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We all know of these annoying bot blogs don’t we? The ones which post links of untagged porn sites and webcam chat rooms, most of which are likely to contain viruses or be some sort of scam.

Well, if I am not mistaken, Tumblr needs to do something about them. Not just because it’s disgusting and exposes minors to this stuff, but because it goes against the community guidelines.


  • Spam. Don’t spam people. Don’t make spammy posts, don’t post spammy replies, don’t send people spammy messages. Be a regular human. Don’t put tags on your posts that will mislead or deceive searchers. For example, don’t tag a photo of your cat with “doctor who” unless the name of your cat is actually Doctor Who, and don’t overload your posts with #barely #relevant #tags. Of course, meaningful uses of tags are always fine (for example, ironic “punchline” tags that add meaning or context to a post). Don’t put dubious code in your posts, like using JavaScript to cause redirects or inject unwanted ads in blogs. Don’t use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, or create blogs with the primary purpose of affiliate marketing. Spam doesn’t belong on Tumblr.

“Be a regular human,” bots aren’t human

“Don’t put dubious code in your posts, like using JavaScript to cause redirects or inject unwanted ads in blogs,” I’m sure these links have several redirections.

“ Don’t use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, or create blogs with the primary purpose of affiliate marketing,” Pretty sure these bots are advertising their chat rooms and stuff and trying to generate traffic.

“Spam doesn’t belong on Tumblr,” So get rid of the spam bots then!

Even putting the Spam section aside, the section below covers bots.

  • Mass Registration or Automation. Don’t register accounts or post content automatically, systematically, or programmatically


These bots are violating Tumblr’s community guidelines and the website is doing nothing about it.

Please, @staff fix this. Fix this as soon as possible.

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What do you use to find online slaves? I've only been able to find people that want to meet me.

Online findom is actually how I initially started making money off of men - my little 17 y/o self (not recommending underage sex work) would go on omegle, of all places, and use relevant tags (findom, findomme, pay pig, goddess) and chat with horny subs. It ate up a lot of time but I was able to rack up a couple thousand in Amazon gift cards and get some experience w it. Now I just post ads and state I’m available for online/in-person kink stuff and the guys respond with what matches their interest.

It’s a toss-up, if you’re looking for solely online activities it might be better to use universal sites that are fin/femdom-focused but I’ve had luck with mostly Craigslist lol. A warning is that, in my experience, most of these men like the idea of being a pay pig much more than the actual practice. They also seem to think that serving via non-monetary means is a gift in and of itself, which clearly isn’t the case. So when you post your ads be super duper clear about what you’re looking for and don’t entertain subs who are just looking to bust a quick nut, aka no free fetish pics or sexting (seems more common with online-only interactions). Best of luck!

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Can you post the episodes of densi together? I want to get into it but their relationship takes forever to develop so I just want to watch the ones where they're cute

Lol you’re right, it does take a lot of time. Tbh, I’m one of those who isn’t bothered by it. Sure, the writers’ ridiculous attempts at stalling (like that disaster that was Three Hearts) drove me nuts, but as a whole, I really love their relationship. It’s not as “shippy” as many other couples, but I actually like it about them. It makes the couple feels more real. Anyway, I didn’t really understand if you watched some stuff with them already or not, so I’m just gonna make this post as if you never watched anything :)

  • 1x19 Hand-to-hand The episode where they meet
  • 1x20 Fame
  • 2x08 Bounty It’s important because it’s the episode that shows them really starting to trust each other
  • 2x10 Deliverance
  • 2x11 Disorder
  • 2x17 Personal
  • 2x20 The Job
  • 3x10 The Debt
  • 3x15 Crimeleon Mostly banter but there’s a storyline relevant for later episodes
  • 3x16 Blye K. Part 1
  • 3x17 Blye K. Part 2
  • 3x22 Neighborhood Watch Actual Fake Marriage fanfic coming to life
  • 4x03 The Fifth Man
  • 4x17 Wanted
  • 4x22 Raven and the swans
  • 4x23 Parley
  • 4x24 Descent THESE
  • 5x01 Ascension WILL
  • 5x02 Impact FUCK YOU UP
  • 5x09 Recovery
  • 5x10 Frozen Lake (The 5.11-5.18 is the Afghanistan storyline. It’s full of cute moments but honestly they’re summed up here. And I’d watch the Kensi scene from 5.18)
  • 5x19 Spoils of War WATCH THE DELETED SCENE! Don’t let them fool you, it’s canon.
  • 6x03 Praesidium
  • 6x11 Humbug
  • 6x14 Black Wind
  • 6x16 Expiration Date
  • 6x18 Fighting Shadows
  • 7x01 Active Measures
  • 7x02 Citadel
  • 7x04 Command & control
  • 7x07 An Unlocked Mind
  • 7x10 Internal Affairs
  • 7x14 Come Back
  • 7x19 The Seventh Child
  • 7x22 Granger O.
  • 8x01 High-value Target
  • 8x02 Belly of the Beast

