but man he wants her to be happy


OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Gump is a man of riddles, complex thoughts, and bendy ideas; he gives no straight answers to anyone and is very quick to sense the truth about Jack, but also wants him to confirm it (he knows something happened, but not what until Jack confesses that Lily touched one of the unicorns). He is impulsive and inclined to act in the moment, changing his mind on a whim (he is angry that Jack figured out his riddle, then happy about it; he tells Jack to “see with his heart,” then tells him to shoot her).

Introverted Thinking (Ti): He loves puzzles and forming them for other people, coming up with riddles and speaking in abstract concepts. He is more interested in the idea of something than its practical execution and angry with himself when he cannot out-think everyone involved. Gump is a creative problem solver, but it often takes a backseat to his exploration of ideas.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): He blows hot and cold, but can be charming when he wants to be; he throws a public prolonged hissy fit when Jack proves smarter than he thought, then warms up to him immediately and invites him to drink with the faeries. Gump is also angry that Una did not share her secret with him. He enjoys having the faeries in a sense of harmony –under his rule, naturally.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Mythology and archetype make up a lot of his ideas; he comprehends that they need a “hero” and that the person is Jack. He desires to return the world to the state it was in before, when the unicorns lived and Darkness was at bay.

Man of words - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Man of Words

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,406

Warnings: None

Summary: Dean thinks about getting a baby with the Reader. She’s sleeping and he touches her stomach and tries to imagine how it would be to become a dad.

A/n: I was thinking for fluffy smut after this, but I would pretty please need to know if you want that!

Also, enjoy this fluff as long as you can get it cause you will soon forget what happiness means in this blog! I. AM. NOT. EVEN. KIDDING. PERIOD.

Dean Winchester was never a man of words. Never one to express his feelings in words at least. It sometimes surprised him how he had managed to be here, now, with you as his girlfriend. It mostly surprised him how you still were there for him.

He rarely said those three little words, maybe had said them only once – he didn’t remember after so long of being with you. But he always made sure to show you how he felt, he always made sure to show with his touches and kisses that he did love you when words weren’t enough to cover up for it. And you always were completely content with it. You never complained about he didn’t open up to you, always smiling when instead of saying those few words as he was ready to he just kissed you softly. Dean could hardly believe how he’d gotten his lucky.

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  • (Following "All New, Faded for Her")
  • Cole:Bright and brilliant, he wanders the ways, walking unwaking, searching for wisdom...
  • Solas:I do not need you to do that, Cole.
  • Cole:Your friend wanted you to be happy, even though she knew you wouldn't be.
  • Solas:(sighs) Could you...if you would remember her, could you do it as I would?
  • Cole:He comes to me as though the Fade were just another wooded path to walk without a care in search of wisdom.
  • Cole:We share the ancient mysteries, the feelings lost, forgotten dreams, unseen for ages, now beheld in wonder.
  • Cole:In his own way, he knew wisdom, as no man or spirit had before.
  • Solas:Thank you.

I got the first kiss, and she’ll get the last
We each got something, the other will never have
I got the long hair, hot head
She got the cool and steady hand
I got the boy, and she got the man

(Inspiration - ‘I Got the Boy’ by Jana Kramer)

once this shit storyline with lying is over, we’re gonna get scene of felicity bonding with william and protecting him with her life.

i can feel it

also imagine william in oliver and felicity’s place drawing something and oliver asks him “who’s that for buddy” and he answers “a girl i like” and after he finishes he runs to felicity and gives it to her and then shyly runs away

felicity is laughing but inside she wants to cry of happiness and oliver is just standing there and staring at her, feeling like the happiest man on the planet but then he turns and tells william “i’ve got dibs on that one buddy”


FairyTail chapter 471 really did make me happy, I found myself smiling when thinking about it. Literally Gray is so comfortable and calm with Juvia that it makes me want to cry because of the development they have went through.

It really shocked me, in a good way when Gray only refused to sleep in the sleeping bag because he would literally sweat to death not for the reason of being with Juvia. It really made me happy.

Also, the way he looks at her and his friends makes you realize how much he cares for them and that he wants them to all be safe and sound. 

Ugh, I love Gruvia way to much man… its taking over my life.

