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Was tagged by @lyonnnss ; the 2017 flick is from 2016 cause I ain’t take no fire pics yet. Also we should all ignore that phone in the first flick.

Ima tag: @grownwithrespect @05-fubu @tarynel @librasign @sonoanthony and like anyone else who wanna do it

i was so certain that someone requested sonny and pete hanging out at the bodega but nope i either lost the ask or made it up but ANYWAY i drew it so HERE ENJOY


Phone Wallpapers - Tomorrow With You

I’m only on episode 2 but this drama is so good. I am ready for my heart go get broken again. Also requested by anon. 


Request by @alwaysthepansexualcomicrelief : “You’re Lance’s best friend and roommate. In high school you made a pact that if you were both single when you turned 35, you would marry each other. One day Lance is drunk and proposes to you, saying he can’t wait that long xxx”

A/N: This was really fun to write!  And, it helped me break away from my Dad!Lace obsession haha.  Enjoy!

Lance x reader

Word count: 1161

Summary: Lance is your best friend.  He’s an idiot, but he’s your best friend.  After getting drunk, he makes a confession and makes good on a pact you made in high school.

Warnings: swearing, implied drinking, drunkenness

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*Jisoo hiding in a closet on the phone*

Jisoo: You heard what I said…Don’t play with me..when do I ever back down from a challenge?

*Jennie rips door open and takes Jisoos phone*
Jennie: AH HA! I knew you were cheating on me!

Jisoo: Babe, it’s not what you think. I’m just ordering chicken.

Jennie: HA as if I’ll believe-
Guy on the phone: Uh ma'am? I know you wanted the number 7 but that feeds about 9 people?

*Jisoo snatches the phone back*
Jisoo: I meant what I said, give me my chicken!

Me trying to sign an elderly couple up for a rewards card
  • Me: May I get your phone number ma'am?
  • Lady, to her husband in a hushed voice: Ralph I think the worker is hitting on me...
  • Husband, loudly: Ain't surprised. She's wearing a baseball cap. That's a gay thing.
Xero as boyfriend

-OOTD is a must!!
- you can’t go on dates wearing just jeans & shirt, you need to at least wear something matchy like a hat or accessories or something
- shopping dates!!!
- like the first thing you do when to go to the malls is visit his favorite clothing stores
- and he always force you to try out clothes he picked out for you
- and then throws in compliments like “wow my girlfriend is so beautiful!!!!!” or like “damnnnn girl, i’d tap that” whenever you come out of the fitting room
- and sometimes he’ll try to be cheeky and try to go inside the fitting room w/ you bc he swears you needed help zipping up that dress
- and sometimes u feel intimidated cause seriously, jiho is like a walking model
- and people always turn to look at him whenever you are together
- but when he notices that you feel that way, he will immediately hold ur hand and tell you that you are the most beautiful
- giving him gifts is very easy!!!
- as long as it’s black or something batman he would totally love it!!!
- you are his official photographer;; and Hojoon is actually thankful that you became a couple cause he can finally escape being jiho’s photographer
- like when you are walking at the park and he sees a beautiful mural or graffiti he’ll be like “babe, hold ma phone” and you immediately know what’s he’s up to
- and he proceeds to do this model-like poses & he’s not even embarrassed even when ppl are passing by!!!!
- and on the other hand you feel embarrassed but on the other hand you feel so proud bc!! That’s your bf right there looking super handsome and all~
- and people might tease him for being an idiot/stupid
- but he’s your lovely idiot!!!! And you cherish him so much bc he is just.. the cutest thing to ever exist~
- like what do you mean “hajimemasicha” is not an actual japanese word????
- and tbh, he is the most amazing dancer!!!!
- you’ve watched him practice his dance moves for like 19378191 times already but you’re still in awe whenever you see him dance
- like the way his body moves perfectly w/ the rhythm & his face looks so serious when he’s focused and he’s like super handsome af!!!
- and the way his hips thrusts when he’s doing some sexy dance like bOIIIIIII i am snatched
- and Shin Jiho = flirty!!!!
- like he loves texting you pick-up lines, and complimenting you randomly like “don’t you know you have the most beautiful smile??” or like “I need CPR, cause you take my breath away~!!”
- and having him as a boyfriend automatically makes you Wizard Line’s 5th member
- like you always hang out w/them and you also start getting their inside jokes
- and you bicker with BJoo and Hansol whenever they tease Jiho
- dating Shin Jiho may not be easy bc sometimes he can be extra but you never regret going out w/ him
- bc he is really more than his handsome face!!!
- he can RAP (yas you read that right!!!) and he is actually very funny and have I already mention he can twerk??
- and having a boyfriend who can twerk better than you is actually the only thing you can ever ask for


It’s not finished, but all of the roughs are done!  So I’m gonna go ahead and tag @stanuary before I miss week one entirely.

So YEAH here’s my unfinished submission for Week One’s prompt: Home

I got a comment about the panels going by a bit quickly and being hard to read, so I posted the original script I wrote for this under the cut!  I hope it helps!

( also: @korino21 because )

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