And then there are so many other episodes with cute little banter scenes, but I’ll leave them out because otherwise it would be too many episodes. Don’t be scared by how many these are. The show’s a procedural, so often you’ll find yourself able to skip parts of the episodes if you realize you’re not digging the case. The horizontal storylines are really good and important for these two characters.

So… there you go! Enjoy and let me know! :D

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I think one of the biggest problems with the show is that they didn't really know how many seasons there would be. This means stuff from season 2 isn't relevant to Charlotte is A stuff from before the time jump isn't relevant to AD. This makes it hard theorize but even worse, causes plot holes e.g. Wilder saying he'll find out what happened that summer even though with the 6b story, he already knew

I actually think they’ve done quite well.

Seasons 1 and 2 are their own show, in my mind. They have absolutely zero relevance to Charlotte’s story because she wasn’t even introduced to the audience back then. Hopefully seasons 1 and 2 will be relevant to AD’s story, but if it’s not, I won’t cry about it. Again, seasons 1 and 2 are their own show. When the writers set out to make the show, there’s no way they can be expected to plan the stories of the three As. They needed the show to start to gauge fan’s opinions, before planning that far in advance. They always knew about MonA, but Big A and Uber A were not even a part of the conversations.

Then when someone stole the game from Mona in season 3, it was a brand new show, just using the same characters in the same world we already know. They deliberately brought CeCe to the show knowing she will take the game from Mona. So they fix their problem of not having planned the second A from season 1: just bring in a new character. It was smart, because using a new character means they can’t have plot holes from seasons 1 and 2. New character, new story to develop. (Say what you want about the plot holes with Charlotte but they will be fixed in 7B because Charlotte lied in 610.)

And now the third and final A is linked to Charlotte. They created those 2 stories at the same time. Marlene has said she’s known the final episode of PLL for years and years - a lot longer than the in between episodes.

Again, seasons 1 and 2 are their own show. Seasons 3 to 7 are one gigantic story.

As for Wilden, it’s not a plot hole because he was trying to frame the girls for the murder he covered up. He will get in trouble if Ali comes back home alive, hence he wanted Ali dead at the lodge fire, hence he went through Emily’s bag and harassed the Marins - trying to blame them for the ‘murder’. After Charlotte ‘killed’ Ali, he ruled it a murder, but let Charlotte go for it. So he knows who the killer is, but told everyone he doesn’t, if that makes sense. He needs to fill in the blanks that he left and say it was one of the liars, to save his own ass.

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You say he needs to get "out of this", but he's not in anything, just a post on this blog. It seems you're trying very, very hard for this page to retain relevance, but it's a giant echo chamber. I'm not sure what mistakes you want him to admit, he's said that PewDiePie was wrong many times and even in that statement, so what was Vinny wrong about? Media got Trump elected, don't you think maybe he's referring to that stuff too? I don't get why he can't dislike PDP and media at the same time.

I was actually going to read this until I saw “giant echo chamber,” you want to defend people making antisemitic jokes…with a very notorious antisemitic joke from Nazi twitter.

  • Me: *looks at homework that's due tomorrow*
  • Me: *laughs*

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Watching your American Werewolf in London II video and someone in the comments asked the relevant question of how Alex even would become a werewolf, like, due to sleeping with him maybe? seems shaky, but it did make me curious: has any werewolf story/film/show used themes of pregnancy with werewolf transformation? I know at least a few have used puberty for it, I think a pregnant lady werewolf movie could be interesting

Howling 3 involves a lot of pregnancy stuff, hence the marsupial subtitle. Sounds silly but it’s meant to be semi comedic and I actually really like it. The British Being Human also involves a pregnancy storyline, but I stopped watching before it finished, and from everything I’ve heard the show went way off the rails. 

