but make sure u read the text they write

If you're my girlfriend

My biggest priority is going to be making sure you are happy. When you’re having a bad day don’t put it passed me to surprise you at work or home with flowers and a bunch of your favorite foods. Right before I leave your house I’m going to write you a stupid little love note to put on your car so you can smile at it later. I’m going to text you everyday and tell you how big of a blessing you are to my life and how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to be able to call you mine. Even when we get into fights, I’ll always make it up to you by showing up with your favorite flowers on your doorstep followed by a bunch of kisses. I’m going to take you out on dates every Friday night so I can spoil you and show you off to everyone and see your eyes light up with happiness. And we will end our dates in the bed of my truck, with a couple blankets and under a million stars. And for your birthday or Christmas I’ll probably end up surprising you with a puppy at some point.Most importantly, I’m going to always be there for you no matter what will always love you unconditionally through everything and I’m going to tell you every day how in love I am with you so you don’t ever forget it.