Pan's Labyrinth: Ofelia [INFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by wellbehavedwomendomakehistory 

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Ofelia is an independent, compassionate girl. She can come off as disobedient to her mother at times, but she cares strongly about Carmen thinks. She warms up quickly to Mercedes the servant, who humors her love of fantasy, while everyone else just sees Ofelia as a child or nuisance. She can lack empathy- she can’t understand how her mother could have felt lonely with Ofelia around and married an awful man like Vidal. She can’t make herself care enough about showing up to the dinner in the dress Carmen worked on like she and the captain want to make the family look good, because helping the Faun is more important to her. She never directly says she dislikes Vidal, but she clearly is happy to “disappoint” him by not going to the dinner. She eventually cannot bring herself to hand her brother over, even though he’s caused much of her grief, because she feels it’s wrong to harm an innocent in any way, nor can she tell Vidal that Mercedes is a rebel because she cares about her. She usually acts on her emotions, such as breaking away briefly from her mission to ask the Faun to help her sick mother.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Ofelia lives in her own fantasy world, sparked by the many fairy tales she reads. She’s always got a story in her head, as implied by her mother requesting her to tell her unborn brother a story to settle him down. The Faun is shady, and she’s never certain if he’s lying or not. She is given a key to use in the Pale Man’s lair, but guesses correctly that it actually opens a different door than the one she was told to use. She sees Mercedes outside and connects her with the rebels (again, correctly). In general, she’s a creative problem solver: when she’s about to be killed by the Pale Man, she quickly sees another escape out through the ceiling with her magic chalk, and when she needs the toad to swallow the stones, she sneaks a fat bug in with them, knowing he’ll eat it that way, and slipping Carmen’s sleeping medicine into Vidal’s drink so she can grab her brother. The Faun tells her the only way to return home is to draw a little blood from her brother- which she senses is a lie, and refuses to.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Ofelia misses her life with just her mother and no captain back in the city. She has trouble adjusting to her country life living with a cold-hearted stepfather. She isn’t shocked by seeing a real fairy, faun, and mandrake because she’s familiar with such creatures from all her reading. She has initial trouble believing the Faun when he tells her she’s Princess Moanna, because her father, an ordinary tailor, died years ago. She takes comfort from her books, the only bit of her old life she has, as well as hearing a reassuring child’s lullaby from Mercedes when Carmen dies and Ofelia’s childhood is well and truly gone now, without the only source of protection from the captain’s cruelty.  Once she understands what kind of magical world she’s dealing with, she works within it well and without question.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Ofelia is able to believe the Faun when he presents proof (the moon birthmark on her shoulder). He lays out the plan to get her home, and she works at following through efficiently and in secret from everyone at the mill. She eventually comes to take responsibility for her infant brother and gets them both out. But most of the time, Ofelia has rather weak Te, and isn’t usually prepared to consider or face possible consequences for her actions.

Note: Vidal is a classic ESTJ villain (his repression of his Ne really comes to bite him when he underestimates Mercedes), Mercedes is an INFJ, Carmen is an ISFJ, and the Faun is an xNTJ. Guillermo del Toro was obviously not thinking of MBTI when he made this movie, but it’s a classic one of a dreamer vs. reality, so the character types are a bit stereotypical- the evil SJ villain, the maternal ISFJ, and the heroic NF.

Who of the YanSim characters you should fight
  • Yandere-chan/kun:do it. They deserve it. Please. You won't win probably but even trying to fight them will make you a Nobelman.
  • Senpai:Do you have a death wish? He won't fight back and is probably weak as hell but you can count yourself as a dead man
  • Kokona:even though we all know that in future development she will turn into an annoying brat, still don't fight sandbox-build Kokona. The poor girl is already suffering enough
  • Infochan:kill her
  • Budo:challenge him into a fight, he will gladly accept and kick your butt to the Mars. But why would you even want to fight this cinnamon??
  • Rivalchan:can't touch this
  • Shin:fight him. Make him a man. What a loser.
  • Ryuto:fight him but let him win so his crush notices him. He deserves happiness
  • Hayato:please fight him
  • Haruto:punch this teacher pet in the face! Gently! With your mouth!
  • Inkyu:for all we know she is probably a vampire and only thinking of fighting her will result in a butt kick to hell-city
  • Mai Waifu:don't

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I think Neal is a better man than Hook mostly because Neal has NEVER called Emma "saviour" or encouraged her to embrace her role as the saviour. He's never called her "Swan" he only calls her Emma. With Neal, Emma isn't the saviour or the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. She's Emma, he's the only one who knew and loved her before the curse. He never lets her feel sorry about her feelings. She told him about Walsh, he didn't mock her, he only wanted her happiness, with or without him.