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haha bitter zayn stan 😂 perrie makes zayn relevant. His two singles are about her hahaaa 😂

Perald makes Zayn relevant? Are you serious? Omg thank you for making me laugh so much. I wasn’t in a good mood but your message really cracked me up. I still can’t stop laughing. His singles were for her? Lol you don’t even understand what he was saying in those songs if you assume its for her 😂😂😂 You actually mean the only male to debut at no 1 who has 4x platinum certifications and gold certifications, a bunch of magazine covers and fashion deals and a number of people lobbying after him to model their stuff or just give them 2 secs of promo is relevant because of a girl group member who is a nobody in relatively the entire world except the UK (even there she’s known as Zayn’s ex fiance) ??? Thanks for the laugh anon 😂😂😂 Fun facts- Zayn made Petrie and Little Kids relevant not her so hop off @zavanrise look here 😂😂😂

kaneofnod replied to your post “Just spent my Friday evening writing an alternate Flashpoint game…”

So there’s a tabletop RPG I funded called Mudders and Acquisitions. This sounds relevant to your Friday night

I googled it and could only find results on Tough Mudder stuff which I’m definitely not into but I believe you.  Our game is just a mirror-universe sort of version of Flashpoint so it’s a board game and a lot of the mechanics are similar… but it’s gonna be p great actually.  We have several characters set up already:

The One Who Answers The Phones (The Office Manager):  Has a master key (unlocks doors for 0 Action Points), knows where all the flammables cleaning supplies are and can drop them on a fire to cause an explosion

The One Who Handles Their Shit (The Assumed Project Manager): Has 2 free AP to move someone else, also can use 2 AP to slow the fire-fighters once the fire alarm goes off

The One You Worry About (The Quiet One):  Has 3 free AP to set tinder 

The One Who Fans The Flames (The Agitator):  Has 3 free AP to escalate fire (turn tinder into smoke, turn smoke into fire)

The One Who Was High School Quarterback (The Gym Rat):  3 free AP for movement

so yeah anyway we still have a lot of tweaking to go and like expansion options to add maybe but like we had a lot of fun last night pretending to burn down our office building


Hey all, just wanna say a few things

first, uh… thank you all so, so much. It’s… weird, to think that there’s actually a ton of people (comparatively, haha) that actually want to see my stuff… considering all my time on Paheal, it’s hard to know if anyone’s actually looking…

I don’t want to make life awkward for those who feel this next bit is relevant to, but… some people have come up to say nice things, encouraging things, even to say I’ve made things better in their world,, and that’s like
kinda crazy?? but wow holy shit

i just want to say I’m. honoured , beyond measure, and thank YOU for being like, the only reason I still do this, all of you who have ever viewed and haven’t voted down, or left me harsh words,, those who’ve said nice things or voted up or decided to message me and have since become some of the closest people in my life, my partner, my friends… aquaintances, pals, *c o u gh*rp buddie s ,,,

I love you all, really a lot
and I dunno how to go on from here? other than thank you sososomuch

uhh.. . oh, also,, I’ll probably be shifting to a new blog soon… not because i want to, but because this isn’t my main tumblr,, which means I can’t “heart” things… I can’t comment, et cetera… I’m really sorry, but I’ll try and let you all know when that’s happening !

uhhh…sorry for the lack of uploads both here and on paheal… I’ve been working on a valentines thing and it’s been cutting down on my free time to draw other stuff .. really sorry,,

uh.. not much else.. uhm

if you want to message me just to say hi or anything,, please send me a message or an ask on here,, especially asks!! i dunno how they work but I’d love to receive one, haha

that’s about it… sorry for not posting a picture with this, I know it deserves some kind of proper gift to you all,, i did some drawings but none of them felt right.. more things uploaded soon I hope =)

oH! if you’re still here… I’m nervous about uploading sketches and WIPs, since I don’t know if anyone here really gives a shit about that stuff,, i understand if you don’t want to see it… if you have an opinion about it in either way, please comment/message/anything to let me know =) The last thing I want to do is post stuff no one likes, but the second last thing is post too much.., haha

anyway♥ i love you all, I really do =) I try to make time for everyone, I know I often fail .But please stick around, and have wonderful days/nights/lives !!

and whee for 100 ‘followers’ ^^

Spider Women?

