but man i'm pooped


OnePunch-Man Week // Day 3: Bonds
Favorite Relationship: Teacher and Disciple

ok here’s my gemsona that started as a joke and spiraled wildly out of my control meet Rhinestone aka Rhymestone

Fights with sound bombs. Each bomb is different musically but she always drops those sick bomb beats u feel me? She’s a popular musician on the home planet, those who are totally jaded and out of the hip cool circle think that she’s a little gaudy but everyone that’s anyone thinks she rocks (ok ok last pun i promise) Always wears in-line skates and always has a lollipop in her mouth. Gem is at the base of her throat, and changes hue depending on the genre she’s currently in. Outfit,hair,and attacks change with genre as well. Overall a pretty versatile gem but her attacks aren’t particularly strong in comparison to more specialized gems.

Rough day, as you can see from the state of my foam and cardboard swords. My kiddos kept breaking out into fights! I had no idea moving the desks around would cause so much trouble. They’ve banded into different families, you see, and wouldn’t stop insulting each other! One kid even called his former best friend a paunchy, lily-livered, flax-wench. It was chaos!!