but m aybe

An Apology

Delays between parts are a common occurrence here as long time watchers know. I cannot apologize enough for this. I want my story to come out as fast as it can and for the audience to enjoy it to its fullest.

From my youngest days, I have had a curse of the mind make certain common functions a struggle. As I grew older I overcame some of these, while other mental afflictions have joined the curse. For the most part these are bumps in the road, maybe needing a realignment. Maybe I just need a poke, maybe I need to be reminded to eat and drink.

Then there’s the beast known as the desire to end my existence. This beast has returned once again. I’m sorry so much for the delays. This beast must be dealt with as soon as possible before damage is done. I will post the next part as soon as I possibly can.

  • Me, whenever i feel female/femme: m aybe im just cis???? And have been wrong and confused this whole time???? Maybe it was just a phase???? ???
  • Me, whenever i feel male/masculine: maybe im just trans???? Maybe ive just been confusing these feelings for being femme when im just trans??????????
  • Me, whenever i feel agender/androgynous: maybe im just agender?????? Maybe im just agender and i like femme and masc things??????????
  • Me, all the time: ???!!?!????????????????!??

if i ever get requested to the draw eddsworld characters as trans (as if i dont already ayyyyy (cheesy grin and a wink and a cool song plays as i breakdance)) im gonna just draw them how i usually do with an arrow and text pointing at them saying “hes trans”

D o you ever frustrated over a thing
O r having a lot thoughts in your brain but,
N one of them are matters and sometimes
T he thoughts make no sense to you

L ike if you faced a riddle
E ven though you already tried
T ried a countless time but still can’t solve it

M aybe you’re just not good enough
E agerly doing the riddle but missed a clue

B ut how it’s like, trapped with demons?
E choing through your head like a spell,

G allantly kicking your sanity away
O bsessed your body and mind and
N eglected your soul like an empty vessel
E aten by your other self is ironic, isn’t it?

21:48, gabut.

@hydrovcid | Starter ;;

               Maybe it was simply his old instructor’s habits kicking up, but he’d been thinking more about the individual talents of the paladins than usual. It was great to utilize a team effort, but more often than not had they all been separated before and their own individual talents were important to hone for that. As well as for their cohesive element as a team. There was no denying that there were some more skilled than others in certain areas but they were all in the same pot in the end and in that– They could be certain they were the same as any other. Aimlessly walking about, he was thinking up different tactics and ways to go about it. (Something he did often to avoid facing his own mind.) Keep it busy and there was no trouble for the moment.

Just as he was thinking about Lance’s capabilities, he found himself instinctively stepping back and holding an arm out to prevent a collision of bodies. He blinked a few times, agate hues turning to see the blue paladin in question and he flashed a smile. “Sorry about that, I wasn’t paying attention.” Yet even so he’d avoided impact fluidly. Really though, what timing. He’d just been going through a mental checklist of the other’s capabilities. “Actually, I was going to talk to you later,” he began, pocketing his mechanical limb in a subconscious effort to keep it as distant as he could from the other’s frame. “You’re a sharp shooter, you’ve got a great eagle eye, and you can sight something easily. Not to mention you’ve got a talent in handling situations with clear and concise action.”

It wasn’t as though he hadn’t been paying mind to each of them separately as individual bodies rather than a cohesive organism that needed all legs to operate to move. In all actuality, he’d been paying more attention than others would think. “Actually there’s a lot you’re capable of and going through the complete list would likely have us standing here for a while. Straight to the point, how would you feel about specialized training? I was thinking about how we could hone individual talents to better our chances in one on one combat as well as team battle. Since you’re already well versed as it is, I figured I’d ask if you wanted to have a go at it first.”

Alphabet of Prompts!

Cute/funny partner/OTP prompts because I’m procrastinating….

  • re you with me or not? That’s all I need to know…
  • B ring me coffee or leave me to die!
  • C an I borrow your hand for a second?
  • D o that one more time and you’re going to regret it…
  • E at that and you’re dead to me.
  • F or the thirtieth time no! I don’t want your damn…
  • G reat idea! But mine is better…
  • ave I ever told you how much I hate that [insert object here!]
  • f you would just stop talking for one second…
  • J ust give me the damn phone
  • K eep that up and we’re going to have a problem.
  • Lunch? You know that meal normal people have around noon?
  • M aybe you’re the reason I’m still here.
  • N ever again. Unless tequila is involved.
  • O pen your eyes on the count of three…
  • P lease tell me that’s not what I think it is.
  • Q uiet! You should recognise my “go away” I’m thinking face by now!
  • R ead it again. I need to hear your voice.
  • S eriously? That’s what you’re wearing?
  • T ake it. You need it more than I do.
  • U nderwear optional is not an appropriate dress code!
  • oted most likely to marry rich? And you ended up here with me?
  • W ould it ruin everything if I said I wanted to stay?
  • X marks the spot? This is the last time I let you navigate.
  • Y ou’re the only person I’ve ever shown this to.
  • Z en? You drop that on me and then ask me to be zen?!

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aybe I should pretend like I’m not insecure but I really am. This movie is going to come out and…will people like it? Will they like Rey? What is life going to be like when everybody recognizes me? I’ve been asked, ‘So, what is it about you?’ And I’m like, 'I don’t know!’ I really don’t. It always felt right, but there’s been a battle of, Oh God, can I do this?”