Originally posted by pitch-perfect-movie

So … Can we agree that something has changed in the Holmes/Watson partnership this season? I mean look it ^^ the man is smiling! and teasing Watson as he does. He explains why Clyde is hibernating and then more or less encourages Watson to come out of her own self imposed hibernation and seek company of an intimate nature but look at his discomfort at breaching the subject with her …

Has he ever been uncomfortable talking to her about sex before? No.

Then why in this instance? Because he is showing actual concern for her, he cares that she is happy - that’s one answer and it’s a good sensible answer. I’ll go one further - he refers to the fact that’s it’s been a while since she has been intimate with anyone and then it gets awkward. Now this is probably more head canon/fanfic type speculation, but there are a lot of conversations and actions we are not privy to, like the talk they had after his relapse. Has there been an instance of intimacy between them (not sex) but perhaps a kiss or a hug, physical contact for comfort after the relapse that we did not see? Is he uncomfortable broaching the subject for fear she will think he’s being too forward, or offering himself, bringing up something they’ve not talked about? I think his concern for her is genuine and that is what makes him vulnerable. 

Watson stares him down while vigorously shaking salt (reminiscent to me of an action that I’ll not elaborate on but which I think carries its own meaning in the scene). She’s not upset she just appears to be judging his intentions, finally declaring “"I’m fine” turning down his suggestion. He seems quite relieved when she finally lets him off the hook and quickly leaves.  

This embarrassment is not present the other times he teases her about sex in the rest of the episode - because he is doing just that - teasing - and she understands that when he makes the comment about Mason and about dating his father. 

Eh, I’m not sure where I’m heading with all this but it was a different kind of exchange between them than we’ve seen before and it leaves me wondering  … My hypothesizing is for my own amusement, who know where they are going. The next few shows look interesting. I think they have stepped up their “case”  game so I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the actors’ work and see where they take us. 

Real talk

I post our fantasies and our reality - the kinky, pervy, hot, grimy stuff. But to be honest, sometimes our lifestyle annoys me. Sometimes I feel like all we talk about is all the other vaginas he bangs or he’s exhausted all the time from fucking all the girls. Or, in totally “normal” vanilla moments (like big family dinner tonight), an old friend will start texting and completely distract him.

Sometimes I mind, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it’s annoying as fuck. I love him, but I am not a constantly submissive little flower that is just happy that a man wants to fuck her holes. Sometimes I want to have dinner & talk to the kids & our friends and not even think about the others. I didn’t say anything because I pick my battles, but thought I should share some of the annoying stuff.

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for a prompt what about ford asleep on stans chest.

Stan held Ford a little closer. The man lay across Stan’s chest snoozing soundly. Stan sighs gently as he looks down from the bottom of his thick glasses at his brother. Stan had to admit Ford for once looked at peace. The man worked and worked every hour of the day and night only to get a half satisfying sleep in the night.

Ford never looked as lovely as he did in rest, Stan thought. No other moment in time made Ford look as young or happy as he did now. Stan felt warmth rise in his chest like a volcanic eruption. It gripped his heart slowing its rhythmic beating and time seemed to still. He exhales loudly trying to escape the thought but he couldn’t, no matter how much her wanted too he couldn’t deny this feeling he held for Ford.

The man in question slowly stirs in his sleep, scooting up Stan’s side so his head was right on Stan’s chest. His greying hair splayed out across Stan’s white tanktop and he found the sight picture worthy. Stan grins evilly and suddenly reaches over into his night stand. He grabs the old Polaroid camera he had there and loads it with film. He leans back as far as his neck would allow and aims the camera right at sleeping Ford. He clicks the button and the photo is taken. The camera spits out a blank photo  and Stan grabs it and waves it around for the photo to appear on it.

Looking down at the photo in his hands Stan grins. Once it appears he gulps however. On the photo is Ford but his eye are open and glaring up at Stan with his nose nuzzles into Stan’s chest. Ford appeared grumpy but it just made the photo even cuter. Stan chanced a glance behind the photo to see Ford was snow awake and looking at him with soft displeasure in his eyes.

“Got a good shot?” Ford suddenly asks calmly.

