in a total frenzy


And human Lena just stares at them confused and says “oh no I was… just curious. Wanted to see if there was anything cool down there.”


“Yeah man, and it was totally worth it. Here, I found some neat glowing rocks, take one. Oh and also this little fuzzy thing here is my friend now. I found him down there and he reminded me of my dog back at home”

One alien promptly faints because he cannot control this fucking human who brings potentially dangerous animals with her to keep as a pet

Ahh ok but like what if that’s humanity’s “superpower” like our curiosity is the one thing that has kept us going for so long because it’s what spurs so many of our innovations and discoveries 

And eventually all alien crews catch on and all want a human on their crew not just for their ability to survive extreme weather conditions but also because their curiosity often helps the aliens make vital discoveries. All a human has to do is see something and think “gee I wonder what this does” or “if I combine this two things, what will happen?” and bam new amazing life-changing discovery

Of course it also leads to a lot of explosions and trips to the infirmary, but humans are resilient, so everyone is sure we’ll be fine

Sun signs according to people I’ve met


Usually very motivated and energetic, they have a really strong aura around them. I admire them a lot, they seem like cool people and may seem intimidating but are super nice in person! Protective of their loved ones. Goals in terms of swag and athleticism they got. Teach me how to carry myself like you please.


The cutest, most amazing (even if a bit stubborn) friends. Best partners for getting food or watching a movie together. Taurus boys are my cryptonite, Taurus girls are the loves of my life. They are very much real in a sense of being human. Sensual, chill and true, really “earthy”. Fake isn’t in their vocabulary. Seriously I know quite a few Tauruses and I love them all to death. Only problem is when we disagree on something major, neither will back down from the argument.


I always lowkey hate on them, but they aren’t all that bad; Conversations with them are the most fun, and when I am with them I never get bored; I know a lot of male Gemini’s and no female ones sadly; in general they are nice people but usually fuckboys. Probably wouldn’t date one (but flirting with them is a lot of fun). Good sense of humour.


Being a Cancer myself I tend to be drawn to a specific type of Cancer females on social media. Those are the The Moms, their entire vibe is really soft and warm and motherly but also protective and strong. We will cook you dinner because we love you. We are good cooks in general. Foul mouths and will fight you any time. Pretend to be edgy, but we usually aren’t. Crying over our partner (or lack of) all the damn time but usually in private.


Ughh. Leo females are okay but Leo males? They annoy me to no end and I always bicker with them, but at the same time they are usually really charming so :/. Lowkey hate them and their inflated ego but they are good friends which I appreciate. Loud and sooo in your face but loyal and can take you to the most bizarre and amazing places. Overall infuriating 0/10 do not recommend. (Jk)


Okay, so I am biased, but Virgos are literally perfect human beings. They are smart, logical, neat and polished and just ugh. Especially females are really classic beauties with killer fashion sense. Overall all genders seem to have a feminine vibe? It’s sooo hard to get them even remotely interested in you but it’s worth it in the end. Can push you to be the best version of yourself. They can literally step on me. Heart eyes motherfucker.


Oookay, so. Libras are weird, man. It’s hard to dislike them, because they can be so nice but you never know if they are real nice or fake nice. Seems like usually fake tho. They are super gorgeous, in a very luxurious way and their lives are the true aesthetics. First impression is that they are pretty shallow, but I wouldn’t assume that about people without knowing them.


Damn I love Scorpios! Deep af, people I can talk to about my deepest thoughts, discussing occult stuff, cry on their shoulders or just hug it all out m8. I feel super comfortable with them. Best partners for planning an assassination on your ex (or Trump) tbh. Aesthetics on point as well. I am living for that mysterious grunge shit vibe. You go my bros.


Don’t hate me for this, but the only sign I usually cannot stand to keep close are Sags. They are amazing conversationalists with the sharpest minds out there and interesting points of view. Talking to them about basically any topic can take hours and not get boring, and you could take them for an adventure for a week and it would be the best choice. But longterm relationship or friendship? Nah. I do not trust.


I have a lot of Capricorn women in my life and I admire them so much. They are so hardworking, punctual and they sacrifice themselves for their loved ones everyday, in every way. Also their love is so good and true, damn. The Cap stereotype is that they are bad with feelings but I strongly disagree. One of the most amazing signs out there. Protect them and treasure them.


Aw my favourite aliens. Just kidding. They are often misunderstood I think, but they are actually super cool. They are not afraid of being different and that’s a really admirable trait imo. Also the best partners for sharing your conspiracy theories with. If you feel like they just walked all over you, they probably didn’t mean it, they just don’t realize it sometimes? The most interesting people to keep around, if you can tolerate their cold exterior.