An idea struck me today. Okay, this wouldn’t necessarily be feasible right now since we have three female led Spider books on the shelves right now but given the up and down long term success of distaff Spider characters with Marvel…what if we Voltron them together.

What if we basically do the Marvel equivalent of the early Birds of Prey series with Spider ladies?

We take Jessica Drew as Spider Woman, Julia Carpenter as Arachne, Cindy Moon as Silk, Anya Corazon as Arana and Mattie Franklin as…er…well we’ll think of a cool identity for her later.

And Cassandra Webb as Madame Web as their version of Oracle/Zordon who’d send them out on missions and help co-ordinate them around and stuff, actually making her, you know…relevant to something which is rarely the case.

The advantage of this approach is that all the characters have fandoms of some degree and hopefully they’d kind of merge together into this book, and from that these characters, most of whom have struggled to maintain long term success, would help prop one another up.

They also offer some potentially unique dynamics. Jess is the most experienced by far so it’d make sense she act as leader.

Julia is notably a single mother so she could kind of be a part time member/the parent of the team. This would be really appropriate given how Cindy, Mattie and Anya are either people lacking parents, are young enough to where they’d need a parental influence.

Cindy would be the kind of Captain America in so far as being time displaced, but she’d also be the inexperienced one who’s learning the ropes.

It’d be something she’d share with Anya but annoyingly Anya despite being younger is actually much more experienced than her at, potentially leading to a bit of a sibling relationship/rivalry.

Mattie meanwhile could be like a dark reflection of Anya and Cindy. Like Cindy she has a fondness for Spider-Man and like both Cindy and Anya she’s had some kind of mentor relationship with Jessica. She is also a young hero, actually in between Cindy and Anya’s ages and she began as a wide eyed often happy-go-lucky Spider superheroine with a fair amount of fangirl tendencies too. But Mattie has canonically experienced some seriously dark shit in her time, and gone through stuff no one her age really should have. I guess you could kind of draw comparisons to her and Jason Todd or Cassandra Caine. So she’s kind of what Anya or Cindy could’ve been if they went through really, really, really bad stuff. So she’d be someone trying to regain her bright optimism despite the cynicism she’s developed due to her experiences.

Which would actually be part of how I’d start off the book. Mattie and Cassandra are dead due to the events of Grim Hunt in 2010 and Julia is Madame Web. We should fix that.

In the late 1990s and in Spider-Girl (the Mayday Parker one) there was a villainous crime lord called the Black Tarantula. His backstory was kind of vague and mysterious though his base of operations was in Argentina and he had ties with Japanese criminals including an offshoot of the ninja clan, the Hand. In fact these ninjas were responsible for resurrecting Doc Ock after Kaine killed him in the Clone Saga; they used a similar method to what the Hand could do in Frank Miller’s Daredevil run.

Black Tarantula’s backstory in the MC2 universe was tied in a bit with the Ezekiel Spider-Totem stuff, which itself was tied into Anya who is also of Spanish decent like the Black Tarantula was hinted as being.

My idea is that Black Tarantula and his ninja friends want to do something with the same Spider-Totem forces which made Anya a Hunter and to do that they need to resurrect Madame Web and Mattie Franklin. Upon resurrecting Cassandra, the Madame Web powers of foresight and telepathy and stuff pass back to her from Julia Carpenter, who also gets her old powers back.

This would be enough to get Julia to ask for Jessica Drew’s help as when she lost her powers she got a vision of Mattie Franklin and Cassandra. Remember Mattie was Jessica’s protégé for a little while and Jessica and Cassandra also interacted a lot during that time. Jessica Drew has to my knowledge given zero shits about Mattie’s death since it happened so this could both address that and give her adequate motivation to try and help Mattie.

Problem is they’ve got no way of finding Mattie but they know Madame Web’s powers have something to do with the mystical cosmic web spider-totem mumbo jumbo. So they contact Silk and Anya whom both have strong connections with that stuff. With their help they are able to locate Cassandra and Mattie, rescue them and thwart Black Tarantula’s plans for now.