Stan jumps and timidly hands Ford the photo. The six-fingered man takes it and examines it. He hums softly and a snort of laughter escapes his nose, “Nice one…” He mutters and hands the photo back to Stan.

Ford lays his head back down and before Stan can retort with an excuse as to why he took a photo of his twin, Ford was out like a light.

((I’m so sorry I know you sent this in days ago when I made the original post but I got caught up in things ;-;))

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Snamione + modern AU

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

1) Severus and Hermione always shopped in the same book store, there were many times they ran into each other, reaching out for the same book that interested them.  To say that they greeted each other kindly was an understatement since they subtly argued who was going to buy the book that both their hands landed on.

2) When Hermione was done with a book that both her and Severus wanted, she would send it to him, without a return to sender address upon the package.  She had found where he had lived, making her feel like a stalker some what, but she always made herself feel better knowing that the brooding man would be happy receiving such parcels.  Regardless with thinking that she was being subtle about the whole thing, Severus knew who it was gifting him the books.

3) After all the hustle and bustle of fighting over who gets what book at the store, Severus had stopped arguing with her and surprises Hermione by asking her out for coffee and it started becoming a once a week occurring thing.  What they didn’t realise was their feelings for each other was turning from platonic to romantic.

4) Severus has a dark past that Hermione ends up learning by accident when she found him beaten up and bloody on the side of the road.  When she tried to go get help, he stops her and just asks her to help him out back to his place where she ends up staying and nursing him back to health even though he dislikes being nagged out.

5) When Hermione obtained a job with London police, she found out that Severus is an undercover cop.  All the times she had found him in a horrid state it was because he was working in the darker side of London with the drug lords and terrorists.  Keeping an eye on them, and busting them at the right time, all the while feeding the law what was going on.

The fact that Zero retaliated against Yuki when she became a pureblood has no correlation to her happiness with Kaname.

The fact that Zero kissed Yuki DOES have a correlation to her happiness with Kaname.

The fact that Zero said, “Go be with the man you can spend eternity with.” Does have a correlation to her happiness.

The fact that Kaname says “You know the only place you belong” Does have a correlation.

Its been said again and again that Yuki knows Zero would never actually kill her, she knows he has all the reason to retaliate against her. He hasn’t had the best track record with purebloods after all.

It should also be noted that even if Zero didn’t hate Yuki and they wanted to continue to be friends, Kaname would still separate them and want to kill Zero because he has no use for him.

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The Heartsmith

By midnightsnapdragon

“I was wondering if you could fix this for me.”

The Heartsmith stares, in disbelief, at the orb in the young man’s hands. It’s glowing a soft yellow – the brightest buttery, sunny yellow she’s ever seen.

Happiness. This customer is happy. What could he possibly want her to fix?

“You heart looks perfectly fine to me,” she says, and clears her throat when she hears the roughness in her own voice. “What seems to be the problem?”

“Well …” The young man hesitates, rubbing his gray sleeves together. I’m in disguise, he had told her upon first coming inside, with a wink. Cinder wanted to point out that it was really stuffy in the workshop, and besides, who wouldn’t notice a face like his? He’s very handsome.

So much so, in fact, that she’s surprised that his heart isn’t the yellow-and-pink of being in love.

“You see,” he starts again, “I need courage.”

Cinder blinks. No one ever asked for emotions. “I’m sorry, but I don’t –“

“Just hear me out.” Carefully, he lets the heart float into her cupped palms, and Cinder immediately feels its warmth. He’s very kind. “There’s this … really important thing I need to do. For the rest of my life. And I don’t think I’m brave enough for it.” His eyes are pleading with her. “Can you help me?”

She bites her lip. Customer discretion is a steadfast rule with her, and she never ever asks after her customer’s personal experiences, even though it would help in fixing their hearts. But this time … just once …

Lowering her voice, she glances to both sides before asking, “What kind of thing?”

He pulls back, eyes averted. The heart is left in her hands. “I can’t say.”

“Of course.” Cinder is flooded with embarrassment. What did she think – that he would share his really important life story with a stranger? “I was just curious. There are different kinds of bravery, and your situation might be … different?”

Hope sparks in his eyes and he leans forward again over the wooden counter. To anyone else they might seem suspicious, like two people sharing a secret – an unknown young man and a Heartsmith.

“I think I know what you mean,” he says. “The kind I need is … strength, mostly. It has to last a long time.”

