but m aybe

  • Me, whenever i feel female/femme: m aybe im just cis???? And have been wrong and confused this whole time???? Maybe it was just a phase???? ???
  • Me, whenever i feel male/masculine: maybe im just trans???? Maybe ive just been confusing these feelings for being femme when im just trans??????????
  • Me, whenever i feel agender/androgynous: maybe im just agender?????? Maybe im just agender and i like femme and masc things??????????
  • Me, all the time: ???!!?!????????????????!??

Today finally we got titles for the last episodes of season two, why am I doing this since there’re no synopses yet? This is just to see how many my theories go correctly, and just for fun, since this got released I’m excited for what’s upcoming! Let’s start with this, feel free to share your thoughts…

(Also, the titles are just so damn intense, I just can’t stop staring at it)


A completely speculation on this, since this is just for fun, the caves I remember were Ludo’s and that monster from Storm the castle, maybe they’re coming back to rescue Glossaryck, since he’s kidnapped maybe a rescue sounds logic, more than just going to rescue him. With this in mind there are quite possibilities to happen in this episode. 


I’ve got nothing to think of this, maybe w’ll get another episode from the wand, or the magic, maybe even Star is going to perform something, this one is really blur to me, and I can’t get a clear image of what it could be.

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tbh i'd love to see any kennith art even if it werent colored sdfkhsk i know ur prob uncomfy w that tho (im uncomfy w my old art so i mean??) id K WHY IM. S ENDIN THIS BUT,,

heurhifueyrgusjhdsj m aybe……………. maybe

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maybe it doesn’t make difference to you, clone boy. but there’s a reason us mortals call it LIQUID COURAGE.” yeah, maybe steph had faced enemies like the scarecrow and black mask, but she was still afraid of making a complete fool of herself in front of a room crowded with strangers.

hair whipping dramatically, she turned to conner with a big grin. “i was thinking of tying my hair up into pigtails and doing some old-school britney. what’d you think?”

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“And now it is time to say goodbye.” ( you said you wanted angst sO M AYBE )

‘The Dover Boys’ Starters || @youngestwarnersib

He knew this moment was coming. He knew it wouldn’t be easy. But, for whatever reason, he hadn’t quite grasped just how real the situation was until this moment. His train was due to leave soon, and he needed to be on it, but he found himself rooted in place, unwilling to let go of his little sister’s hand and board.

He’d told their friends that he wanted to get out, see what the rest of the world had to offer. Maybe do a few odd jobs here and there, earn a little bit of money. But that wasn’t the full truth.

Dot was sick. They didn’t exactly know with what, but whatever it was, it was getting worse. She needed a doctor, but doctors cost money, and money was the one thing that the Warner orphans were severely lacking. After spending night after night after night standing in the background, listening to his sister cough as their older brother did everything in his power to comfort her, Wakko knew he had to do something. He hadn’t even told Yakko the full truth of why he was leaving.

It might have been an easy thing for the townspeople to forget, but he was her brother, too. He had a duty to take care of her just as much as Yakko did. Yakko couldn’t leave, he was the oldest, he had to be the “responsible” one, he had to take care of his little sibs as best he could. Yakko couldn’t leave. Wakko could.

The train whistle blew, and Wakko squeezed Dot’s hand.

He was doing this for her.

He was doing this for her.

“Yeah… But it’s only for a little while. An’ when I get back, maybe you’ll be feelin’ better!”

Reluctantly, Wakko released his sister’s hand. He nodded at Yakko, an unspoken promise passing between them, and boarded the train. The train pulled out of the station, leaving a cloud of dust, and Wakko waved until Acme Falls disappeared.