but man i love severide so much

kelly severide x reader.

summary: you are a trauma surgeon at the Chicago MED, your shift is almost over and you can’t wait to see your husband , Kelly, and tell him the great news… but something goes wrong and a bad emergency comes to the MED : a huge fire exploded in the suburb of Chicago, and that means no up to good.

words count: 1.218.

A/N: Hello! I really wanna thanks everyone who encouraged me to write this little fanfic about my fav character in Chicago Fire: Kelly Severide.
English it’s not my first language so I’m sorry if there’s any grammatical error.
Hope you enjoy, sorry if it’s so long, and If you have any question / request / message for me, I’m here for ya ! 
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“ Wait a second, are you going to tell him tonight? ” April smiles at you, hugging a couple of files from the patients that she just checked, and you can’t stop smiling.

“ I don’t know April, I’m just so scared and … ”

You couldn’t finish your phrase because a loud voice just called you name, and almost all your colleagues, from the speaker: you look at April and you both know that it’s no up to good.

You run down to the ER and what you see it’s what you were not expecting from that day: people were laying all over, covering from blood, crying, scared.

“ Finally you’re here Y/L ! ” you could almost say that Connor was relieved to see you : “ All these people are from the huge fire that just exploded… more people are coming, the worst one are in the surgery room, Will is with the first group, I’m taking the second one, you the third ” he was speaking so fast that you had hard time to catch up all the words.

Your mind was already out: you hoped so bad that Kelly wasn’t there, but your instinct said all other things.

You tried to stay focus and checked a couple of kids, they were coughing so bad.

“ April, I need some help over here!” you yelled at her, but after you felt a hand on your shoulder. Your eyes looked up and Sharon Goodwin were standing behind you. She called Maggie and told her to take care of them, meanwhile she took you in a little angle of the room.

“ Y/L I need you to listen to me very carefully: Wallace just reached out and he wanted to talk to you, Kelly wanted. The situation - ”

“ Wait, Kelly is there? ”

“ The 90% of the firefighters of this city are there, honey, but … ”

“ Oh my gosh, Sharon! ”

“ I know.. But I need you here too, Y/L.

Please just .. ”

“ I’m so sorry … ” you stopped her with your hand and run over to your car: even if you were not in the right mood to drive, you had to, and with all the speed you run over to the building in flame.

/ /

You left your car in the middle of the street and the policemen were pushing people away from the area, too dangerous. You showed them you doc pass and they looked at you.

“ I’m sorry ma’m, I can’t let you go ”.

Your eyes were full of tears, but you couldn’t waste your time. You pushed some people and get over, even if the policeman was yelling at you.

Your tears just dropped when you saw all that fire trucks, and all the firefighters doing their best to shout down the flames.

Your legs were so heavy that you barely could walk, your chest was even heavier.

Someone touched you shoulder and when you looked at , you saw Sylvie with a pale face. You didn’t hear a word of what she was saying, just kept on going till you felt two strong arms holding you.

“ This is no happening, this is no happening! ” you were crying so bad that you cheeks were red and your heart almost out of your body.

“ Y/L I need you to be strong … ” Wallace Boden’s voice was so clear and he was still holding you, meanwhile your legs just collapsed, as all your body.

“ Chief? ” said a very unclear voice from the small speaker but you could recognize it everywhere and always :“ Did you reach out Y/L?”.

He sounded so tired, so out of breath.

Wallace hold the speaker and whispered to you to speak.

“ Bae? ” your voice was broken : “ Baby please come out of there. You know that I can’t deal anything without you, I can’t live without you… ” you started to cry hard again.

“ Y/L I want you to know that you are the best gift that the life could give to me, that I’m sorry for what I’ve said yesterday night in our discussion and I didn’t mean anything! I love you more than anything and … ”

“ No. Stop. Don’t even say it. You can’t leave me like this. You promised ! ” you yelled this time : “ You promised that we would be always together! I want you to be the hero that you really are and deal with all this crazy situation, as you always do. Please. Please, Kelly. You can’t leave me. You can’t leave US ” you stopped for a second: “ I am pregnant Kelly. I’m pregnant and your son needs you ! ” this time you whispered, but sure he could listen. You just lose all your strength, and more tears came over.

Nothing from the speaker came. It was like the flame just ate everything, including you. Everything inside you burnt and the pain covered every inch of you skin and soul.

Then something, a miracle, happened.

A couple of firefighters were walking out from a backside door, all smoky and breathless. Wallace Boden let your body free very slowly, just wanted to make sure that you could hold by yourself: when Gabby saw Matthew, she didn’t give him the time to reach her, she was already around him smiling, hugging and kissing him, you instead, needed a bit of more time to realize that the man that was walking to you was really your husband. You sighed, shocked but also so happy.

He got off his mask and his heavy jacket, with a black face for the smoke and a couple of bruises: he hugged you before.

You put your arms around his neck and your face into his chest, sobbing.

“ I am here, honey. I’m with ya ” he whispered at your ear and put you closer to him. You looked into his eyes, smiling this time, with still some tears in your eyes, this time of happiness, and kissed him softly on his lips. He kissed you back, with more passion : you could feel how he was relieved to have you in his arms, to be alive, to be with you. You could hear his heart beating so fast when you put your small hand on his chest: he was scared as much as you were.

“ Don’t scare me like this anymore, Severide, did you hear me ? ” you sounded upset, serious, but also still worried.

“ I’ll try my best Ms. Severide. I’m sorry, but just let you know.. I was scared to lose you too ” he said sadly.

“ Let’s make sure that you are going to be just MY hero next time, okay? OUR ” you smiled, and you could feel Kelly’s hand just on you belly.

“ You gave me the strength to get out, you made me the happiest man in the world for the second time! Thank you, Y/L. I love you so much ” he kissed you again.

“ I love you too, Kelly ” you hugged him, you couldn’t let him go again, neither for a second. Not anymore.