Not knowing what precisely Black Tarantula had planned with Mattie or Cassandra, but knowing it had something to do with the cosmic web somethingsomething, Mattie, Cassandra, Julia, Cindy and Anya opt to work together to stop him. Jessica feeling responsibility for most of them decides she’ll stick around too since she knows what she’s doing better than any of them.

And that’s our team.

From there you could do all sorts of stuff with them fighting Black Tarantula, tying him in more directly to Anya, bringing in Jessica’s HYDRA history, having them confront the evil Spider Woman Doc Ock created (who was also Madame Web’s granddaughter), having them fight Madame Web’s old nemesis the Juggernaut, having Mattie confront Phil Urich who like her has gone through some bad stuff.

P.S. Now that I think about it there is another connection between Cindy and Mattie. Jameson looked after Mattie and he’s now Cindy’s boss. Maybe Mattie could work with Cindy at the FACT channel.


I have finally made my own filofax inserts 😁
Ever since buying my first filofax back in 2013 the reason I stopped using it was merely that I hated the provided line-less inserts. I felt like everything was all over the place and it just wasn’t working for me. Fast forward two years, I have discovered a world of printables, inserts and all the relevant exciting stuff. However, I’m not willing to actually buy any of the gorgeous inserts on etsy - just because I can’t really afford to be spending extra money on this.
So, I decided to make my own.
For my month on two pages I decided to just do it by hand how I used to in my bullet journal. I already knew this worked for me so I cut down some squared paper, drew the lines and ta-da! I may or may not make a printed version next month - we’ll see!
For my weekly layouts I turned to my trusted MS Word. I toyed around with page setup settings, margins, tables, fonts and lines and managed to create a very basic -but functional- layout. I wanted to keep it simple but still wanted lines for to-do lists or noting events etc. My ultimate goal was to create a functional, simple layout that wasn’t overwhelming and would cater to my needs. I’ll probably mess with it a little more down the line, but for now I’m so happy with it 😊
Let me know if you’d like any info on how I made these - even though it’s pretty simple! Xx

The signs as crushes I have/had

Aries: he was captain on the soccer team and he was really quick minded and made me feel like I was living in a cliche movie.

Taurus: he was my neighbor and was always inviting me over and he gave me his t shirts and stuff and he made me feel welcome&comfortable

Gemini: my elementary school crush. We did everything together and had long conversations and shared lunch and stuff it was cute.

Cancer: we hung out and we liked the same music and he would talk to me about music and he would make jokes that had surprisingly dark humor in them.

Leo: everyone wanted him. I didn’t want to want him but I couldn’t help it he was so friendly and magnetic and just ugh he actually talked to me like everything I was saying was relevant.

Virgo: my math tutor who helped me a lot and I admired how smart he was and how he easily he knew how to pick things apart and put them back together. He was rlly tall and cute too tbh

Libra: he was my best friend that I ended up liking. He made me feel special and loved . It was all laughs when we hung out.

Scorpio: this guy who would show up at my worst moments and give me looks across the room. Looks of sympathy and admiration. All I ever knew about him was his name tho.

Sagittarius: this guy I met at the pool who I spent the summer with. Lots of fun and being pushed in the pool and cute playful arguments.

Capricorn: this guy who was in a band who lived really close to me and me and my friends would always walk to his house. And he would always point at me when he was singing.

Aquarius: my middle school crush. He loved conspiracy theories and reading and acting weird with me . We were unstoppable.

Pisces: the guy of my dreams. Tired eyes cute smile. Sweet but isolated. I never know what he really means. He leaves me in suspense and keeps everything low key.

Also Worth Your Time

We’re testing out a new dashboard thing this week: Recommended posts that will appear to the right of a post you just liked. It’s simple: you like stuff, you get suggestions for other stuff you might like. Note that this won’t happen all the time—just when we think there’s actually something interesting or relevant to show you. Happen to like a brooding, melancholy black and white photo? Allow us to present a few more moody pics for your enjoyment.

Hopefully this’ll make it a just little easier to find the things you’re interested in.

Advice for non-spoonies that are in love with spoonies (just in case any other amazing humans that fit this description other than the one that messaged me exist)

Someone adorable and amazing sent me a private message asking for advice for how to tell their spoonie friend that they love her, and wanting to know my thoughts as a fellow spoonie about this stuff and I got a bit carried away with my response so I thought I’d post it here in case it helps or amuses others hahaha. Seriously why can’t people exist like this and actually say this stuff to me? Also this song is relevant to this post..