Damn you Pisces. Why you all gotta be so unpredictable. I know a great deal of Pisces people and each of them is so different, it is simply impossible to categorize them in any way lol. My brother is a confident social butterfly. One of my friends is an aesthetics grunge queen with a lot of sadness inside. My other friend is pretty shy and introverted with a lot of super weird quirks (probably the only one fitting the usual Pisces category). Another one is a typical nerd who is however pretty choleric and fake on the inside. And another one was the spawn of satan and literally the ugliest and most selfish person I know. What even are Pisces lmao.


ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ᴋɪᴍ ɴᴀᴍᴊᴏᴏɴ — 19940912
A man who is Nurturing, Appreciative, Mature, Joyous, Observant, Openminded & Noble deserves only the best. Happy birthday our leader ♡ Thank you for being the catalyst and the beginning of the world’s best team. Thank you for being a person who thinks deeply, who reminds us of the world’s beauty amongst its hideousness. Thank you for showing us what’s worth and for guiding us in the direction of your heart. Thank you for being a sturdy leader, an unwavering soul and an emotional companion who inspires the people around him to do better. We respect you a lot and have a million ‘thank yous’ to say that cannot be put into words :’) Happy birthday our leader. We love you ♡.

Prythian Court Tango


And now the 5 merry murderesses of the Inner Circle

in their rendition of the Prythian Court Tango 








Uh Uh 






He had it coming

He had It coming

He only had himself to blame

If you’d had been there

If you’d have seen it


I betcha you would have done the same!








Uh Uh






You know how people

Have these little habits

That get you down. Like Varian,

Varian liked to stare at me.

No, not stare. Glare.

So I went to the Summer Court one day,

And I’m pretty irritated,

and I’m looking for a little bit of blood,

and there’s Varian layin’

on the balcony, drinking something not wine

and starin’. No, not starin’

Glarin. So I said to him,

I said “You glare at me one more time…”

And he did.

So I pocketed my pearl necklace

And I wrecked the building

…And blamed it on Cassian


He had it coming

He had it coming

He only had himself to blame

If you’d had been there

If you’d had seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!


I organise my life in two parts

Before Keir and, After Keir

He was my father

He sold me off right away…

But, I refused his game

He’d go to work, he’d come home, I’d mix

Him a drink. We’d have dinner.

And then he did it.

“Daughter?” he told me

Daughter, my ass. Not only

Was he selling and nailing me off,

Oh no, I was going to the Autumn Court

One of those ass-kissers you know. So that night,

When I came back alive, I fixed him his drink,

As usual

You know, when the Night Court Queen offers her steward a drink.


He had it coming

He had it coming

He only had himself to blame

If you’d had been there

If you’d had seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!


Now I’m standing in the Throne Room

Kidnapped next to Elain,

screaming to get out

And in I go, to the Cauldron

In an idiotic rage

“Filthy humans, we’re doing you a favour”

They say. They were crazy

And they kept screamin’

“We’re doing you a favour”

And then I raise my finger to Hybern…

And gave him a promise.


He had it coming

He had it coming

He only had himself to blame

If you’d had been there

If you’d had seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!


The gentle grower of things,

I never asked for this life,

All I wanted was a garden,

To grow my roses, and lavenders

I had Nesta by my side, and my father also

I was engaged,

But then that fell through

He told me I was a criminal.

That I wanted to be fae.


Yeah, but did you?


Uh uh, Not Guilty!!


Back at the Spring Court,

I had this double act,

And my ‘husband’ Tamlin

Followed me around the Spring Court

Now for my last number in my betrayal,

The element of ‘surprise’ was a must

One, Two, Three, Four, Five… fire, water wolves,

Misting, Darkness,

One right after the other

Well this one night we all were in the Spring Court mansion

The Three of us [Ianthe, Tamlin, and I]

Boozin’ and

Havin a few laughs

When we run out of ice.

So I try to summon some in the kitchen

I come back, Open the door

And there’s Ianthe and Tamlin doing Number Seventeen:

The spread eagle

Well, I was in such a state of shock,

I completely blacked out. I can’t remember a thing.

It wasn’t until later, when I was washing the blood off my hands

I even knew they were dead.


They had it coming

They had it coming

They  had it coming all along

I didn’t do it

But if I’d done it

How could you tell me that I was wrong?


Losers Club

Maybe there aren’t any such things as good friends or bad friends - maybe there are just friends, people who stand by you when you’re hurt and who help you feel not so lonely. Maybe they’re always worth being scared for, and hoping for, and living for. Maybe worth dying for too, if that’s what has to be. No good friends. No bad friends. Only people you want, need to be with; people who build their houses in your heart