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i don’t think anyone ever makes it clear enough that the average “non-political” black person is innately much more radical in their existence and politics than the average white person and that’s just tea

how many black families do you know w/ pictures of malcolm x and huey newton in their living room? without even knowing a single marxist theory nor having a word in their vocabulary for capitalism. how many black families you know house “cousins” who you ain’t even blood related to? and ask for nothing in return. how many black people you know can describe the effects of complicated ideologies such as colonialism, and can name off teachings from people like marcus garvey and web dubois, without ever stepping a foot into academic spaces?

i think this is something nonblack leftists really need to understand, thoroughly, especially when critiquing non-leftists and people who don’t have the language like you do

Don’t be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn’t do what you do, or think as you think. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.
—  Malcolm X
q&A Malcolm

daldelix said:

Hi Cassie. I wanted to thank you for everything you have created in this wonderful saga. However my question is on TDA: in LM Malcolm tells Emma that when she finds the secret of falling in love between Parabatai, she will feel the cruelty of shadowhunters as he did. but why Malcolm speaks of the cruelty of SHADOWHUNTERS? they did not create the terrible curse but only wrote the law that prevents romantic relations, in order to prevent the Parabatai from going mad. so what does Malcolm mean?

Here’s what Malcolm says to Emma:

“There’s a reason you can’t fall in love with your parabatai , Emma. And when you find out what it is, you will feel the cruelty of the Shadowhunters, just as I have.”

“Let me tell you a truth before you die, Emma,” he said. “It is a secret about the Nephilim. They hate love, human love, because they were born of angels. And while God charged his angels to take care of humans, the angels were made first, and they have always hated God’s second creation. That is why Lucifer fell. He was an angel who would not bow to mankind, God’s favored child. Love is the weakness of human beings, and the angels despise them for it, and the Clave despises it too, and therefore they punish it. Do you know what happens to parabatai  who fall in love? Do you know why it’s forbidden?”

What Malcolm is doing here is conflating the Nephilim with angels. Obviously Shadowhunters aren’t actual angels, and for all their connection to angelic beings, they know next to nothing about them! But Malcolm believes that the cruelty of angels has been passed down through generations of Nephilim, lying latent in their blood, sometimes rearing its ugly head to destroy lives—lives like his and Annabel’s, and, as he implies here, Emma and Julian’s.

Keep in mind that this is the ranting of a disconnected-from-reality necromancer who hates Shadowhunters. Is Malcolm right? Is the cruelty of Shadowhunters related to their angelic legacy, or is it born of a xenophobia that is entirely human? Believing one’s peer group to be inherently superior to other groups because of bloodlines is not something unique to the story of the Nephilim. It is a belief that has caused strife again and again throughout history, and will continue to. We’ll never know for sure what the source of this ‘cruelty’ was—we only know what Malcolm thought was going on. And he doesn’t care to distinguish Shadowhunters and their cruelty from the cruelty of the angel who created them.


Favorite fictional relationships: Jessica and Malcolm’s unspoken partnership (Marvel’s Jessica Jones)

A while ago, you were gonna help people || How can we help you ?   (poem)


Speaking of Christmas miracles, the British are coming.

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  • Malcolm: I lost the love of my life because of this child. How can I raise him?
  • Blue: You can be a good father to him. Just try. He needs a name, you know.
  • Malcolm: Ugh, fine. What's a name a kid would hate? Rumplestiltskin! Yeah, he'll get picked on for sure!
  • Blue: Well, this seems like the start of a great parent-child relationship that I'm sure won't backfire in any way. Great job, me!
Don’t be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.
—  Malcolm X
What If I Make You Cry?

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Characters: Mark x Reader x Johnny
Genre: Angst, Romance.
Warning: Language, Mentions of sex (idk is that a thing?)
Word count: 2,896

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