“I think you should tell her that you love her. Chronic illness is scary and hard and so fucking shitty sometimes, letting her know that someone cares about her and loves her and that that person is you would be amazing and probably much appreciated by her. To answer your questions, yes chronic illness and chronic pain do feel burdensome and it does make the person that is sick feel undesirable and undatable, and sometimes not worthy of love or capable of being wanted. Your friend may have even had some experiences with guys in the past where they did leave her because of her illness. I think that if there is only one thing you could say to her it is this: Let her know that you understand that her illness is a part of who she is. That you don’t love her despite her illness, but you love the strong and courageous woman that she is every single day because of her illness and how she applies that same strength to the other aspects of her life. Let her know that you will never leave her because of her illness. If there are days that she just needs to be sick, hell if there are weeks that she just needs to be sick, you will be there to hold back her hair while she throws up or give her her medicine or whatever she needs with no expectations. Let her know that she is lovable and desirable and you do want her. Let her know that its okay if she doesn’t feel this way back right away that she can take her time, and that its okay if she isn’t ready to date right now because of her illness because you will wait until she is ready. Just let her know your there and tell her the honest truth about how you feel.”

I’m Glad You’re Around

Minho, Newt

Summary: Minho says the completely wrong thing and Newt gets pissed at him, so Minho has to run after him to try to make things better.

A/N: SPOILER ALERT. Not major ones, but if you haven’t read the books and don’t know how Newt got his limp (how he got it is actually not that relevant to the actual books in my opinion) and really don’t want to know, I suggest you just don’t read this fic at all (nor the warning below). However, as aforementioned, it’s not actually that big of a spoiler, but I figured I should warn you all.

Warnings: Mentions of suicide and a suicide attempt, depression (kinda) and giving up hope and stuff. That’s basically it. I wouldn’t say it’s very triggery, but I don’t know how other people react. Like, there are no graphic scenes or anything like that, just mentions of one failed attempt.

Words: 1 031

Minho was exhausted when he returned to the Glade, hearing the maze shutting behind him and sending a cool breeze sweeping over his back. He quickened his pace, eager to write down what today had looked like. There really was no calm moment to his days. He was just constantly on the run, so to say.

Keep reading

I think this is relevant to disability and gender and also probably other stuff: you don’t have to understand stuff to respect it or to believe people when they say they experience certain things or that they work a certain way. Making people prove that they actually are disabled/a certain sexuality/a certain gender is mean.

ok its not just about winning its about protecting bigbang from the criticism theyll get if they lose because we know if they dont win people will say stuff like “bigbang isnt relevant anymore” or “theyre not really the kings of kpop” and just straight up bash them we need to protect them from that, we cant be lazy this time

voting tutorial here

Remember when

There were cases of the week almost every week?

The spy stuff was limited to Huck and therefore interesting and relevant?

Abby was a gladiator that worked with OPA?

David was an awesome foil to OPA’s creative methods to make things happen for their clients?

This show was centered on Olivia and her story was the most interesting?

The love scenes on this show were actually significant and sexy?

This show was recognizable?

ok i already know this is gonna be hella long but man can we really just talk about dan howell for a second? this is probably gonna be worded horribly but just hear me out.
im sure i can’t be the only one who gets so incredibly interested into what dan actually says in his liveshows? like, i know he says not to take stuff too seriously but geez he really says a lot of intelligent stuff that i think a lot of us need to hear. and i think a lot of people just see dan as danisnotonfire, and obviously that’s fine but i think these liveshows really open up a gate of connection between us and him and it kinda makes me sad when he abruptly ends his thoughts to talk about, i don’t know, something more relevant in the dinof culture? if you get what im saying? i just wish he’d realize that so many people are genuinely interested in what he has to say because i just find him so much more admirable when he really gets deep into his thoughts and really that’s why i care so so much for dan, from a viewers standpoint. idk i just feel like nobody would really care if i went off about the things he says in his liveshows but would rather hear about more substantially funny things like him falling off his chair or something and i think we should really appreciate dan just for the person he is and boy, he just really means so much to me. this makes absolutely no sense im sorry lmao