Cinder shakes her head. “I didn’t mean – I’m sorry, I can’t. I don’t work with emotions. No one does.” And he should know that. Somewhat regretfully, she admits, “I can’t help you.”

The young man blinks, but he doesn’t look altogether surprised. Maybe just … disappointed. “ No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.”

She nods. There’s an awkward moment where neither of them quite know what to say. Then he holds out his hands again, and wordlessly, Cinder lets the heart flow from her hands to his.

The loss of warmth leaves her hollow. When he steps out the door, she almost calls him back, if only to talk to him for a few more seconds, but she knows better.

No one should force emotions that don’t belong, especially onto a heart already so bright. That kind of tampering is the blackest taboo. Cinder would like to give him his courage, but she also knows that eventually, he’ll find it on his own.

And when that time comes, she hopes to meet him again, and see what’s become of him.

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The Sp@llen shippers are salty because they know that no matter what the writers had Barry say in this last episode, WA shippers remember that Iris was the first person he went to see after his coma. Man that can't be science. What other girls? I loved you b4 I even knew what the word love meant. I've never stop thinking about you. That KISS. All I ever want, is for you to be happy. Iris West-Allen? Without you there wouldn't be the Flash, and my favorite, She's not Iris. More to come!

There’s a huge difference in how Barry acted towards Iris last season and how he acted towards Patty this season. Barry may have thought Patty was a cool girl and may have even wanted to love her, but at the end of the day he never carved out a space in his life for her. Her concerns weren’t his. He never sought her out without prompting. He never consulted her opinion on anything. She just wasn’t someone he needed in his life. And, yeah, that does chafe some people because they don’t think Iris is “worthy” of the love Barry used to show her and will start showing her again after tonight.

Thankfully, Barry and the writers disagree.

icantthinkofaname-oops asked:

*incoherent squealy happy sounds* A fucking kitten?! Why is he so precious?! Can I have the kitten and the man-child forever please?

Do you want to know the gif I used for his whole personality in this series?





AND BUTTERCUP IS PERF FOR HIM, THE DORK (he might have to fight Chuck for her, though)

Rising Flame (Part 11)


A/N: I don’t know what to say besides: THE END IS NEAR! Brace yourselves because oh man…

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My hands were tightly gripped around the hot cup, eyes fixed on the black and bitter liquid inside while my mind tried to order everything I already knew and everything I wanted to ask.

“You look like her” The man in front of me finally spoke. Garret. That’s how he was known inside Shield.

My eyes met his. How could I have forgot him? How didn’t I recognize him the first time I saw him? He had always been there, always behind me.

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Yesterday, we spent the evening leading into late-night chasing the sunrise in the morning together. We made unforgettable memories. I’ve never felt this for a man like you. You were inexperienced is what you told me, that you were nervous because I was older and had more to offer. I reassured you by telling you “ Darling, I’m only three years older than you. You are a man, I am a lady. What’s there to be nervous about?” You smiled at me confidently and then kissed me. Sparks were felt, but I held back on the fireworks. “I have never been with a man like you.” I put my hand behind his head and gently stroked the back of his neck. He closed his eyes and smiled. I wanted to make him happy. Happier than he was with her. I haven’t been intimate with a man in years since I discovered that I was attracted to women more. I kneel in front of him, placing both hands on his thighs. “Enjoying the view?” I ask playfully. He looks down at me as I unzip his pants, he looks back up to the view in front of him. The dark night sky contrasting with the Golden Gate bridge lights. The sound of the roaring pacific waves clash with the low moans coming from his mouth. I pull him out of his pants. He’s ready. He looks down at me again, his eyes melt my heart. I put him in my mouth without breaking eye contact. He drops his head back leaning against the back of the bench.  I take him in completely. He is mine and I want him to stay mine. I finish and he helps me back up to sit on him so we can both enjoy the view of San Francisco. I’m thinking too much into this but still, I share my thoughts with him. “This feels right. Me and you. Thank you for letting me experience your first official time here with you.” “It’s time to make new memories, and I want to make them with you.” Our hearts connected last night, I’m confused. I have been repulsed by the men who have tried to come into my life, but here I have a man who I don’t mind being intimate with. I don’t mind the prickly scruff on his face, or the way he tastes, or even the way he touches me. He touches me perfectly, physically and emotionally. This is right and I can’t explain why.
—  Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #23