but m aybe

  • Steve: [laying face fist on the floor] I ruined our date! I laughed so hard at my own joke I knocked over the pitcher!
  • Sam: Maybe Tony know it was an accident.....
  • ========
  • Tony: [panicking] It was awful! I laughed so hard at his joke I knocked over the pitcher and it went all over him!
  • Rhodey: lol
  • Me, whenever i feel female/femme: m aybe im just cis???? And have been wrong and confused this whole time???? Maybe it was just a phase???? ???
  • Me, whenever i feel male/masculine: maybe im just trans???? Maybe ive just been confusing these feelings for being femme when im just trans??????????
  • Me, whenever i feel agender/androgynous: maybe im just agender?????? Maybe im just agender and i like femme and masc things??????????
  • Me, all the time: ???!!?!????????????????!??

Hi!! It’s not yet complete but I just wanna make a list so it will be easier for you guys to navigate~

(ps. Gohn, Kidoh & Jenissi were included cuz I wrote them when they we’re still in the group so…. but they won’t be included in the next parts anymore)

1. A-loe Vera (Atom x You)

2. B-and Aid (Pgoon x You)

3. C-ake (Hansol x You)

4. D-ream (BJoo x You)

5. E-levator (Yano x You)

6. F-ather (Sangdo x You)

7. G-one (Gohn x You)

8. H-eat (Kidoh x You)

9. I-diot (Jenissi x You)

10. J-eans (Hojoon x You) 

11. K-ite (Nakta x You)

12. L-ibrary (Xero x You) 

13. M-aybe (Pgoon x You) 

14. N-oona (Atom x You) 

15. O-verwatch (BJoo x You)

16. P-hotograph (Sangdo x You) 

17. Q-uiz (Yano x You)

18. R-ain (Hojoon x You)

19. S-orry (Xero x You)

20. T-rain (Nakta x You)

21. U-nrequited (Hansol x You)

22. V-acation (Sangdo x You)

23. W-ait (BJoo x You)

24. X-ray (Pgoon x You)

25. Y-ell (Atom x You) 

26. Z-ipper (Xero x You) 

Suffering Through The Pain

A/N: Hey anon! Don’t apologize for loving my writing, I am glad that you enjoy it. And I love that you were very descriptive on what you wanted, it gave me a better outline of what I was going to write, and what you wanted. :)

Request: Hey could you do a Dean X reader kinda fic where she was a hunter before getting into an abusive relationship and basically just stuck/ unable to leave due to injury and Dean and Sam find her and help her because Bobby asked them to find her. You totally don’t have to do it and if you do write it you can change whatever use that artistic license. Sorry I just really love yo writing

Warnings: Domestic violence, abusive relationship, abusive asshole Matt (boyfriend), injuries, torture.

Pairings: Matt(OC) x reader, Dean Winchester x reader

Word Count: 3,333 (Possibly one of the longest fics I’ve written in two hours)

PSA: To anyone out there who is in an abusive relationship, please get help, stay strong, loves!<3 

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 512-685-6298

Tags are the bottom!

Feedback is accepted with joy (as always)!<3

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You woke up to an excessive beeping sound, it was constant and loud, it sounded so familiar, like you’ve heard it way too many times before.

You blinked open your heavy eyes, you squinted for a few moments, trying to adjust to the bright lights above you and the blinding sun gleaming through the window. You closed your eyes back for a moment, then moved your neck slightly to the left, which didn’t help at all. It felt you had been run over by a semi-truck.

You looked around the room, that’s when it struck you, you were in a hospital, but how did you get here?

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succubus valencia and cupid clementine wild lesbian romance heck yea!! (poor clem tormented by total nympho gf)

sort of a little valentines drawing! the fun part here is that valencia x clementine = VALENTINE!! it’s perfect happy femslash february everyone may the rest of the year bring us many lesbians too ( ̄▽ ̄)

Backstory (Part 1)

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Papyrus is rifling through his impressive collection of t-shirts when he hears a strange noise, like a faint buzzing. Initially he pays it no mind, but as he moves aside his COOL DUDE shirt to reach his PRETTY NEAT GUY shirt, he realizes that it is getting louder. He can actually feel it vibrating his teeth. He shuts the door to his closet, and hurries out of his room and down the stairs.

“SANS? SANS CAN YOU HEAR THAT?” He looks around the living room. “BROTHER ARE YOU IN HERE?” No one seems to be in the house with him. The buzzing continues, though, and he can tell now that it is coming from beneath him. He also hears a barely audible static-like screech, but that seems to be coming from everywhere at once. Papyrus taps the side of his head worriedly and walks to the front door.

“WHAT IS HE DOING DOWN THERE?” Papyrus opens the door and steps outside. His boots crunch in the snow as he shuts the door behind him. He begins to walk around to the back of the house, where the entrance to the basement is. Sans keeps his lab down there, and usually doesn’t like Papyrus going into his lab. THIS IS RIDICULOUS THOUGHT! HE CAN’T DO EXPERIMENTS THAT SHAKE THE WHOLE HOUSE LIKE THIS!

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