but man if you havent seen this

tgd boys before meeting shao: u havent heard of shaolin fantastic?????? hes amazing his pumas are always PRISTINE i swear to you he FLIES no one has ever seen him there isn’t a man greater than shaol-

tgd boys after meeting shao: this is the motherfucker with the fake karate and shit

@alucardsemery tagged me for a thing (even though shes in a time out for her Actions….)

  • Countries I’ve lived in: australia m8
  • Favorite fandom: tfc - leaving this here cause yes. like every fandom, it does have some ‘ehh really’ things but its probably the least problematic one i’ve had plus the one ive made the best friends out of
  • Languages you speak: english but goddamn i need to learn another
  • Favorite film of 2016: yo wtf came out in 2016 oh man uhhh deadpool? let’s go with that. i havent seen moonlight but if i had that’d probably be it too
  • Last article you read: no clue
  • Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here:
  1. dream catch me by newton faulkner (its been a while nicenicencie)
  2. grow up by simple plan (i love my itunes fuck aisudhf)
  3. laura palmer by bastille (i have good taste ok look at me go)
Gotham Alfred
  • Alfred: I believe its time I stop being overprotective of you Master Bruce. You are a young man now, not the boy you use to be 2 years ago.
  • [1 episode later]
The signs as weird shit Max Caulfield has said

Aries:  “Is that your bitchin’ 1977 Needham eighteen wheeler?”
Taurus: “Oh man, are you cereal?”
Gemini: “Maxgyver strikes again!”
Cancer: “Good evening doctor hoo….Sorry.”
Leo: “Nice going, dumbass. No can reach.”
Virgo: “Begone, foul soft drink!”
Libra:  “Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah.”
Scorpio: “Insert groan here.”
Sagittarius: “Wowza.”
Capricorn: “Release the kraCAN.”
Aquarius: “Check out Mad Max, ready to fuckin’ thrash! I am so hardcore.”
Pisces: “I love taking pictures of truckers.”

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heyyyy i havent seen you on my dash for a while, whats up man, how are you

i woke up today and just WISHED i had a message and here you are???!!?!?!! did you read my mind or something this is so mystical wtfwtf
i love you

so.. yea im sorry i havent made lots of posts lately
ive been just trying to survive haha these weeks have been just awful and im just so done with everything :^) but yea here i am. existing.

ok just saying, ive seen a lot of posts about aliens coming to earth and being fascinated by stuff here. Like how we make things vibrate before eating them . shit like that. and it just makes me weirdly mad because HEAT IS IN THE REST OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE. ITS NOT ABSOLUTE ZERO EVERYWHERE BUT EARTH. 

or environment stuff, ohh they would be surprised by the extreme conditions on earth MAN IT RAINS GLASS SIDEWAYS AT 4,500 MPH ON HD 189733B AMID 2,000 DEGREE TEMPERATURE.

aliens: your planet has temperatures below zero?? HELL NEPTUNE IN OUR OWN DAMN SOLAR SYTEM IS -218 C THEY MIGHT HAVE PASSED IT ON THE WAY HERE

like i suppose theyd be surprised at our preferred conditions if theirs were vastly different but we’d be just as confused as them

I cant compare humans to aliens because we havent seen any but they would be adapted to the planet they came from and we’re adapted to ours. And if theyve figured out space travel they know that there are some pretty universal things that can vary wildly on different planets like temperature and storms and volcanoes and lightning and geysers and they’d know that EARTH ISNT THAT EXTREME ON ANY OF THOSE THINGS

I Don’t Trust Any of the Pines Boys, TBH.

Filbrick: Always creepily hovering and NEVER takes off his goddamn glasses. What do you have to hide, Filbrick?

Stanley: Lied and cheated his entire way through life. Need I say more?

Stanford: Comes out of the portal totally “fine”, but something is up. We still don’t know what he saw; what he experienced. What happened to you, Stanford Pines?

Shermy: Baby? Older sibling? Boy? Girl? Grandparent? Cousin? Don’t trust “Shermy’ as far as I can throw them.


Dipper Pines: You had a run in with Bill, you aren’t mad or distrustful of Mabel, WHY ARE YOU POINTING THAT MEMORY WIPE GUN AT ANYONE GO TO YOUR ROOM YOUNG MAN.

the whole “college students are poor and eat nothing but ramen noodles” thing is really hilarious until you’re actually in college living off ramen and then someone makes you a homecooked meal just out of the blue and you bust into tears because you didnt even realize how much you missed that kind of thing

I Missed You

A short short thing after seeing Mashimas Art of Lucy in Natsu’s Clothes (if you havent seen it just check the nalu tag its everyWHERE) *doesnt get smutty, dont worry*


“Oh man, I’m beat.” Natsu yawned as he entered the cozy apartment, slipping off his sandals and throwing his bags onto the ground.

“Me too! Those robbers were tougher than I thought.” The blue cat whined, perching on the dragon slayers shoulder for support.

“At least we got the rent money for Lucy! Too bad she caught another cold though. I really wanted to hang out with her…” Natsu pouted, looking down at the tattered bag containing his hard-earned jewel.

“Are you kidding me! You guys have been inseparable since you got together!” Happy guffawed, looking tired from Natsu’s words.

“Hey! You would do the same with Carla.” Natsu spoke, sticking his tongue out at the tiny cat.

Happy shot up from his seat on Natsu’s shoulder, quickly flying out of the apartment as he screeched something about meeting up with her at the guild.

Natsu shrugged as he began scoping out Lucy’s home for its tenant, finding the blonde to be nowhere in sight. He shouted out her name, then several pet names like ‘honey’ and 'sweetie’ to tease her out of hiding.

“Cupcake? You in her-” Natsu began, yet quickly lost all ability to use his voice at the sight of his favorite person.

There, standing in front of her mirror, gently toying with the fringes of his scarf that helped cover her half concealed breast, was Lucy.

She quickly turned, face flushing red as she buried her face deeper into the scarf, while simultaneously causing the flaps of his jacket to loosen more.

Natsu was kicked out of the bathroom with enough force to crack the wall behind him, yet he still felt numb from looking at nothing but Lucy’s beautiful form in his clothes. He lost all will to hear, barely making out her screaming his ears off for not knocking.

“Why…uh…are you wearing my stuff?” He gulped, trying to resist her open cleavage.

“I…I uh…I…” Her face became even more flushed, with tears pricking at her eyes out of embarrassment.

Meeting his gaze through her thick lashes, clutching his scarf with tender care, she muttered out, soft and nervous, “I just…I really missed you. You were gone for like…2 days,and I was just lonely. I saw that you left your scarf..and I was gonna give it to you…but it had your scent. So I kept it.”

Natsu wasn’t quiet sure what came over him, but to see his loud-spoken, fiery and confident girlfriend turn into a shy and reserved angel turned him on almost as much as watching her fight.

Natsu lunged for his girlfriend and lovingly tackled her into her mattress, earning happy giggled as he placed feather kisses all over her face.

“Natsu! Haha~we-we can’t! I’m sick!” She giggled as he nuzzled his face into her neck.

“That ain’t really fair Luce. I missed you too.” He said huskily, leaning in for a languid, passionate kiss.

“And I mean…really…missed you~”

Drarry Fic Rec : "Decoy Dilemma"

Oh my gosh. I just finished this fic and I died. It’s short and sexy; it’s mysterious without being too boring and best of all it’s Drarry.

Since I suck at summaries, here’s the one straight from the author, Cheryl Dyson:

“Decoy Dilemma » Auror Potter and Counsellor Malfoy return to Hogwarts in order to protect their children from a man who has vowed revenge. Of course, it’s quite a lot more complicated than that. MATURE CONTENT BLAH BLAH.”

40k words, 8 chapters

And here is my review:

I LOVED IT OMG OMG SCORBUS + DRARRY IN ONE FIC WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR??? They were portrayed just perfectly and I DONT KNOW WHY I HAVENT SEEN THIS FIC BEFORE. READ IT BC I LOVED IT AND ITS WORTH IT. It has Hogwarts in it and the next generation of people we all loveeeee. Ravenclaw!Albus + Slytherin!Scorpius; feisty cousins; hybrid polyjuice; fluffy feelings; a lil sprinkle of smut; lovely writing. Shit I suck at reviews so sorry.

Also, if you have read it, feel free to fangirl with me bc its utter perfection! xx